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Wills Point 1886 - I i M f WILLS POINT The Proud Littlo Commercial...
I i M f WILLS POINT The Proud Littlo Commercial City of tins Famous and Rich County of Van Zandt What Iko Soil WIU Yield nnd How Nn tare Has trovlded Tlint Crops Shall Not Full A Uianco Into Inn Huslnes House of lh Men Who nro lltilldlng Up the Fnme lit County nnil City Spools Correspondence or ttio Gazctto Wliifl 1OINT Tkx Iub 20 The name ol Van Zandt la ouo which brings tho flush ol pride to the brow of every Texan and tho county Which has tho houor ol bearing his illustrious name has acknowledged its allcglnnco to Texas both as a republic and a state It IS not tho purpose ot tho writer at prefent however lo give nn historical picturo of Van Zandt county but simply a brief outline of its many advantages as an agricultural county It Is located on the divide between Sabine Sabine and Trinity rivers Riving It drain ago unsurpassed an advantage possessed by few of its ulster counties and which tho homoseeker knows tho value of A large number of watercourses have their fountainheads In Van Zandt and are about equally divided In their choice of outlet between the rivers above mentioned mentioned It is bounded on tho north by Hunt on the east by Wood on tho south by Henderson and on tho west by Kauf man county is traversed from east to west by tho Texas Laclllc railroad its principal principal distributing depot Wills lolut be the of ing on lino said ICO miles west ot Shrovcport Ia ami seventy seven miles east of Kort Worth With an area of 810 square miles about onethird of which Is gently rolling prairie Van Zandt possesses peculiar and pronounced odvnntages BUlllclenily abundant to tempt a native to the manor born from tho very heurt of the bluo glass regions ot Kentucky Its sylvn and tlora nro inviting beyond com paro to tho lover of all that Is beautiful and lovely in nature Tho prairie soli Is of a black snndy lonm from one to two feet deoi and set upon n substratum of clay decidedly rich nnd productive ami easily cultivated bolngaltogether freo from that tight closo waxy and intolerable sticking sticking tendency of tho lauds further west while the timbered lauds are still mure sandybnt equally productive being much of tho nature ot alluvium In tho southeast southeast portion of tho county Is a plat of lands remarkably rich aud productive and from its adaptation lo tho growth of tho fleecy staple and the peculiar silky cast and length ot Its Hut is known as croam level Tho prairie na well as a large portion of tho woodlands Is finely adapted to stockfarming on account of their excel lent grazing easy access to abundant sweet living water and natural protec tion against thu norther which is so destructive to cattle further west Tho woodlands are studded with a heavy giowth ol post onk red oak hickory hickory ash walnut blackjack blttor pecan cottonwood gum pine and other varieties varieties of timber The United States census census foresty bureau for 1880 accredited Tan Zandt county with 20000000 feet board mcasUro of plnus mltus short loavcdplne Tho cereals average bettor hero than In most portions of tho statu lly way ot parenthesis tho writer bogs to stalo right hero that ho is endeavoring to maku a lair and Impartial statement In regard to tho natural advantages of Van Zundt county with no intention of detracting from othor portions of tho grand old rouo Star state tho Information recorded In this letter having boon gathered fruin lellablo sources can be fully vorlfled Wheat yields 1G to 30 bushels poraciuj Indian corn 26 to 40 barley 40 up oats 40 to 100 With Improved methods of farmlug these figures could bo increased iO percent Cotton yields from onethird to flvo eighths bale per ncro on a fair average results net depending so much ou tho quality of tho lauds ns tho care observed In cultivation More than a bale to the ncro baa been raised Irish potatoes pioditco 100 bushels to thu acre tho peculiar adaptation of tho lond requiring very little care for their abundant production Sweot potatoes average 200 bushels per acre lumpklus Hquashos molluns etc are at homo hare attaining to enormous slre of tho llnest llavor and quality Molasses from tho ribbon cane gives from i 80 to ilBO gallons poracro Millet produces Iron U to tons per acre nnd nil itiu grasses do well and all Imvo those rich sweut succulent succulent qualities fouud only In favored localities NlueteutliH ot the couuty Is adapted to idrmlng purposes Tho rich red land Is to bo found lu tho eastern portion of tue vouqtyi tho gray loamy soil in thu south iirn portion tho black land In tho northern northern and tho mellow alluviums ulong all tho water courses which nro very numerous numerous From their vory nature all these lands uro comparatively easy to cultivate and capable dl tho very highest state of cultivation lruit culture is yet In Its Infaucy lu Van Zundt but sntllclcntly tested lo lu dlcato Its wonderful adaptation to that profitable ami delightful occupation Mr A W Itlluy of Wills lolut showed the writer last fall apples fully equal to tho famous lieu Davis In 11 tvor ami color and much larger In site which wcro produced from a young orclinid In tho southern part of tho couuty Qrapos crow largo In she rich In ilavar uud profuse In oory Way doslrablo to nmko that class ot fins tuimlry profitable This Is tho natural homo of tho strawberry aud tho same mlcht bo said truthfully of nil tho small trulW Good water can bo obtained by dlgglug Irom twenty to lorty foot In any part of tho couuty aud artesian wolla can bo suuk at small expense Tha population of tho couuty Is 17000 and shows mi Increase of 07 per cent Since 1870 Taxablu valuations In tho same llmo nro represented by tho difference difference between 9005628 and 811670287 Tho rainfall is bo uniform about forty inches that a failure ot crops Is seldom known Unimproved pralrlo lauds ratigo from 2 to 5 per aero nnd bottom lauds from 85 to 20 Lauds can be rented from 280 to 5 Thu school imprests of tho county will compote favorably with any other aud nro in thu hands