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bkn life dec 26 1925 p8  lisbeth - 8 BROOKLYN LIFE Society in Brooklyn THE JOYOUS...
8 BROOKLYN LIFE Society in Brooklyn THE JOYOUS SPIRIT of the holiday season was in full sway at the Heights Casino last Tuesday evening as the Junior Assembly was danced to the music of Meyer Davis's f ourteen-piece ourteen-piece ourteen-piece orchestra, while Christmas greens, red bunting and a large Christmas tree hung with red balls provided the proper atmosphere. It was a delightful party and not the least of it was an innovation, introduced for the first time, of serving what almost amounted to a: seated supper in a screened off portion at the find of the ballroom. Such was the praise for this novel arrangement arrangement that it might well delight the patronesses and committee committee in charge. The gowns of the debutantes and post debutantes were all lovely and of every color of the rainbow. Miss Constance Constance Boody's gown was a deep shade of blue draped with fringe ; Miss Alice Stringham and Miss Dorothy Waterman, Waterman, both attractive blondes, were in black velvet ; Miss Stringham's gown fashioned with a deep lace bertha ; Miss Katherine Ross was in Chartreuse green ; Miss Mary Frances Johnson in an orchid chiffon frock finely pleated ; Miss Elizabeth Stebbins in cloth of gold ; Miss Lisbeth Higgins and Miss Janet MacKay, both in bouffant bouffant taffeta, the one in rose and the other in white. Such was the varied array of gowns. The patronesses who received were: Mrs. William C. Greenwood, Mrs. Stanley P. Jadwin, Mrs. Frederick D. MacKay, Mrs. Charles A. Boody, Mrs. William H. Good and Mrs. Ira B. Downs. Among those dancing were: The Misses Priscilla v Bowns, Katherine Burnham, Beatrice and Eileen Cant-; Cant-; Cant-; well, Agnes' Callender, Katherine Magner, Emilie B. Honeyman, Adele Entz, Miriam Smith, Betty Beardsley, i Alexandra Downs, Virginia Gibbs, Cornelia Wyckoff, Violet and Gladys Mars, Carlys Peabody, Alice Cameron Braislin, Barbara Bailey, Marguerite Wilkinson, Margaret Quinby, Alice Campbell Good, Anna Mae Hunter, Del-phis Del-phis Del-phis B. King, Priscilla Paine, Regina Kiely, Elizabeth - Reeve Greenwood, Elizabeth and Charlotte Deyer,1 Louise Merritt, Cornelia Livingston, Winifred Howill, Josephine Greason. Elizabeth Halsted, Gladys Talmage, Louise Tal-mage, Tal-mage, Tal-mage, Elizabeth Rhoades, ArvilkrHammitt, Virginia E. ; Fuller, Adelaide Robertson, Margaret Grout, Geraldine Swimm, Elizabeth Quinby, Peggy Wildes, Dorothy Jackson, Jackson, Mary Cabaud, Muriel Elise Slocovich, Martha Hal--lock, Hal--lock, Hal--lock, Hal--lock, Audrey and Natalie Silsbe, Mr. and Mrs. De Hart Bergen, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John Van Pelt Lassoe, Mr. and Mrs. A. Oakley Lohrke, Mr. and. Mrs. Norman Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Higgins. The Messrs. Norman Hilborn, William M. Calder, Jr., R. Inslee Clark, Marcus Kahn, Paul Bernard, Otto Schreiber, George J. Screiber, Jr., Arthur W. Ericsson, Charles J. McDermott, Jr., Robert P. Thomas, William J. Kent, Jr., Edward G. Sperry, Arthur Harrison, William William Gahagan, Jere Collins, Felix Campbell Good, Lendon Snedeker, Philip Colton, Frederic Ward, Lewis W. Francis, Jr., J. Vaughn Kasschau, Lyman Burnham, ; Theodore Fitz Randolph, Roy B. Fitz Randolph, Lee Boynton, Theodore Barnes Entz, Jr., John Schermerhorn, John Corsa, Treadwell Berg, David Gray, John Chapman Chapman Francis, Rowland L. Field, Edward L. Winslow, John H. Livingston, Jr., Henry Ehlers, Jeremiah Clarke, John W. Drye, Jr., Russell Harding, Charles B. Hester, Howard Moore, J. Halsted Brown, John K. Birch, Raymond Raymond R. Fiero, Finley B. Krause, Hollis K. Thayef, Clinton Schelling, Verdi E. B. Fuller, Jr., Marvin Laid- Laid- :.law, Edwin Wahl, Edward Gray, Reginald N. Webster, Gordon Braislin, John F. Cannon, Leonard B. Leeming, Thomas L. Leeming, Frank Blewer, James Scar ff , John Williams, Jr., George B. Jackson, Bruce S. Lachlan, Town-send Town-send Town-send Coleman, William Horwill, John Whitney, H. Chandlee Turner, Kenneth Ward, Robinson Estey, Charles K. Mount, William Swaney, John Lefferts, John Lott, John MacKay, Coverly Fischer, Ferdinand Wyckoff. A DEBUT OF PARTICULAR INTEREST was that of Miss Alice Cameron Braislin, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William C Braislin, of Clinton Avenue, who made her initial how at a tea dance Thursday afternoon at the' Brooklyn 'Woman's Club.