Officer James Connor delivers suspension 5 Jun 1889

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Officer James Connor delivers suspension 5 Jun 1889 - CAPT. SCH A ACK SUSPENDED Ha Is Charged witu...
CAPT. SCH A ACK SUSPENDED Ha Is Charged witu Neglect ol . Duty In the i Cronin Case. , . Luke Dillon Will Take Stand : at tixo Session . "To-day. "To-day. "To-day. ' tne The Expressman Found Wirts-cnorlc Wirts-cnorlc Wirts-cnorlc a Good Witness Wood-. Wood-. Wood-. ruf t Talks. NEGLECT OP DUTT. Captein Bchaack, of the Eist Chicago Avenue Polio Station, wu suspended from duty at 9:15 'clock last evening. . The charge wu neglect of duty. What the neglect of duty was Captain Schaack professed to be utterly ignorant ., . The a oa pension took effect upon its delivery, and bolda good until further orders. It was signed by Chief of Polios Hubbard and delivered by Officer James Connor, of the Central detail . The suspension was not much of a surprise to Captain Schaack, long before it was handed to him he had received calls from half a score or more of reporters, who told him it was rum ored he had been suspended and asked as to . the truth. But he denied any knowledge of his suspension further than the reports he had ' When the order finally came the Captain seated at his desk in his private office, Officer Conner entered, went through the formality of a salute and handed Captain Schaack a large sealed envelope, and then retired. The Captain opened it and read the contents with- with- out a perceptible change of feature, and then returned the document to the envelope and laid it on his desk. "Yon are suspended?" queried a reporter for The Ikteb Ocxajc, after a moment's silence. Ies: the order has come," wss the laconio reply. "Will yon permit me to copy the order?" was then asked, '- '- "No: I can not do that rery well; and then, I J ( L - . 1 A 1. - If - "What is the cause assigned in the order for your suspension?" "Neglect of doty." replied the Captain with a bitter smile, and then continuing, "But I do ' not see wherein I hare neglected my duty. hare done all in my power to ferret out the murderers of Dr. Cronin. I hare worked night ' and day. I can't conoeire of any neglect of dory, unless it wss becauss I did not know . poeitirely that Dr. Cronin was murdered before his body was fonnd; unless it was because did not stand out and declare that I believed he was murdered, when the majority of the world believed he was alive, and the indications pointed that way." And the Captain blew his noee'vigorously and closed his mouth and looked glum. "Who will take your place, CaptainSohaack?' asked the reporter. "I haven't any idea," he replied. "Was there anything dereloped at the inquest that would lead you to believe caused your tem- tem- . porary removal?" was then asked. iercauiiy not aim i nave nothing to say about my suspension, I don't wan't to talk about it" "How long hare yon been on the force?" Queried the reporter. "It will be twenty years the " 15th of this month." "Will you draw half pay if yon remain on the force till then?" "No, not until I become 50 years of aire, I can think of no reason for my suspension. I bar always tried to do my duty regardless or consequoncea I bare been on tue force for nearly twenty years and I defy any man to show a blot on my record." Later iu the evening Captain Schaack talked more freely regarding his temporary removal, and said he believed it was a scheme to get rid of him to ' make room .n .v. m m rf k. kn.n k.u .1 I-: I-: I-: L- L- 1 w. uv muu. T I1WU WU1CU WU CI Ul onng for his place. In regard to tola evidence before the coroner's jurr, the Captain said it bad been agreed that tbe coroner should nut press certain questions. These questions related to the Clao-na-Gael Clao-na-Gael Clao-na-Gael Clao-na-Gael Clao-na-Gael secrets, tne revelation of which would spoil the case He believed Mr. Herts had some spite agains t him, and that was the reason he put these .questions to him. The Captain said he was too much interested in the case to give the secrets away before the coroner's jury, but when it cams to the criminal court he would gladly do so. So far as trying to shield any oue, he had not done so. He would not shield his own brother in a case of this kind. , He had obeyed the Chiefs instructions regarding regarding the white horse, and had kept him posted from time to time regarding the moves made. 1

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  • Officer James Connor delivers suspension 5 Jun 1889

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