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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1935 11 formanent - ttfatQ Smans ndhni curly hair. Fur Storage 2 of Value Handled By Expert Furriers. . " CALL 2 - 3854. . EllDFIELD'S FUR SIIOPPE it OIUW IV A WSluva lmi 111 Charming Child Ringlet End Permanent Marinello Approved . for natural , '.flattering waves machinelets v method. Mary Lawless Beauty Salon Ji SCRANTON LIFE BLDG. PHONE 9066 LORRAINE - Yaseen 433 LACKA. AVE. Special For Opportunity Day! Women's Pure Silk Hosiery 59c 79c 89c PER PAIR - ' A Permanent Push Up Wave " No Eitroo $g00 Complete Mce and Reputation Both Invite You FRIGIDINE S 14.06 DC ART $5.00 GOLD MEDAL $5.00 EUGENE S6.00 JAMAL $6.50 ZOTOS , $10.00 JAMAL and ZOTOS The Last Word In Permanent Wavinr. No Machine No Electricity Tom Sidonia HAIR STYLIST 619 Spruce St. Phone 4 - 6891 This Is Not a School k '7 s - . j j ' Marilyn Ruth Mellarkey, 11 - month - old daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Mellarlcey, 1007 south wain ' Avenue. OPPORTUNITY DAY nnffALL W PAPER SPECIAL VALUES Room Lots 89c, $1.05, $1.25 Conltlnr of 5 Side Walli, IK Yirdi Border. Pn - wr for at' roomi. Former telling price of ob lote ever I3.W. CLEMENS - 41" Aeren From Woolworth'l UpiUire Opportunity Day SALE! 100 Pairs of , Women's Spring Shoes Broken Sizes Grays and Tans Values $1.98, $2.35 , and $2.95. HOLLAND D00TEE17 212 Wyoming Ave. Near Kit Theater Read The) Republican Economy Want ,Adi. Industrial Banquet Held atY.W.C. A. ReDresentatives of Thirteen Clubs of Local Association Present at Affair The annual Spring banquet of the Industrial and Foreign Communities Derjftrtments of the Y. W. C. A. was held last night in Platt - Woolworth Auditorium with more than 150 repre sentatives of thirteen - clubs affiliated with the association in attendance, Miss Myrtle Waugh delivered the In - vocation, and Miss Adele Carker in - troduced Miss Florence Eiffert, who nreslded as toastmaster. Group sing lng was led by Mies Margaret Fedor. Greetings were extended by Mrs. Harold Harold Scragg, president of the associa tion: Miss Waugh. general secretary; Mrs. J. Hayden Oliver, chairman of the industrial committee; Miss Adeie Carker, secretary of the industrial council. Miss Helen Carr, chairman of the East - Central Area, gave a spien - did talk on "The Industrial ' Girl,' pointing out the fact that industrial girls should be proud of the work tney do in ths world, and should make wise use of their leisure time in order to cultivate their minds and bodies. Symphonic dances, directed by Mr, Molien Priem, with Mrs. Mane Northacker as accompanist and Mrs Carrie Carter as soloist were pre sented. Those taking part were: Danse Macabre," Janet Davis, Patricia Murray, Jane Reed, Marjorie Duck worth, Polly Williams, Lillian Powell, Shirley Jones; "Sisters," Ann Jonts, Margaret Jones. ."Negro Spiritual,' Irene Pinko, Eleanor Murphy, Hannah Parks, Ada Willis, Lucille Spelcher and Doris Miller. ';' Seated - at the sp?kers' table were Miss Francis Hunt, Miss Martha Wol - lerton, Mrs. Scragg, Miss Waugh, Miss Fedor, Miss Eiffert, Miss Carker, Miss Goldie Waite, Wilkes - Barre; Mrs. J. H. Brooks, Miss Charlotte McCracken, industrial secretary: Miss Carr, Mrs, W. T. Davis, Mrs. J. H. Hallenbeck, Mrs. Harold Squires, Miss Grace Cobb, Mrs. Jt - W. F. Heinbokel, Mrs. Guy Smith, Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Priem, Miss Delores Seigelbaum. The Cheskchamay, Slovak Girls' and Tuesday Night Social Clubs were awarded prizes for having the largest percentage of their memberships present. Present were: Irene Petry, Ethel Nimeth, Genevieve Edwards, Helen Gutosky, Helen Keating, Betty Keating, Keating, Betty Duffy, Virginia Talerico, Irene Pagliari, Bertha Wlsneski, Ann Hnatuck, Ann Jurbala, Vlctorlo Theodore, Theodore, Angeline