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bkn life dec 10 1921 p8 lisbeth - 8 BROOKLYN LIFE Week in Society Dances Now...
8 BROOKLYN LIFE Week in Society Dances Now Complete for "Parada of 1921" Mrs. Edwin Hicks Bigelow, chairman of "The Parada of 1921" to be given under the auspices of the Junior League of Brooklyn and the Social Service Department of the Brooklyn Hospital at the Masonic Temple, December December 14th to 17th, inclusive, with a matinee on Saturday, Saturday, announces that the dances, and special numbers are now complete and that more than a week in advance of the public sale the tickets have been subscribed to in a surprising and encouraging way by the 450 patronesses, patronesses, the hostesses and the many friends who are inter ested in the success of this entertainment. It is reported reported by Mrs. William H. Cary and Mrs. A. Clarke Bedford, who are iri charge of the sale of tickets, that the Saturday matinee is welcomed by mothers of the younger girls and boys as an opportunity for them to take their children to an attractive entertainment and that there are being arranged many luncheons and theatre theatre parties for children. The dances in which children will particularly delight are the Dance of the Kittens, the Cocktail of Flowers, the Mardi Gras, and the Fluffy Ruffles dances. There are seats on sale at $2, $1.50 and $1 for the matinee, and there will be a grab bag which will be bursting with mysterious prizes for children, at ten cents a grab. Junior League Dances ; . Miss Agnes Thompson, who has been in charge of the dances which are made up principally of members of the Junior League, reports the complete list of these dances as follows : "Greenwich Village Girls," Chaperon, Chaperon, Mrs. Charles Armstrong; Gertrude Thurston, Alice Dunne, Constance Marks, Mathilda Smith, Helen Kene, Mrs. Frederick Webster, Elizabeth Armstrong, 'Mrs. Charles M. Bull, Jr. "Milady's Bandbox:," Chaperon, Mrs. Charles M. Heminway; Agnes Callender,' Frances Tucker, Lillian Hadden, Winifred Ward, Alison Heminway, Heminway, Dorothy, Hall, Louise Goetze, Alice Durkee. "Winter "Winter Dance," Chaperon, Mrs. William B. Jourdan ; Helen Church, Maud Hadden, Ruth Euglis, Louise Callender, Natalie Jourdan. "Country Dance," Chaperon, Mrs. Morris U. Ely ; David Moffat, Chester U. Palmer, Franklin Franklin Birdsall, Caryl Sayre, Noel Armstrong, Stephen Van C. Hopkins, Edwin H. Bigelow. "Military Dance," Chaperons, Chaperons, Mrs. Samuel P. Hopkins and Miss Agnes Bigelow; Agnes Bigelow, Mrs. Chester U. Palmer, Mary Dun-nell, Dun-nell, Dun-nell, Clara Murdock, Mrs- Mrs- Jess J. Dall, Jr., Norma Werner, Emily B. Honeyman, Mrs. Chester W. Smith, Marguerite Robert; Ethel Jones. Alice Bush, Beatrice 'Hopkins, Mrs. Ward Melville, Priscil la Murdock, Lucille Lucille Wardner, Agnes W. Thompson. "The Bells of St. Mary' Chaperon, Mrs. Harold T. Graham; Mrs. William H. Baldwin.. 3rd, Mrs. Howard Smith, Helen Coffin, Mrs. Robert P. Staats, Leslie Pomeroy, Nathalie Hillis, Katherine, Burrell, Ruth Chaoman, Bremner Crafts,' ' Priscilla Bowns, Helen L. Babbott, Monica Greenwood. Under Auspices of Social Service The group of dances which is under the auspices of the Social Service Department of the Brooklyn Hospital Hospital and which has had the efficient help of Miss Helen C.'Wood, includes ; "Floral Ballet," Chaperon, Miss Florence Florence Anderson; "Rainbow Section," Marion Waters, Eula Richold, Virginia Desser, Kathryn Fahey, Marion t?i : v.iLi t.;i t , a i tm v-m v-m v-m enicr, xvauuccu dssh, jean niexanaer, norence Young, Muriel Shalet. Elida McCoy, Virginia Waters, Josephine Paine, Rita Gregory, Anna Fallon, Sarah Jane Wise, Verna Laner, Virginia Bardell; "White