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 - gniurcrai GEO. Gr. Elyria, Wednesday, July 21,...
gniurcrai GEO. Gr. Elyria, Wednesday, July 21, 1^69. Union Republican Ticket. (ELECTIONOCTOCEK 12m,p.i CO.) Fo Governor, KUTIIEUFOKD B. UAYES. 1-V lieutenant Governor, JOI1X C. JJEK. Fo Judge of Supreme Courts LUT11KK PAY. Fo Treasurer of State, SIDNEY quot;S. Fo Attorney General, KJIANK 1!. 1'OSD. Board or I*ilb. Works, J{IC1IA1(1 gt; A. rORTEU. CJeneral' IVcws Items. Gold--closcd ou Monday at The wool crop of ifahoning county for 1S6S was 3S5,9G7 pounds. Alnhouing coiinty has 5,571 dogs; and they killed last year 42S sheep, Valued at $1,120, and injured -iSti others the amount of $789. : Wool in Carrol] 43 to 46??? tbc highest price yet quoted hi Ohio. Belraont has 3,207 dogs, who destroyed shoep last year to the value of $3,815. The wool crop of Belmont county for 18G8 was 695,208 pounds. Wool crop of Muskingtim. in. the year 1SGS, 657,630 pounds. iluskingum has 2,64-1 dogs, who killed in tho year ending :May I860, 926 sheep, valued at $2,005. On Tuesdf-y night lightning struck a cabin occupied hy aboutfifteeu German emigrants, n mile and a half Irom Grand Plain Station, Nebraska,killing one demolishing tho building. A terrible tornado has swept over Lexiugton, Missouri, razing houses and destroying :i great amount of property but, as far as has been learned, no lives have been lost. It was a delicate compliment to the victorious ISTine of the Queen City, for the ladies of the Quaker City to wear rod stockings, during the stay of the Cinciunatis in Philadelphia. Anna Dickenson has been spending ft low weeks among the M-ormons. Anna wants to sec what manner of men these- are, who are capable of managing more than one woman. Strong doubts tire expressed ris to whether llosecmns will accept the nomiiHipn on the Democratic ticket- Ho was tendered such a nomination in California, and refused it with n left- handed blessing. The youth of Chicago are tempestuous. The other day, n small boy killed his playmate with a jack-knife, then ran and hid under a barn from those sent to arrest him, and came out only after pistols had been brought into use. The Masonic Lodge room, corner Bleeckcr street and Bowery, Xe\v York, was broken quot;into on Monday night. Tho safe was blown open, and all the jewels and other valuable property, amounting to several thousand dollars stolen. quot;After many days quot;it transpired that the ''carpet-bag' quot; governor elect of Virginia was not elected by fifty thousand majority, cor forty, thirty, or even National Banks Denounced. ; Tho Democracy have opened ??rtnrar,o cxlcrininfUiou on the National ^Banking system, ciml demn;nd.iMiriinedjnie;,re- How do the h??rd;fl?ieil quot; juniors [???aiHl'Yvo'i.-king inen, who rcinenibcr the old systutn of State banking nwl-mo'ndy .shaving-, like (his ????-??? -Hero is'tlre -resolution that constitutes one plank in- the platform adopted by the Columbus : licsolcal, That we deutnmce! tional bunking system as one ot'the worst outgrowths of the bonded debt, in-that if unnecessarily iricrenses the burden of the pepple thirty .millions of dollars annually, anil we demand its iin- 'mcdiate 'repeal. This commits every- Democrat vylio supports the ticket to tlienneondilioiml repeal Of tho present excellent banking system. Jlow do you like it? need- riot 'point 'out. tho. advantages to the people and to the nation, of the 2Ji??V tional Banks. Every man who receives a dollar in national bank money knows of a positive certainty tliat'lie ca'iijlay it by for any length of time and it perfectly good. lie shave. butters nothing by the failure of, the bank, and it is good in any State of the Union. But with all its safeguards and conveniences, the Democracy demand its repeal, and the restoration of the old free bank and wildcat system I. How do yon like it? ??????????????? ^ ??-*??? ??? ??? ^~??? t.