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Angus C Snyder - x - I A beautiful home wedding was sot -...
x - I A beautiful home wedding was sot - Tsmnizfed Thursday evening at the Some of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Snyder, of Dua - . ley streat, - when then - daughter, Lucre - tla, became the wife of Samuel J. Black, of .aandusky.' - Ohio. Rev. Dr. Gibbons, of the Presbyterian Church, officiated.' Mr. and Mrs. Black will re - Bide at Franklin, - pa. Ralph - Hughes, rf 08 North Main avenue, - Is jreceiving congratulations from hja, friends upon his marriage to Miss H'e'len Smith, of Nicholson. The - - TenrarKable part Of this marriage is that the ceremony was performed in Binghamton by Rev. J. B. Sweet, July 23 of last year. The young folks care - tfully guarded their secret. ' Miss Mary Ammerman and her brother Kalph, of Clay yerrue, have a number of guests at their cottage at Lake Winola for a ten days' house party. The guests are: Misses Amy and Mary Northup, Miss Ada "VVright - nour, Miss Lillian Rischel, of Cata - wissa; Miss Helen Hinds, of Jersey City; Messrs. E. H. Ford, H. T. Hynd - man, W. J. Northup, H. V. Northup, Morrison Fetzer, Concord, N. C; Fred Lewis, Norfolk, - Va.; George Maxey, Forest City; Fred Lewis, - Norfolk, Va. . A' beautiful garden fete was given at the Palmer rhorae in Glenburn on Thursday by Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Stelle, who are occupying the home this summer. The grounds surrounding this house are among the most elaborate and extensive in this county of beautiful homes. v The guests were: Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Y, Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Weyburn, Mr. and Mrs. Her - echel Hall, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Stelle, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Collins, Dr. D. A. Capwell, Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Byx - bee, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Horton, Mr. and Mrs D. J. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Carr, Hon. E. B. Hardenbergh, Mr. and Mrs. Callendef, Miss Pratt, Miss Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Lowry, Miss Howell, A. D. Dean and others. . Mrs. A. H. Christy gave a luncheon tin Wednesday for the house party guests entertained by Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Watklns at her summer home in Waverly. Among those present were: The Misses Marjorie Piatt, Elizabeth Dickson, Louise Smith, Messrs. Curtis Piatt, Kenneth Welles, Carol Shafer, of Chicago, and Robert Noyes, of St. Paul. , - Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Woolworth will entertain a week end bouse party at their Lily Lake home. . ; V . - - " , Mrs." J. W.. Oakford gave a neighborhood dance at her Waverly home on Wednesday evening. Those in attendance were: The Misses Gladys Wat - kins, Louise Smith, Margery Piatt, Elizabeth Dickson, Frances Jermyn, Mary Dickson, Margaretta Belin, and the Messrs. Stanley Manness, J. Curtis Piatt, Kenneth Welles, Charles Shaffer, Robert Noyes, d'Andelot Belin and Edward Mower. Also Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer B. Fnller and Mrs. T. H. Watkins. Mrs. H. B. Reynolds and Miss Clare Reynolds gave a tea on Tuesday, Mrs. H. D. Payne, of New Orleans, being guest of honor. ' On Wednesday, July 27, Miss Elsie Hitman, now on her way from Germany, will become the bride of Prof. Eugene Haije, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Otto Lauxman, of Archbald. Prof. Halle has been in this country but little over a year, but his reputation in that time as & composer and musician has become almost na tional. , He spent a week In Philadelphia last winter, giving chamber concerts, and the staid old Quaker City went into raptures over his work. and wherever he has .been presented he has met with the some flattering success. . - . . Mrs. A. Crew, of Lincoln avenue, entertained a number of little folks on Thursday afternoon in1 honor of her small daughter, Elizabeth's, eighth birthday. 