Carcinelll,. Martha Bal - crrzak, Ann Nawroth, Mary Nawroth, Theodoska Kosin, Rose Mary Damico, Apolonla Kosin, Connie Hemm, C. Gethman, Helen Carr, Evelyn Howard, Kay Brlslln, Arvella Darratzh, Wilkes - Barre;, Viola Roper, Ethel Jendrlcks, Sadie A. Gallo, Angela Tsdesco, Genevieve Genevieve Sarry, Lucia Tedesco, Rose Beve - lock, Stella Morley, Genevieve Pat rick, Elvira King, C. M. Jenkins, Bps file Smith, Margaret Myers, Stella Brown, Elsie Tinker, Elizabeth Morris, Betty . Toatley, Carrie Carter, Louise Brown, Ceil Nowak, Clare - Wlsneski, Margaret Kleback, Ann Tobis, Frances Orossey, Anna Solotruk, Goldie Waite, Dolores Seigelbaum, Elizabeth Florek, Helen Pallska, Anna Bojunis, Helen Gydosh, Nell Kevra, Stella Augstin, Matilda Fabrowicz, Anne Burks, Ann Peredney, Frances Kaskln, Ann San - sky, Eleanore Bugno, Rita Malott Hannah Malott, Jean Okrasinski, Mary Butcavage, Pearl Kubowltz, Lillian Kubowitz. Ann Bufano, Ann Mlk?wlcz. Josephine Lancia, Beatrice Bativlch, Catherine Galli, Ethel Pagliari, Con - cetta Dblllo, Catherine Mantell, Isa belle Haddad, Elizabeth Zabady, Blanche Zabady, Rose Shehadi, Genevieve Genevieve Assaf, Evelyn Abdo, Rose Harris, Dora Ash, Rosaline Assaf, Victoria Youdltskl, Elizabeth Sirgany, Mae Zabady, Zabady, Smia Shehadi, Selma Abood, Mamie Glbrlaro, Connie Longo, Mary Truncall, Adeline Longo, Annette Glbi - laro. Marian Truncal.l Carrie Boyer, Angeline Slowther, Edna Siegfried, Mil dred Statsman, Dorothy Helblng, Ruth Traub, Mabel Banks, Maud Wood, Ruth Ann Davis; Anna Davis, Claire Taughsr, Clare Best, Dorothy Doland, Virginia Tlerney, Kay Jones, Marjorie Walsh, Mary Cardiff, Annette Galderl, Madelon Balester, Florence Pane, Jule Nimeth, Margaret Powell. The World Wide Guild, Immanuel Baptist Church, held a candlelight in stallation service recently at the home of Mrs Catherine Young, North Irv ing Avenue. The Rev., George Ford was - guest speaker.' Miss Ethel Duffy led the service, during which the fol lowing officers were installed: presi dent, Mrs. Mildred McCullough; vice - president, Miss Loda Relfenberg; secretary, secretary, Mrs. Emma Rich; treasurer, Miss Helen Barnes. The following committees were appointed: publicity, Miss Martha Lee, MUs Ella Moore; membership, Edith Dornblazer, Louise Moore, Ruth Hayes, Eva Cramer; social, social, Mnrjon .Manley. Ethel Duffy, Unice Bolls; Red Cross, Mrs Collins, Mrs. Delia Thatcher, sally Lee; liter ature, Mrs. Catherine Young, Edith Butts; program, Mrs. Gladys Bld - dlemtn. Templar Auxiliary EJlects Mrs. Smith Annual Meeting of Coeur de Lion Women Held in , Masonic Temple Mrs. Ripple smith was elected president president of the , Ladles' Auxiliary to Coeur, de Lion Commandery, No. 68, Knights Templar, to succeed Mrs. A, E. Lister, at the annual meeting last night in the Masonic Temple. Mrs. Llser has, for four years, been active in the affairs oi tne auxiliary, havjng held each of the offices of the group. Mrs. Smith has been treas urer. secretary and vice - president of the auxiliary. Other officers named were:. Mrs, George Evans, vice - president; Mrs, John Brandt, secretary; Mrs. F. An thony Sweet, treasurer. , Following the installation and reports, reports, a style show was held, .after which refreshments were served. Fians were made for a fifteenth annlver sary party, to be held on June 18 at the temple. , . ', Mrs. smith announced committees for the new year as follows: Mem' bershlp, Mrs. A. P. Clark; publicity, Mrs. Norman Galusha; tick, the om cers of the group. Y June committee, Mesdames Thomas Batnbrldge, chairman; H. J. Henne muth, hostess; J. L. Dodson, H. L. Gauthttr. Charles Sassen, Howard Curry, Arthur Zimmerman, Howard Shaw, A. P. Clark, Carl Stender, Roy Nicols. Russell Moyer, John Bovey, Miss Martha Davis; September. Miss Jennie Cook, chairman; Mrs. George Evans, hostess; Mesdames