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bkn daily eagle jan 4 1923 p7 lisbeth - TIIE -BROOKLYN DAI IX KACiLK. 1SEW-Y015K,...
TIIE -BROOKLYN DAI IX KACiLK. 1SEW-Y015K, THURSDAY,- JANUAU-YV 4,.J)2 Ml SOCIETY Mr. Twycffort and Miss Gooding Xo Bo Married Met in Paris. A recent lJai ls engagement ot in terest Is thai of Loots Van der Per ron Twyffort, formerly of Brooklyn io Miss Frances lioodinff, daughter of lira. Mary Cook Gooding of Los An soles, Cal. The murrlage will take olaee In J,os Angolou in eurly ferj ruary, attended by members of the two Immediate famillos. Following the ceremony the couple will shortly etum to Paris where they will make their home. N Mlns Goodinff. who was educated at Barnard College mid Occidental uoi- ee-e. c:a i nriila. lias Deen iravuini. abioad two yeais. Last spring she mid Mv Tiwi-n'ort met in Paris. Mr. TwyefTort In 190) married Miss .tosenhii.e V. noilwaid Hollenback ot this citv. who died in He is a Pnivtei-lii-.li! man nnd a former mem l.m 'nf Trofin V. Durlna tlis war, for services iendrfl to the Fienoli wounded. h w me.Hn a knight of the LAcioii of TYonor. Mr. Ty!!'iit Is In th exporting busintM In Purll. Hs 18 a ninmber of (.tie irontalnebleau Qolf Club, tlio St. u'oud Country and Inter-Allied Jlub iid dirator of th American Chamber of Commerce. On Dee. 20 he arrived on tli9 Olympic with Ills daucMer. Miss Dorothy TwyefTort, nnd has been spending the holidays with his son, Louis H. Twyeffort, who is a sophomore at Princeton. Mis Denver Married to ArllHir 1.II20HC Michel. Jlrs. and Mrs. Charles S. AoUloy of fi." Brooklyn ve. have tout out an- "lonn' cmenls of the marriage of their i-ousln nnd protege, Miss Lisette Al berline Desavcr, to Arthur Ktigeno Michel on Jan. 3. The ceremony was performed at the Acklny home by the l!ev. Mullen of fct. Paul s I'. Ji. Church. , , urn. Michel is a netlve fit Antwerp, Belgium, and comes of tt family 'prominent In Belgian official circles iiii.i in the flelclan diplomatic ser- vice. She fled from Antwerp during the bombardment ami -24 hours before the German entry. . iler engagement to Mr. Michel was announced Inst .September. Mrs. Ack-ley. her cousin, also took refuge In Ibis country, and during her stay in New York met Charles Ackley of Brooklyn, who is one of Mr. Michel s friends. Mr. Michel, who has for many ears been a resident of Flatbush. living at 284 Hugby id., is head of (he technical advertising agency of A. Kugene Michel & Staff, Manhattan. .Mrs. nnd Mrs. Michel will be at home to their friends after Jan. 20 lit 51 Argyle rd. - Dance for Miss .lemiinss At Chililiousc Tomorrow Night. , Mrs. John Edward Jennings of 23 South I'ortlund ave. is giving a small dance at the Brooklyn Woman's Club tomorrow evening in honor of her daughter. .Miss Wusan Thistle .lenniniTS. who is a student at St. Mary's Hchool. I'eeksklll, will entertain her .school friends from out-of-town on this occasion. Oriental Li lii-on ami lirldgc VI Home of V.is. I. Morse. The Oriental luncheon and bridge yesterday al the home of Mrs. Ld- id 1'. Mors-. -:7 Plana St., for the benefit of the Hopewell Society (formerly the Home for Friendless Women and Children) was a very beautiful as well as a most success-I ti I oecus!on. The Far Ki'St atmosphere sug- ges-'I by Hie i-ieKisna on me m- iUiii':ll i was c;i:T:-.(l out by the rich ly einhro'uered mandarin dress coats ef the hostisys and the Chinese black ami orunge costumes of the group of well-known girls serving. 'ag-las on menus, black tahle coves with touches of orange, and sllk-iiciterns completed the harmony f Hi's bit of I he Orient transplanted in l''e interests of charity. 