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gunness accomplice - Will Dedicate New Church Sunday. Alleged...
Will Dedicate New Church Sunday. Alleged Confession of Conspirator $ With Mrs. Gunness Made Pub- lie First Time. 1,-AIDED MURDERESS IN CRIME : Then Accomplice Acted in Revenge When Money Was Not Forthcoming, Forthcoming, Says Story. ST. LOUIS, Mo.. Jan. 13. --In a ropy- righted story today the Post-Dispatch . .publishes what it declares was the con- fesslon of Ray Lamphere, who died a few days ago in the Indiana Penitentiary at Michigan City, while serving a sentence for setting fire to the home of Mrs. Belle Gunness near Laporte. It is known that the Rev. E. A. Schell, president of Iowa Wesleyan University of Mt. Pleasant, la., formerly of Laporte, heard Lamphere's confession. The confession printed today jihows that Mrs. Gunness ana lliree children ·were chloroformed by .Lamphere, who ·was robbing the house w i t h a woman accomplice; accomplice; that Jennie Olson was not killed by Mrs. Gunness; that the chloroform chloroform used by Lamphere. was part of that he bought for Mrs. Gunness to kill three men, one of whom was Andrew Helgelein, the others probably Ola Budsberg and Tonnes Peterson Lien, and that one of these men, probably Lien, was tho third 'husband of Mrs. Gunncsa. Minister Denies Revealing $ecrets. 4£ NORTH PARK CHRISTIAN CHURCH. The opening a n d dedication of the new homo of the North Clnnvh, T w e n t y - n i n t h Park Christian street find JCen- wood avenue, will ho held Sunday. Throe Hurvlres will I HI hHd during the da.y, 10::iO a. rn., u p, m. and 7:30 p. m. At the morning service the Rov. V, M. Raines of Cincinnati, O., will deliver the sermon. The afternoon service will Inch Inch ido congratulatory service, tn which Schell would consent to t a l k he would verify the confession . I t .publishes. This confession, according to the paper, was ) obtained from a man of unassailable rhar- *'"· acter and truthfulness, whoso standing In -', the community where he lives is such that his word is accepted w i t h o u t ques- tion. , N Dr. Schell, at Burlington, la., today, '/:*·, .after hearing the confession which the ,i.f'.POst-Dlspatcli printed, suicl he had not- divulged any such confession, A corre- spondent of the paper saw Dr. Schell at ·,,, Adair, la., last Sunday, where a church ·*:.-.· was dedicated. He refused then to give *·"·· to the public tlie confession Lamphero made on the ground t h a t It is pledged by the secrecy of the confessional, The confession printed today purports to establish the fact, doubted by thoti- sands, that Mrs. Gunness is dead. The :i« adult body found In the smoking ruins of '··'»· the Gunness farmhouse was the body of .·*' Mrs. Belle Gunness. She was under tlie /** influence of chloroform when the smoke '.*','' crept . up through the crevices an'd . , smothered her. She died with the head of her little boy pillowed on her breast. ,;"f Lamphere, according to the confession, '··*'. had a guilty knowieage of the murder of ;·;·; three men In the Gunness home during .vv'. the time he lived there, about eight ; months,' in i»07, and he assisted Mrs. Gunness in disposing of the bodies of the r - three men. .';·': Says He Acted In Revenge. He said he thought he had not received as much of the profits, of t h e transaction as 1 he considered himself e n t i t l e d to »nd visitors from o t h e r churches will take, ·pwrtT'iiiid 11 Ihi.! ob»fe«^Nnco of-, tit*. .. . . . . . ... Supper. Thf. Rev. Mr. Raines will del del i v e r , t h e sf-rmon at the evening service", and i n v i t a t i o n s have been extended to members of other churches of the city to attend this meeting. The North Piirk Church was organized on J u n e 20, 1M7. T h i r t y persons gathered In a hall on t h o third floor of a b u i l d i n g n t Illinois and T h i r t i e t h streets and decided decided to erect a church to he the North Park C h r i s t i a n Church. The K i t e for the new b u i l d i n g was purchased a n d the church was -erected w i t h i n the year at a cost of J2.350. Two additions were made to the original church building, building, but the needs of the church grew BO that last year it was deemed necessary erect a new church. The now building at the Intersection of the same stree^ the northeast corner. Thf! b u i l d i n g committee In charge the erection of the new b u i l d i n composed of T. O. Lamb, R. A. Henry, Dr. H. Sellers, George W. Shelby and George J3. McKecr The trustees of the church arc Dr. 11. H. Sellers, J. M. Wharton the church: Official