Brandt, Sweet, A. J. Pitmen, C. H. McKnlght, Joseph Baker, Maud Jones, Edward Anderson, George Jones, Henry White, Misses Sylvia Phillips and Florence Swingle; October, Mrs. E. E. Edwards, chairman: Mrs. Rex. Cardweu. host ess; Mesdames Henry Hildebrant, W. B. Thomas, Donald Griffiths; Novem ber, Mrs. J. A. Highfield, chairman; Mrs. Frank Hlldebrand and Miss Ger trude Hildebrand, hostesses; Mesdames J. F. Heinbokel, B. A. Musser, J. N. Shaw. Henry Dlse, Enoch Davis, Els worth Price, Clyde Owens, Elmer Ful ler, Robert Moffltt, Clyde Mattas; December, Mrs. Jeanne Evans, chair man; Mrs. Michael, hostess; Mesdames A. E. Lister, Herbert Light, Harry Madden, Evan Evans, J. F. Scheuer, Marion Scheuer, J. P. Hale, C. E. Tingley; January, Mrs. J. P. Smith, chairman; Mrs. R. D. Richards, hostess; hostess; Mesdames F. L. Dakln, Joseph Danner, C. T. Henshall, William Huester, Ella Liming, W. D. - Lewis, Irving McCormack, R. W. Michael, John Naylor, J. E. Parrish, Ida Part ridge, John Schantz, Lillian Stevens, Mary Marsh, Tom Jones, G. W. Lover - ing; February, Mrs. Elsie Kline, chair man; Mrs. Tom Chamberlain, hostess; Miss Oora Hahn, Miss Grace Leyshon, Mesdames Lester Oliver, Charles Berry, T. E. Cule, Harold Johns, Al bert Snyder, Joseph Cramer, J. Calvin Davis, Daniel Evans; March, Mrs. Tom Everett Evans, chairman; Mrs. Harvey Butcher, hostess; Mesdames J. H. Wil liams, William Stunun, Joseph Mc - Clurg, Ernest Kiser, George Daniels, Howard Hudson, E. C. Nevcomb, Arthur Wrightson, Miss Jane Stumm; Aprtr Mrs." Theodore Haier chairman; Mrs. Arch Scheuer, hostess; Mes dames Joseph Curt, W. S. Bartlett, F, L. Carr, Del Thomas, Elmer Ide, Miss Marion Morgan; May, Mrs. Mabel Evans, chairman; Mrs. Fred Farn ham, hostess; Mesdames George Morrow, Morrow, J. A. Hausam, Leroy Walters, William Mccracken, . J. B. Morell, Helen Galusha, Frank Bronzo, J. A, Frantz, Robert Nicholas, J. H. Whitman Whitman and Howard M. Davies. The women of the John Raymond Memorial Church, Universallst, will hold a rummage sale in the Munyon Building, 1821 'North Main Street. Providence, tomorrow. The building will be open during the day and evening. evening. Mrs. William Fenner is chair man of the committee in charge. The Rev. Eugene P. Caulfield, di rector of Catholic charities for the diocese of Scranton, wiU be guest speaker at the final meeting of the Mothers' Club of Central High School for the season, which Is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the school auditorium. His subject will be "Social Responsibility in the Church, Home and School." Mrs. G. J. Fruehan will preside. The Mothers' Chorus will give the musical program. Mrs. Arthur sweetser will present the report of the nominating committee and officers will be elected. Teachers will be in their rooms from 2:45 to 3 o'clock to discuss Individual problems with the mothers. Mrs. Salo Friedewald will read Strawberry Hill," by Ray Baker, at the reading and tea tomorrow after noon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Arthur O. - Schautz, North Washington Avenue, which is being sponsored by the Scranton City Chap - LET STRUTIN'S : Dry Cold Storage - Keep Your Furs Like Newl The protection of our certified vaults cost$ no more than just or dinary storage. Phone us today 2 - 3559 STRUTIN'S Furs 135 Adams Ave. SCRANTON Recent Bride ( r - - 'V' 1 - ' pnoto by ooMen Mrs. John Clark, nee Miss Naomi Bohrn, Pittston Avenue, who was married recently In St. Mary's Church. , ter, D. A. R - , for the benefit of the patriotic and benevolent work of the chapter. Mrs. John Lloyd will sing and tea will foUow the program. Mrs. Charles T. Miller is chairman of arrangements. arrangements. The public is invited, Ladies' Aid Society, St. John's Lutheran Church, will serve a baked bean luncheon and supper 'at the church today starting at 11:30 and 5:30 o'clock. Mrs. J. Harry Gallagher