'Mrs. Crew was assisted in receiving by Mr. Phillips, Mrs. Daniel Hengood, Mrs. David Phillips, Mrs. Jennie Evans and Mrs. Mary Crew. The little ones present were: Misses Ida and Florence Evans, Florence Downs, Winnie and ' Harriet Downs, Mary Phillips, Ruth Phillips, Katherine Phillips, Eleanor, Esther and Elizabeth Crew, Rose Markey, Sarah Phillips, Masters Samuel and David Crew, Willie Markey, Willie Hengood, Earl Evans. David Davis, Thomas Phillips, Delwin Thomas. The Sunday School of the Ajibury Church held their annual outing at Mooslc Lake yesterday. A large crowd was in attendance; in fact, the largest excursion from Green Ridge this season, and no accident or mishap occurred to mar the day's pleasure. Miss Margaret Williams' ' class ef the First Welsh Baptist Sunday school enjoyed an outing at Nay Aug Park on Tuesday. Those present were: Misses Elizabeth Williams, Ruth Wil Hams, Mary Jenkins, Freda Jones, Sarah Evans, Irene Lewis, May Lewis, Bertha Lewis, Annie Colburn. Ruth Lumley, Stella Hopkins and Jeanette Hughes. Miss Helene Hull entertained at her home on Marion street, Thursday evening, in honor of her guest. Miss Richardson. Miss Carrie Darling, of CneBtnut street, entertained a few friends informally on Wednesday evening. Miss Margaret GIbbs, of South Main avenue, entertained last evening in . honor of Miss Edith Blair, of New York City. , . Miss Cecelia O'Hara, of 1325 North Washington avenue, entertained last evening in honor of her cousins, John and James O'Harav of Philadelphia, Mrs. E. W. Thayer, of South Hyde Park avenue, entertained at Hea last evening, in honor of Miss Edith' Blair,1 of New York city, who is visiting the former's sisters .Misses Anna and May Edwards. Among those present were: Misses Margaret Edwards, Anna Edwards, Grace Walker, Margaret Gibbs, Florence Gibbs, Edith Blair and Mrs. E. W. Thayer. i . Mrs. H. Auer, of Lincoln avenue, entertained a number of young folks at her home Thursday afternoon, it being the occasion of her daughter Elizabeth's eigth birthday. Mrs. Auer was assisted in receiving by Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Daniel Hengood, Mrs. David Phillips, Mrs. Jennie Evans and Mrs. Mary Auer. Those present were: Misses Ida and Florence Evans, Winnie and Harriet Downs, Mary Phillips, Ruth Phillips, Katherine Phillips, Eleanor, Esther and Elizabeth Auer, Rose Markey, Sarah Phillips and the Masters Samuel Auer, David Auer, William Markey, ' William Hengood, Carl Evans, David Davis, Thomas Phillips and David Thomas, , ., . ., It.' M. Bennett, of Green Ridge, la en a Western trip, Including; Montana and Illinois. He will not return vntu September Bret. Mifs Helen Boies, of Clay avenue. is visiting in tne Adirondacks. Miss Mary Phelpe, of Wyoming avenue, is spending a few week at Aa - BurjWtrk, v - Mrs. J. Alton Davis is at Lake Wl - myi this week., Rev. George Alrlch and family are visiting Mr. Alrlch's former home in rmiaaeipma. , Mrs. J. D Richards and family have returned to their South Main avenue home after a visit with New York city friends. C. F. Bellamy, of Delaware street. is m Boston, Mass., this nntsfcr Hon. John H. Fellows and family,' of Tenth street, are at Maplewood for the summer. Dr. N: C. Mackey, of Waverly Pa., and family, are spending the summer in Europe. R. J. Stark Is spending his vacation at ocean Grove. Miss Florence Woodward, of Mul berry street, is spending her vacation at Lake Sheridan. Edward Poole returned this week from a ten days' visit with Buffalo rrieods. Rabbi and Mrs. Anspacber are in Cincinnati, O., for this month. Louis Allen Osborne returned from Bt. Louis Monday, where he has been in charge of the j. C. S. exhibit at the Fair. , ' " Miss Mabel Neuber is spending her vacation at Eaglesmere, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd, of Green Ridge, are in Faotoryville for two wens. , Mr. and Mrs. Wade Barnes have returned from their bridal tour and are the guests of Miss Louise Barnes at Lake Sheridan. . G. F. Reynolds and family, of Jackson street, are at Lake Sheridan for the summer. Anton Weinshenk and family, of Grand View avenue, are occupying their cottage at Lake Sheridan. Mr. and Mrs. Dlmler Wilson, of Pres - cott avenue, , are domiciled at their cottage Rest Haven, Lake Sheridan, for the summer. . Miss Florence Irving? of Harrison avenue, left this week for Denver, Col. Miss Catherine Hicks is visiting Pittsburg friends. .. Mrs. E. Bolter and son, Fred of Mon - sey avenue, returned this week from' Uniondale, Pa, Miss Helen Kelly, of Pittston avenue, left this week for. Hamburg, O. Harry Jones and family, of Cleveland, - O., are at their aumer cottage at Crystal Lake. Mrs. George Daniels of North Rebecca avenue, is at Lake Sheridan. Miss Elizabeth Bunnell, of Price street, is at Uniondale for a few weeks. Mrs. C. E. Mott, of North Sumner avenue, is seriously ill at her home, i Prof. Loren Fasset, of Factoryville, accompanied by his wife, landed on the Eupropean side this week. They will remain on the continent until September 1. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Nettleton are at Asbury Park. The Misses Ida Lewis and Anna Sel - bert, of HydeJPark avenue, are in New York city. Miss Eva Wriehtnour. of South Main 'avenue, is visiting Buffalo friends. 1 Miss Margaret Jameison left yesterday for St. Louis. William A. Wrigley, of Harrison ave nue, is spending a few days at Lake winoia. Miss Olive Eseott. of South Main avenue, is spending her vacation at Harvey's Lake. Miss Elizabeth Whittaker, of Wood - lawn Park, accompanied by her aunt; Mrs. B. L. Depew, an spending tha monin at Bradford. F. Miss Laona Farley will be at her studio oh Wyoming avenue on Monday Misses Edith and May Hull of Marlon street, returned Thursday from an extended isit ln Dansville, N. Y, B, F. Wyly, jr.,, general manager of we aurei Jine, left on Thursday w Atlanta, Ga.; to see his children, who have been there slnee Mrs. Wyly died. a cpupie or months ago. A son was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Howley, of Wheeler avenue. Mrs. S. N. Callender of Quincy avenue, has returned from Atlantic City. Miss Caroline Board man who has been the guest of Col and Mrs. L. A. Watre6 returned to her home in Boston on Friday. . Miss Jennie' Reynolds of Green Ridge will spend the summer in Virginia. Edward Fordham. of Green Rtdrt'e. spent part of the week in Montrose. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Godfrey have as their guests at Lake Winola, Rev. and Mrs. Frank Mlllman, of PottsvlUe. - , John J. Reedy is at home again after an extended trip on the continent. Mrs. R, J. Bennell an daughter Caroline are guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Arohbald, at Martha's Vineyard. The Misses Vira and Helen Decker, of Washington avenue, are on a trip ta Canada and Lake Champiain. Mrs, H. M. Streeter, of Green Rldgs, is entertaining Miss Edith Blair, of New York City. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Keller will spend the coming weeks at Nantucket. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rice sail Tues - day on the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse for Europe. . Mrs. F. L. Phillips, of Pittsburg, is Visiting Green Ridge friends. W. J. Torrey will spend a few days at Cazenovla, N. Y. Sidney T. Hayes is spending a few weeks at Block Island. Dudley Sanderson, Sanford Mulford and Ralph Reynolds are In camp at Elk Lake. , ' Miss Ripple, of Vine etret, Is spending the summer m Spokane, Washington. Miss Eleanor Matthews, of Vine street, returned from Atlantic City this ween. Mrs. Parsons Price unit Hanirht nf New York City, are the guest of Miss Edith Jones, of Jefferson avenue. jur, ana Mrs. M. J. Shields, of Jer myn, are visitors in the city on Friday. Miss May Benedict, of Dickson nvn. nue, is spending a few weks at Asbury Park. Judge and Mrs. D. W. Knari nt Montrose, were visiting in the city this ween. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. NetHst nn art af' the Minot House, Asbury Park, N. J. Miss Euphemia Gibbs retnrnivl tn. day from Johnstown, N. Y., where she has been visiting friends for two weeks. Master Lawrence Scott has been spending the past week with Miss Flo ocragg at L,aK9 Ariel. JOSAS IMG'S SOU UvJ nnn uuu 4V 0Av, Uo Villi begin the cocond ivooEi of our 7JllQIiilinifQGfll!!lirQirSp The Greatest Values in able erohandioe Ever Depend - Off ered. JONAS LONG'S SONS. m 50 GREEN STAMPS With a dollar purchase Saturday and Monday, July 16 and 18. 50 mmiz m OUR CLOAK DEPARTMENT. Hundreds of Stylish, Well Made Garments at About Half Price. COLORED MADRAS WAISTS . ' Soft, pretty Madras and Gingham Waists. A lot of $1.50 garments . , 75c Cool Batiste Waists, small black spots..'