'i his luncheon is lo be the first of see rs to aid the Hopewell Society which is now located in its new home on (in'cs evi . Asrint'r.r; Mrs. Morse were Mrs. V. Kennedy "U'nrdner, Mrs. Lewis K. i'ilcher and Mrs. Herman Htutzer. Miss Lucille AVardner was In charge of the five Clo-Cio-Hans serv ing. They were Miss Janet 1'. Mac- Kav. Miss Alice c. tlood. Miss trice Cantwell. Miss Lisbeth Higgins, Miss Kileen Cantwell. Among those present were Mrs, neniamin Frlnoe, Mrs. Jacob Shaffer, Mrs. Frederick D. MacKay. Mrs. Thomas W. Leeniing, Mrs. Morgan, W. Daboll, Mrs. Franklyn W. Hopkins. Mrs. Melville II. Hearns, Mrs, Thomas Magner, Mrs. Frank Hniffen, Mrs. Jack Ferguson, Mrs. James O, Gill. Mrs. Stanley Tumbridge, Afrs. Walter M. Meserole, Mrs. Wilbur Oemmi, Mrs. Jumes O. Carpenter, Miss. Josephine Carpenter, Mrs. K, Gordon Taylor. Mrs. Itussell Lowe, Mrs. John Hills. Mrs. Jesse Cant well, Mrs. Addison Leavens, Mrs. Alfred ZoebiHh, Mrs. Thomas Mc Millan, Mrs. Burnett C. Collins. 4 Mis llollon's Bridge At Her Home Tuesday. Miss Helen L. Holton entertained nt bridge at her home, 230 St. James pi., on Tuesday afternoon. Anion, those present were Mrs. E. II. Hoi ton, Mrs. Samuel Henderson, Mie, Katharine Itoss. Miss Augusta Chlicli. Miss Kuth Dangler. -Mis Margaret Jacobus, Miss Harriet Greason, Mistf Josephine Greason, Miss Klizabetli Halstead,. Miss Kllza both Ilhoades. Miss Marjorie Van Kordcn, Miss Helen Krelser, Miss Celhi Adams and Miss Klizabelh Bull. ' Vow Social I'nlrndnr Of Ilrooklyii Woman's Club. The January announcements from tho Hrooklyn Woman's Club, of wliicii Mrs. John J. Schoonhovon Is president, promise an auspicious year for this active and highly representative center for social ami civic activities of Hrooklyn women. At the meeting and tea to lie held there on Monday, Jan. 8, the host- sses will be Mrs. William C. Heeclier, Mrs. George W. Cliauncey Mrs. I. Sherwood Coffin, Mrs. Thomas W. Lauderdale, Mrs. James Lancaster Morgan, Mrs. William Frothingham Smith and Mrsi Job'i van Huron Thayer. After the regu lar meeting for the music and drama departments of tiie club, of which .Miss M. Louise Mundell and Mrs. Fred Joel Smith are the chnirmen. there will be a musical program by Mine. Idelle Patterson and a reading by Ida Benfey Judd. 1 On Mondav, Jan. 10, there will nc i meeting around the firoside ut the club and Miss Jane Peterson will speak on "Modern Ideas ill Art. The hostess will be Miss Jessie Thomas Dormun, with Mrs. Holmes Van Itrunt Ditmas. Mrs. Otlo Ifeinigke, Mrs. G. Foster Smith and Mrs. Albert Ullrich assisting. A theater party will be given on Wednesday. Jan. 17, under the uispices or tide drama department. nd members of the club will altend a performance of "Loyalties" at the Gaiety Theater in Manhattan, Another interesting announcement for tiie month is that of a dance on the evening of Monila', Jan. 22, ill tiie ballroom ol the club, the pro- II be used for the educational work reeds (jf which wi philanthropic and of the club. An afternoon around the open fire on Monday, Jan. 21). will Include :n its entertainment a. review of A. S. M. Hutchinson's "This Freedom" and Dorothy Canfield's "Hough Hewn.' The meeting will be in charge of the Home and Social Delations Committee, of which Mrs. Henry Meek'-r l-i chairman, and it will be followed by an informal talk by Mrs. Frunk Day Tuttle. February's calendar will include a social evening on Monday the fith. at which Dr. Copelaild, newly elecled Senator, will be the guest of honoi. Dr. Copeland will talk on conditions in Russia, and l'oland. Miss Grue' Farrar will sing. The Dnnsnnt New Year's Day At Home of the liscs Weeks. Another of the New Year's Day the dansuhts was given by Ihe Misses lielene and irginia Weeks at their home, 778 Carroll st. About 100 guests weie