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Sunday Journal and Star, Lincoln, Nebraska, Sunday, December 7, 1941 - cinir 3M Associated Press - j - United Press...
cinir 3M Associated Press - j - United Press International News Service No. Arn. Newspaper Alliance FOUNDED I LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7. 1941 TEN CENTS FDR sends imessa to. Hirohito 67 Terrific new nazi attack on Moscow staggered by reds Threat still admitted to soviet capital Ry tlM AMwetatee Free. Massed red armies, fighting furiously furiously in the paralysing cold of their native Russian winter, Saturday Saturday parried a reinvigorated German German drive upon Moscow with lightning strokes which staggered the nazi invaders in numerous vital fronts. Nevertheless, Moscow appeared to face the greatest peril of the war as Adolf Hitler's commanders In the field reported their armies had overrun five more towns and swung close to the headwaters of the Don river 200 miles southeast of the soviet capital. In the far east, a British mobil ization order pulled thousands of men and airforce war posts, Australian Associated Press announced announced an "eleventh hour agreement agreement among the United States, Britain, China and The Netherlands Netherlands to meet any new offensive move on the part of Japan. "Aussies" to Indies. The agreement was said te pro vide for the sending of Australian forces to the defense of The Netherlands Netherlands Indies. British quietly take on three more 'enemies9 LONDON. (Sunday). P. The British quietly and formally went to war against Finland, Hungary and Rumania Sunday morning because they were fighting on Germany's side against soviet Russia. The zero hour, one minute after midnight Greenwich Aimt, or 1:01 a. m. London time, passed almost unnoticed ' in blacked - out London. Newspapers gave it scant at tention and the Dispatch even criticized the British foreign of fice for waiting so long to com ply with the Russian request FDR directs n order pulled thousands of C hurriedly to their feet, army T)Ur C OI . clXIS airforce war posts, and the I O business firms Seek transfer of dye trust to U.S. WASHINGTON. (INS). Presi dent Roosevelt was revealed Sat urday night to be directing per - The new German drive upon the sonally a concerted effort by the soviet capital was described by United States government to purge the Italian radio as "the most ter - a large number of major American rific offensive of all times." It said defense industries of all possible niuer wm uirowmj a muuon ana I axis influence. a half men, 8.000 tanks and a At his - direction four federa thousand guns into the battle. agencies, including the state. Specifically, the Germans, plow - treasury and justice department ing thru deep snow in' tempera - and the securities and exchange tures as low as 31 degrees ( Fan - commission are exploring plans to renheit) below zero, claimed they transfer to American ownership had held Mozaisk, 57 miles west of huge blocks of industrial stocks Moscow, and Klin, 50 mijes north - and bonds now owned by European west, while pushing steadily for - nationals who might be subject to ward on the southern flank around axis domination. Orel and Kursk. . In the forefront of these plans Nazis on Run in South. are the 62 million dollar General They had captured Malo - Ark - Aniline. and Film corporation, or - hankelah thev said midway Kanlzed as a subsidiary of the vast between 'trel and Kursk and the Grman chemical and dye trust, towns of Uvny, Novosil,' Mtsensk fS' SjSE Jll and Chen, all in a 60 - mile arc y:fn&' w , te reported east of Orel to ftav Interest in several ma - But the Russians, reporting the Ameriain utility sterns. German armies in the south still Bullitt Named Director, broken and on the run toward p.ident n - u.. ntt in Mariupol, 100 miles west of recap - r ' f eAiHf aIIIa tured Rostov, said red armies had fral Ani"?e waa demonstrated won two important bridgeheads in Lhe,f,P ilT.6" ,jf the Kalinin sector, 90 miles north - r - r VnmY Ut? east of Moscow, were holding the ft td