"Grand Jury Now Holds the Roscoe Suspects" - Los Angeles Times 20 Apr 1894

'.. The prosecution alleges that after the first robbery they have evidence Shalter went to Visalia and saw Mrs. Evans, and that he gave the details of the robbery before Brighton and described how it all took place, saying also he made the dynamite bomb which was used. .."

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"Grand Jury Now Holds the Roscoe Suspects" - Los Angeles Times 20 Apr 1894 - A SUDDEN CHANGE OF BASE. The Granil Jnry Nov...
A SUDDEN CHANGE OF BASE. The Granil Jnry Nov Holds the Jlose.O'.! Indictments Ar« Expected to Bp Returned Thit Morniny. Tlio Prowc-titlon Clailmi t« ll \w » Strong Ktiilsuor Thy:. Oliultwr, Thornft, fits ll:-o i * ... I ' Ul i. .» \ 419 tbe M-n. A decided change in the Mattel of the proßoi ution in ths case of tbe alleged Roscoe train robbers took place yesterday. The district attorney's ofli it switched the case from a preliminary cxiinination be'ore Justice Granger at San Fernando to the grand jury, n )W in session. Thero were two reaiona for this. By means of indictment they will bs euahlod to statp from presenting pertain testimony until the trial in tho superior court, und incidentally Bnve the county the c:)lt ol the preliminary exouiinstioiu in both catet, A OKSAT St'RfHISl. The ohauge oi base v/us a great surprilO ali around, as preparations had been going on up to yesterday for the ex tminu'.ion at San Fjruaudo, set for today. Many witueaee:, both for the prosecution and detente, have b«on summoned to appear there from ihe surrounding country und the neighborhood o! tho Little Tejunga, where threa of the tuipacts live, and they will no doubt receive the tir«t information of thn change, of pUn from reading these lines this morning. IN Mil DISTRICT ATrJKNi'.Y's OFFICtt. On account ol tbe l*rsi Mttbtf of ] witnesses amuinoiied boiore the grand jury yesterday and their presence in the district uttarney'd offics, wnore tbey wero staked out in odd corners thick aa biackb.ids iv poiieberry time, it nai easy enough to gather the general outline ot the testimony that was beiug presented. But, in addition to this, Istsrshal «co. E Hard, Deputy Sheriff A. W. Marsh and Dbtective L*n Harris seamed to consider further concealment nnnecsasarv and spoke quite freely of ths chain of circumstantial which lias connected the four defendants—Shatter, Thorne, Fitzsimmons !»nd Olinstock—with the two Roscoe robberies. Tney would not, however, give out the names of some ol their witnesses, and some details which they seem to think are very etroug proofs of 'he guilt of tho men. DKTAH.S 01" TSSTIMdNV COLLKCTKD. The general idea, as stated in the Hkkald nt tha tiuia of the ar-eit of the men, is that Thome, Fitzcmraonj and Comatock, who reaids iv tbe Little Tejunga, nnd Bbnlter, committed the firat roboery lust Dacainher, and that tha drat three named did th-s job ol laat February, Shuller Deing theu iv jail. It is claimed that Thome has been positively identified by trainmen as being the man who went over the engine iv the first robbery, and Shuitor as being the man who came over the train from behind. That Tnorne bought o ticket from this city to Burbank that night. The identification of the t-..< other men ie not so positive, bat it is claimed that the evidence is Guttiuient to C anect tham wltn mis tin ncii ar tiio other robb?ry. The ti ret intimation that Marshal Gard had that gave him a clue to Sumter was before the tirat Roscoe rebbery. At that time J. V. Brighton waa in Chria Evans' family and co.'ihdencn. SlttlLTElt HAD COMB S'OI'TII. He wrote a letter to Gard tolling him Shultor had come south aud to look otu for him. In conarcian.ee with thia hint Deputy Sheriff Marsh kept v sharp outlook for him and found him receiving letters at the poatohj.ee under the namo of Shulter. These letters, it is said, wero Iroin Mrs. Evans, aud the prosecution ban theu as well as others. Lv ia claimed that they have some bearinn upon the plans lor holdiug up a train in pursuance vi a plan for the relief of Evans. The proseeotioa allege] that afler the Brat robbery they have evidence that Shaltur went to Visalia and saw Mrs. Etacs, and that he gave the details of tne robbery before Brighton and described how it ali took