present, many of them including the important fiancees of the present season. Among the guests wi re Mis. A. I Winger (Miss KiMeen Jlidgcly), Miss Kvelyn Sell oe ffer,. A. Oakley Lohrk Miss Anna Mae Hunter. Miss Hole Seolt, Miss Virginia Hani, Miss Jean Haviland, .Mr. and Mrs. Russell Benedict, Mrs. M. K. ChildH of iios-ton. Holmes Duly of Greenwich, Conn.; John Drew Snedoker 2d, Charles Heever, Norman Anderson, C. F. Anderson. Henry Littlefleld. Henry Doblln, George Hard, Kdward Kagles, William Ituprecbt: Manuel Cassoris and Thouore Thcisling, both of Manhattan. Heliport Wook-Kml Parly Chnpcroitcd by Mrs. King. One of the most interesting of the holiday week-end parties was 1liat chaperoned by Mrs. Stewart King to Ihe Wyandotte, Bellporl, L. J. Most of the guests returned to at tend Miss Frank's the dansant Monday afternoon, all of them being included in the very active younger st of the borough. Members of Ibis party included Miss Dorothy Hlakt, Miss Natalie Silslie, M'ss Audrey Silsbe, Miss Eleanor CAField. ltieh-ardson Turner, GucrlinTuttle, Kdward Austin, Kdward Kekfeldt. Arthur Hnllock. Willard Everitt and Theodore Everitt. CLASSROOM AMKXITI Eh. PRACTICAL KfilR CURLERS For Lonff or Bobbed Hair Sold at notion counters If rnur dralrr flora not carry ihem, wrile AllTONPo. fifiO BROADWAY. NffW TOKK A profrsor wafl puUins a youns rdicul Htiidont through his paccn. "Hupposing'," he began, "thore wan puiiow0rr explof-'ion and a man was Mown into tho uti. You. as the nottrest doctor, being cjilU'd in, what would yoif du ?" 'Wait for Mm to come down," was She prompt rrply. The instructor snorted a'l'ily and then barkfd: "if I raised my rfffht foot and tfave you a kick, what, in uscIch would lie brouft'ht into pl:ty?" With a steely lisht in his eyen the you up: man re tori rd : "The flexible and extensive muscles of my right arm." Los Angeles Times. SATCHEL MYSTERY UNDER INQUIRY Investigation has been slarted by detectives connected with the narcotic siiuad in an attempt to explain how a leather satchel, containing about two dozen glass vials filled with various drupes, came to be under a pile of lumber on the unused end or the Hliss st. subway stution in Lone Island City. The satchel wus found yesterday hv I'atrolinan l'eter Mollni of the Hunter's I'oint precinct, who turned it into Ids precinct, where it was turned over to the narcotic squad at Police Headquarters In Manhattan. t HII.DKK.N'S FAUTY AT McAI.I'IX. The rilue Itooin of the Hotel McAlpin. 34th st. and Droadway, Manhattan, was the scene of a very enjoyable Christmas party last Friday evenlnir for little boys and girls whose daddies are members of the Transportation Square flub of Oreiiter New York. A program of recitations and dunces was given. Miles A. Hoyt of the Brooklyn Itapld Transit Company, president of Ihe club, made the address of welcome. Walter HolllngRworth, violinist, assisted by Miss Stuinm at the piano, played various selections. Miss Kva Kalinsky rendered a number of children's songs and carols, the children .toinini in the singlin?. Recitations were given by Miss Florence Siuuergrade and Miss Kstelie Suniergrnde, as well as the grandchildren of President Hoyt. A niece of Mr. Uerkowlts performed sonic prettv classic dances, alter which lleorge .1. Young, who acted as Santa Clans, distributed the presents. ,Mr. Hoyt announced that the club would give a ladies night for its members nt Terrace Garden, 153 1-. 