Villa. Filibusteros mexicanos.Haskell News (Haskell, Oklahoma) • 18 Jan 1917, Thu • Page 2

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Villa. Filibusteros mexicanos.Haskell News (Haskell, Oklahoma)  
• 18 Jan 1917, Thu  • Page 2 - VILLA DECISIVELY UtttAlED GEN. MURGUIA'S TROOPS...
VILLA DECISIVELY UtttAlED GEN. MURGUIA'S TROOPS KILL 1,500 OF HIS FORCE Carranze Commander Reports that Leader la Fleeing in An Auto and is Closely Pursued. on In exhibits. destroyed, fair of arrange Chihuahua City.—Villa .was defeated defeated at Jimenez by Gen. Francisco Mur- gula with a loss of 1.600 rebel dead, wounded and captured, with the noted rebel leader, Martin Lopez, and another another Villa general among the slain, according to an official report received from the Carranza commander. General Murguia stated that his command pushed back Villa troops five miles after coming into contact. Machine gunB are credited with playing playing an important part in the offensive In which both cavalry and infantry Ferguson Hobson the importation as a any S. the dry the Senator law on and become enforcement The week were heavily engaged. Villa, according to the report, per- Senator sonally led repeated cavalry attacks resentative against Murgula's infantry which a brand were checked with heavy losses. Besides Villa's heavy losses in men, horses, ammunition, arms and other materials, General Murguia claims the recovery of many carloads of the loot brought by the Villa troops from Tor­ ment into was a his he man's reon. Government cavalry is said to Qf ^ have killed about fifty members of Villa's body, guard, which is protecting him in his escape by automobile. General Murguia advised his subordinates subordinates here that he intended to keep up his pursuit as Villa's forces are badly disorganized. The general direction of the retreat is toward Parral, Parral, where Villa's followers are expected expected to make a stand . sition, friend and This introduced cause Logan first glvo The casualties of the government I ser ting troops are put at 100, among them several several of the higher officers. the few of Four Killed By U. S. Troops. Leredo.—Four alleged Mexican filibuster.} filibuster.} were either killed or seriously wounded In an encounter with troops of the First New Hampshire infantry at Zapata, Texas, according to apparently apparently reliable reports reaching Laredo. Military headquarters here, however, 3^ deny having received any information regarding the reported fight. ®. „ „, ,_, , their The New Hampshire troops under them command of Major Orville Caine. do- ing patrol duty in the vicinity of Za- pata, according to the report, came Uona upon an indefinite number of flllbust- C011 era crossing the Rio Grande at Zapata. p i antB A clash followed, at least four of the ma i nt Mexicans being wounded or killed ment . while crossing the river. No mention to re q U is made of American casualties. wor k The same report, which is credited for here as being true, say that Mexican to old revolutionists have captured Ramileue year and Parral, two small villages located about ten miles below the border from tration Zapata. Villa Near Parral. Chihuahua City.—Francisco Villa was' going toward Hacienda Las Neives, Neives, southwest of Parral, when last seen by Carranza scouting parties, according according to private sources here. Las Nieves ranch was the place Villa was Ing and the.labor inspector, vehicles A containing a report trying to reach at the time Major and Frank Tompkins and his cavalry col- was" umn pursued him into Parral. General printed Cavazos, of the command of General by the Murguia, pursued Villa and his main submitted command for nine miles along the 10, Las Nieves road and killed a number viding of Villa's rear guard, the report added, tutions. tutlon be no privilege color servitude" "her" meant. The contained from which

Clipped from Haskell News18 Jan 1917, ThuPage 2

Haskell News (Haskell, Oklahoma)18 Jan 1917, ThuPage 2
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  • Villa. Filibusteros mexicanos.Haskell News (Haskell, Oklahoma) • 18 Jan 1917, Thu • Page 2

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