Pantagraph 29 Dec 1862 Prairie Grove

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Pantagraph 29 Dec 1862 Prairie Grove - ; Utrt vtnly -4 -4 vi ! rf A ' II II I II I...
; Utrt vtnly -4 -4 vi ! rf A ' II II I II I llllll. I T1IOS. MOOn n, Kdltor BLOOMIXGTON, DECEMBER 20, 18C2- 18C2- Incidents of Prairie Grove Fight. From a private letter from one of the lino officers of the 94th regiment, we are permitted permitted to take a few incidents of the fight us concerned the McLean Ihivb and their . ir. ...Ml J....l.H-.o J....l.H-.o J....l.H-.o l. ;..t.,oUt;i.,r to the numerous friends ot our regiment. Speaking of the officers, he sajs: "Col. Orme, acting Brigadier Cipnenil, ih one o of the most cool and collected mon in buttle He was continually on the field, regardless of the balls that were dmnpim: around him like hail, and apparently unconscious of danger, rode along the whole line, watctnng the different movements, and at the time smoking his nino. One of Ins orderlies was woiiiH ,.J tilose to him. One thing ji loaned me. He was with tho 9th whenever whenever duty did not (till him to another portion portion of hi brigade. Col. MeNuIta i another of the sume stamp, yet with all his fearless, determined will, has his wits about him, and looks to the interest of his men, giving them all the advantage possiblo. One great qualification for an officer he possesses he never gets confused. He wouH ride up and down the line, enoournirine his men, and giving them directions how to fire, seemingly during the enemy' bullcsJrike hiui. He 11 a mun of superior judgemeut. To tell you the truth, I have been greatly deceived as to hit qualities, in any way you may take him. Major Laughlin is also a man of excellent qualities cool, calm and deliberate, and prompt and willing to lead out. The officers and men have great confidence in our lender; I think they vuuld lead them to fuce almost anything. All praise is due the men uf the 94th fur the gallant manner in which tbey stood up to the work. It is said by the rebels that the fish killed scores of "butternuts." The mark in the trees and fence slmwed they aimed and h it about right the rebels were fut regiments deep, and but a short distunce of! we could ir 't help but hit a great noun. In another place it ii stated the rebut uui-vr!il!y uui-vr!il!y uui-vr!il!y aliot t'i high. Kd.J Of our ('linplain I 11111-t 11111-t 11111-t relate an incident, incident, lie i 111 cward by a long ch"t. I'u-ring I'u-ring I'u-ring th Vnttle, lie wnild ride ah'tig "iir line, rh"eriti the men and exhoriiti them to put their tru.i in i "l, an I "lake L"xl iiini." He had a gun hiitiM-if, hiitiM-if, hiitiM-if, ami wul i alen't whelieter hfiiu!d "IraW a g'"l "lull I" if it wn Siiirhiy : and it eiii to me tlmt I lie Pivine lii-ing lii-ing lii-ing uiil-t uiil-t uiil-t have pr"lect4 U airjliallv, or e 110. re of i.ur Ilicll IUU1 Imu' fallen under t!e terrible tiro the rtUU p-inre p-inre p-inre I im.i u. I he ...lli 1,1,11 ii l,.y writf Ml the I 'en (lidge flht, bill I bey any that was 110 win-I win-I win-I ari n In thia battle f ir Cereeneu. Tin' muketry firing here wa one c.utinu -u -u r"r. The enemy wa well aruietlwuk Kn-field Kn-field Kn-field ritlea, and h"t t.'niluh vartrUlge." Aui 'ii i.tlier iiici.cnia i( the battle the Writer le-. le-. le-. riU-a riU-a riU-a (lift H'iirttUre t.f the field at lli" t il the finht, and ) J "M iitday uvriiing during llie ariiiiti',' I W0..I uter the held with IIINH other The butternuts who were left behind tattnd lu lUe de., w.Mibl uirrM frerly with w. Smu were deleriniiml. It the nrMlir .f lion I Ulk4 with sai'l they were !irrl l the war. that lliry were f fee. int.i the imj and that llindman lial M place guard er a great many t kav p ihnu with bim. They Ui ai 1 they did U'it U'liete it cubl rally half uf laa ariay imln. Kerter ar aitiee r.iinilig in fa and they tell pre-iarlj pre-iarlj pre-iarlj thf aame tl". I aa UUiniC wilb one of the 111 jatterly, a harp fellow, he d-claro-l d-claro-l d-claro-l d-claro-l d-claro-l !! me It wnii Int.i the fltit w ith hi gun UM and ratne nl with lit "me ld in, but went lbr.Ujjh with all the iin.ti.ina. and that he true. nt ImH al l niin euMirre, and did tout, lie and uthvra alo state thai there were many who li4 the aauie ibing." S- S- eral other Imldenta sre gUen.bul aaeniiaid rrahle ha alrvady lrn uirn of the ta'tle we furbcar relating them. The writer al tali that the future of ihrir CaiMpaikn la yet a tnjairry. Where tkry net will f hard toi fell TV Iu -Hi -Hi .'.mni'i.n r "I lnlrul liovenue b ttu li' tle fuii.iiij U.n I'l'.li: A ir'f.'U l.i route .i Bt.a k lit nwn (na. an-l an-l an-l l-T l-T l-T a.ii ll.rin tlnraiii in lieriallv ! Ill value, i nl . al'U .r krr : l.ut 'fit I lii Hiiiii. m l.iti anl .'t! ilh..ut nialrrialljr a l.ili In the v.lue. l.r Ltaialtl a a ealil1 ller. I'arnirr' pi,.Hi. rr i.f rlu.r r, n. thue t.f ii. iaier a ira-'rr ira-'rr ira-'rr , I'uHn 'ere f prinlnl I...V. i nW.i r.. 4.'., ur lial.le o a". n.rt I , .l,,.,!, ,,, f n j.,,t ;.,ef ' antr. a, re nil. ' Ufrlj .i it. r eh" aril . ti i li I .If I a a iH'Iriln il, rt. Nr),,t, ,r .MI ! r."iir ' "I n; n .reii.;. i ' f.i.. 1. t, ,,,; ii,-, ii,-, ii,-, ,,p .1, ,i ft,;, ,..,,, ,T !,,,,.(, r,.tliW"tl l.-iw. l.-iw. l.-iw. J.irff.'i,.,.fjt. K H,4.i, an I the -1. -1. !,.., , t i-a,. i-a,. i-a,. .. It ,m ..r i.lh. "" At In work that m. O l Front B. Wa rylbnij III the TK4. Im.U lil.if 411J 0 1 ..11 una I am eje . .4.1,... uf llUl th-M.-f II.. ,, 4Mt y 4aa .mi VI "i I a.ia If f K. 11 i.ii e M r-.. r-.. , 4 ,' , . -

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