will be m charge. A social hour will follow the meet ing of Tikvah Rebekah Lodge, No. 68, tomorrow night at 8 o'clock in Israel Hall. Mrs. Rose Rudman will preside. The Friday" Fortnightly Club will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. I. Riegel, Colburn Avenue, darks Summit. Summit. The Relief Guild will meet this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Arnold B. Kline, Oxford Street. The Flora Stelle Class, Immanuel Baptist Church, will conduct a filled cookie sale .tomorrow at the church. Orders may be given to Mrs. C. M. Barnes or any member of the clas. Mrs. William E. Bright's Sunday School Class will entertain mothers of class members tomorrow night at the Bright home on North Washington Avenue. , . Mrs. Max Kaplan Is chairman of the campaign for the benefit of the first university - connected hospital in Palestine, which will be opened by the Scranton Chapter Hadassah with a donor's luncheon today at 1 o'clock in Temple Israel. The campaign will continue for one month. The local chapter is one of 300 In this country to hold simultaneous campaigns to raise a total of $300,000 for the med ical center building fund. The new institution will consist of a 300 - bed hospital, a graduate medical school for research and teaching connection with the Hebrew University, Rabbi Bosker will be guest speaker and Rabbi Victor Eppstein will give the invocation. Mrs. Harold Conrad will give a musical program. Lackawanna District, No. 4, D. of A will hold a school of Instruction tomorrow afternoon and evening In I. O. O. F. Hall. East Benton.. The afternoon session will begin at 2 o'clock and the evening session at 7 o'clock. Maud Gow, district deputy, will preside. . ,. ' ... . A rummage sale will be conducted by the Myrtle. Senior Queen Zithers and the Women's Home Missionary Society of the Myrtle1 street Church, this morning at 348 Perm Avenue, beginning beginning at 9:30 o'clock. A panel discussion on activities In the Seventh and Thirteenth Wards, under the leadership, of Mrs. Elmer L. Buller, chairman of the commis sion onvecreatlon, featured the meeting meeting of the Big Sister Organization yesterday morning in the Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Edward Turnbull presided presided and gave a report of the reading and tea held recently. Miss Hlrabeth Gerrlty discussed, the various national ities represented by citizens of these wards; Miss Carolyn Conner spoke of the schools, and Mrs. D. E. Sheets, of the churches. Leisure time activities of girls were described by Miss Mil dred Hauser and Mrs. Buller reported on amusement. Miss Bertha MacNelll, executive secretary, spoke of the ideal setup In West Chester county and at Weston Field. The Junior Welsh Club will meet tomorrow tomorrow night, at 8 o'clock In Hotel Jermyn with the president, Miss Jessie Davis, presiding. Tickets will be dis tributed for the annual Summer dance. All members are urged to attend. ; Fidelity Chapter, No. 314, O. E.. S. has postponed the card party to have been held tomorrow night at tne home of Mrs. Thomas Mathews, North Re becca Avenue. - : It has be:n estimated that on aver age airline schedules, level cruising occupies SO per cent of the total time. I descent taking up 30 per cent, climb 18 per cent, high - powered climb 2 per cent; running up the engines on the ground and taxilnx 2 per cent, and takeoff about 1 per cent. Silf - Contciensnett Overcoat Personality Developed My court will toilet you In develop - Int potM end charm. And In llmlntt - ln the hondloops of neglected education. education. NALDAH BOSS MS TATLOB AVX. 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Clipped from The Scranton Republican22 May 1935, WedPage 11

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)22 May 1935, WedPage 11
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