Bishop Vincent including his genealogy

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Bishop Vincent including his genealogy - Bafrop H*jrl Vtaeiat, VouMte of Chiuttuqu*....
Bafrop H*jrl Vtaeiat, VouMte of Chiuttuqu*. •.mo. M.y V vt r*zM {ConnhfM, U»«, by 0» Auttor.) MM i«Uo*»«t<> J- H. VtMwt to MM: "Dr. ttaifart '• eoMltlou «r )T «fcouM . *I, **d tW wofce: w« nr fMtor *t Gilui, Dl., tmdlto mot iU*k U«l I miM*d on* of W. Mr- Itw* Til. I*M BUfcop VU«»t, of |*o4 •U -PwuylvMla itoek Md tor m**J Tvn t-ruident of PwujriTubi w»« ih. foawbr of the ClwuUwjw •««•• fcly, nut only to UM pnbtta ickoot »y»ten »y»ten in-briMinc lo th« «o»»« o(-tb» wople tonw »We of thdr lnhfriUa« in lie world'* gntt cr«.t!on« id «rt miwl )lt«»tur«, Thi» th. work of > M«n— « jjrt.t U»«k«r »nd «dab»tor »wi >iuiver»lty pre«ih«p— wbo di* not mm- In 177* th«'Vincent family, contltt Ing off John Vincent »nd wife, their •on:, Conwlim *d Pettr, their *•!>•• in-law, TimothjBWilliam. and 8»mu«l Gould, YeMovsdiKnri B»»« county, New Jeraoj-,' «»d wttled In NortliUm- bertand wuaty, Pennsylvania, near th« present'town of Miljdn. When th» Indiana- became hostile during tji« Revolutionary war the early aettler»,»loDg'the We§t branch of the .BuaiiuehKnna elected stockade forts at central points, into which the women apd children of the neighborhood wer,e gathered for protection at the approach of danger. In one of these forts, known as Fort Freeland, situated on .Warftor run, were gathered the .Vincents, the Hlmrods, the Miles, the-Mcknights, the Boyds, the Kings, the Lytic's and oth era. . , . June 21, 1779; a party of Indians ap hed stealthily and ftred upon six hiH'ing a field licar tlie They Villtd Isaac Vincent 'and James MilM, and took ITichael Free land and Benjamin Vincent pri«oner«. July 28, 1779, 200 British under Cap tain J«hn McDonald, aad' 300 .Seneca Indian^ uader Chief Hiotatoo, atacke<J PORTAGE BAY P ORTAGE BAY, IN WHICH Mnjo ' F. Li. Martin> commanding th U. S. army 'round-the-world flight, wa forced to land when lie was Lost fo half a. day recently/ is not oa odia island, atf at firat reported, but on th • mainland of the Alaska p< a bulletin from the Washington, li, C headquarter* of the National Geo graphic society, /'This isolated bay, surrounded b rock a" a ad cliffs, with here'and ther R • mall sand v pit, ia'directly oppoait tb» southwestern end of Kodiak isUn< «0ne forty milei acwas Sheltkof strai Cape Igvak, which marks the aoutheni point of Portage bay, and close 1 which the Martin plans was found, i very near the pp,int where the 156t a^gree- 'of we«t longitude cut* the Ala kan coaat, - . --- - "Kanaiak, to which th« plan* wa *nt taken for repair* by tn* rwcuin deBtro'yer, is a ttny Tillage con rfVt t» <*pituUt«, priBOMra of that all b*tt« that d VMSJJM oUwn a*d of you ctUWren and nice •*«d abould;brwt%t liberty. Un* . thU «pitul»tibai, CorMUui Vincent ad Wa aona, Daiitel a»d Bethiwl, with "i«ir ( neighbor•, wen marched acroaa i* country to th« Lakea, then to Quew, Quew, wlnre they re«aln«d prLaoner* till Ue et«M of | the war. . ' ' The ftged John Vincent and wife, ith the wife and younger children oi ornelitiR, wended their way back- on oot to New Jersey and were Matured mong their friemb until the return f the captive*. • . ' HOOD after their return from capttf y Corucfiiift and hin* wife 1 t.nd their mi> Dantel and Bethuet, returned to ie v \Veat Branch Valley and reamed he Bettlement tlipy had beq obliged to bandon. Oaniet built and owned i arg« mill,on Warrior rub. Bethuel uilt m huge,hotel in Milton, and be ame Ui most prominent .citizen, Be auel Vincent WM postmMter at Mjil on, June 29, JS03, to Feb. 22, 1&2, aw gain July 13, 1822, to June 23, 1829. Corneliui Vincfnt died in Milton illy 16, 1812. Daniel Vincent died .njea iR millH, Jan. 26, 1826, and Bethrie led at; his home la "Milton, April 30 837. " , Bethuel Vincent, born June 3, 1762, tarried Martha. Ilimrod, Jnn. 1, 17S3. hey were the parents of nine children, f whom John Hhnrod, born April 20. 