.. .. $1.00 DRESS SKIRTS Navy and black Pique with white spots, $1 00 skirts..... $1.25 Linen Crash Skirts, piped with white $1.25 Colored Fancy Linen Bourette Skirts, special $2.95 - CHINA SILK WAISTS. Coolest and most serviceable of all summer $1.75, $2.50, $3.50 waists, NEW RAIN COATS. Made specially for us with many new features.. $15.00 to $18.50 SALE OF PETTICOATS. 59c Seersucker Petticoats . , 39c 75c Seersucker Petticoats 59c $ 1. 00 Bates' Seersuckers 75c BLACK UNDERSKIRTS. $1 - 25 Black Mercerized Skirts 79c $1.50 Black Mercerized Skirts . . . . , $1.00 Lot of fine Mercerized Skirts worthfrom $2.00 to $2.50, Sala price ., .51.50 THE NAME OF MARY. Mary as a Christian name was held in very singular veneration during the mediaeval ages, and in some parts of Europe there existed a superstitious reluctance among men to' marry any one who chanced to have been so christened, or the bride elect was at least required to change this name for some other of less sanctity. , All Marys were at one time believed to be invested with extraordinary powers in connection with the affairs o life. Bearing the same name as the Blessed Virgin, they were considered worthy of more than common consideration, and their personal influence over their husbands especially was unusual; hence many men sought authoritative ordinances forbidding their wives to be known as Mary. Sovereigns, in some cases, dreading subjection to their partners, showed a marked distaste for Marys. ' Thus Alfonso IV. of Castile when on the point of wedding a Moorish maiden made it a condition of the marriage that at her baptism, as a recent convert to Christianity, she should not take this name. In the articles settled fojr the union of Ladislas of Poland with Marie de Nevers there was a clause which bound this princess to change her name to Aloysa. Casimir L of Poland, who married Mary, daughter of the Puke of Russia, required of her a similar sacrifice to popular sentiment. WASH SUITS. $10.00 Suits, made from printed Peiude Soie, nicely piped gnd trimmed. Special $4,75 $7. 50 Blue Chambray Gingham Suits, very . full skirts, pleated waists $3. 75 WHITE LAWN AND LINEN WAISTS. Pretty White Lawn Waists, plain tucked garments and others trimmed with lace and embroideries,,... ....... 50c, 75c, $1.00 up CUT OUT TITIS COUPON. Present Ht our office, purchase $1.00 worth of ponds or more aiwl you will receive 60 huunps. Good July 16, 18. ,. JtEARS & HAGEX, Truth. ml PEARS ft HAGEN, 415 - 417 UCKAtfANNA AVfNIIE. THE GIRL WHO DOES THINGS. It is the girl that does things in this world who is attractive both to men and to her own sex, which last counts, too. In the long run. You may not be able to do great things, to paint great pictures or to sing in grand opera, but you can learn to make bright little things for yourself and your friends and perhaps to play the light, "catchy" airs of the day so that your friends will enjoy them, and if you can't do anything else cultivate the art of talking brightly and of being sympathetic. Every girl can do one thing well if sh will only take the trouble to find out what that thing is. The difficulty Is that she often looks in the opposite direction; she wants to do something great and showy or nothing at all. But there are other talents within reach if she will only look,' and these talents may be such a comfort to her in her dark hours that they will make life better and happier both for her and those about her. How the world likes a cheerful, plucky girl who makes a brave fight and hides her skeleton in a closet instead of folding her hands nd whining because things don't come her way the girl who puts her own griefs as much as possible aside, who takes a wholesome interest in lfe! BROUGHT IT ON HIMSELF. A demure little woman entered a street car with a child, whom She at first placed on. the seat beside her and then on her lap to make room for u fierce looking man, who soon betamn engrossed In a newspaper. The child kicked Us tiny feet in delight at the strange things ' it saw while riding along, and Its shoes rubbed against th man's trousers. "Perhaps, madam," h exclaimed, "you imagine that this con - vsyancs is your private carrisgs?" "Oh, no, I don't." was the prompt r - ply. "If it were you wouldn't bs riding In it!" BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. After a period of s' months of widowhood Mary consented to again enter the married state. A few weeks after Sh was led to the altar her former mistress met her In the street dressed in deepest mourning. "Why, - Mary," she exclaimed, "for whom are you in black?" "For poor Tim, my first husband, mum. When he died I was so poor that couldn't, but I said if lver I could I would, and me new man, Mike, la as (inerous as a lord.'