Sloans return from safari in mountains of Africa


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Sloans return from safari in mountains of Africa - 4 - Than, Sepf. 19, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts...
4 - Than, Sepf. 19, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts Three months hunting, filming Sloans return from safari in mountains of Africa Breakfast in Athens, lunch fai, trophies from all over the world, Rome, dinner in New York and i did manage to bag other fine home in Redlands for lunch the | specimens, such as a Uganda next day proved the speed of: Kob (of the antelope family). This modem travel for Mr. and Mrs.! he shot in the Semliki Valley, just James Sloan, 104 Prospect drive, 1 15 miles from the Congo border, who returned Tuesday from Af- 1 He also bagged a Chandler Reed- rica where they concluded a buck, only the second .such ani- three-month summer trip. mal shot since I960, in the Mt The African portion of the trip Kenya rain forest, had as its two major objectives A sequence showrag the Suk a hunt for the wUey and illusive i <5^ce« in action in "^e Chara- bongo, one of the rarest of antelope antelope species found in the bamboo rain forest on ML Kenya, and the filming of an hour-long adventure picture for a Colorado TV studio. The challenge of the bongo hunt, in which only seven American! gani Hills region in Kenya was made possible with the payment to the dancers of one steer and one cup of beer each, the Redlands Redlands hunter relates. Price for getting the Kara mojangs to perform was "a hand hunters have been successful so i °i ="1^ P^^^J^"Ju^f • ^^^^^^ , , . . . I as he remembers the experience far. was further hampered byj • ^ ^ current poaching forays resulting' = ^b'^'^", from the unrest in the newly emerged country, explains Mr. Sloan. Poachers hunting with dogs have made it almost impossible for the traditional hunter to even i ,„ T „„„„ rn,:, ,i„ ' '0 Japan. This was concerned fina the sly, kcyed-up animal, ... ... , ho :,nrt Mi.h nv„r 9n trnrinrc i " Art of Karate and was filmed three floors under a street in a Tokyo karate palace. It includes such action shots as a tribe said to be the most primitive primitive in Africa. Karate Story Another photo story was a project project during the Sloans" earlier visit he says, and with over 20 trackers covering three mountain areas his group spent 18 days on the rugged hunt with no success. Two Safaris The Sloans ran two safaris dur- ring their African stay with Mrs. Sloan managing a photographic safari while Mr. Sloan was on the hunt. The second object of the trip was most successful, they report, and they have returned with over 20,000 feet of sound, black and white film which include scenes of a leopard making a kill and elephants charging. Mr. Sloan, a big game hunter with an extensive collection of the breaking of boards with hands and feet at one blow, a good example of why karate contestants contestants are required to register their hands with the police as they are considered "lethal weapons," says 5Ir. Sloan. Another unforgettable episode for the Redlands couple while in Japan happened in Kashokojima, Japan, when they found that they were the only Americans ever invited to spenid a day with the famous Ama girls. The Sloans joined a group for a two-hour boat trip to an island where the girl- divers pursued their amazing un derwater forages for the precious sea weed. "They also got the provisions for the day's lunch while un der water", says Mr. Sloan, who tells of having lobster, octopus and other tasty morsels of sea as guests of the divers the beach. Cormorant fishing at night Nagoya, tasting the succulent "beggar's chicken" in Hong Kong and visiting the Taj Mahal when the temperature was 110 degrees and the humidity in the 90's are other remembrances of this sum mcr. Visits Bombay Studio In Bombay, Mr. Sloan again turned photographer when visited Raj Kapoor motion picture picture studio where the film "Dwana" was being made, star ring the 19-year-oId sensation of the industry, Saira Banu. This visit for the Redlanders was by invitation and he was able shoot stills of the movie being made and obtained several por traits. Just before leaving Nairobi on Monday, Jlr. Sloan "shot" another another prize, this one in the form of Charlie Chaplin and his wife, Oona, who had just completed a safari with two of their daugh ters. The trip was timed to allow the Sloans to return to Redlands in time for him to take pictures Friday evening at the Redlands High School Terriers' first football football game of the season to ap pear in the Facts the following day.

Clipped from Redlands Daily Facts19 Sep 1963, ThuPage 4

Redlands Daily Facts (Redlands, California)19 Sep 1963, ThuPage 4
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