5Sth st., Manhattan, Monday evening, March 12. French Cannon Will Roar Welcome to Heir to Luxembourg Duchy In Europe No' Scion of Royalty Can Be Properly Born Without Artillery Accompaniment. Duchy Ha, No Gannon, oo France Meett the Emergency. KCHM I I)T C I" MK KX. Miss Jane Curren, daughter of Mrs. Ellen Curren of 1069 K. lth st., was married yesterday morning to Sitbiun Schmidt in St. Brendan's Church. The bride was attended by M'.si Ci-:iee Irene Curreu and the little dower girls were Miss Doris Scliwit tor and Miss Dorothy l.ueien Schmidt was his best mnn and tho usb .Schmidt and Cyril Sehniid brother's were Austin Schmidt. msiTss sciiooii m:i:i- I"nc need for greater school fai ili- tiis w as discussed al mo ui-inoin meeting of the Kensington Welfare Association, held lasi auKiu ai " nue C and K. 4th St.. Flatbush. Plans were discussed for the big coal urns;; meeting which is lo be held ne.; Wednesday night. Eagle Bureau, 53 Rue -Cuuibon. IS.V .lY Hll kllK. f Staff Vnrrnpmulrnt ol flic l:ifilr. i'aris. Dec. it) The French Army has lent a cannon to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in order that an heir lo the duchy, known to be coining, may be properly born. In Europe, since the invention of monarchy and firearms, trtcre has been a ceremony that must lie strictly preserved. Of course among the very lowest classes a child comes into the world without formality, lietween the 1 nlty the accompaniment of a dignl- ..... ....... luiu ins worio ih some sort of a printed or engraved announcement, broadcasted to all who limy be Interested Itnt a r..vi.l l.l,v can not be placated with anv mere paper HimourTccnient, however covered ith scrolls and heraldry. A Ijrlnce must i,- ii... .... 1 ..t , II happens that poor Luxembourg is not only neulrnl, hut ri ilitur- nsod. and that when the great event approached the little monarchy louinl Itself wllh no proper moan's of aecompunying a truly roval blrlh. Whatever advantages Luxembourg may enjoy, from her total disarmament, this .state of things could scarcely ,0 tolerated. A little heir presumptive who came into the world without the rour of cannon would feel his future gravely compromised. He could never be quite sure that he was really royal. But France has not always heen republic. It still remembers some "I H"' traditions of monarchy, and M. Muginot, the French Secretary Weeks, solved the puzzle by lending i gun and a gun crew to Luxembourg. Luxembourg may furnish the heir, but the French Itcpublie will provide tho noise. THRILLING RESCUES MADE AT TWO FIRES TrappJ by flames and smoke, a man, his wife and their four children wert rescued in spectacular fashion early today from their apartment on the top floor of a four-story brick building at 5iti Ireen wir-b st., Manhattan, by member of i he Iteseue Squad under A. Tim mas K il bride. About jao families from adjoining tenement hoimes were driven scantily clad into the snow-covered street. Those rescued from the flreenwieh st. building were: ( 'arl Kuhn, his wife Kmtlv and their children, Martha. 1; Kdward, 10; Adoplh, 0, and Walter. 8. Iietitnant, Kilbride and his men rushed to the third floor. Through the smf)ke they were barely abie to make out the roof of the two-story extension of tho burning building. Kilbride and several of his men jumped to the roof, a drop of about H feot across an area. way of about 4 feet, and then made their way through dense smoke up the fire cseape to the top floor. The six members nt the Kuhn fam- i I y , w ho were part ly overcome by smoke, were passed across the area way over to Firemen William Jl. i'. Fletcher and William Barger, who took positions at a window on tho second floor of the adjoining tenement.' The fire caused damage of $35,000. T Biiihl Homo at I..onr Reach. The Iewiff H. May Co. sold for the estate of Mary J. Cowley a plot on the southwest corner of Walnut st, and Washington blvd., Long Beach, 1. I., to Moses "Katz. who will im ; prove the property with a modern' brick homo as a permanent residence. A m m iu:o coxffiu;x( i:. A luJirliPon-confercnpft nf th. erul rommittec if n, Ti,t.