board, E. M. Burge, president; J. H. McIIenry, clerk, and Dr. O. H. F. House, treasurer; elders, \V. O. Moore, chairman; H. C. Leeson, T. G. Lnmb, W. W. Busby, R, A. Henry, Joel Ridge and G. R. Brewer; deacons, W. t. Norton, chairman; L. M. Wllcox, A. O. Topp, W. A. Waldorf, Z. B. Galloway, G. Patterson, W. D. Frazee, T. B. Bunifitto Heck, K. M. Burgrc and J. H. ·McIIenry; and deacom'sses, Mrs. Mary L. Bishop, Mrs, 7t. -B, Ga'ioway and Mrs. G. Waterman. husband of Mn. Gunnpsfl. At tho time of tho Lamphere t r i a l It was t h o u g h t J e n n i e Olson had been killed by Mrs. (lunness. Lamphere, however, detailed how Mrs. GunncKH had secreted in the house after Bhe r e t u r n e d from a visit, and how she was chloroformed by Lamphero a n d . his accomplice. *? The confcRplon details Mrs. GunrieHfjjfln- forrnlng Lamphere. of the coining jJt her Cousin. Tho first man to be kiU#d was from Minnesota. T i e never n.W/we from his sleep in tho Gunness honfee-. In the darkness, Lamphere was ordered by Mrs. Gunness to d u m p a f;uiinysa'k and its contents In a hole t h a t had been made by another farm hanif for rubbish.. Mrs. Gunness never told him what became became of the i m n , but Lamphere received money from Mrs. Gunness. W i t h i n a month a n o t h e r man arrived. He wnnte.d t o ' k n o w nls rights- before paying off t h e mortgage, on tlie Gunness farm anri Mrs. Ounn'isft took him to St. Joseph, Mich., -went, to the f a r m h o u s e - a t ' n i g h t w i t h | Uunphwe t h o u g h t , where they were mar- a woman, chloroformed Mrs. (!unnesfi. , i.ed. her three 'children and Jennie Olson. 1'e and the woman then searched the lv", .finding between $(50 and $70. The light t h e y used was a cam^e, and they left the house without knowing they had left behind a spark tb'4'soon burst into flames. · ... ... M r s . Gunness'a method of killing her victims, Lamphere said, was first to chloroform chloroform them as they slept and then, if the* drug itself kill, to seVer the . ' Hch time a m$n was to be murdered, i according to Lamphere, she sent him to purchase chloroform, Lamphere Bald he ' saw one of the men killed, and aided in burying all three. These men were Andrew Andrew Helgelein and probably Ole Buds, Buds, bersf and Tonness Pctersen Lien, 'V Lien,- Lamphere thought, was the third A few nights after they came back there was another burying. Lnmphero re- reived money once more from Mrs. Dimness, Dimness, and, he said, he became tho trusted ally of Mrs. Gunness. Finds Helgelein Dying. · Then Andrew Helgelein came from South Dakota with a check for $2,893.20. This was cashed and Helgelein was given to understand he was nothing more than a farm hand. Lamphere was sent on an errand to Michigan City to remain all night. He returned to the Gunness home and through a hole in the floor heard Helgelein groan in distress. He was begging begging Mrs. Gunness to send for a doctor. It was chloral she had given Helgelein, according to Lamphere, Presently Helge- lein fell to the floor and Lamphero said n he saw Mrs. Gunness s t r i k e the prostrate form and end the man's life. Lamphere, t h e folowlng night, hurled this body with Mrs. Ounness's assistance. Shortly n f t e r Mrs. Gunnefis aild yififreled over money and lie was ordered 6ff the farm. She put her money in the bank the afternoon before Lamphere, seeking money, chloroformed all In the house, robbed and set fire to the place. Did Not Intend to Kill. L n m p h e r e paid he was d r u he visited t h e place. He t h o u g find $1,500. Lamphere said tho chloroform he used was B part of th« quantities he bought Mrs. Gunnies. Hay Lamphere did not desire the death of the (timness children and Jennie Olson. His first ( j u e s t l o n when he was on suspicion of having set lire to the was w h e t h e r ( h e children had did not even intend to kill Mrs. Gunness. Although he confessed to greater crimes, lie did not admit that he Intentionally started the fire in which Mrs. Gunness and the children perished. Once he was willing to enter a formal court plea of g u i l t y , to that charge In the hope leniency, but when he learned that In confession of arson would bo Involved a confession of refused. murdering the family, he ' .Munyon's Paw-Paw Pills are unlike all other laxatives or cathartics. They coax the Jiver into activity by gentle methods. ·They do riot scour; they do not gripe; they do not weaken; but they do start all the secretions of the liver and storu- ach .in a way that soon puts these organs organs in a healthy condition and corrects ' constipation. In my .opinion constipation is responsible for most ailments. There are thirty-two feet of human bowels which is really a sewer pipe. When this pipe becomes clogged, the .whole system Becomes poisoned, causing biliousness, indigestion indigestion and impure blood, which often r:. produces iheumatism and kidney ail- h,':',. ments. t No · woman -\vho_ suffers with iV;-.