30 Apr 1955 Daily Ind Jnl "Colorful Bay Parade Starts Yachting Season Tomorrow"

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30 Apr 1955 Daily Ind Jnl "Colorful Bay Parade Starts Yachting Season Tomorrow" - Colorful Boy Parade Starts Yachting Season...
Colorful Boy Parade Starts Yachting Season Tomorrow By M. J. NICOL Practically every boat in the bay area will be out there under the Golden Gate at noon tomorrow. This is the rendezvous for the water craft that join the opening day parade, which proceeds past the Marina shore and around to Belvedere Cove. Sailboats take the channel route, motor boats remain shoreside. Many of the boats will anchor in the cove for lunch. The Claude Benham trophy is awarded to the club that has the greatest percentage turnout, thus giving all organizations an equal chance for the prize. Being present at the parade consists of passing the Marina shore between the hours of 12 and 2 p.m. There are many new boats on the bay this year, as well as a new fleet, the International One Design. Design. Spencer Hall has changed from sail to push button; he and his wife have always been great cruisers. cruisers. (their Lana Kila, which they sold to Dr. James Waters of Santa Rosa, was seen in many of the hidden sloughs of the Delta region). region). For opening day they will join the parade aboard their new 38’ Stephens “Chicota.” A quick switcheroo will be made by Phil Wallace; he will skipper his owm “Polly” bird for the parade, parade, but will transfer to the “Marilen” “Marilen” later in the day. He’s crewing on her for the Honolulu race. A couple of new Farallones will strut their stuff tomorrow, one Dr. Robert C. McNaught’s “Farrallon,” the other Aldo Alesio’s Alesio’s “Mistress II.” Roger Towne’s “Yip” is also new to the Farallone Clipper fleet, and will have her crew and their wives and gal friends aboard for the parade. Incidently fresh report from Towne is that VIP is okay after her banging up during last week’s storm. Her pulpit was smashed but will be repaired in time for Sunday. There have been a few changes in the Hurricane Fleet, one of them is the “Figaro” No. 11. Bret and Marion van Kriedt have j graduated from a bear “Tom Boy” to the new boat. They have in- j vited Mrs. William Jones who is coming all the way from Modesto lor the opening day parade. In the “among those not present but missed” is Sandy McCormick's new’ 50-foot cutter “Ariel,” built for him at Newport by C. E. Chapman. Chapman. She is down south being readied for the Honolulu race. We’ll have more on “Ariel” and other Honolulu Race boats from Marin next month. Another interesting boat that will join Sunday’s parade is the “Kuma Kuro.” She is an “almost Bear.” John Moore of Belvedere built her in Japan to the Bear Boat design in every detail except the keel. He is making plans to change the keel so that “Kuma Kuro” will be a true bear and be able to race with her sisters. Speaking of Bears, we’ll all be looking for Bob Davies’ “Scamper” Sunday, as well as for Bill Hines’ new “Camambert,” which he built himself. And the parade of new Marin boats could go on and on, we’ll have to give you details later on such boats as Ed Gilmore’s “Kialoa.” “Kialoa.” George Johnson's “Fantasy,” Jon Stanton’s “Njord” and many others. A non-parader is Bob Conover who runs the “Kettle” in Sausalito. Sausalito. He is often an invitee aboard Marin boats, but for opening day he is so busy producing box lunches lunches for yachtsmen, he won’t have time to relax himself. In fact he catered so much to t.he yachting crowd, like having orders ready at dawn, and nautically decorating his window, that one of the local salts wandered in the other day and tried to buy a brass fitting. In the mean time let us hope that the opening day parade trophy will be won by one of our Marin County boats. Checking back to 1939, when the Parade was instituted, we find that a Marin County club has never copped the Claude Benham trophy. Sequoia Yacht Club and Aeolian have made the best showing, in past years. But with the growth in Marin’s