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 - Marijuana vs alcohol scene By ROXIE OIJTZEN...
Marijuana vs alcohol scene By ROXIE OIJTZEN Drug Education Specialist Greenville Public Schools Dr. Donald B. Louria in his book "The Drug Scene" comments: "The proponents for l e g a l i z a t i o n of marijuana not only demand the comparison be made but insistently point out that alcohol is a dangerous drug which is perfectly legal in our society. To argue for marijuana on the grounds that it is no more dangerous than alcohol is, of course, a totally negative approach. Surely alcohol is a dangerous drug. The question is simply whether we are to add to our alcohol burden another intoxicant. In the United States there is currently a death from automobile accidents approximately every eleven minutes and in injury every eighteen seconds. Shall ····e add another intoxicant such as maiijauna, increase the number of inebria'.ed drivers or pedestrians, and attain i\ death rate of perhaps one every eifjht minutes or even every five minutes and an injury every twelve seconds or every eight seconds? Surely society must have the right, indeed the obligation, to control its escape mechanisms and intoxicants." Dr. Lindsay R. Curtis says, "Let's be honest. Marijuana is not addicting in the sense that heroin or opiates are addicting. There is no physical effect upon withdrawal of the drug, even after prolonged usage. There is no craving. Yet there is a type of emotional drug dependence that seem effectively to invite the user back again and again so that he continues to use the drug." Dr. David Smith points out some of the dangers of marijuana in "Focus on Youth": "Obviously, the immediate danger is i n t o x i c a t i o n . Y o u h a v e less impairment of the motor function than you do with alcohol intoxication. You have less impairment of the motor function than you do with alcohol intoxication, but you have more i m p a i r m e n t of p e r c e p t u a l function--how you perceive time and space, how you react to your environment through all your senses." i'ot parties are not uncommon among students and young adults. Several smokers congregate in a room, automobile, or other small space offering little or no ventilation. A joint is passed among the users who drag deeply, hold the smoke in their lungs as long as possible, then exhale slowly. As more joints are added to the ritual, the room fills with smoke and is rebreatherd by the users. Soon they .will feel high, much as if they had several cocktails. Time, space, and sounds then take on new and dimensions. The marijuana produces a euphoric sense of well-being in the user. It seems to heighten emotions; but in some users this progresses quickly irritability, excitability, and even violence. Judgment frequently is impaired. For the person who .s already unstable, marijuana can lead to a neurosis, psychosis, and irrational undersirable behavior. While it acts a sedative-hallucinogen for most people, it does cause certain other individuals to become combatant aggressive. Some of these have reported to have become homicidal suicidal, according to Dr. Curtis. Marijauna does not have "a clean bill of health". From the evidence has been coming out against it from scientific research during the last year, it can be a very dangerous substance. 1 agree that more research lias to be done to further prove these things the scientists are but the evidence to dale is bad. the amotivational syndrome, which has been definitely proved from sources, is the worst of the evidence. n o t h i n g e l s e i s conclusively about it, this is enough warrant the present laws and which this state has concerning drug. Our judges in Mississippi CAN sentence one who is caught with possession of less than one ounce one year in jail and/or as much $1,000 fine. The sentence cannot be higher than that, but it can be to merely a period of probation, discretion of the judge, l.nless it second or third offense, most the probation route. But knowing against the law will .cause many people to steer clear of it. Those cry decriminalization say that it cause some to experiment because they like the idea of defying the

Clipped from
  1. The Delta Democrat-Times,
  2. 29 May 1975, Thu,
  3. Page 13

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