-t ???. i Nc-,v Party. Jfominati'oiis. The new temperance parly, held a Slate. Convention, at Manslicld, on Wednesday last, and nominated tho following ticket: For Governor, J. E. Tngcrsoll, of Cleveland. . quot;For Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Wadsworlh, of Cin- ??????.???innati. Po.r.Sl.nte Tre.isnrtr, Thomas Kdmnndsnn, of Clark county. For Attorney GeueraljJ. A. Sunimers,'ot'Sum- tnit county. For Board of Public 'Works, Li. B.. Silver, of Columbiaua county. JTo nomination was made for Supreme Judge. quot; ??? Perhaps the delegates selected the best material they had for their candidates, but one would naturally expect they would place- at the head of their ticket, if possible, some person 'of known character and standing in the State. Mr, Ingerspll represents three professionSjWithont being much known in either, lie took the degree of A. M. in the ObcrlinTheologicar School, then studied .medicine, and graduated from the Cleveland Medical College, and finally settled down in the practice of Great Reaper Trial at Loulavillc. The great trial of Reaper* niicl lilowj s, which commenced lit Louisville, crs, KjV About tiiii-iy ^machines nnd after n thorough trial, quot;the onUie Sfljti:ijjt, :IiUid/f??ijJ?? - first prize, n gold _worthj.;_!|]fif^ 'aw'afded to???the Dodge Uarventcr, as the best combined. HefcpoiNftiKT-lfower quot;. and self raker. The was the closest contest ever iiKiJc on this cpntiiicut, aiid'Hho foil 'of (lie coniniitteo was rhade ???the most thorough ilcstsVuiid; after week, nomintt tod Asa Packer for GOT-? and the -ihier-i^guineut ;iised^b.y vhis fy of thc: conveiitioiij was, that. kit ':ln-' one-halfa million ; lt;|bllars^ pcr^nuin, and lhaiiievwoiild, quot;!!' nominatod,;hancl. '' Uo.ii.oJ the: work as., it, progressed, ;and of tho'grouiid afterward:, Wo believe it gener.'illy'ineats NvHlrfiivpr.-;1 '??? quot;:', This is Hie niaclii no for H liich TJessrs. BalJwiiiJjauiulbii ifo'Nclson are Agents, tvml of th'ey are selling large numbers,': with sal is fn'etory results. :Six thousand have been mnnu.'actnrcd for the present hnrves.t.v, The, draught it requirtfsijs light, -iand- the machine- is veiy casji on both driver and team.; A writor: who wi iu essed, tbe trihi says. ??? quot;Wo saw very heaviest ;of Wet odged grain cut and deposited in gar- els without choking or clogging, and laid straight and even at the butts. quot; The fact that this machine took -the first prize among so many competitors ivill still further recommend quot;it! to .hose in wnnt'of a reaper and mower. Legislative Extravagance. In the face and eyes of the notorious fact that tbc late. Democratic Legisla- ni-e was the most wasteful of the peo- ???le's money of any that preceded t, the Democratic State Convention coolly ???-??? ??? quot; quot;??? quot; quot; ; Resolved, That we hereby return our thanks to tlio late Assembly sand dollars, to iiolpafong the canvass I t:6''We^??nWcific?f^ only adoptjtitplatform which is silentH on taxing quot; :;tlio- Bondholders, but: they iiomin-ite l,ho /heaviest j bondholder in the State, because ho has money to- devote to the cause. 7. l7 7 7;;;/; The: Qhicrjpeniocracy rrialto'the qnc??- tion of taxing bonds the plank in their platform, nnd denounce: nil who will not aid tliemiti their crusade against the plighted ???fuith;;or the nation. Will some one engage in the. task of defining: what modern Democracy is 1 In Ohio the Democracy denounce the bondholders, and in Pennsylvania the samo Democracy nominate quot;.the chief among'ton thousand, quot; and laud him because he / gt;n bondholder. Oh; the harmonious Democracy. : : ; , r. ?????? '7 '..??'??. quot;** .77: quot;.. ??? Confessing- their Krorr. The Copperhead quot;; Democracy have quot; finally acknowledged -their great in opposing the war, 'and have come over.iu a body to the confessional stool, where they arc'now on their bended knees shedding big (Mrs of repentance and their bodies consu rued or Injured. '' ~ :FiiiB : is rl'CJM^iiii'iJiiK-T-Th'o-, JoniiBdn1 istreetSwing/oKthe !:NewrEngland hotel, Cleveland, was consumed by flre? early jlast BniidByiindi'hing.v^ThOvloga^g es- Mii??.;4 gt;i:a:iiiT??^ini-nnrt7S!??S: quot;a?'!-!!t:Al quot;:: 'I '??? quot;'.. from Black '???. Bi veiytouching at Vermi l- lioii and Huron, on the 24th inet. She will leave Black River at 7 A. Jt., aiiid tui-u^tyreenFS.^^^..^^...^ the;sainc. day? ^nirvrl)i;?nfford^atii onr citizens an opportunity to visit the Islands and enjoy a delightful ride on the lake. Fare for the rouiid trip Diily All aboardli '??? ';..^ : quot;..-?????': '..'?????????':. ''???'{'??? ??????.''