Section," Madalyn Euhanks, Lillian Scott, Helen Roulston, Dorothy Dorothy Draeger, Margaret Roulston, Helen Behan, Beatrice-Basil, Beatrice-Basil, Beatrice-Basil, Beatrice-Basil, Lorraine Bardell, Olive Hull, Daisy Neib-ling Neib-ling Neib-ling ; "Orange and Yellow Section," Ruth Halprine, Dorothy Wilcox, Dorothy Roulston, Ethel McDonald, Arline Metzger, Mildred Chantrell. Ruetta Chantrell, Maril Brandt, Irene Halprine. "Kittens," Chaperon, 'Mrs. Alice B. Andrews ; Evelyn Behan, Albert Griffin, Ruth Spevack, Howard Richold, Paul Fallon, Phyllis Sternbergh, Edith Morrissey, Caroline Potts, Marjorie Potts. "Cocktail of Flowers," Chaperon, Mrs. Nathan T. Beers; Virginia Fuller, Ruth Keen, Elizabeth Ship-man, Ship-man, Ship-man, MabeI Singer, Margaret Clarke, Ella Murphy, Rosemary Murphy, Anna Rogan, Estelle Best. Janet Murphy, with soloist Miss Grace Farrar. "Follies," Chaperon, Mrs. William Dobby ; Vera Dobby, Alice Monig, Olive Beebe, Vera deLodyguine, Ruth Phillips, -Martha -Martha Halvorsen, Gladys McDowell, Elizabeth Bolton, Virginia-Bodenhausen, Virginia-Bodenhausen, Virginia-Bodenhausen, Edna O'Neill, Dorothy Mishen- Mishen- f elder, Amelia Selman.,. "Mardi Gras," Chaperon, Mrs. Russel Cruikshank; Lillian ' Sharman, Frances . Jones, Margaret Covell, Elizabeth Rhoades, Evelyn Schoefer, Margaret Davenport, Florence Greenspawn, Lorraine Caldwell. "Pirates," Chaperons, Mrs. Erskine Lott and Mrs. Frederick MacKay ; Louise Lott, Janef MacKay, Esther Baldwin, Margaret 'Quinby, Louise Peters, Cornelia Cornelia Livingston, Ruth ReBhann, Lisbeth Higgins, with soloist Miss Grace Farrar. i "Fluffy Ruffles," Chaperon. Mrs. Andrew H. Mars ; Violet Mars, Helen MacDonald, Roselle Montgomery,; Edna Redmond, Marguerite War-necke, War-necke, War-necke, Virginia Varick, Elaine Leonard, Dorothy Re-nouard, Re-nouard, Re-nouard, Gladys Renouard, Carmen Schneider, with soloist soloist Mr. Reginald Webster. "Bowery Dance," Lloyd Dalzell, Oscar Wildmann, George Wulfing, Frederick Maguire, Edwin H. Bigelow, John Farrar, William Dudley, Mervin Wilson. "Bell-Hop "Bell-Hop "Bell-Hop Blues," Chaperons, Mrs. William H. Price and. Mrs. Charles L. Morse. Special Numbers of "The Parada of 1921" Some of the very attractive special numbers of "The Parada" will include a. comedy song entitled "Ma," which will be sung by Mr. Oscar Widmann, who needs no introduction to Brooklynites, especially those who have attended the Poly Prep Alumni Shows; a solo number to be sung by Mrs. Harold Graham as a feature of "The Bells of St. Mary"Dance ; a recitation by little Virginia Desser, who is four years old; a song entitled "A French Maid," to be sung by Miss Madelyn Eu-banks; Eu-banks; Eu-banks; a minuet-solo minuet-solo minuet-solo dance by Miss Lisbeth Higgins and an Oriental dance by Miss Emilie B. Honeyman. Another special number will be a topical song, "When Frances Dances with Me," by Mr. Royal Dalzell and Mr. George L. Wulfing. Floor Committee for the Yuletide Ball A group of well-known well-known well-known Brooklyn men will comprise comprise the floor committee for the Yuletide Ball which the Ways and Means Committee of the Brooklyn Free Kindergarten is to give at the Heights Casino on Tuesday Tuesday evening, December 27th. On the committee will be Mr. W. Rice Brewster, Mr. Robert Edward Blum, Mr. H. Douglas Hadden, Mr. . Briton Hadden, Mr. C. Stuart Heminway, Mr. Ford Hibbard, Mr. Henry M. Minton, Mr. Hanford M Twitchell and Mr. Kenneth Ward. Mrs. Edwin . Carrington Ward is chairman of the entertainment committee, and assisting her are Miss Helen L. Babbott, Mrs. Edward C. Blum, Mrs. I. Sherwood Sherwood Coffin, Mrs. J. Sherlock Davis. Mrs. Stanley P. Jadwin, Miss Clara L. Kimball, Mrs. Thomas