wSh C 1 Nazis near Klin, SO miles north - JJJ t1Jal JJ J moving' - tato San'lfZ TSIyo 22. tli r miiea TOuth so, evinr iSyaty of the bitter t rsTconLu f grLtt" Russian attacks were being held J aJSTSS' ?n?i!: with frightful slaughter. In that i"2 erman chemical and dye Navy seizes Finnish ships in UeS. ports Coast guard will board 6 vessels WASHINGTON. (UP). The navy announced Saturday night it had instructed the coast guard to take into "protective custody six Finnish Finnish vessels in U. S. ports. The navy disclosed the move in a brief announcement shortly after Britain had proclaimed a state of war to exist between her and Fin land. , - The navy said six Finnish ships, four of them steamships and two of them motor vessels, were known definitely to have been in U. S. ports within the last two days. The order, the navy said, would apply to these six and possibly more. The six are the steamships Olivia, Kuutanea, Aagot and the Aavane, and the motor vessels Samaa and Aurora. Authoritative sources said that Britain's proclamation of a state of war with Finland ended the ar rangement under which the Brit ish granted safe conduct for Fin nish merchantmen. These sources said the decision to take over the vessels stemmed from that fact Coast guardsmen, now operat ing under the navy, will board the Finnish ships as in the case of Italian, German and Danish ves sels which were the first alien vessels placed in protective cus tody. Later, an informed official said, the maritime commission very likely will take steps toward requisitioning requisitioning those ships for this country's country's use. The Finnish merchant fleet in western hemisphere waters consists consists of 24 vessels, all but two of which were built before the World war, Eleven of the ships have been under the Panama flag since June 22, 12 are under the Finnish ensign, ensign, and one is of Cuban registry. Demand refused . . Text undisclosed - state department says Japan 's troops jam Indo - China VICHY AGAIN REFUSED, according to dispatches from the occupied occupied French capital, te turn over her fleet to Adolf Hitler in a conference with nazi bigwigs at St FlorenUn, occupied France last week. Above in St FlorenUn are Admiral Jean Francois Darlan (left), Marshal Henri Petain (center), representing Vichy, and Reichsmarshal Hermann Goering, of Germany. (Acme.) Batista asks emergency in Cuha declared Revive woman ill from gas Mrs. Dale Cotton. 22. 3918 No. 60th, waa overcome by gas late Saturday night and revived by firemen and Dr. U. 8. Barkey who worked over her for an hour with an inhalator. Mrs, Cotton, asphyxiated asphyxiated by gas from an un - lighted room heater, was found on the floor of the bathroom by her husband. Taken to Bryan Memorial Memorial hospital, Mrs. Cotton's condition condition was described as good early Sunday morning. HAVANA. UP). President Ful - gencio Batista Saturday asked MinFrwui to declare a state of " ... ... I i . ft . r. emergency and grant the cabinet vemoer, w. extraordinary powers to rule by decree for 45 days The time has come exaraordinary measures required by national defense, Batista said in his message to congress. The message did not name spe cifically the powers which Batista asked but he called for a state of emergency as provided in the constitution. constitution. The preparation of Cuba for de sector, as along the whole Rua - Soon after his appointment to sian front tough soviet ski troops thr" t st "I ''"1a ,ua r - .f t tZ Past Justice Mack conferred Carman. wltn Mr Roevelt on the future course of General Aniline's opera - Finns Told of War. tions. In Helsinki Finnish President Thru freezing billions In Amer - Risto Ryti, breaking the news to lean assets of various European his countrymen that Britain had decided to declare war on Finland, ought to cheer them with the announcement announcement of an Important vic - t tory on the Murmansk railroad I north of Lake Onega. The red I army asserted, however, the Ger - mans had been forced to hold and : dig in on the Murmansk front On the north African dessert