???, quot;. quot;'V': quot; quot;-1 for their cxpcndiliircs in twenty thousand. The official count gives his majority at seventeen thousand five hnndred. Jesse AV. Scott, Esq., one of the earliest and most useful citizens of the Mauiuee Valley, proposes to donate to the laboring -people of Toledo between live and six hundred acres of laud, lying near tho city, worth over 5200 per acre. A report is current that a few nights ago the pastor of a leading church in Nashville, brutally beat his daughter, a young lady grown, with a cowhide and was caused to desist by a couple of gentlemen who were attarcted to the house by her screams. A young man by the name of Thomas Brauigan, nntil within two years a resident of Sharon, Medina, county, who not only sustained a good character at home, but served faithfully in the army, is now under sentence of death ??? to be shot on the 26th inst., for murder, in Utah territory. The latest news from the scene of the frightful disaster on the Eric railway is that eighteen persons suffered in consequence. Kine of these were slowly tortured to death by the flames while their companions, powerles.s to rcsctic them, were obliged to see them die in terrible agony. Tho list r.of the killed and ???wounded is given. A strip of land,thirtyby two hundred feet, and covered with trees, -is gradually sinking from the surface of the) earth, one mile south of Fort Way ne, Ind. The supposed cause is asserted to be an underground lake or river wearing the earth away. It creates much interest among the citzens. \'. Some:victim of a diseased imagination down South has been directed by a supernatural voice to a mysterious stone, thrown up by a- convulsion of the earth, on which it is written in eni- : gmatical hieroglyphics that the year 1870 will see 'the last of earth. . The fact is chisfly important to the politi-' cians who are looking forward to the division or the spoils in .1872, and to George Francis Train and Chief Justice ChaeCj who are'' equally of being the Presidential candidates at. t thai time. ': quot; quot; : Mrs. :B. A. Ormsbce, a widow living en East High street, just west of Green Mount Cemetery. Springfield, O., was shot dead by a burglar, at 'half-past 4 o'clock July .2.4, in 'trend day light, she felling dead by the window. ball passed into her left br'ehst and into her lungs. The murderer was seen by a boy ??? a son of the murdered woman ??? from a window of ths house. -He was short, thickt-set, and wore a No. 5 boot Great excitement prevails, and eVery possible effort is being made to: ferret out and catch the scoundrel. liiw.1 If he proves himself to b'ca gbod: temperance man, 'as we do not doubt he' is, he is certainly good at something, though we fear he will not be elected to succeed Governor Jlayes. He has on several occasions been an unsuccessful candidate for Prosccntiag Attorney in Cuyahoga count}'. AVho the nominee for Attorney General i=, is a mystery to the Bur .of Lorain, as they know of no such man ns Sumner, conuected with Summit county Bar. We: fear tlfeir ticket is a weak one for ?o good a cause, and have concluded we cannot support it. ??? ??? ?????????????????? ?????? ??? c* ????????? ??? ???????????? The Coiisistciit(?) Cciiiocracyi At the recent elcction'in Virginia, the the administration- of the State Gtrvern- ment. quot; . This was done purely and solely to cover tip the damaging record that the. Legislature left, of their unprecedented extravagance. Look at a few facts : The record shpvvs that C. B. Flood, Clerk of the Senate, and editor of the Ohio Statesman, drew pay during two years, (or fifteen h-fmdred and seveniy- six days, work, being eight hundred and forty-five more days than there are in the two years, Sundays and all. The record also shows -that -Amos LymaiV, Clerk of the House, drew pay for 1,301 days during the two. years, being 571 days more than there are in the two years. The amount ho received was Democracy, quot;pure and un defiled, quot; supported the Fifteenth Amendment, and unanimously voted for a which contains a clause forever establishing negro suffrage, aud the political equality of all. men. At their recent convention in Ohio the Democracy, also quot;pure. -and unde- filecl, quot; unanimously adopted a platform of principles which rejects and denounces both the amendment and political equality, and at tho time nominated for Governor a man who is ia favor of both these principles ! Per-, haps