7B8, was tlie r youngeat of the four ans. - ' John Hlmrod married Mary Raser, a native of PhiUOelphia, who died At ttiUisrjiiaque, Pa,, Feb. Ifi, isr>2. They Were old fashioned ' Methodists, , and parent* of Bishop Vincent. ' I During a short residence in TTlsea' oaa, Ala., John Heyl Vincent, the snb- ect of this sketch,-was born Feb. 23, .832 1 . The £ar«ntfl soon moved back to their Pennsylvania "home, where * >h^ H.- attended the schools at Milton id Lewiaburg. He began to preach at 18 years'anc studied for awhile at \\>sJeyaa insti tute, Kewark. N. J. / Rev v John Heyl -Vincent joined *the Slew Jersey conference in -1853. Was ordained deacon, 185S; elder, in 1857, TrainBrerred to Kock Iblanil, in., conference, conference, he became pastor at Galena, ii 1S57, flniltU. S. Grant was one bf hi DariBhioncrs. • ' ' •--. He then preachetl elsewhere-and in Chicago. A Jtrip to the old. world in by ho .' . . 18G2 contributed an Important' parjt t6 Ills intellectual training. Ho visited ^fe'ypt. Faleatine, Greece, Italy other countries. In 1806 he was elected general agent of the- Methodiat fipi'scoptil Sunday school 'union; and in 1 8 GSytmr respond- ' ing secretary of the Siinday School union and Tract society, with residence in New York city. A complete, series of his books forms an encyclopedia ol modern Sunday school literature. Thii work culminated in 1874, in the Chautauqtia Sunday "School aasembly, from which the founded in 1878, the Clwutauqua Literary and Scientific circle circle and- wat iti chancellor until ^ his deatK. / He Was mad» resident bishop at Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 1900, and placed fn airting o( a few: houses oh the coast j chmTgc of European'wo'rk "of the Meth nhnre the bay penetrates farthest in- j^jkt c hureh. land. It is barely ten rcileu from the [ #1^00 Vincent beame »pot where the plane was found. y v Harvard, Yale, CornetT \Vi erup- of the "The whole coast in this region ii extremely rugged) with numerous indentations indentations and off shore ialets, while horti distance inland riae volcanic ntaiiifl. Katmai volcano; the eru of which in I912*-was one of most violent in modern times, and wonderful Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, whlcli the eruption created, •re littfe more thun, fifty miles' away. The ctory of the tremendous volcanic disturbance in this almost uninhabited region was pieced out. partly by the •tories of-Kanalak residents who felt the violent earth tremors and saw tha fiery eruption, \ '"Wh«n forced to land Major Martin had just passed Geographic harbor, named for the National Geographic society society in recognition of the society's expeditions expeditions which studied Mount Katmai and discovered the Valley of Ten'Thou- •and Smokes. • , preacher to . Weltesley and other universities and colleges, and was recipient L of many honorary degree*. degree*. / . In speaking of his great work at Chautauqu&| he remarked: "I -do not expect to make a second Harvard and Yale out of Chautauqua, but I do want to giro the. people of tbis generation such a taste of what it Is to be intelligent intelligent that they will aee to -it that their •bildren ba/e the beat education tbeir country can give." ; . Bishop Vincent died in Chicagtt,-M«y 0, 1020, aged 88 years. , Bisliop Vincent's Ron, , Hon. George Edgar \Vinccnt, a' distinguished* educator educator and pp we rfitl^ orator, la president of the. Rockefeller foundation. Pennsylvania may well be prnnd to claim the artc^stors tof Bishop Vint:ont, the r founder of CharuUmjua, RB their

Clipped from Altoona Mirror09 May 1924, FriPage 11

Altoona Mirror (Altoona, Pennsylvania)09 May 1924, FriPage 11
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  • Bishop Vincent including his genealogy

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