.' PREPARING TO GO TO CAMP M.S. QUAY. Advance Guard of the Thirteenth Leave' This City Wednesday Night. REGIMENT GOES FRIDAY NIGHT It Is reported that the trunk of a large tree has been encountered at a depth of 1,000 feet by the oil drillers at Crockett, Tex. Large pieces of perfectly, preservod bark and wood of olear grain have been brought to the surface. The wood Is of very hard texture, and the tree Is estimated to have been between two and three feet in diameter .. . ) The regiment. Is all abustle these days with the preparations for camp. The encampment will be known as the Camp Colonel M. S. Quay, arid will be formally opened on Saturday, July 23, 9 a. rn. The Third brigade will be the first to reach Gettysburg. The advance guard of the Thirteenth regiment will leave Scranton on the night of Wednesday so as to be on the ground early Thursday morning. Captain E. H. F. Con. rad will be In command of the ad vance guard, and will have in. charge ten men from each company, Including on auartermaater sergeant and one corporal. All of the advance guard will report to Captain Conrad at the armory at 7 o'clock. July 20, with two days', cooked rations. Second Lieuten ant Samuel Snyder, of Company F, and Sergeant George Fruner, of Company L. will also report to Captain Conrad, Assistant Surgeon P. F. Gunster will accompany the advance with tw men from the hospital corps, and the regi mental commissary and the commis sary cergeant will also accompany the detail. A man from each company will report to Captain F. M. Vandling, regi mental quartermaster, upon arrival at camp. It is directed in an order issued by Col. L. A. - Watres that all baggage must be delivered at the armory by 12 o'clock noon, July 20. No officers wul he permiied to accompany the advance detail excepting those assigned for that duty. Canvass uniforms, campaign hats, leggings and black shoes will be worn during the entire encampment. The regiment will leave Scranton about 9 o'clock Friday night. The or ders are that the regiment must assemble at the armory at ' o'clock sharp in heavy marching order with overcoats rolled. The annual inspection of the troops will be held en July 26, 27 and 28. The Third bridgade will be inspected on the 26th, beginning at 7 a. m.; at intervals of two hours. The First brigade will be inspected on July 27 and the Second brigade on July 28. Dates for the inspection of the artillery and cavalry are yet to be fixed. Lieutenant CWonel James W. Oakford of this city, judge advocate, has been appointed provost marshal. As the Third brigade will be the first to reach the grounds, the commanding officer has been ordered to detail one company of infantry and one troop of cavalry to proceed to Gettysburg for provost duty, arriving there early in the morning of Thursday, and reporting to Lieutenant Colonel Oakford as provost marshal. At this year's encampment It is proposed to jjay particular attention to peddlers and sutlers. One sutler will be admitted within the limits of each brigade, but he must conform to all camp regulations. The order of the day in camp will be as follows: Reveille. , First call, 5:45 a. m, Revellje, 5:55 a, m. Axaemblv. 