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decatur review-9sep1924-kkk - NATIONAL GUARD SENT TO HERRIN Peace Officer...
NATIONAL GUARD SENT TO HERRIN Peace Officer Killed/ Another Wounded in 'Clash Between Klan and Flaming Circle; Sheriff Is Arrested; Hospital Fired On. Springfield, 111., Feb. 9.--Fifteen companies, of the Illinois national guard, five of which are already in Williamson county, Hre available for duty in case of further trouble, Adjutant-General Carlos E. Black announced this morning. _·*?" TROOPS IN CHARGE ' Herrin, 111., Feb. 9--(fP)--Herrin, scene of the miners' riot of 1922, was taken over by state troops today aa a result of a oear-riot last night between "wets" and "drys", in which a constable was killed and a deputy sheriff wounded seriously. The trouble is a result of the wholesale dry raids which .have been conducted in this (Williamson) county recently by reputed members of the Ku Klux Klan, led by S..G. Young, paid employe of the Klan. A meeting of the Knights of the Flaming Circle, aa anti-KUn organization, was IP session when a crowd stormed the hall. Tho shooting followed. ARREST SHERIFF. Sli-ri(f Galligan. en route f r o m Hurphysboro to' Herrin, was placed under arrest at Carbondale itt cVn- ncction w i t h Caglc's death. YOUNG IS CHIEF. Y o u n g today assumed the duties oJ chief of police, as tho mayor had taken rctuga In the hospital, and three of the city's four policemen were In Murphysboro for safe keeping. CONSTABLE KILLED. Caesar Caglc. a constable, who had been Issuing tbo warrants on which the "dry*." conducted the raids, was shot dead. John Layman, deputy sheriff, who with Sheriff George Galligan. went to the'Antl-Klan meeting to remonstrate with the conferees to disperse and go to their hom«t In the Interest of peace, was shot. He was taken to a local hospital by Mayor C. E. Anderson and Ora Thomas. antl-Klansmen, and the trio Is being guarded at the hospital by nat. ional guardsmen. FIRE INTO HOSPITAL. Immediately a crowd gathered out- ·ide the hospital and began firing Into the institution. Persons Inside the hospital responded to the fire and a miniature battle waged for a short Jhe first guardsmen arrived from Carbondale at t a. m., and the "drys" then established headquarters at the city hall, several blocks from thc- hospltal. The guardsmen are patrol ing the hospital to protect the mayor, Layman and Thoma?. j "LYNCH THEM.'' : Five companies ot troops had arrived tills afternoon. The crowd which visited the meeting hall of the Anti-IClansmen were headed by three ft the four policemen of Herrin. and whon *hr"is of "lynch them,' "string ·· m up," -wi-- heard, Sheriff Galligan commandeered an automobile and rushed the trio to Murphysboro 'to protect them. The three are: Chief of Police John Ford and Policemen Harold Crain and Sim Stephens. Before tho arrival of the troop?, the raiders, armed with revolvers ami vhotguns, patrolled the streets of llcrrln. denying any one they considered ."suspicious" passaso. All un- sble to give the klan password were eearched for weapons. Before- attacking the hospital, the 'mob put out the street lights so those ·within the institution could not see where to aim. --| PANIC STRICKEN. ' A number of the patients in the hospital became panic stricken and were reported as highly nervous today. A number of windows In the hospital were shot out. and the building showed other "battle scars" such as bollet punctured drain pipes and wainscoting. The trouble started last night when Justice, ot the Peaoe Caeear Cagle of Herrin was shot and killed near the Jelferaon Hotel, and soon afterwan Deputy John Layman was ehot and placed 'n the Herrin hospital In n ·erlou« condition. Sheriff George 'Gallisan arrested · three Hcrrln police officers. Includ Ing Chief John Ford, took them t ·Marlon and from til ere to some plac not known. ORDER OUT GUARD. Nine companies of national guards Men were osdeerd-out by Adjutan General Black on the request of th sheriff who said that the eituatlon jwas beyond.his control. Tho first company to leave wa . headqiiarters company of rjtho 130tl Illinois Infantry of Carbondale; whlc arrived,in Herrin earjy today. Thes -troopa were under, the command Major'Robert W. Davis, who !esue4 'Instructions -to the men to use sound Judgment but fire if they must. '·;'· CAVALRY. INCLUDED. ^ C a v a l r y was included, i In th :«T»ard»men ordered to Herrin, troop I 1 ', and ,G., and tlio headquarters troo or the lOSlh cavalry, all of Spring field, being ordered t"o entrain quickly A« possible; Company C. o .thex.l'JOth; infantry. ..also of Spring .'