where a fortnight of British offensive offensive may have aided the Russians by pulling away vital German tank and air forces, the first British effort effort appeared to be spent and reeding reorganization before a resumption of the drive to clear the axis forces out of Libya. The British claimed they already have taken more than 7,500 axis prison era there and destroyed 223 axis planes. Germans said they captured captured 9,000 British and destroyed 800 tanks and destroyed or captured captured 134 planes, - Sting in back, sp to hospital where bullet is removed CHICAGO. (INS). He wasn't quite sure, but he thought maybe maybe he had been ahot 18 year old Eddie Fitzgerald said Saturday to the reception clerk after sauntering sauntering into the Mother Cabrinl hospital. It waa all so casual that the clerk was not immediately Impressed, Impressed, but finally was persuaded persuaded to arrange an examination. examination. Sure enough, the physicians physicians found that Eddie had been punctured in the back, only a flesh wound, and removed a bullet. He was sitting in a restaurant restaurant Eddie said, when he felt a stinging, but it wasn't bad so he kept right at work on the teak before him. Police were Investigating his story. nations and their citizens, the treasury already has under lock and key sizeable quantities of se curities owned by foreigners. Included Included among the impounded stocks are virtually all of the vot ing shares of General Aniline. Treasury representatives, re porting that General Aniline holds extensive war contracts with the United States government said the matter of "Americanizing" the firm is under intensive study but declined to speculate over what methods will be used to accomplish this. State forecast indicates fair, warmer weather Fair and warmer weather was predicted for Nebraska Sunday with continued mild temperatures Monday. The mercury got up into the fifties fifties Saturday after hitting an early morning low of 9 above zero at Sidney. The day's highs included Sidney 58, Valentine 57, North Platte 55, Grand Island 50, and Omaha 48. By nightfall, when high scat tered clouds were reported along the east - west airline, these were the readings:' Omaha and Grand Island 42, North Platte 41, Lin coin, Overton, Hayes Center and Big, Springs 39, Sidney 29. Faulty cradle postpones mine sweeper launching BRISTOL, R. I. tiV A 135 foot mine sweeper was christened Sat urday at the Herreshoff yard where many famous defenders of the America's cup left the ways in the past but a faulty cradle caused postponement of the launching. A falling jack wedged two blocks under the cradle and stopped the ship from reaching the water. Wants 43 davs of decree rule Treasury mints coins for Netherlands Guinana WASHINGTON. IS. The treas ury disclosed Saturday that it hai minted 500,000 Dutch ten - ceri pieces for The Netherlands Gui ana where United States troops are on duty. The coin is one - tenth of guilder which currently is worth about 53 cents. The Philadelphia mint filled the Dutch order. Domestic coinage in November totalled $9,378,102 as a heavy demand demand for cnfl continued. This compares with $7,895,543 in No - to .dopt the Only one strike res required j . J left significant to rearmament fense consists, Batista said, "es - By Unite Pkm. Labor - management harmony on the defense front was reflected Tokyo press says f talking time' is over TOKYO. (Sunday). (UP). Japan indicated early Sunday that ahe stands on the verge of abandoning efforts to achieve settlement of the Pacific crisis by diplomatic negotiation at Washington. At the same time warnings circulated that soviet Russia - with an esti mated far eastern army of 840,000 has swung in with America, Britain, China, Holland and the British dominions in a united front against Japan. The press, bellwether of Japa nese opinion, thundered that the moment of supreme crisis was at hand. A government spokesman said Japan s "patience" may be tried only a little longer. Japanese economic preparations against what is called the "open strengthening of anti - Japanese en circlement" were believed com pleted with adjournment of a highly significant meeting of 300 top Japanese industrial and busi ness leaders who comprise the east Asia economic council. Reported by Newspaper. The sensational report that Rus sia is casting her lot with the so - called ABCD powers appeared in EMPEROR HIROHITO: The president wanted the mikado to know what his war lords were about. Washington grave over war threat WASHINGTON. (UP). President President Roosevelt Saturday night addressed addressed a personal message to Emperor Hirohito of Japan for maintenance of peace In the Pacific, Pacific, which the United Statca maintains is now threatened by reported Japanese military movements movements in Indo - China and the Gulf of Siam. The state department announced that the message was being sent to Hirohito but would not disclose its contents. Authoritative quarters, quarters, however, described it as an appeal to the emperor, over the heads of the Tokyo cabinet, to prevent prevent a general far eastern explosion. explosion. Simultaneously, the department said it had received reports of the presence of 125,000 Japanese troops in Indo - China, contrary to Tokyo's insistence that the number number of troops there was "exaggerated.' "exaggerated.' The department said it also had reports indicating that two large and heavily escorted Japanese convoys had been seen Saturday morning, steaming westward past Point de Cameau in Indo - China toward the Gulf of Slam. Point de Cameau is the southern southern point of Indo - China. Unprecedented Action. The president's action in addressing addressing Hirohito personally was virtually unprecedented and Indicated Indicated the gravity with which this government views the far eastern crisis. Once before, in protesting Japan's sinking of the U. 8. run - MANILA. (Sunday). (UP). The "A93Jth L?ide AMiinl 1 mm t jnAnAiNi 4h A r44Vi 1 a ocnv.n,y, w M,c SntiirdRv in r wnort from the United States." which he described "r LJ. J3"S JE? JSt L EinJn Z iX.Ai,,KiriiX. Mne existing strike, involving but are joined by indissoluble links of Qn TiQ friendship and common interests." I Z":Tn V':"::r J Reasons for Emergency. Strikes or strike threats affect - "Our proximity to the United ln - the railroads and aluminum States and our duties of co - opera - ancj aircraft production disap - tion with them, because of histor - peared, but the prolonged fight of ical antecedents, for reason of loy - indeDendent welders to crain au - alty and by force of reciprocal tonomy within the A.F.L. resulted principles, ne saia, - mane even m authorization of a nationwide more clear the circumstances .trik nf 75 noo member nf tn which determine this request for a craft Tuesday. legally declared state of emerg - After a Saturday meeting of the ency, which would permit the arbitration board considering the adoption or tnose measures incus - dosed shop issue in the captive pensable for the preparation of coal mines, Dr. John R. Steel man una country in a snort time, and announced the board hoped to for the adoption of the inevitable complete its task "within the next accoras ana agreements in the 48 hours." most discreet manner possible." ,: Mptnhen nf tho nnnnnit inn nartv anticinatin Ratist'. rn,it I contrast to a comparatively tat nf omprcronnv hart ornnnnH quiet week on the strike front, previously they would oppose such jefive developments affecting a measure, on the grounds it would lboJ' bro"gh1t Passae of drastic give the president dictatorial To Modify Bill. powers. Nevertheless, the general im pression in political circles was that the government controlled enough votes in congress to assure approval of Batista's request. ' . ' 1 in 1, 1, 1 Weather data Ten best poll of movies starts in Sunday Journal and Star today strike - control measure by the house of representatives. Expec tations were that the bill would be modified before passing in the senate. 