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Graded School- Early Business - in-dutid :o: IForthe Abbeville Citizen. TIIE...
in-dutid :o: IForthe Abbeville Citizen. TIIE GRADED SCHOOL. Tuth' Commit' ft- ft- of ihr Cridnl School of .l.-lurille: .l.-lurille: .l.-lurille: I see our city apers are so quiet on the subject of opening the school that I f;ar the committee will feel warranteil in allowing he people to accept vour report, i i. e. to tiiTer the bclmul unti. a conven- conven- -': -': ient season Now, geutieineii, just per-consolidatioii per-consolidatioii improve-! improve-! Vuit me to say that the little htidivn of j your city have l.een inflect, .! : i--:,.-: i--:,.-: i--:,.-: i--:,.-: i--:,.-: Sus-i, Sus-i, ,ir,i,-- ,ir,i,-- ,ir,i,-- a,,.i o ,", .., masse in exirrnuMii- exirrnuMii- r -mi- -mi- -mi- mna'i m ot vi. or emirs.- emirs.- -riutiiii -riutiiii i am- am- .,1 to buv- i fur W.V Si- Si- tnu ii i a' readi i 1' email s ii ! i ti e.r i a: liin rdi ii' lit tin: ! llow long since this refit "I a schm;! in the pin r boy i. In-eii In-eii In-eii s a con-v en-!!.- of ot I w 1 1 .' 1 1 c 1 1 : i j LS-o. LS-o. LS-o. m at I ti .ii of a 1 0 liieie has ach or '.lit i en year: ill lis ar.o i v.-i. v.-i. v.-i. the ne.lecO-d ne.lecO-d ne.lecO-d hi cause .I abb., i, .;iy the t'.m it 1 l an itij'isiie b n ie. m:!,o,.1 'i -i -i 'T llia.'l si liee ; Willi the ; ,.: 1.1'Vlil b . M : o' tr d ll , r- r- ' i r rv. i .it to ot pre-n!onn it It cus- lUCe I ur leaking sceii ! von would : mi: l!:e:o in vonr-1'! I rvn-i ments have about rour thousand poor ' Whit-ort Whit-ort Whit-ort in tlje i .aseinetit ot tin- tin- No eni M' ll." li-t li-t li-t i 'liiire'o, Hiid then at s time and place tlu-t tlu-t tlu-t nuinv had as have stayed at lio-ne, lio-ne, lio-ne, urn:- urn:- iii.iay .i those legally t-uti'le-l t-uti'le-l t-uti'le-l t-uti'le-l t-uti'le-l did :-. :-. :-. ! km w ever. that there w a m i i. on a' ai.d have no re.- re.- 'l'ei -i'e.i -i'e.i : s.---:n- s.---:n- s.---:n- s.---:n- s.---:n- s.---:n- any : i -t -t i- i- o tr(un too iii wsjiain Now just think and enquire if -provision -provision for their expect oi th i:i stead, etc.. The seven hiiiniiid and electors that ratified the letrisla'ive ena t went v-1 v-1 v-1 -.vo -.vo ! is the IVnn.aylva-nia be-ioi(. children that cannot be educated without the aid of a combination of some kind and the wi.-iinin wi.-iinin wi.-iinin of the Legislature provided everything save what the.-e the.-e the.-e electors have done and 1 question your right to thwart their only hope by sayi oz that you can neither l'ind a house or teacher to iake chari.' of a irraded -elioul -elioul in our city. The question of a h aise is ro legitimate excu-e. excu-e. excu-e. If no hou.-e hou.-e hou.-e can lie had then raise a tentat is better to have these boys gathered trom the field of luUchief under the shade of our old nak trees than have the situation continue. 1 seven years: and many of thos-' thos-' thos-' boys ha-'e ha-'e ha-'e been cheated out of the little which this noble old Tar State have provided. It will n 't do to have the best. brightest; yea,2iea'est, hope that ever entered the bosom cl'theiioor uien o- o- Asheville f he thwarted by you who have been chosen as the guardians I nf th,ir i'.lrpn I., t I..- I..- evtetl' of A liber:-.! liber:-.! liber:-.! education. Now, geniienien, take eoi.rage and ii- ii- forth aeain in search of a house. Oaly just think of it how long since these lit'ie ones 1ml the privilege ef eood instruction and think how lonr it may be if put oil' be fire iiiey can enjoy this privilege. In the name of these four thousand children I beseech you to make some provision for the opening of the school even though von divide up in I small squads until you can erect a house to protect them Irom the weather and be you well assured that uiauy mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers will praise you and call your name blesSed. A Poor Mas.

Clipped from Asheville Citizen-Times03 Sep 1887, SatPage 4

Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, North Carolina)03 Sep 1887, SatPage 4
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  • Graded School- Early Business

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