yachting population, and with the harbor plans that are being made all over the county, we have high hopes for the 1955 award. Along Marins Sports Trail By JIM GILMARTIN Marciano Perfect Athlete; No Other Champion Can Make That Statement Bill Miller, mok prolific of the three publicity men handling handling the Marciano-Cockell match, is in love with his current job. ‘‘Isn’t it difficult publicizing this one?”, someone asked diminutive Bill at the Bermuda-* — --------------------------------------------Palms --------------------------------------------Palms training camp the other day. “Difficult?”, he asked, as if astounded astounded by the simple question. “Why .this is the best fight I’ve ever worked, and' I’ve had some of the biggest ones for the past 40 years. “This is a publicist’s dream. I’m working with a perfect athlete— THE perfect specimen. Nobody but, NOBODY, past, present or future can show a record like Marciano. He’s untied, unbeaten in 47 fights. He put 41 of ’em to sleep. “Name any other champion in any sport who can match Rock’s record. Man o’ War, first in horseflesh, horseflesh, had his Upset; Babe Ruth, first in baseball, whiffed with the bases loaded; Bill Tilden, first in his racket (pun, son) w’as trounced; trounced; Jesse Owens, first in track, w-as beaten on the cinders; George Mikan, first in basketball, was outplayed at times. “Marciano looks up to no one.” Miller sounded like a rancher auctioning off a prize bull as he hailed the champion from atop a lunch table at the Bermuda Palms (a table-hopper, this boy). Coming back down to earth (where he was treated for a mild case of the bends), Miller showed showed his real publicist’s colors with one big final pitch. “But,” he wagged a finger at surrounding scribes in a voice that would make John Barrymore sound like a choir boy, . . . “Caesai had his Brutus, Charles I had his Cromwell, Native Dancer had his Dark Star, and Rocky Marciano . . . ? Well, the Rock may profit by their example. Or be warned by same.” It was a fascinating piece of dramatics. It left you admiring Marciano as the greatest of the great and no man can do him harm. But there was Caesar, there was Charles I and there was Native Dancer. Miller leaves you wonder-: ing if Cockell will join Brutus, Cromwell, etc. And when you wonder wonder you buy tickets to find out for sure. STANDINGS BASEBALL PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Seattle .................. 15 10 .600 Los Angeles ........ 14 10 .538 4 San Diego ............ 12 11 .522 2 San Francisco .... 12 11 .522 2 Portland .............. 10 10 .500 24 Sacramento ........ 11 12 .478 3 Oakland ................ 9 13 .409 4 4 Hollywood ............ 9 15 .375 54 (Friday Results) Los Angeles 3, Hollywood 1 Oakland 13, San Francisco 6 Portland 5-3, Sacramento 4-8 Seatle 6, San Diego 3 * * * % NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Brooklyn .............. 13 1 .867 Milwaukee ............ 8 6 .571 4*3 Philadelphia 8 6 .571 4 4 St. Louis ................ 6 5 .545 5 Chicago ................ 7 7 .500 54 New York ............ 6 1 .462 6 Cincinnati 4 11 .267 9 Pittsburgh 2 10 .167 94 (Friday Results) Cincinnati 5, Pittsburgh 0 Philadelphia 13, Milwaukee 4 (called bottom of 8th, rain) Chicago at Brooklyn, (postponed, rain) St. Louis at New York (postponed, rain) ♦ * * AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Detroit .................... 9 5 .643 Chicago ................ 8 5 .615 4 New York ................ 9 6 .600 4 Cleveland................ 8 6 .571 1 Boston .................... 8 7 .533 14 Kansas City .......... 6 8 .429 3 Washington .......... 5 9 .357 4 Baltimore .............. 4 11 .267 54 (Friday Results) Detroit 3. Washington 2 Chicago- 7, Boston 0 Baltimore 5, Cleveland 2 Kansas City 6, New York 0 in a | | ! ' j j { j ! Heath Gets Heave-Ho As Oaks Trounce Seals

Clipped from Daily Independent Journal30 Apr 1955, SatPage 7

Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, California)30 Apr 1955, SatPage 7
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