4 The one "signif icant' defense strike listed by OPM started Dec. 2 at the Rausch Nut and Manufacturing Manufacturing company, Cleveland, O., af fecting orders for aircraft motor Nebraska: Fair, warmer Sun - nuts and bolts - OPM said there day; Monday partry cloudy, mild, were 12 strikes of 'mlnor import lows: Fair warmer Sunday: ance" to defense, involving 4,700 Monday partly cloudy, mild. workers. Labor Secretary Fran South Dakota: Partly cloudy ces Perkins reported settlement Sunday; Monday partly cloudy, during the week of 33 disputes cooler. without any production stoppage. Kansas: Fair, warmer east, cen - The welders' strike call came tral, colder north, west Sunday; from the executive committee of Monday partly cloudy, colder. the united urothernooa of weid - hourly temperatures. . era. Cutters ana Helpers union :m .m.(gt.)2A i;!N .m o (independent) i to combat alleged discriminations by the AFu The (See STRIKES, Page 2 - A, Col. 1.) BY BARNEY OLDFIELD. Turn to page 6, section A, pick up your pencil, and have a try at selecting the ten best movies. What can you win? Well, first prize is a trip, all expenses paid, a week long, to Hollywood and return. While there. - the winner will tour MGM, 20th Century - Fox and Warners studios aa a special guest, will meet, talk to players, and watch films made. Thia is made poaaible by the associated Lincoln theaters the Lincoln Varsity, Capitol, Stuart, State and Nebraska who put up the trip money, and also 54 other prizes in free admissions. admissions. Each of the theatera will give an annual pass, one for six months, one for three months, one for one month, and five aingla admissions. Outstate, there are six other theatera in aa many towns, offering offering similar prizes. The Vogue in Friend, tha Mazda in Aurora, the Sun in York, the Rivoli in Beatrice and the Bonham in Fairbury, will duplicate the prizes of individual Lincoln theaters. The Tecumseh in Tecumseh will have a six months pass aa the top one, a three month, one month, and ten single admissions. Entries are welcome from any and everywhere, but it must be kept in mind that If you miss the top prize, you will awarded whatever prize you win to the theater nearest , you participating. participating. Also, the railroad ticket will be purchased from any point in Nebraska to Hollywood. The trip winner must take the trip, there will be no granting of the equivalent in money. If the trip isn't taken, all rights must be given up and it will be passed on to the runnerup. The official list of pictures, on page 6, section A, is for the period, Dec. 1, 1940 to Nov. 30, 1941, and if the film isn't men tioned in that list, don't pick itv The contest closes on Dec 31, 1941 at midnight. the newspaper Hochi which attrib f luri IV 1 o n I n'c uted it to "undisclosed Tokyo VlCcll lTlclIlllcl quarters. ' (The Japanese press is under "fl ri fYot 7fltWG closest government censorship. It vlctllllvl aJ11& had the approval of the govern - fVal oloull cnmi ment if it did not in fact emanate lUl llcl&li O'U'UIl from government quarters.) Hochi said that Russia has de cided to - abandon her neutrality far east battened down Sunday for j called to the emperor's personal Hwtvjr t hm me war mat appearea imminent, attention. r?d0iLt LS PanC8e Th Philippines government lILwas bc,ieved that Satray pact signed last spring. . rj . night's message would be trans - Instead, Hochi said, Russia is ordered immediate evacuation of mitted thru the U. S. embassy in throwing its lot in with the United Manila 'danger zones." AU navy, Tokyo, but the atate department States, having interpreted the air and army personnel at Singa - would not confirm this belief, statement of Secretary of State pore, bastion of south Pacific de - The department made public ita Cordell Hull at Washington on tho fense, were suddenly recalled to report on the Japanese troops U. S. - Japanese negotiations as pre - stations and ordered to stand by movements and the two convoys saging open war between Japan on a war footing. Australian forces without explanation or elabora - and America and an increase of Btood at their war posts. tion. military forces in the far east 'ir - A British officer at Singapore, It