-' constipation of any liver ailment can ex- V, pfct to have a clear complexion, or enjoy £'*--goof"health.---If-I"Sad my -wny;~! wowm (··'·'r. prohibit the Bale of nine-tenths of the ';., cathartics that .are now being Bold, for * v - ff'- the reason that they eoon destroy the lining of the stomach, Betting up serious forms of indigestion, and BO paralyze the bowels that they refuse to act unless forced by strong purgatives. Munyon's Paw-Paw Pills are a tonic to the_ stomach, liver and nerves^ They invigorate instead of weakening; they enrich the blood instead of impoverishing impoverishing it; they _finable the etomaoh to get all the nourishment from food that is put into it. These pills contain no calomel, no dope, they are soothing, healing and stimulating. stimulating. They school the bowels to act without without physic. Trial box of 10 Pills, 10 cents. Large bottle, 25c. It The Best at the Price, No Matter What the Price' bamphfire, In his confession, gave the nami*s of the two men who, besides gclcln, were murdered while he lived at the Gunness house, one of whom married Mrs. Ounnfiss, but tho man who received his confidence has forgotten tho name. Paid Well for Complicity. The confession 'was put Into writing the t i m e It was made, but to the of only one copy, which was left with Lamphero. According to the custodian of LampherH this copy was not found Ills personal possessions at his death. It is possible, he. destroyed It or gave it the custody of somebody who may elect to make Its phraseology public later. Lamphere went to work for Mrs. Gunness In 1907 and tarried there to woo, rather, according to his story, to be for it. was she, he said, who sued for favor. For a time he held an assured position at the house on the hill and enjoyed propriety he had not before Ipiown. At first ho resented the corning of the cousins, but as he received money from Mrs. Gunnesa he was satisfied until she drove him from the farm. List Has Six Victims. Inquiry at Laporte by the Post-Dls- lateh showed that Olo O. Budsberg of Lola, Wis., who sold his farm and went to Laporte with the money, may have been one of tbe victims. . Budsberg, us near as can be ascertained, ascertained, went to Laporte about the time that Lamphere took up his residence at the Gunness farm. The other man who is believed to been the sixth victim of Mrs. Gunneas when Lamphere was there was Tonness Petersen Lien of Kushford, Minn., w-hose disappearance and supposed death, the Post-Dispatch says, Is made public for tho first time.' A few days ago Samuel Petersen Lien, a brother Of Tonness, went to Laporte looking for him. To H. W, Worden, attorney for Lamphere, he told his story. He and Tonness lived together near Rushford on a farm that they owned. Sam had been a sailor and a/over, He tired of life In Minnesota Minnesota and went West. For two years he heard nothing from his brother. Went to Marry Widow. ·When he came back recently, Magnus Anderson, for whom Tonness had told Sam that Tonness had seen an advertisement, of Mrs. Gunness's In a .w.egian paper, had,corresponded with..her and had sold tlie farm."" Anderson hnO sewed up the money in his coat sleeve for him, and he had pone to Laporte marry the widow Gunness, and t h a the last that WHS ever heard of him. Worden asked the brother If Tonness had anything by which he could be titled. Samuel said Tonness had a heavy silver watch, on the case of which he, Samuel, had scratched the Initials, "T. L/' Worden remembered such a watch as one of those fount! In the ruins of the Gunness house. Ho went to Prosecutor Smith and asked to see this watch. It could not be found. went to the firm of watchmakers watchmakers who had examined all the and made a record of them. Their rccore showed t h a t one .of tha watches large silver affair with the Initials "T. L" scratched on the face. The body of this man has not been found. " Mr. Worden said the most Lamphere would tell him was t h a t he. was in cellar of the Gunness house the night that Helgelein WHS killed and that he heard him groaning and asking that a doctor be, sent for. - v

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  2. 14 Jan 1910, Fri,
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