.fieldi and the sixth company of ln- ' ordered.tilt. " ' IL W A «Uyle*j commands. the SprlngfleM guardsmen - ordered to Herrin. Lieut. W. A, Crookston commands the headquarters troop. Captain Norman Sliutz Is in command ol Troop F.. Captain Bert Brinclle o? Troop G.7 and Captain J.'W.. Butler of Company C. CULBERT3OX IN CHARGE. Co!. A'. L. Culbertson, who.arrived Friday to Investigate conditions has been ordered to take charse of the troops. KLANSMEN GATHER. IClansmen gathered in Williamson, ranklln and adjoining counties to d in tlio holding of Herrin, it was eporied. Klansmen allege Caglc was ttacked by a group of men. The ·lerrin police then received a riot according to IClarwmen, .and the hooting of Layman followed. The Klansmen here sought to pre- ent a gathering of their members, ut the reads were crowded as car fter car of men rushed to Herrln. S. G. Young, dry -worker paid by :« Klan, .on Wednesday, arrested E. Frlck. foreman of the Williamson ounty grand jury on a. charge of o-ssesslng Illicit liquor in his home, rick, who is a supervisor from Her- townshlp. former Herrin police fflcer, alleges he was "framed." CAUSED FEELING. / He was taken to West Frankfort nd held without bail until the nlted States commissioner at Benon ordered his release, it is cialm- d, so that tho. grand Jury might.act. 'his action is alleged.-to have eaue d the tense eituation. This Is toe econd time .troops have been called. Prior to the withdrawal of the roops Jan. 18. Sheriff Calligan had sked the cooperation W the cltl- cns before requesting their recall. CHANGE FORCE. The citizens pledged themselves to upport the sheriff and other coun- y officials and John Ford of Herrin was appointed chief of police to sup- .lant John Stallions. - Other mem- .ers of the police force also were eplaced; Chief Ford had .tnowledged support of the Klan and lie .Klan at that time pledged upport to the sheriff. Wiiile the darkened streets in Herrin were reported filled with groups f armed men early today, the foreign section was quiet y unaware ot the situation. FIGHT FOR CONTROL. Reports indicated that the presen! rouble was a fight for tho control of the city- between the Knights of .he Flaming- Circle and the K-u Klux Klan with the latter reported to be n' control at present. Justice" Cagle has been .active in the Klan raids and warrentat w.ere ssued by him against those whose homes have been searched. Deputy Sheriff Layman, had declared himself an opponent of the Klan, Sheriff Galligan asserted Young was responsible for the situation adding that Young's raids had cro ated a bitter feeling. FIRE ON CANDIDATE. ' Just as the trouble In Herriu was at its height, Leonard Sterns, deputy circuit clerk-and.son of Cyclops Sam Sterns, was fired on as he wai riding in an automobile In Marion, the coun ty sea t. A. bullet grazed his back but lv was not injured seriously. He Is the klan.'candidate,'for circuit clerk. An automobile owned by John Whlteslde also an admitted member of the, klan was fired on at the «ame time. Senator Carter Glass Offers "Advice" to President Coolidge. By MARK SULLIVAN · (Copyright -1924V' Washington, D. C, Feb. 9--Senator Carter Glass - of Virginia", in the course of a more serious discussion of fundamental .aspects x of the rfts- lolution calllng,,on the President to as£ resign made a whimsical .point to tho effect that "as a, partisan I would Infinitely prefer to So before the country with Dcnby In tliaii witli Denby out." ' Ih'.s vicv- o f - t h e Democrats sufficient Indication of the Republicans, although the latter .cannot express it so'franhjy. . Most of/tho He- publicans are determined to save Denby from the justice -of charges that so farther than the facts, and for that purpose will stand by Jr.m. ut so far aa the charges against enby is reduced to W'h'at Is reason- bly provable, he is an cnYbarrass- ent to the republicans and lacy now il. · " ' securities. less to one by its .nd seeming HENRY FORD DANCES JIG AS WS WIFE BEATS THE TIME 6udbury7 Mass.. Feb. 9.-- Apparent ly as eager as a boy for what h termed a "real old fashioned New Bug-land party," Henry; J"ord, wit Mrs. Ford and friends, ;last night. ar rived at Wayside Inn.