- Club.- Receiving with Mrs.-Braislin Mrs.-Braislin Mrs.-Braislin and Miss Braislin were Mrs. J, Linton Thompson,, Thompson,, Mrs. Frank Bailey and Miss Barbara Bailey and Mrs. Henry Cameron Eldert. Among the guests were: The Misses Barbara Bailey, Elizabeth Baldwin, Elizabeth Beardsley, Frances Berrian, Eleanor Brook,. Constance Boody, Elizabeth Bull, Beatrice Cantwell, Eileen Cantwell, Carolyn Chipman,' Alexandra Downs, Elizabeth Deyer, Charlotte Deyer, Katherine DuBois, Adele Entz, Virginia Fuller, Elinor Folger, Josephine Josephine Greason, Elizabeth Greenwood, Elizabeth Garvin, Alice Good, Margaret Grout, Doris Hoyt, Arvilla Ham-mitt, Ham-mitt, Ham-mitt, Elizabeth Halstead, Alice Hibborn, Janet Hinchman, Winifred Horwill, Alice Hannah, Martha Hallock, Lisbeth Lisbeth Higgins, Dorothy Jackson, Margaret Jacobus, Lothian Kerr, Delphis King, Reginia Kiely, Janet Mills, Gwendolyn Miller, Katherine Magner, Lesta Morse, Ruth Moak, Janet Mackay, Priscilla Paine, Helen Pendreigh, Carlys Peabody, Margaret Quinby, Katherine Ross, Elizabeth Rhoades, Adelaide Robertson, Constance Sier-ing, Sier-ing, Sier-ing, Grace Shuttleworth, Margaret Snedeker, Muriel Slocovich, Slocovich, Eugenia Sellenings, Florence Sellenings, Natalie Silsbe, ' Audrey Silsbe, Alice Stringham, Geraldine Swimm, Miriam Smith,. Virginia Varick, Glover Van Cott, Dorothy Waterman, Peggy Wildes, Marguerite Wilkinson, Robert Burdick, J, Halsted Brown, Frank Bailey, William B, Benton, Guion Bull, Mr. and Mrs Ganson Baldwin, Lee Boynton, Kellogg Brumley, Lambert Lambert Barrows, Gilbert Becker, John Birch, Francis Bedell, Frank Blewer, Robert Bergen, Jeremiah Clarke, Inslec Clark, Arthur Cherouney, William M. Calder, Jr., Edward Edward Cornehlson, Jere Collins, Theodore B. Entz, Jr., Arthur Ericsson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cameron Eldert, Edward M. Fuller, Donald Fraser, Rowland Field, MISS BARBARA BAILEY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bailey, for whom . a dance is being given on Saturday afternoon at the Brooklyn Woman's : Club." " Coverly Fischer, Campbell Good, Frederick Guerney, Richard Richard Guerney, Edward Gray, Shearman G. Gue, William Gahagan, Robert Henry, Jr., Norman C. Hilborn, Herbert Herbert Hilborn, Peter Hamilton, Richard Hannah, Richard Richard Hibbard. .:" Charles Baker Hester, Arthur J. : Harrison, ' John ' Humpstone, Gerard Hallock, William Horwill, George Halsey Hunt, Remsen Johnson,' John Jackson, Stockwell Jadwin, William Kitchell, Gilbert Kitching, Charles Lewis, Everitt Lewis, Edward Lyons, Jr., John Lefferts, Richard Love, Allan Leverich, Charles E. Mackay, John Maben,' Francis McKee, Roswell L Nichols, Arthur Newcomb, Kenyon Parsons, Melvin Herschel Parsons, Charles Putnam, . Ogden Pleissner, Harrington Putnam, Frederick Paine, Richards Perkins, Donald Ross, Stewart Stewart Richards, Louis Ruckgaber, Lendon Snedeker, Robert Siering, Philip Sayres, Edward Sperry, ' James Scarff, Charles Sheldon, Robinson Shillaber, Austen Tomes, Thomas S. Taylor,- Taylor,- H. Chandlee Turner, Jr., John 'Thatcher, Kenaston Twitchelir Hart" Van Vleck," Peter Warbasse,' John Whitney, Travis Whitney, Richard Wrigley, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H: Wilkinson, Langdon Wyman,' Robert Warren, Ford Warren, John Williams, Jr.; Reginald Webster. , ' IVf ISS ' CLELIA E. ADAMS will entertain at din-ner din-ner din-ner before the Yule-tide Yule-tide Yule-tide Ball on Monday; Her guests will be the Misses Margaret Jacobus, Barbara Dixon, Martha Hallock and "Arthur Cherouney, Franklin Franklin Parsons Adams, Hobart Betts and R.' Preston Hazel-wood. Hazel-wood. Hazel-wood. jf ISS MIRIAM SMITH will also be one of the many f A ' hostesses for dinner before the Yuletide Ball. Her guests will be Mr. and Mrs. Truman Post, Miss Violet Mars, Miss Janet MacKay, William Ryalls, Leo Mortonson and Captain .Rumbough. A NOTHER. DINNER HOSTESS before the Yule-f