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Raymond Waples III News - 393 Receive Degrees From Tech MONTGOMERY --...
393 Receive Degrees From Tech MONTGOMERY -- Fourj Honors included: Summa cum hundred three degrees have been awarded to 393 graduates for the academic year 1969-70 at West Virginia Teciu Ten laude, Margaret J. Rappold of Alloy, BJV. in social studies. Magua Patrick Mullins of Mon^omery (formerly of Beckley). B.S. in business, technology option: ^ eaa ^ cum laude, ; Slab Fork ; graduates received two degrees jbusiness, technology 'each. Mary Ferguson of AeoixJ oi Myers of Smiu»rs. . secretarial studies. Carolyn Nugen of Oak_Hffl. BJL Arnett Resident Dies In Hospital in business education; Thomas cauiey Bridge. BJL in social B S in dte 5 "- John Diddle °* Cannelion. w * Of Harrah of Ansted, B.S. Delia iB-S. Jones Robinson of Hico. printing management; s ^ j ^^^\ J iS!^^^iy. t US^^ Spangler » X-*?**- m J?!Hadnriataripii: Wayne Bosewdl of! Cedar Grove, mathematics Pine Beach, a,^^^.--... engineering; William Stem- Gautey Bridge" B.S' in business ad- mermann of South Elgin, BL, ^M^^^m- Thomas Short of ARNETT (RiNS) -- Dayton Combs, 63, ! Thursday morning . . hospital after a long illness. IWilson of Elizabeth, B.S. in in- Born Nov. 9, 1905, at Arnett dustrial management. B.S. in printing management; of Arnett diediDonald Vannoy of Durbin, B.S. in S0 c-ai studies: c rning in a Beckley iin civil engineering; and Joe i of Ansted B.A. in history *""=· . -,, .. . JTI--I _t -r-i:~-i i-u T ? :,, ;,, ? government. - ,, ,«,,,« v-- ,n: tt^gaSoS downtown of Boomer. B.A.J he was a son of the late C. C. and Crecia Massey Combs. He \vas a former coal miner and timbennan. flag S appreciation to year e to the of in- Shelton of Arnett; a brother, Burt Combs of Aruett; two half brothers, Frank Richmond of Alexandria, Va., and Winifred Richmond of Arnett; a half sister, Mrs. Wavis Cook of Naoma and one grandchild. Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Flat Branch Free Will Baptist Church at Arnett with Rev. John Richardson and Rev. Milburn Plumley in charge. Burial will be in the Cook Cemetery at Arnett. The bodv will be taken from electrical Sowder Cum laude, Pamela Cooperjj... ai . IV _. liaiuw Of Graftoa, B.A. in English; CharitorTaSJBhts! 3.S. in electrical Linda Dunn Darlington of «gE£*3: «S* ^^1^°Vd f Beckley (formerly of Cedar ;; Geoe^y^kaggs k of Boomer. B.S. ineerine: suit of engineering; of Ansted. William B.A. in history *» Survivors include his wife, Grove), B.S. in biology; Harry Lelia; a daughter, Mrs. Anna Farmer of Huntington (formerly (formerly or Bramwell), B.S. electrical engineering; William Johnson of Pittsburgh, Pa., B.S, in printing m a n a g e m e n t ; Kathryn McClung Luikart Montgomery (formerly music; Chariton Heights (formerly of Dayton, 0.), B.S. in printing management; management; Elizabeth Rhodes Handler, B JL in language arts; Tresa Scalise of Smithers, BJL in social studies; Annita Shifflet of Cedar Grove, B.A. English; Raymond Waples Chelyan), B.S. in Anthony Orme of p.m. today. the Armstrong Funeral Home Pittsburgh, Pa., B.S. in physics; in WMesville to the home at 5 and Julian Wolfenbarger of Renick, B.S. in chemical engineering. Other g r a d u a t e * from Post-Herald circulation, area a James Eads of Barrett, A-S. civil engineering technology: Larry McNeely of Julian, BJS. in business administration; Delmas Malcomb of Today In Fayette MOUNT HOPE -- The Unified Community Association will have a mass meeting at the First Baptist Church of Mount Hope at 8 p.m. today. There will be a presentation of the organization charter from the state and also the deed for the Rose Hill Cemetery property. property. Othr information concerning concerning future projects for total community betterment and beauty will be presented. Sun, Derry Hale, Turkey Knob, Price Hill and Mount Hope are the communities that make up the association. T. W. Chiles is secretary and Rev. James Thompson is president of the association. Finishes Basic SAN ANTONIO -- Airman Norman R. Coleman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer S. Coleman of Route 1, Fayettevflle, has completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assigned to Lowry AFB, Colo., for training in the munitions and weapons maintenance field. Airman Coleman is a 1969 graduate of Fayettevflle High School. . . William. Barbera of Deepwater, B-A. in social studies: Hutn Bell of Glen Ferris, BJL in history and government; government; William