said merely that an estimated respective of European defeata recalled to his ship after being 82.000 troops are in south Indo - 01 uie nemocmuc powers. i ashore for the first time in weeks. China; 25.000 in the north, and The newspaper estimated the expressed the sentiment that waa 18,000 aboard 21 transports now strength of the Russian red ban - on aimost evry tongue in the in Camranh bay, a naval base ob - ner far eastern armiea at 840,000 great Paclfic centers of Manila, tained by the Japanese in their men. Cmnam. CVianrrViol Unnn - Wtnn - ICrMmpnt With Vinhv Vrannm Council Meet Important. Batavia and Bangkok. Mr. Roosevelt previously had The statement that Japan's "pa - "Now, I auppose, we are going k?. the Tokyo government to tience" is drawing to an end was to fight Japan," he said. PlalI presence of large hum - made by Lieut. Gen. Teiichi - Su - tn " UUUF " i.nuo - nina zuki, president of the cabinet plan - C,0M to Exp,0,,on' "X. Public Friday, de. ning board, in an address to the The storm signals were up and c t . the figures were exag - east Asia economic council. feeling was universal that the "nu imi - .inB conccntra - The council's session waa re - weekend had brought the Pacific HPna emmea solely from fear of garded as of most importance. It close to an explosion. JiT? f , m 11X9 vicinity of concluded Its . deliberations with Reports from Singapore said norUl lndoChlna - tne statement tnat "no matter now that the thousands of troops which I "eP'y unsaxisractory. mtensiiiea are tne errorts or tne throng that strong point were ab - The state department reports hostile powers to hamper the pro - gent from their customary haunts, indicated plainly this government's jected construction of the new or - They had virtually disappeared dissatisfaction with the Japanese der in east Asia we will repulse from the streets to their prepared reply. Mr. Roosevelt had maln - them, thereby striving for lasting defense positions in a thousand tained that the Japanese troops prosperity in east Asia." different points in the island. in Indo - China numbered far more The council represents the top Reports from Melbourne where than the 25,000 permitted under Japanese industrialist of Japan, the Australian war cabinet stood the Tokyo - Vichy agreement Manchukuo, China and Mongolia ready for action in event of any t waa assumed that the presi - and waa believed to have com - weekend emergency said that dent's failure to receive a aatisfac - pleted plans for Japanese self - Australian troops are being held in tory reply from Hirohito would re - sufficiency in event of extension readiness to go to the defense of auIt in a critical worsening of of the encirclement threat. the Dutch East Indies. U. S. - Japanese relations and aban - Domei, Japanese news agency, There was some belief that donment of the exploratory talks declared Uiat . the next move by japan is still trying to find out now going on between thia govern - the United Stateswhatever that now far gne can without pro - ment the two Japanese envoys might be will decide the fate of yoking war with the United States 5ere ichisaburo Nomura and Sa - Japanese - United States negotia - an(j Great Britain. buro Kurusu. UOnB. I CnuA r.nntimi T.IL. If the emperor reacts favorably, then the way would be open for continuation - of the talks which are aimed at establishing a basis 1:S k.m...... .25 :An .m .23 3::u m.m....,,.l 4:30 m.m 2 S:3tt .m.......Zl :30 m.m 23 1:39 a.m S3 8: SO A.m.. ,. ,. .25 t:.H0 .m...... S3 10:S0 p.m. latsm a.m.. s 1 1 :s p.m. t:m p.m 50 : p.m 49 4 aMI lRa f 4tt :.H0 p.m... ,...42 :30 p.m.. a. .M 1:M p.m...... .40 S:S p.m 40 t:80 p.m M 3 Navy relaxes physical standards for recruits Alliance to ship 25 cars of seed potatoes WASHINGTON. tjp. The navy ALLIANCK Neb. UPi. Ur negotiating a peaceful settle - relaxed its physical standards for of certified Triumph seed pota - ment of outstanding U. S. - Jupa - recruita Saturday in an effort to toes are continuing to the Rio nese is8UCS - increase enlistments. Grande valley in Texas, William The state department