Yule-f Yule-f tide Ball will be Miss Emilie Honeyman, of 106 Eighth Avenue, who will have, as her guests the Misses Lenora and Mary Brodhead, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Honeyman, Jr., Frederick Ralph Crane, H. Ranald Chamr bers, Jr., and William Brodhead.' . T AST. , SUNDAY EVENING Miss Emilie B. Lj Honeyman entertained at supper at her home, 106 Eighth Avenue, in honor of Miss Helen Hostetter of Pittsburgh, whose engagement to Mr. Fowler Staniford. formerly of Brooklyn and now of Ridgewood, was recently announced. Her other guests were Miss Priscilla Priscilla Hall of Pittsburgh, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Honeyman, Honeyman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Honeyman, Jr., Robert Burdick and Prince Gialma Odescalchi of Rome. MRS. ROBERT B. HONEYMAN, Jr., will give a bridge for Miss Emilie Honeyman at her home, 956 Fifth Avenue, Marihattan, on January 13th. M RS. WILLIAM THOMAS LYONS will give a tea on Sunday afternoon, January 3rd, to meet Miss Alice Bennett who is the fiancee of Mr. George Mallory Pynchon, Jr., from 4 until 7 o'clock at 58 Willow Street. HE MISSES NESMITH and Miss Esther Hunter Nesmith will be at home on Tuesday, January. 5th, from 4 until 7 o'clock at 256 Henry Street M R. AND MRS. A. OAKLEY LOHRKE entertained : the following euests last Sunday afternoon at their home, . 196 Clinton Avenue : Miss Janet F. MacKay, Miss Elizabeth R. Greenwood, Miss Louise Merritt, Miss Cornelia D. Livingst6n, Miss Mildred Hegeman, Miss Katherine Jtenwick, Mr. and Mrs. Courtney N. Aten, Mr. and Mrs. De Hart Bergen, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Norman Anderson, and Coverly Fischer, Gordon Braislin, John Ingersoll, William Calder, Jr., Wilson Hewitt, John Livingston, Gordon Merritt, Otto Schreiber, Dr. George Schreiber, and Captain Cole. lyflSS MARGARET GROUT, daughter of Mr. and 11 Mrs. Paul Grout, of 150 Willow Street, was formally formally presented to society at a delightful luncheon at Pierre's, Manhattan, on Tuesday of this week. The guests were: the Misses Constance Boody, Charlotte Deyer, Sally Watson, of Manhattan ; Elizabeth Pjullman, : of Bridgeport, Conn. J Virginia E. Fuller, Eileen Cantwell, Cantwell, Winifred Horwill, Elizabeth Greenwood, Marjory; L. Weld, of Manhattan ; Barbara Bailey, Alice Cameron Braislin, Ruth Greason, Miriam Snyder, Helen Pen- Pen- dreigh, Priscilla Paine, Elizabeth Quinby, Gladys Mars, Anna Kieley, Janet MacKay, Emilie' B. Honeyman, June Hess, of Manhattan; Helen Roosen, of Manhattan; Violet Mars, Georgia Kennedy, Katherine Magner, Frances Frances Kennedy, Carlys Peabody, Lelia Morgan, Lois Thayer, Louise Talmage, Alice Hanna, Rosa Mitchell of Manhattan Manhattan ; Margaret Ogden, of Elizabeth, N. J. ; Adrienne Bancker, Elizabeth Deyer, Dorothy Lathrop, Gladys Talmage, Talmage, Beatrice Cantwell, Lisbeth Higgins, Regina Kiely, Elizabeth Rhoades, Delphis King, Alice Stringham, Margaret Margaret Quinby, Elizabeth Halsted, Josephine Greason, Adelaide S. Robertson, Adele. Entz, Ruth McBarron, Isobel Buckley, Alice Bennett, Anne Barbey Lewis, of Manhattan ; Elizabeth Fish, Louise Little, Frances Duncan, Duncan, Arvilla Hammitt, Mrs. ' Arthur Barker, Mrs. Franklyn E. Burke, Jr., Mrs. Stewell Phillips, Mrs. Edward Edward T. Horwill, Mrs." John C. Grout, Mrs. Charles A. Boody, Mrs. Mortimer D Bryant, Mrs. Seymour K. Fuller," Mrs. John Sloane Keegan and Mr. and Mrs. Paul " Grout," " " ' ' v AT ISS ELIZABETH RHOADES returned last Mon- Mon- day from Fort ' Washington, where she had been, visiting her cousin, Miss Margaret Craig, since ..Thanksgiving.; ..Thanksgiving.; Many parties were given for her, among them a luncheon and bridge by Mrs. Thomas Gay, Jr., of Chestnut Hill. There was also a dinner -and-dance -and-dance -and-dance -and-dance given in her honor at the Marion Cricket Club. Miss Rhoades made her debut last year, and is one.ot the most popular girls in Brooklyn.' "

Clipped from Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society26 Dec 1925, SatPage 8

Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society (Brooklyn, New York)26 Dec 1925, SatPage 8
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