Bess of Boomer, B.S. in business administration; Donna B3yeu of Boomer, BJL in English. William Booth of Oak Hfll, B JL. in history and government; . Burgess of Oak Tfin. A.S. electrical engineering technology; David Burnette of Gauley Bridge, B.S. in physical education; Billy Caincxoss of Alloy, B.S. in business administration. Tom Cavalier of Smithers, B.S. in. electrical engineering; Richard Chambers of Montgomery (formerly of Princeton), A.S. in mechanical engineering technology and A.S. in electrical engineering technology; Nancy B. Chambers of Montgomery (formerly of Princeton), A-S. in secretarial studies; Joseph Conley of Montgomery. B.S. in industrial arts; Michael CosteUi of Smithers, B.S. in civil engineering; Darlene David of Montgomery (formerly of Williamson), BJL in language arts. Larry David of Montgomery (for merly of wniiamson). B.S. _ir electrical engineering; Glenn Davis Lowery Assigned SAN ANTONIO -- Airman James W. Lowery, son of Mr. and Mrs. WilHard .0. Lowery of Oak Hill, has completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assignecl to Keesler AFB, Miss., for training in ihe air traffic control field. Airman Lowery, a 1968 graduate graduate of Collins High School, attended Concord C o l l e g e , Athens. Doughty of Montgomery, secretarial studies: and Patient Returns Home GLEN FORK (RNS) -- Mrs. Avener Hurley arrived home Sunday from the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville Charlottesville after undergoing tests Doughty of Montgomery -(formerly of Exmore, Va.), B.S. in "-" engineering. Elizabeth Durrett of Fayettevflle, B.S. in mathematics; Kenneth Ellis Jr. of Powellton, A-S. in -electrical engineering " technology; J o h n Ellison of "Lansing, B.S. In business admirnstration; John Epperly of Oak Hill, A-S. in mechanical engineering technology and A.S. in drafting and design, engineering technology. Randolph Epperly Jr. of Oak HHI. B.S. in civil engineering; David Friley of Beards Fork, B.S. in physical education; Linda Goard of Page, A.S. in secretarial studies; Jo Ann Grabosfcy of Oak HHL BJL in language arts; Donald Henry of for one week. Mrs. Jackie Tolliver, her daughter, who accompanied her to Virginia, was guest of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Hurley of Fairfax, Va., and her brother- in-law and ·sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arlington. Stacy Tofliver of Madison. B.S. in i n d u s t r i a l management; James Mastrangelo of Ottawa, B.S. in. industrial arts; James McCoy of Madison, B.S. in civil engineering- Beverly Acre* of Fayettevflle, B.S. in business administration; Samuel Argento of Powellton. B.A. social studies; Kincaid, B.S. Roy Arlington in chemistry; of Oak management: B.S. in Marshall industrial Diaz Powellton. B.S. in mathematics; Joseph Dillon of Boomer, B.S- in printing management; Ballard Dixon Dixon of Smithers (formerly oi Oceana), A_S. in mechanical engineering technology; Ann Snyder A.S. Melvin Catmelton» B.S. ministration. in business H?sse of Fayettevffle, B.S. in physical education; David Hicks of Boomer. B.S. in business administration; administration; Alexander Mggins of Oak Hill. B .A- in language arts; Nancy Crist Houchins of Ansted, B.A. in social studies: Deborah Jackson of Montgomery, B.S. physical education. Daniel Johnson of Montgomery, B.S. in printing management; David Jones of Smithers, A.S. in drafting and design engineering technology; Beverly Kincaid of Paae, A.S.- in secretarial studies; Gregory Kozma of Montgomery, B.S. in mechanical engineering; James Lagos of Oak i Hill, B.S. in civil engineiing; Patricia Lang of Page, B.S. social studies. Freddie Legg of Oak HH2, B.S. In business administration; Gary Livengood of Chariton Heights. B.A. in English; Judy McClung of Sprint Dale, A.S. in general business; George Mackenzie of Montgomery (formerly of Richwood), business administration; B.S. Russell of Boomer. B.S. administration; David Marshall business Martin of Montgomery (formerly of Ripley), B.S. in business ·ministration. James Martin, of Oak Hffi, A.S. in mechanical e n g i n e e r i n g technology; Roy D. Middleton Kimberly. BJL in. history a government; Jeanette Morrison Alloy, B.A." fkioniuiiicrj* jo,r»- ^" iiuwj -- -government, -government, tfancv Pennington Tissue of Favetteville, B.A. in social studies; Cora Spaulding Tucker o f Montgomery (formerly of East Back), BJL in social studies: Robert Tucker of Montgomery (formerly of Fairfield, Conn.), B.S. in printing management; Samuel Tully