L. Leem-ing, Leem-ing, Leem-ing, Mrs. Luke Vincent Lockwood, Mrs. Walter D. Munson, Mrs. Frederic B. Pratt. Mrs. Donald Ross, Miss Agnes W. Thompson, Mrs. Herbert K. Twitchell and Miss E. Frances Woodward. First Bagby Musical Morning at the Waldorf The first in this season's Series of Bagby Musical Mornings was held at the Waldorf-Astoria Waldorf-Astoria Waldorf-Astoria on Monday of this week. The grand ballroom was filled with an enthusiastic audience which included more Brooklyn subscribers than usual. Owing to Mr. Bagby's innovation innovation this season, the artists on the program were a complete surprise. They were Madame Frances Alda, Mr. Beniamino Gigli and Mr. Gutia Casini with Mr. Theodore Flint, Mr. Vito Carnevali and Mr. De Curtis acting as accompanists. Mr. Casini opened the Musical Morning with Lullaby by Schumann and Tarantelle by Popper. When Madame Alda entered for the second number on the program, Panis Angelicus (Franck). with 'cello obligato by Mr. Casini, there was much craning of necks and rising of those seated in the rear to get a good view of the well-known well-known well-known soprano. Her appearance was striking, for she wore a black silk gown with hoop-skirt hoop-skirt hoop-skirt effect in petals and a bodice with transparent black lace, short sleeves and yoke on which a long string of pearls showed effectively. Her hat of black velvet had a long black plume falling over the left shoulder. Mme. Alda was in excellent voice and, in addition to her first number, her selections included included "Vissi D'Arte" (La Tosca) by Puccini, a duet from "Le Roi D'Ys" (Lalo), sung with Mr. Gigli, and songs by Hue, Curran and Maxwell, also the barcarole barcarole from "The Tales of Hoffman," which was rendered rendered with exquisite delicacy and expression. Mr. Gigli, who seemed to amuse the audience by his boyish way of springing to the platform and then bowing rapidly and profusely in every direction, revealed again the reasons why his beautiful tenor voice has earned him the right to be called one of the leading tenors of the Metropolitan Opera Company. He sang the aria "Che Gelida Manina" (La Boheme) by Puccini and songs by Leoncavello and De Curtis with the composer, Mr. De Curtis, playing his accompaniments. He was warmly applauded and responded generously with encores. Among the Brooklyn subscribers to the series most of whom attended were, Mrs-. Mrs-. Mrs-. John Anderson, Mrs. Stephen C. Baldwin, Mrs. Audley Clarke, Mrs. Lindley Murray, Mrs. Thomas L. Leeming, Miss C. S. Cullen, Mrs.. John Thomson, Miss Theodora Bulkley, Mrs. David F. Manning, Manning, Mrs. Alfred H. Curtis, Mrs. Luther M. Werner, Mrs. Olga L. Lafrentz, Miss Marion J. Terry, Mrs. John C. Wetmore, Miss M. G. Dexter, Mrs. E. B. Van Brunt, Mrs. Harry L Jones, Mrs. C D. Jones, Mrs. W. R. Quinn, Mrs. E. W. DuBois, Mrs. Edward Luck-enbach, Luck-enbach, Luck-enbach, Mrs. James McLaren, Mrs. Hubert Dunning, Mrs. R. P. Stevens, Mrs. A. H. Reed, Mrs. Edward von Campe, Mrs. Joseph C. Hale, Miss L. M. Coleman, Mrs. H. A. Moody, Mrs. John D. Lohman, Mrs. George S. Dalzell, Mrs. Charles E. Scofield, Mrs. W. W. Walsh, Jr., Miss Anna M. Robertson, Mrs. James Hardie, Mrs. P. L. Schenck, Mrs. Robert Strobridge, Mrs. John H. Hallock, Mrs. F. C. Hill, Mrs. C. L. Schenck, Mrs. George V. Cartwright, Mrs. Joseph Pur-cell, Pur-cell, Pur-cell, Mrs. Oliver G. Carter, Mrs. Edwin P. Maynard, Miss Mary K. Ditmas, Mrs. Graham K. Mellen, Mrs. Charles Sayre,' Mrs. C. F. Adams, Mrs. Francis A. Wilson, Mrs. E. J. Haley and Mrs. Russell E. Prentiss. Second Junior Assembly at the Heights Casino The second Junior Assembly of the season will be held at the Heights Casino Thursday evening, December 22nd, and