-., Kree Kinilergarten Roriety Wj be held at lOmmanuel irnnP vimin.. fTarten, 131 Htoubcn st.. MvHin Willouffhby aves., oh Jan. n, Th. hostesses Of the nrtn.inn ,.rl 11 I-.,. the members of tho Kindergarten Committee, Mrs. S';imn..i hairman. Miss Alice V. vam t be the siicaifiii' nr iun ' : ' "-L-it."'niN. miss r IIS Was fill' nilllur t it iirt , with the kindergarten work at 1'ratt i Usui tin', f " Tg Customary . , Sale of China ) W'M I H THE advantage of buying SyyZ'Tl -C'M 1(1 I U M your china at Ovifigton'i , M RI is partly .xplained by tho ,'lfJ VVr''vfSi M p charm of the patterns and I r', C Vwl xU W the worth of tho maksrs, "MZZr'2& 5flL s M'Ot- W and partly by the fact that 1 J V R )J Ovington's protect your SJW -Vjfir ll ' investment by maintaining STWiiifn liUl D ft ample reserves of your ik&sSmd W 1 pattern. . lUTiST''"" U tj ' J i'l i'i'll 103-piece dinner sets are offered during Kl V IJ1 iP January at 10 to 50 discounts from W V A 4 V'lr & i ' ' ,heir original reasonable prices. f J t I THE JANUARY SALE of china and CV jl X table crystal is an occasion sane- LJ fi Jf .y ft tioned by custom and fruitful with R r 'ffcrPS f'Jim-'Hh Sdi' I values. To every hostess in town it pre- W 2 " ff- 'I itoOTAi)rti''i sents the opportunity of repleting her J h Why &ffityf J china cupboard with the finest of china i i Cl?F- v )T( "''"Sv':: and glassware, at prices which would 1 r I y"" ') 'tJ be considered normal for china of ordi- S it V v( nary stamp' Every piece is included A r inijA j t from a single cup on a refill order to f Jl A VfT lkr-N an entire service of dinner china. Tho ij fi inT'l SS MZr:, discounts for January are 10, 20&, , n MU St SO. 4058 50S. Wl IRp OVINGTON'S M' Y JlAwi "The Gift Shop of Fifth cAyenue" H n j!fir'JJ' Fifth avenue at 39th Street H Provides new recreation says prominent New Yoifc professional man "Driving the predecessors of this car (not Marmona. never gave me any pleasure, but did give me transportation ; consequently, I used them only for that purpose. But I take a real joy in driving the Marmon, and lind that it adds another form of recreation, as well as providing most convenient transportation. " V S. F. VOORHEES OUR exhaustive investigation covering ten months proved the average cost to New York owners of 1922 series Mannons, for maintenance, was $4.3., per car per month. Then wc asked every purchaser to check his own accotiut and to give us a record of money spent on his Marmotl at any other service stations. The results did not make any appreciable chpige in our figures. Xow, with the newly inaugurated Marmon Standardised Service, costs should be still lower. This super-service removes all guesswork from tar maintenance. The owner knows in advance, when his car goes in for repairs, the precise cost and the exact length of time it will be out of service. The finest form of transportation at the lowest cost per mile. CiRABIE-BERGER COMPANY', Inc. 140 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Telephone Flatbush 2800 MARMON jht 'xjorttrmtme Qar AS GOOD A NEW YEAR'S . RESOLUTION AS ANY! Resolved: That from this first week of the new year I am going to make every dollar I spend do its full duty; That I am going to give up useless worry about where and when to buy all sorts of things I need from time to time: That instead of wondering how to get what I want, I am going to save valuable time by linding out immediately; That I am going to get more satisfaction at less expense in filling the needs of everyday life than ever before; Resolved (in other words) : That I am going to follow the A-B-C Classified Ads regularly I Great January