place, aaying also that he made the dyuamite oomb which was used. Then Shulter came back south and committed the BigelOW burglary. Marsh ■eonred information that he w*s about to leave January 13th to join Evana and arrosted biin, uatfrusiuiy upon thu Uigelow burglary cnarge, which wa3 n dead cinch, but in reality to bcgiu gntnering up tho man now in jail. He hud been held out ot arrest in order to gel a clna to the whereabouts of Thorne. Since Shulter'j arrest Die officers have been following up thsir clues and gathering the evidence upon which thsy now hope to cloar up the mystery of the two iobbenes. HAD MANY VktXlU. One of the statum • made by Iba officers ia that Shnlter's real uuua is Jamea J. Sbroder, under which name he wae once a sailor, bnt that Evans knew him under ths name of K. Llewelyn. Thoy Bay tbat ho is an anarchist and has bsen heard to boastof tho righteousness of blowing up the property of corpotatioriß. Thorne. they say, went nnder the name ol Decker when in Evan:)' neighborhood. GoinalOCk, Tr.orne aud Fitzsinimon'i are orotbers-.n-iaw. Tbeir claims in the Little Tejongaare pooraffaire. Some lime ago they lived in San Bernardino county, and their reputatious there W6re bad. Several crimes of burglary are laid nt thoir doors in the neighborhood where they lived. THU DUFIi.N'jE riril.L LAUGHS. o > tbe Other baud tbeir attorney still insmta that be will be able to pro7f) a complete alibi when it comes to tiie trial, lie says he hai nothing to do with Shulter, whom hio clients do not Know, and what lie may have done ll no affair of his. He was very much ux■■ited yesterday aftornoon, asiertini; that tho district attorney's office was examining the witnesses for the defense before the u;rand jury. He clunns that this wan sharp practice on the part of the district attorney's office, who wore not entitled to see iiia list ci witnesses. Deputy Constable ilaeclier, in wliobb hnuda tbe list of witneaai-a for the defense waa given, denies tha he allowed the (iisttictattor ney'a office to see a ainula name, and re urned the suopuinn into Mr. Ling's possession without tho proseeutloß having learned anything .'rem htm aa to the witnesses ior the dntens4. TUB INDICTMKNTS NOT VIST FRAMED. All daring t ~o day the my (tenons door of the gi-. ; Id j.«ry room, through which frightened witnesses disappear, kept opening aud shutting, and hy the time the Body adjourned, at i o'olock, abou' 20 wituestea npon the case had boen examined. Among them wore sevornl women. Of these some wore from tho Etaaeee neighborhood, hut one of them, a little young woman who seemed quite aelf- possessed, was Miss May Kincaid, formsrlv interested in Thorne, aud also a Iriend of Morel, Chris Evans' partner. It waa fully expected that tho grand jury would return indictments againit the men before adjournment for the day, but tha examination o! witnesses occupied so much time that they did not ask to make a report. The district attorney's office is counting upon their being returned, however, because the juitico of tho peace at Sau Fernando was yesterday telegraphed to dismiss tbe cliKrges against the men in his court, aud the attorneys for the dofjiue were notiliad of tho u:tion taken. EPWORTH LEAGUE DAY. IT OCCUPIED THI SANTA ANA CONFEttBNUK ON WEDNESDAY. rlip omc.rs Klected - Papers Head liy Promiuettc Mombsra of lliy l.ettfrue —Proceedings of Ibe Society. The Loa Angelea district conference of the M. E. Church South has been in session ut Suits Ana. Yesterday waa Epworth league day. After religious exercises conducted by Presiding Elder T. J. Duncan, of Los Angelas, the conference waa called to order by Rev. Duncan and aome time was spent in hearing from thoeo of the delegates who had been delegatea to the State Epworth league conference held at f resno Ihe former part of this month. Rev. A. C. Pane, Rev. Wade Hamilton, Mrs. Wade Hamilton, Mr. (ius Harper and Mias Ora Meana of Los Angeles, Riv. E. J. Harper and Miss Mabel Cocke of Downey, and R?v. A. Adkisson of Norwulk, all gave a glowing account of th? stats league conference, that seemed to produce in all who beard a "wish I had hesn thore." Tho Epworth Conference league ot the Los Angeles district was then organized and the following oflietirs were elected: Mr. Got Harper of Los