6 a. rn. Fatigue call (police) immediately after assembly. Mess, 6:80 a. m. Sick. 7:30 a. m. Prill call, 8:20 a. m. 1:33 p. m. Assembly, 8:30 a..m., 1:45 r - m. Guard mounting, first call, 4:50 p. m. Assembly, 6 p. m. Guard mounting will immediately follow a ceremony Interfering - with it scheduled hour. Parade First call, 6:20 p. m.i assembly; 6:30 p. rn - Retreat, sunset. Tattoo, 10 p. m. Taps, 10:30 p. m. 0 0 0 0 The new olive drab uniforms have ar. rived and will be worn by all of the offices in camp. Puttees, or the leather leggings, will also be worn by the Thlr - tanth's ofjicers. o o o o John M. Edwards, formerly first lieutenant of Company. K, Is back in the city from, the south, greeting his old friends In the regiment. o o o o Fred Luther is again a full fledged member of the regiment, having been musterci in with Company C. o a o o The Ninth Regiment officers have decided to dispense with the tent floors In camp this year. v o o o o The rifle teams of the state compete at ML Gretna on August 8. It 1 ex - I riacted that the personnel of the Thir teenth's team will bs the same aa last year. Candidates for positions on the team are daily shootingr on the range at Rocky Glen. o o o o Captain Thomas Murphy and Lieutenant John McCourt, of Company C, made some excellent scores at the range last Monday. Lieutenant McCourt secured out of twenty shots, eighteen fours and two bull's eyes. Captain Murphy got six bull's eyes, eleven fours and three threes. MOOSIC LAKE. Thirty cents will take yon to Mooslc Lake where you can spend a delightful Sunday with boats, swings, etc. Edgerton's restaurant will supply yon with refreshments. Take Drinker streetcars. . 1SU FIRST CONCERT AT . .: NAY AUG PARK TO - NIGHT. Through the muniflicenco of a public - spirited citizen, whose name is not revealed, at his request, arrangements have been made whereby Professor Wen tz and his band will give a series of three concerts at Nay Aug park. The permission of the authorities has been secured and the .first concert will take place in the music pavilion at 8 o'clock tonight. The other two will be given on next Tuesday and Thursday evenings. - Jullan A, Brled of San Francisco has made the largest photograph Jn the world. It Is 30 feet long and J feet and 5 inches wide. It is an en - largement from a single negative.' : POINTS SCORED FOR FREE SCHOLARSHIPS. Standing of the Candidates iri Scranton and Outside the City Who Are Working For - The Truth's Prizes. The contestants, and the points placed to their credit op to Saturday, July 16, are as follows: v IN THE CITY OF SCRANTON'. Names. i . ' Points. Ellsworth Price v..... 1354' Ralph E. Perry... ... 1481 Joseph Wade .... 1223 C. N. Robinson ...... - :. 106ft Harold Hafner , ........... 8M William J. Morgan 688 ; Louis Pavern.. ; ..........ISO. Arthur Morgan , ..... 391 . Frank. Kelly .s .......... .. 3v0 George Keib ........ ........ ... . , .81". - Donald Cahoon ....V. , , 31? John Gaffney ............ 280' Joseph Newman 281 Walter Phillips 2J79 Edward Malia ... 2 i5v(" Emmett Mahon SI. Michael Bolton 203 John Jordan ... 200 Joseph Mclienna Laurence George ., 177 Roland Wolford .......... ........ 150 John Williams ... - . 136 Ray Jones iar Arthur Munn Hi J, D. J, Evans 110.' Edward Koch John Denial h ,., ., ............. SO John Reap , 80 Mary Contapinch , 80. Sam Frank , ..19 Howard Kee S3 John Hubert ,. ................. 40 4 Floyd Fenner .......... ., iO Bert' Matthews . 40 George Kelly - V 10 Henry Jones 31 Russell Tern I1 Arthur Lintott 1 Christopher Gothler .. OCTSIDE THE CITY. Names. . Point. Alfred Ward .Olyphant v - 2565 John Brown Dunmore ...... 2232 ' Edward V. Loftus ............ .....Jcssup ,....l480 Richard Bracey II oneidalo ......... 1308 James Gllmarttn .Archbald Cttt Andrew Blainar ...j.... Olyphant .......... 660 Ray Landmesser" .................... v.Hughestown 659 . John Joyce ........Old Forgs . t ............. .410 William Delniore ...........Maylleld , .....i.. ....... 439 V. V. McAndmv ..Hawley. ., . 429 V ..... John Carroll , .Carbondale ...... Ernest Sampson .' Carbondale ...... Frank Smith .Peokville Walter Fitzslmmons ,. ... - ..Avo - a ... Thomas Kilroe ..Honesdale Layton Shaffer .............. ... .Elmhiirst .... ,., .......' Cornelius She Taylor .!...... Theodore Van Baldwin ............Nicholson Eddie Stanton ..Forest City Ellsworth Davis Taylor ... 3"As the contest does not close until the first of - August, THERE IS VET PLENTY OF TIME TO ENTER THE LISTS AND WIN' ONE 0F, THESE VALUABLE SCHOLARSHIPS. Call at the business office of The Truth for particulars ,. , , s . 253 88 ' a 76 73 4 'J 3 11

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