Sale l j I ' If I P9 Beginning Friday, January 5 Specials for Friday Only Prices Never So Low Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful Fur Coats and Wraps are offered in this Gigantic Clearance Sale at lowest prices ever quoted. All are incomparable bargains. Come and see what you save I Wi Offer WM S C7 K7 RPLUS GOODS 9 s Yet Quoted S llli fill ffii ffl' AfJ Jli "pi $95 $75 $85 west rnce New goods; NOT salvaged, reclaimed or reissued Sale Wi 1 Ron Daily from 8 A.H. to 6 P.IK.. Full length Cape, exquisite new model selected Hud- ton Bay Seal (best Zealand Buck Coney) our greatest special for tomorrow onf. Beautiful, new long line 45-in. Coats of selected lustrous skns, with new shirrc d co lar and raan-darin sleeves; elegantly lined and finished. Our sreutcst Imr-bu:m m;iaitlTtit 4(1 - in. lull - Hurp tmiilrl, f "rt liiMroii-. perfectly matchrtl llutl-mhi )t;iy Mtl Ow-t Xcnliutd lun-li ronrj); Infiif ritHiii- and c tiffs n f Kcnitine sKiinK. It will be held on the street and subway floors of the Wanamaker Building, corner of Eighth and Broadway-handy for quick service. -3 Great Specials Squirrel Trimmed Capes, exquisite new 50-in. models; large collar of ganuine squirrel. . . Beaver Trimmed Coats, magnificent 40-in. $10C models, elegantly lined luu Squirrel Trimmed Coats, 40, 42 and 45-in.; new models l&O The merchandise to he ofTered will be .actual I'nitcd Stales Government ftamped merchandise made up from Government materials, with a few other things added to complete the variety. Everything brand-new and perfect. No salvaged, reclaimed or reissued merchandise; no rejects. Prices lower than anywhere else, so far as we can ascer tain. With the added advantage of Wsinamalier guarantee, Wanamaker free delivery, Wanamaker servk-e and everythine; in one place no shopping around. " U. S. war surplus goods have not heen offered to the public on such a scale, in such complete variety and with such convenience and service heretofore in New York. Most articles are in large enough quantities to supply hotels, railroads, institutions, steamships, camps factories, municipalities, societies and clubs. But there are many things to interest people in every walk of life, from those engaged in manual labor to those active in sports and leisure. New V. S. Government blankets for as little as J2.!)."). The heavy wool underwear, wool socks, woo! navy gloves, aviation fur gloves, olive drab shirts,, sport sweaters, vests, heavy tan army nnd service shoem, tine black navy shoes; rainproof, fur-lined and fur-collared coats all unite seasonable-ncss with economy. The aviators' suits would be splendid these days for men working in exposed places on new buildings, ships and water fronts. The household goods are at incredible prices for exam-pit': covered cooking pots nt the price cf the cover alone. There will be intense rivalry between tiie housewife and those equipping summer camps, ships, hotels and boarding houses and boy scout organizations. New steel sanitary cots with springs at !;. 15. Think of it! Fold up to store away in the least possible space. How convenient to have one in the house for an extra guest or to put up in a room with a sick child or in the summer to put one on the piazza, roof or beach. For those who care to look beyond their noses are navy hammocks, trench shovels and mattocks for gardening (or for that matter, for removing snow and ice), hatchets eamp stoves, milk cans, mess kits, canteens, sets of knife, fork and spoon. And light weight clothing, athletic undershirts and drawers, now so popular, and duck pants, middy blouses etc., that can be bought at half the price they will cost next spring.

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