of Ansted. B.S. in industrial arts; Nancy Livesay Wayne of Boomer. B.3. in physical education; Bruce Webb of Scarbro. B.A. In social studies; John Weitzel of Belva. B.S. in printing management: William. Whitlock: Jr. of Oak Hill. BJL in social studies; and Martha Wood of Ansted, BJL in social studies. Wayne Arlington of Orient Hill. B S in business administration: Hubert Brooks Jr. of Rupert. in accounting; Linda. Toler Burrell of Rupert. B.S. in mathematics: John Mann of Renick. BJL in studies" Margaret Redden of Orient Hill. BJL in language arts; Larry Snedegar of Frankford, A-S. in engineering technology; Kenneth Spino of Charmco, A.S. in electrical engineering technology: and Steven Willis of Quinwood, B.A. in social stuois James Anderson of Pratt, B.S. in music; Raymond Brennan of Montgomery, B.S. in business admicistratiori: admicistratiori: Gloria Brinegar of Decota, B.S. in biology; Harold Franck of Pratt. B.S. in electrical engineering; Howard Frye of Montgomery (formerly of Chapmanville), Chapmanville), BJL in social studies: Mary Tudor Frye of Montgomery, BJL in history and government; David Garrison of Pratt. A.S. in drafting and design engineering technology; Walter Given of Montgomery ( f o r m e r Charleston), A.S. in mechanical engineering technology; Forrest Johnson, of Hugheston. BJL in history and government; David Jones of Elkview. B.S. in electrical engineering; Vera Kelley of Haadley, B.S.. in music; and Isaac King of Montcromery (formerly of Lee-wood), B.S. in electrical engineering; Christine Love of London, BJL in social studies; Anne Nichols of Montgomery, BJL in social studies; Cyril Reich of Handley. B.S. in industrial arts; Wilbur Stephenson of Montgomery, B.S. in physical education; Gerald Stinnett of Montgomery, BJL in history and government; Charles Williams Jr. of Pratt, B.S. in accounting; Edward Edward Wojtowlcz of Charleston (formerly (formerly of Scarbro), B.S. in civil engineering; William Hoke of Montgomery, B.S. in chemical engineering; David Bishop of Peterstown, A-S. in mechanical engineerintr technology; Roger Foster of Peterstown. B.S. in mechanical engineering; Clark Hickman of "Onion, B.S. in chemical engineering; Gary Thornton of Peterstown, A-S. In mechanical engineering technology; and Nancy Wickline of "Union, B.S. in mathematics- Joe Beam, of Strange Creek, in electrical engineering technology; Larry Deitz of Richwood. B.S. civil engineering; Gary Holstein of Bentree, B.S. - in mathematics; Dayton Nefl of Craigsville, B.S. mechanical engineering; J o h O'Dell of Summersville, B.S. in chemical engineering; M a c k Parsons of Dixie, B.S. in business administration; Emery Perry of Belva, B.S. in business administration; administration; Dale Richards of Richwood, B.S- in Tiusiness, technology option- Michael Stump of Nettie, B.S. in industrial arts; and Melvih Anderson Anderson - of Marlinton, B.S. in business administration. 'Thaddeus Bennett Jr. of Eccles, B.S. in biology; William. Brown of BecHey, B.S. in business ad : ministration: Bobby Clay of Sophia. B.S. In printing management; John Ellison of Beckley, B.S. in biology; Larry Farley of Midway, B.S. industrial "management; " Vivian Gravely of Cool Ridge, B.A. in language arts; Jerry Halstead of MacArthur, B.S. in civil engineering engineering Charles Lilly of Beckley, B.S. in electrical engineering. .Rodney Lilly of Beckley, A.S. civn. engineering technology; Gary Meador of Beckley, BJL in history and government; James Quesen- berxy of Glen Morgan. B.S. in mechanical engineering; Eugene Ransom of Beaver, B.S. in mathematics; Roger Roberts of Beckley. A.S. in e l e c t Russell of Stickney, B.s'. in civil engineering. Eugene Shuman of Eccles, B.S. in industrial m a n a g e Elizabeth Shrewsbury of Beckley, B.S. in physical education; John Shumate of Beckley. A.S. in civil engineering technology; Robert Trump of Beckley, B.S. in business administration; and- Randall Wood of MacArthur, B.S. in accounting. Michael Davis of Hinton. A.S. drafting and design \ engineeriricr technology; Sylvia Huffman of Hinton, Hinton, A.S. in general business; Sammy Snead of Talcott. B.S. in mathematics; Rinda Yancev of Kmton. B.S. in secretarial studies: John Harris of Lynco, BJL in studies; -Andrew" Riling of Pineville, A.S. in electrical engineering technology; and Lawrence Rine .of Oceana. A.S. in . mechanical engineering technology and A.S. in mechanical engineering technology (mining option). " - - · ·

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