made the Under a new policy, men with Morrow, sales manager of the Ne - announcement after the adminis - certain minor ailments heretofore braska Certified Potato Growers tration had had time to study tha considered a Par to enlistment association, reported Saturday. (See PACIFIC, Page 4 - A, Col. 2.) wm oe acceptea ana, wnen neces - During the next two weeks 25 sary, the defects will be corrected. I carloads will be shipped. In Today's Paper Litvinov reaches U.S., eager to meet Roosevelt int SAN FRANCISCO. UPl. Russia's new ambassador to the United 11:30 m.m ..42 12:3 a.m. (Hun.) 38 12:30 p.m 45 MtiHhMft taumtMtrei Ihm a& mmmm akwda. sUI Lowes tompcrature year Sit. Sua - States, Maxim JUtVinOII, aiTlVea rtM, 7:30 . m. ; uniwt, 4:0 p. m. 1 fintnrdnv hv rlinnpr after An air HiirlMMt tmpfraturv, 50 degree. Ixiwrtt I j. J . . . lemperatnre, 21 grei. Nm temper, voyage umi uniugiu uvniiy uuoe - ture, m deimea. :3 ,. m. dry buib ti, fourths of the way around the wet bnlb 21. IS:30 p. m. ry bulb 4ft, ,,j we balb St. :M p. m. try ktilb 30, wet wo"a . . . A bnib a&. PrevkiiiMc dtreettea ei wtn noiitb. "I am looking forward to meet - bririr.?. P.ti iJ'tKU ftir again your great president," from caa bureaa . the ambassador said. '! am very TEMPKATl RES ELSEWHERE. bfllpj , b I I p ' AM H!.I MllWHUkee IIX2 DI 5i . . hai. l Ity tt 20! A7 40 1 MjM. - Ht. r. M 14! 3 82 . .iOkla. ( II, B4 3i i.Ht. ljouin tu Ity .Hlrbita i hpyrnne Ikenver .IK. L. ( Ity Albany Boston N. rk WMb't4W :i CM falvetMt 4rk'llle Miami N. Orteana AatMiiw bteaca ( InrlnnaM levelaaO letrH 40 1H 47 ll . .1271 00 19 10 ST. 4t SO' . - Ia Ani(ie 11 N 71 Ai Sil OH 44 SOI i 40 1 84 30 i 43 S4 S7 SS Sft SI; Or. RapfcU 33 20 . . HnrtlanO Ind'naiMk SO Z7i . .'Kan lleen MadlMM 34 Ui . . 'H Kranclaea 00 4A Mamoalt X4.10 .10 Neatlle ft4 4 t aaadlaa. ., ( Alcary 47 Vt .'Montreal KdmoRtni 41 30! ..'Tnntnla MeO. Hat 41 ,31 . .(W Uutlpeg very happy to be in your country. Mrs. Litvlnoff carried a large bouquet of red carnations as she came up the clipper landing dock. Army and navy officers greeted the ambassador. He also was welcomed welcomed by officials of the Russian embassy. Several agents representing representing the department of state were on the dock. "The armed forces of Russia 7 4 .ss Will continue their fieht in fortune 70 40; ., I ,.m ln tn nfni - timi t, :j H..I - SM m 4. n speaking rapidly and in excellent English. !!'! They will continue to fight in 3i i I the heroism which already f jl b4l Saves has brought to them the recognition recognition of the whole world. "I want to express in my people's people's behalf, annreciatinn for th substantial contributions the I ath'ee" Norj"' Section C Society, Clubs. Section D - Editorials, Features, Theaters, Radio. SPECIAL WRITERS. Page 7 - D MAXIM LITVINOV: talk for FDR, Ameriman peoplie are making in' w,,1l'a Bradv fO JJ - J the common causa of annihilating f - y c",bon !afle V"r the enemy of humanity, Hitler, by Ma.f Gordon Page 5 - D affording material and substantial Jonn Bentley Page 3 - B support to the red army." Cy Sherman Page 2 - B a TTnito4 Ai. t . li J - E tawrence Page 4 - D A united Air Lines plane was Ma(ir Suiiiwan . . Pan his party to Washington. Brief - .. - maintenance stops were scheduled - rtaiwHta. at Denver, Chicago and Cleveland. Crossword Puzzle, .....Page 5 - D He ahould reach Washington at Churches , - ..Page 11 - A 8 a. m. (CST) Sunday. Editorials ..Page 4 - D The ambassador was genial as SnPo '""StU fa he talked with reporters. He an - SI'S 11 M swered questions on a special NBC L"", St?! ,i red network broadcast. E aflC I'z, v Rariin Prnnrami Pan e.n I am sorry I cannot see my Theaters .Page 6 - C way to make any political state - Next Week's Weather. . Page 10 - a ment, he said at one point. 'I Fashions, Books Page 10 - C must start my activities with your Golden Weddings Pagq 5 - c president The World This Week. .Pagi 6 - 9.

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The Lincoln Star (Lincoln, Nebraska)07 Dec 1941, SunPage 1
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