Police Shooting 3 may 1887

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Police Shooting 3 may 1887 - oponiiu-inir PISTOL PLEASANTRY. Two Police...
oponiiu-inir PISTOL PLEASANTRY. Two Police Commanders Empty Their Esvolvera in an Eating Saloon. Tliey Submit to the Inconrenience of a Temporary Arrest. Supt. Adams Promptly .Suspends Them from Duty Under Charges. At about 3:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon a shooting episode occurred la Fabacher's Restaurant, on BoyaL next door to the corner corner of Customhouse street, between Lieut. Thomas Beynolds, commanding the harbor police, and Sergt. M. McLaughlin, com manding the Second Precinct. Nine shots were fired four by Beynolds and five by McLaughlin. Lieuta. McCaffrey and Beynolds and Sergt. McLaughlin aud Sergt. John Journee, commanding, commanding, and Sergt. Henry Andry, of the Third Precinct, were seated at one of the ob-ioBg ob-ioBg ob-ioBg tables in that portion ot the restaurant extending out to and fronting on Customhouse Customhouse street, eating dinner. At a table a few feet distant, in the same room, but nearer Boyal street, were seated two gentlemen from St. Mary parish, and the waiters and employees of the restaurant were running about attending to their nsual duties. McLaugniin had ordered a plate of turtle soup. Beynolds nad drank nis soup and McCaffrey had also drank his. Journee had not yet been served, and Andry having entered entered while they were at table, had seated himself between McCaffrey and Beynolds. The latter Bat at the head and McLaughlin at the foot of the table, while McCaffrey and Andry were ou the Boyal street side, or to the left ot Beynolds, and Journee was ou the other Bide of the taoie. Beynolds and McLaughlin were quarreling quarreling relative to an assignment to the command command of the force made by Supt. Luoien Adams during the recent cotton troubles, and which had engendered ill-feeling ill-feeling ill-feeling on the part of McLaughlin, who was in command of the Second Precinct, and considered thac a slight had been put npon him. by giving Beynolds command in this precinct. While they were thus arguing, the gentlemen who were seated at the adjoining table turned to look at the party, who were all in full police uniform, with badges oq. Wine had been ordered by the policemen and the waiter was ia the act of tilling tne glasses. The witnesses state that they saw the man who was seated nearest to them (McLaughlin), (McLaughlin), stretch bis right leg out and slowly oraw half way from his hip pocket his revolver. He then called the other policeman (Keynolds) Ma liar," and drawing the pistol fired one shot into the floor. Ae party of policemen, on hearing the report, sprang to their feet and the firing commenced commenced by botu Beynolds and McLaughlin. One of the former's four shots passed in very close proximity to the head of one of the strangers and perforated - a counter in the rear of the saloon, behind which a waiter was slicing bread, ' and hit a foot or two distant from the cashier. Another bullet perforated the door of the pantry iu the rear, and was deflected to one side and Indented tbe cosing ot the door. Had this bullet gone straight through, the cook in the kitchen woula invn been in jured, as he was standing in line. A third uaiiet passea tnrougn a bundle of paper hanging to a shelf near the door, and penetrated penetrated the partition wall in the rear aud struct the range near which the cook was standing. The fourth ball passed diagonally across tne rear of the room ' and struck the south wall of the section fronting Boyal street, and about sir feet from the floor. McLaugulin's ballets struck as follows: One went into the floor near where he was seated, one passed through the window shade on Beynolds' rig tit and shattered two panes of glass, one went into the ceiling, another another over the tip of the door on Custom-bouse Custom-bouse Custom-bouse street, and tbe fifth could not be found. The last four shots fired by McLaughlin were all high, and must have passed 1 uliy two feet above Beynolds' head and to tne right and left of hiux. Beynolds' shots were lower aimed, three of them being about breast high and the others ranging upward. How it was possible for the two men to have missed each other, it they Intended their shots should take effect, is incomprehensible. incomprehensible. Tuey were standing within six feet of each other, and as tney extended extended their revolvers the muzzles almost touched, yet the two strangers seated at the table, and the cook and easnier. came much nearer being shot than did either of the two police officers which led to the belief that tney aid not mean eaon otner harm. Sergt. Journee seized Serirt. McLanrhlin. and Capt. Jonn McCaffrey and Sergt. Henry Andry caught hold of Beynolds, and the weapons were wrenched from their hands. They were tnen placed under arrest and es corted to the Third Station. Acting Beoorder Samboia was in his law office near by and soon arrived on the scene. He obtained the names ot the witnesses and their statements. Subsequently he paroled the two officers to appear to answer this morning for examination. bupt. Adams, when Informed of what had 000 ur red, at onoe proceeded to Investigate the occurrence, and on being placed in possession possession of tne particulars, at once Issued orders suspending both Lieut. Beynolds and Sergt. McLaughlin from duty. . The affair transpired so rapidly that before Lieut, McCaffrey and Sergta. Journee and Andry eould recover from their surprise the nine shots had been tired. Great excitement prevailed on the streets. and all kinds of rumors were set afloat, one j oeing toitue enect tnat capt. uccanrey had oeen snot, out tnis proved not to De tne case. After the parties had been paroled thev returned to Fabacher's Restaurant ami finished their bottle of wine.

Clipped from The Times-Picayune03 May 1887, TuePage 8

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)03 May 1887, TuePage 8
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  • Police Shooting 3 may 1887

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