- the old hostelry made famous by Longfellow and pur chased by Ford to preserve It as N'ew. England shrine. A little after his .arrival. Ford wa playing a fiddle "calling off. ' fo some of the old country dance While someone played an old Urn Vlr. with Mrs. Ford beating time, h ' danced a'jlg with evident enjjyman DEPENDS OX WORDING. WJieUior the resolution by the Kcn- :e calling on the pre-sidcnt to dis- ilss Dcnby shall pass or not, de- · nds on the wording of it, when na! vote Is taken. Neither the re- ublicans nor anybody else believes hat Dcn'oy Is galUy ot anything odt- us in tlio sense that odium has at- ached to Fall, for example. Bat otTi the Democrats, and possibly ost of the republicans believe that «nby is to b» blamed for one de- ree or another of lack of vigilance. One way of stating the possible arlatlons of Denuy's status woe ex- ressed by Senator Pepper In the er.ate this afternoon as "to credu- ous In the of the craft of thers or culpably ; neslcscnt . or uilty as hell.'' POSSIBLE VAUL4.TIONS. Senator Pepper was merely stat- ng the possible variations. As for Imsclf, he spoke against the pauses of the resolution In the a-bsence f further facts and in tlie absence f some formal and complete trlbun- 1 for the eliciting of the facts. Taking these three possible des riptlons of Denny's ^statu*. it Is probably a fact that if the senate evolution in its final form charges Denby with nothing more than be ng. to use another of Senator Pep er's phrases, "pitifully credulous," it s probable that a very considerable number of republican* will vote In avor of the resolution and It will ass. Some of the republicans be- iev« this about Denfcy, and if they are put in a position where they :ompelled to say by their votes i-hethcr they believe or do not be- leve De-nfoy was "pitifully credulmis" hey will vote their conviction that le was. KEFUSE TO VOTE. On the other hand, many republi- :ans, aoid some democrats, will re- 'use to vote in favor of the resolu- :Jon in any form on the ground :hey believe in unconstitutional a» iltogethcr Irrelevant and Improper ·or the senate to, ask" the preslden ;o take'any action about a membc: of his*cabinet. * ' ··. ~ ·! An easy majority of the senati will vote against tha resolution * on* aa it contains .any languag :.hat seems to impute to Denby any of the sort of odium that attache: 0 Fall, for nobody In. Washington, believes that Denby- Is entity in till sense. In . the final outcome it Is difficult to «ee how Denby can avoid pne ot two alternatives, either rcalg nation or impeachment. THE SUGXlEiSTIOX The suggestion has been made tha f and after'there l)as been .·elimin- ated from the Senate resolution ev ery sort of-word imputing- any kind of odious gnllt to Denby, In tha event Denby might resign. It Is reaJ lied that aside from resignation, only other alternative that can snire- y quiet the public 'irilnd .will be I trial of Dcnby before a tribunal Ju dlclal' In Its -nature,'..and processes Denby-naturally would court such a tribunal.' Tha difficulty ls,Jiowever that-those who ,have- canvassed th situation cannot see any tneohanlsm supplying such » tribunal in a cos like Derib'y's. except Impeaohonent. I DeBby were a young- officer In th navy. Instead of beln* the head o It and If he should, by * simple take of judgment. caus_e the loss o few thousand dollars of govern ment property, there would auto matlcally be a board of Inquiry posed of / older officers who woul pass upon the degree of his negllc ence, but Denby being- the head o the navy there is no such trttnma to come automatically Into existence. Lacking this. Impeachment by th house- and then a trial by the ate seem to be the only way to vide a tribunal to determine the (tree of Denby's lack of care 1 "This isn't a real party." » Ir - For explained. "That'-a tomorrow nigh Going, to Invite a few friends an have a real rood time. 1 G--Taking advantage of the blinding sleetstorm and rush hour crowds to cover his escape, n thief hurled R paulotl brick through large plate glass w i n d o w jewelry store of T. X. Donnelly at SG North Dearborn street .yesterday a f t e r n o o n and f l e d loot. 'Miss Flora McFarland, a typist In an o f f i c e on the third -flooi of bulkllng across the street, became suspicious :of the man's actions and was attempting to warn tho Jewelry concern by phone whon she saw h u r l the brick. Tlio t h l e t 1,500 diamond s t u d d e d platinum bracelet and several 5 ! diamond rings. He ran through an alley alongside and escaped In ths jewelry store Clark street. MIss/McFarland told the police .she believed the t h i e f was a Negro. features were hidden by the turned up collar of a heavy overcoat and soft' hat pulled far down over his face. IRELAND PROMISES '·· PEACE TO TOURISTS Dubllr., : . Feb.. '.87--tfP)--For years past the tourist trad9'-; In Ireland ham been., at Its lowest ebb. 'that normal condition*:«f; lite- have been restored It is hoped to revive Its old prosperity and the railway companies, as'Vell ** those In control of Ireland's famous beauty

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