some old line Lorain Democrat, will undertake to tell: in the year, of grace, 1869, what modern Democracy really amounts to. '$5,905. From' whibh it appears that these two able-bodied men have together drawn pay during the two years of 1868 and 9, for three thousand hundred anil 'tight' day*. What He'fcii- lean labor they must have accomplished. How do the voters of Lorain like this kind of economy which the Democratic State convention thinks worthy of special thanks, in its platform tor their folly* We have always re-, garded the great onus of the Democratic pni-ty as honest, ;but misled men, and have looked forward(wHh 'confidence to the tinie -when they wouUV repent ! and come over to the position maintained. by the Republicans during the war. ;They have changed about sooner than we expected, which, after all, is more to their credit. They have begun their repentant career in a manner that shows their earnestness and sincerity. By their nomination of Hosccrans, who was so 'heartily desirous of hanging them 'for their treasonable opposition to the war, they have: signified their; deep contrition for past acts, nud ; hope through -his intercession to receive. full absolntipn. ??? Their nomination Of J. M; .Co.iincll is auolher evidence of coutri- tion,.and an acknoA'ledgmenti that all the hard things he wrote' about them, while he was in the ser.vico/wcre true AUDITOR ACCOUNTS.- ??? The Constitititotitilisi refers to the matter of overdrafts, by the .lale:::.Couu.tyt Auditor, SI; Galliip, and suggests that quot; it would be well for the public to suspend judgment quot; until ??nch time as the matter is tested in the: courts. It will not be improper to state that the largest portion !atEuropean menagerie*. ; The first, the jdetiilset which are as foJl,oir??, occurred at Orloiins, Pmuce, i ??hort time since: ThjB?1*if??|of the proprietor of the mcn- (igt'i'io-happened to pats n lion's cage, .beari??g,ltar,iulantr flve moiithBiOli), In her arms vrhcu the animal commenced ah attack u pon lw)r. He caugh t hold of her gcywh *itli (Hie paw, and as the wo- niati' turned suddenly round, snatched with the other the child out of her arm* and dragged it within the Cage. The poor mother lillnct the air with her cries, nud even, strnggled to disengage the infant from the gt;w?? of the beast, but^ll in vaiii; and when aseii^iiico arrived the child had becii aTrettdy hhlf devoured.'::' Tho7Other case to which we; refei- took place in, the English village of: UiraOfora, recbhtlyr.; ^ WMe ^ ??i performer was going through ariiexliibitionr '' hb was attacked^By- the H6hcs??, who seized him by the leit arm, aud shonldcr,; dragged him do'wh'n^tl' tried to get mi his throat, but at thUJun^Wre the! mftle lion flew at hi?? coihpaniqn-Ji'.t'oc'ic lt;' quot;cr off the man, and the lions begnii' one with the other; The rose to his feet, and, although: his cou^ '???wai'torn and quot; blood' flowing from the wound,* lie 'the 'animals perform tho part assigned them l 7\ ???''??? ???''.??? ??? ?????? ????? ???????? ????????? ??? ;??? -7i A Plain Question Auswcrcd. A gentleman well known in political circles writes from one of the leading cities of Ohio, asking this question : been quot;Why is it so many Irishmen, natur- coinnieiiced, consists of salary increased fi1y,DeP1^.??? sentiment as _ gt; Stolen. EltOH'the pasture ??*the ral??crilier,on or alwut the middle of .Juiw, ??? food si??xl, red, tvru- ywold hcl amp;r. WhoeTor.-wIll giro iutormation .of her wkuMbouto.-wUl b?? llberjlly rewarded. ''???'???:'????????? quot;??????'???f. '.':???'??? ''*??? ~**, JOSBHI W. FITCII. Shefflcld IjJce, Jul jr IStti, 180*. 886*8w WESTERN NORMAL ItESEEVE SCHOOL. nrUIE TERMS of the Western ReserveNorm??l i Scliiwlfor lhccn??nlng Ve??r, will commence Mi follow! Tho Pall term, Twmhy, Anriisl 17th, 18r/??. lny, S lt;iv. , ^ The WlnKr l??nn , Iftth, 18B??. March 1st. jtayaUe in , The SpringlaiB.(l)RD) Tucsaay, March 1st. Tuition, ciilit dolUn iKrterw, jtayaUe in lloarcl lu gowl (tmiHvs can be li.iil ??t from ta r to per week. luxnm wtlli covk ??,!., gt;???: i,,-. nMied; can be had forwlf l lt;o??nMnK. '' For further Information retpcctior toe Kheol or ft,r CaUU-jne^^ quot;n,^-,^ Mil??B,0.,J??llyBth,lSW. 8??8.Bw image serial: 8265642 image serial: 8265642

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