will be one of the most important of the holiday dances. The patronesses for the series include : Mrs. Thomas O. Callender, Mrs. Walter Gibb, Mrs. Frederick E. Haight, Mrs. Charles M. Heminway, Mrs. Almet F. Jenks, Mrs. William B. Jourdan, Mrs. Erskine H. Lott, Mrs. William L. Moffat, Mrs. John O. Polak and Mrs. Albert Van Wyck. On the commmittee for the Assemblies Assemblies are : Miss Louise H. Callender, Miss Helen D. Church, Miss Maud Hadden, Miss Natalie H. Jourdan, Miss Louise B. Lott, Miss Mary O. Polak, Miss Agnes W. Thompson, Mr. J. Callender Heminway, Mr. Stuart Heminway, Mr. Briton Hadden, Mr. Henry M. Minton, Mr. Henry L. O'Brien, Jr., Mr. Alexander R. Thompson and Mr. John Eliot Woolley. Tickets for the Assembly may be obtained from Mr. James C. Heminway, 200 Hicks Street. First Heights Casino Dance The first Heights Casino dance held on Friday of last week at the Heights Casino was voted a great success, and the next one, on Friday evening, December 30th, is being eagerly anticipated. Jacobs Orchestra of twenty pieces played for the dancing, and among those who attended were : Mr. and Mrs. Richardson Pratt, Mr. William C. Mumford, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William P. Earle, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Kaltenborn. Mrs. S. W. Merrihew, Mr. Everest D. Haight, Miss Elizabeth Haight, Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. McVaugh, Mr. C. D. Holt, Mr. Henry Holt, Miss Agnes Thompson, Miss Emilie B. Honeyman, Mr. James C. Heminway, Mr. C. D. Pratt, Mr. B. W. Mes-erole, Mes-erole, Mes-erole, Mr. W. T. Spalding, Mr. Dean Mathey, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Eldredge, Mr. B. D. Bromly, Miss Louise Lott, Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Downs, Mr. and Mrs. Fontaine Fox, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Walton, Miss Clara Murdock, Mr. William A. Vollmer, Miss Mary Ward, Mr. William Wilson Durant, Mr. and Mrs. William B. Owen, Jr., Miss Alice Bush, Miss Lucille Wardner, Mr. Rollin Plumb, Miss Cornelia Livingston, Mr. Alfred De Witt Mason, Mr. Christopher Roberts, Mr. David Moffat, Mr. Rodney Ward, Mr. Hugh Ward, Miss Frances Fox, Mr. and Mrs. H. Greenman Canda, Mr. Henry J. Davenport, Mr. Clinton Barker, Mr. Noel Armstrong, Miss Aline Dunne, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Buck, Mr. W. F. Moffat, Jr., Mr. Ford Hibbard, Miss Goetze, Miss Monica Greenwood, Miss Katherine Magner, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Urban Palmer and Miss Harriet Meserole. On the committee were Mr. Richardson Pratt, chairman; Miss Helen L. Babbott, Mr. and Mrs. A. Wallace Chauncey, Miss Mabel Coutts, Miss Beatrice Hopkins, Miss Mary Polak, Mr. A. Reynolds Bishop, Mr. Richard S. Maynard, Mr. William C. Mumford, Jr., Mr. Chester Urban Palmer and Mr. Gilbert H. Thirkield. Dr. and Mrs. Pomeroy's At Home This Saturday Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Hayward Pomeroy, Miss Leslie Weltha Pomeroy and Miss Lachlan will be "At Home" this Saturday, December 10th, from four until seven at 93 Remsen Street. B. H. S. Club to Give Christmas Play The December Meeting of the Brooklyn Heights Seminary Club will take the form of a little play and a group of Christmas Tableaux to be held at Memorial Memorial Hall, Y. W. C. A., 376 Schermerhorn Street, at three o'clock on Monday afternoon, December nineteenth. nineteenth. The play to be given at this meeting, which is under the direction of Mrs. William H. Baldwin, 3d, is "Ye Olden Days," and the cast includes Mrs. Allen Wellington Shelton, Miss Gertrude Van Brunt, Miss Cornelia Gracie Henshaw and Miss Gertrude Trail..

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