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gunness witness - 17ILIETS WILL SUE To Ask Damages for Explo - '...
17ILIETS WILL SUE To Ask Damages for Explo - ' " don Loss.' ' ' STULTS GETS AN INCREASE. Circuit Court Says Fifty - Nine Cents Is Coming More Than Commissioners Commissioners Allowed. ; Philo Willetta of Andrews' was In Huntington today. Mr. Wllletts time here to eee what redress he might have In the matter of the blowing up of his building at Andrews June. 17, 1906, when the sawmill in connection with the Andrews cabinet works was destroyed by a boiler explosion. Mr. . 'Wllletts had owned the, mill and the machinery therein, but some time be - , ;fore the explosion he had sold the ma - , chinery to the cabinet company, re - talnlng the building in which the ma - chinery stood. . It is alleged that before before the explosion he had called the attention of the company to the defective defective condition of the boilers, and as their head sawyer had asked that the , repairs be made for safety sake. Althought the building was entirely demolished, and William " Mote was killed, while others were hurt, . Mr. Wlllets, not twenty feet from the boll - er, escaped with his Jlfo? and Blight ' Injury. He has since been irr6gs',i?Iy"T .,:. . .i.; r"i ii vi ; aow is without employment, the" saw . ,m ,w fw work being afforded hlnv,: - , - It Is understood that Mr, Wllett8 will sue for the value of the building The latter, at his advanced age Mr Willetts is beyond 'seventy, ' although hale and 8trong - rU perhaps the more Berlons of the twi - ': H : - ' : C. W. WatkinsV - attonjey - foi' Mr. "WUlets, said this afternoon' that the - proceedlngs would undoubtedly be instituted, instituted, but at this time he was not prepared to make known the ground, for damages upotr wh!ch - 5the suit would be tasea.' There are & number of legal phases' in which action could be brought, but' no statements have .ben.made as to which one will be elected or whelber fba suit will be brought 6n more than one. ' . FOUND FOR STULTS, t In the matter of J. P. Stults vs. Huntington County Board of Commissioners, Commissioners, the Huntington' circuit 'court has fOund'W Stiilta, that he is entitled ii rehate1' of $1'3SI' from the county for. erroneous"' taxes paid in the town of Andrews. ' From the state there is due him $3 and the facts are ordered certified to the Btate auditor for adjustment' County oommlssion - ers had found for Stults in the Bum of $3.80, but the circuit court increased! this sum flfty - nlne cents. The. amount oi increase oeingL greater man ten per cent, commissioners are thrown into the costs, which amounts to $3 or thereabouts, Stults first filed a claim, for a sum several times as large as the judgment given., lower Courts, sustained. The Indiana' appellate court "has sustained the .'decision of the lower courts In the case of Clark ys. Mace, which was started ;.in , Huntington county about two years ago. Clark, bartender for1 Mace brought Bult for $126.60 wages due. Squire Moffett found" for him in thenamount' named nd the circuit court affirmed the decision. decision. Now the appellate court has done likewise. Leah & Leeh were attorneys attorneys for Clark, who now lives in Pern. ; Technical points of law were involved .In the appeal. i ; '"; ' i ; TITLE QUIETED. v In the case of Elizabeth Llndley vs. James Martin et al., title has been quieted as prayed. ; WITNESS TODAY TOLD . OF GUNNESS FIRE. Maxson Belated Escape from House - of Horrors on Fateful April Morning. Special to Th BmliL Laporte, Ind., Nov. 18. The fire which destroyed the home of MrB. Eelle Gunness last spring and the events immediately preceding and following following it were1 vividly described during during today's session of the Lamphere trial when Joseph Maxson was recalled for further direct' examination. Max - Eon Is Use farm hand who wortei for ?'rs. Gunnees fron tl.s t'e cf Lrp - ' - ,s (" :. : : t fire. Again this morning Maxson told the story of the evening meal on April 27, the night before the fire, in which . Belle Gunness and ber children1 and himself participated. " .;. j VII . 1 - - . .L . A .. ' ine peacemi prologue ui iuo vrag - edy was vlvldly.deserlbed for the Jury 1 by Maxson. On ' cross ; examination j Maxson related his, first conversation with Mrs. Gunness, which took place in the middle of February. The morn ; ing of the fire, he said, he was1 awakened awakened about four with his room full of smoke. His first thought was that Mrs. i Gunness was getting breakfast, and he - believed the smoke was coming from the stove. ' Maxson dressed, lit the lamp and then looked, at bis watch. Seeing it was too early for breakfast he tried to kick down the door which ' opened into the main portion of the building, where he supposed Mrs. Gun ness and her three children .were sleeping. .Witness saysjie ran down stairs and tried to break In the front, door with an ax. . - ' : I That Mrs. Gunness tried to murder ; him by giving him a poisoned orange was the assertion of Maxson. ' "One . afternoon," ho said, "the woman offered me three or four , oranges, one of which .1 got away ! with. - , Right after .JL had eaten this" orange I became very2 sleepy and went upstairs to take a nap. All at once the thought came; over me that I had an engagement 4b. town and I managed to get out of the house. The cool air refreshed me, and I recovered recovered to a certain extent from my drowsiness. drowsiness. , This happened about the first of April, - " V 'tm nignt oi ine nre ww s m other 1 ""ugh Jne'V bnt I kept on eating it j That night I went right to sleep on ! reaching my bed and I slept very und at noise the reason I did not hear it is probably because I. was. in such - a sound sleep." , '' . - f DATE CHANGED FOR - ; : : ; ' LOCAL CORN SHOW. - '.The' local torn oi'for Trantingtbtt county farmerswlll be held Wednes - Novembet 25. : The exhibit will be at C. E. Bash & Co.'s store on Warren 8troot and from these a general r exhibit exhibit will be selected to be sent - . to the National Corn exposition at Omaha., Omaha., Neb. The show was to have been several days later, hut the transportation transportation courtesy offered by the Wabash railroad to carry all exhibits to Omaha Omaha has caused a change, aa the general exhibit will be sent November. 27., A goood list of prizes will be awarded, a list of which Is 'being .mailed to all farmers In Huntington county by Secretary Secretary T, L. Wheeler of this city, a member of the state' corn commls - sion. 7'"" ; ;i ' ' '. " y PRESIfJET HOST TO LABQR LEADERS. Following Pinner at White Honse General General Discussion on Sibject Was . . Held. 8 pedal to The Herali. Washington, Nov, 1. The following authoritative statement regarding the White House labor dinner .Tuesday night was given today to the United Press by one of those present: "In the discussion 6f labor questions in the red room after the dinner the , president, ' Commissioner of . Labor Nelll, Mr. Morrlssey,' Mr. .. Dolan and Mr. Bell made short statements. The president then took occasion to ask others of those present for their views. "The" use of the ', boycott, was, the principal subject of discussion, al though the entire labor situation, the applicability of existing laws to labor, suggestions for future legislation and criticisms of certain alleged defects, were thoroughly threshed out "Any one who knows the president would be certain to appreciate the ef fect of such an exchange of views. It Is true, he did not Intimate any future course of policy, except to . assure those present that the coming administration administration would seek assistance from the laboring men in pursuing policies for their advancement . " "There is no triith In the "report that the name of President Gompers Was brought Into the discussion Tuesday night On the contrary there, was ab solutely no reference to him nor the organization uLlch he represents. There were no statements made which coulj po - Ibly tie construed b crlti c !, i tf t j f '" r8"' - i end any rm I r i ' ;' i i tc - u. 1 1 v.

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