Angeles, president; Mrs. H. A. Gould of Cahueugo, first vice-president; Mies May Beam of San Bernardino, second vice-president: Misa Ora Meana of Loa Angelea, third vice-president; Miss Mabel Cocke of Downe,, eecretary. The officers elect, who wete present, were introduced and entered upon their duties. President Qui Harper, who is alao .iute secretary, then made an excellent report from tho late state loaguo conference. A 12 o'clock the couferenca adjourned until 2 p.m. Afternoon Session. Ro'lgioua exercises ware conducted at tii ittsrnoon session by President Harper, niter which tne minutes of the morning session were read and approved, Miss Mabel Cocke of Downey then read a paper on Personal Work, after which followed a discussion on Tha Deportment of Christians, opened by Rev. Wade Hamilton of Los Angeles. Next came au intoreatiua; papur by Alii.* Ora Means of "«on A.n<>*iei nn \ Helpful Christianity, whicb was followed by a discussion on How tlte Deportment of Christianity and Help &ay Bs Bast Utilized. This diacussiou over, Mrs. Wude Hamilton read a most excellent and instructive paper on How to Study the Bible. The department of literary work was then called and Rev. E. J. Harper of Djwney made the opening speech. These ditcuasions wero entered into with much earnestness on the part of the Epworth league and proved instructive to all. 1 Tne conference then adjourned until i 7:30 p. m., when it reassembled for a praieo aervice, led by Mr. (ius Harper; preaching nt 8 o'clock by Rev. T. J. Duncan, and after preaching a consecra tion service conducted by Rev. A. C. Bane of Trinity church, Loa Angeles. TUB CONFKKENCR. Loa Angelea district conference M. E. Church South, twenty-tifth sension, met in M. E. church South at Santa Ana at 0 a.m. this morning, Presiding Elder T. .). Duncan iv the chair. After religious ' exen - the roll waa called. Rev. A. C. Bnne was elected aecretary; Revs. Burtio, Harper and Hamilton were appointed to nominate the regular committees. Business session adjourned for preaching by Rev. Bane. Alter preachi ing the committees were nominated and elected, ti -nference re-assombled at 2 p.m. Raiigious services were led by Rev. 0. Perry. Rev. Duncan theu took the chair. The roll waa called, and the varioua committees were instructed na to how they ahould do their work. Reports from the churches were then called and the reat of the afternoon session waa devoted to these reports. A stnet meeting was announced for 7:30 p.m. and preaching at 7:30. FIRED THREE SHOTS. Frank Toil Frightened His Wife aud Wi«n Arrested. Frauk Toal, who lias had considerable trouble with altercations with his wifo, again got in'.o trouble with her at 7 o'clock lass night and fired three shota over her head iv bin endeavor to frighten her into submission. The row occurred ri tbe junction of San Fernando and Olympia afreets. Toal and his wife do not live together. Last night he went to hia wife's place of abode to get his son. H's presence caused trouble, for they got iuto a dispute and Toal used hia revolver. It is thought ho did not attempt to shoot hia wife but me ely intended to frighten her. He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. KiIDONIM) HOTEL. A f.iboral Offer by thn Munaconient of Great liitttrtuit to i i'tiM.t,, On and alter thin date and until May Ist rates nt tbe Redondo botel will be irom $17.50 to $20 per weak and including daily transportation between Redondo and Los Angeles. Fine orchestra in attendance at monls and in tho parlors every evening. For a good tablo wine order our Sonoma Ziufandel at 50c per gal. T. Vaclie&Oo., Commercial and Alameda. Tel. 309. Going Out of Hostile**. Furnishing gools, hats. 110 H, Spring St. A. A. Hckstrarff, 309 A. Msin street, ls where you want to go coking lor good wsll paper at itio Ughl'V ..»«.

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  • "Grand Jury Now Holds the Roscoe Suspects" - Los Angeles Times 20 Apr 1894 — '.. The prosecution alleges that after the first robbery they have evidence Shalter went to Visalia and saw Mrs. Evans, and that he gave the details of the robbery before Brighton and described how it all took place, saying also he made the dynamite bomb which was used. .."

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