ot elllolent olllcers who push thorn vigorously and xoalously In fact tho schools ana ohurches aro far abovu the average In nupibor quality membership and attendance and convont unco They aro the pride and boast pf Tut Kftp ttst Methodist Chrisllau and OM School MHl Cumberland Iroabyte rhuht iavi > comfortable houses of worship 4Mutth i tt church 1h nearly every liMKwHo di ivMt > u > nie two or more fn point I itttelUxonco culture relluq uw i and M the coiistU ilciaoulsot good citizenship Van Zandt has no supe rior In tho stalo There arc no bickerings or jealousies no contentiont no strife Tho pcoplo nro straightforward Industri ous and hospitable withal and all who aro seeking now homes in tho great Southwest will be amply repaid by a personal personal Inspection ot tho county Tho coun ty has no debt levying a tax ol only 32 cents on tho one hundred dollars Thu cllmato Is delightful tho mean tempera ture In summer being about 823 and lu winter 43 Kahr the advantage ot lis natural drainage making ono of tho health lost localities to be found anywhoro In summing up the readers attention is called to tho fact again that this Is no faucy sketch gotten up to deceive tho unwary unwary but a simple statement ot factstho half of which have not been told Tho wheels of progress In Van Zandt have been clogged to somo extent by tho In nuondocs and slurs cast upon It by Jealous Jealous rivals On account of a littlo trouble which took place between opposing factious factious somo years ago and this unfortunate unfortunate affair has been harped upon by Interested Interested parties elsewhere who bad nothing lint mercenary motives to subserve and hellish spleen to vent Hut these troubles have nil passed away and aro oven tor gotten by some who were familiar with thorn at thu time There Is not a moro qulot lawabiding lawupholding God fearing pcoplo wlthlu tho borders of tho state of Texas thau are tri be found right hero In Van Zandt county Tnlto It nil In all Van anIt Is about the host poor mans county In ttiu siato a peculiar Combination Combination of clreuiiistano having always i m blmd lo keep tlio prlro of n largo ponton of her productive land uovrn remarkably low Tcr roll Star Commenting on tho above briefly It might bo said that Cincinnati had a litor u fow years ago that was not only a disgrace disgrace to Ohio but to civilization Hut everything Is quiet there now property Is safe i society Is restored to Its former equilibrium fence reigns and ull Is forgotten forgotten Van Zandt county bad no riot nor anything anything approaching to It but simply a misunderstanding misunderstanding ou a question ot a local nature which wns sought to bo settled by force ot arm Instead of au appeal to tho courts Hut the hot blood cooled better counsi 1 prcvnllid the mattor has all been settled by thu courts and settled forever Theie Is no lawlessness here Tho past Is forgotten llrothcily love rolling supremo Kdgowood aud Grand Saline aro two small stations on tho rnllioad and Canton Canton thirteen miles southeast of Wills lolut Is the county seat It Is a town Of about 400 luliabltauts has several stores two good hotels and olio newspaper newspaper tho TexttiiTelophono edited and published by Mr Ed Foster It Is a weekly sixcolumn folio ami wo aro Informed Informed has a good circulation wills roiNT tho principal receiving and distributing depot tho largest town In Van Zandt county Is tho creation of tho Texas laclllc rvllrond It is located on the divide divide between thu Sabine und Trinity and Is tho highest point between Marshall und 1ort Worth Tho town Is beautifully beautifully situated en tho edge of thu pralrlo and has a population of ubout 1200 eslmuted on the ratio of increase since the last census Tho major part of tho business is transacted transacted In good substantial brick buildings buildings It is not a town of mushroom growth peculiar to many rnllroaf towns but since It was llrst laid out It has had a steady healthy growth and from tho natural advantages ot Its location will at no distant day bo tho most Important city between Dallas and Bbrevuport It Is not only In tho centorof ono ot tho llnest agrl cnltufil districts to bo found anywhere but thu lar o amount of hard woods so near It will evidently make It n manufacturing manufacturing town in thu near futuro Tho residences aro mostly neat cot tageHwlth grounds tastefully laid out aud adorned with llowers and shrubbory In fact thoro are evidences of taste culturo and refinement to bo seen on every hand Tho peoplo are hospitable cordial and courteouswltuont ostentation or bigotry Without fear or contradiction It may bo said that Wills lolnt Is ono of tho healthiest towns lu tho Southwest there being only seven deaths recorded In elgh teen mouths U Is Incorporated and kept In good sanitary condttlonand qulot and peaceable at all times especially on Sunday when you can scarcely hear a plonk walk or guuip drop copyright secured secured and all joking aside Is a vory desirable desirable place to live 1lvo religious bodies hold Son ices regularly regularly vlt Methodist llaptlst Chris tlan and Old School and Cumberland Iresbyterlan There nro threo Sunday hcIiooIh all Well attended and In nour ishing condition Tho Presbyterian and Methodist congregation worship In their own churches Tho Christians have bought n lot nnd have almost enough money subsctlbed to erect a building und as tho teaching of tliW pooplo Is becom IngVknown tholr membership Is rapidly Increasing Much interest Is manifested lu religious matters here by all believers In Christianity and thoy work unanimously unanimously together without respect to doctrines doctrines creeds schisms or dogmas The schools aro of tho bunt to bo found 1rot Cowlcs principal of tho high school Is an educator of tho llrst rank Iliiln practical experienced forcible yet gontlo und klndheaited ho commands commands the love and respect of his pupils and tho esteem ot the people Wills lolnt has sixtysix busluess houses ns followsi Drigoods and groceries groceries fi groceries 3 bakeries and con fcetlonerios 2 drug stores 3 saloons 4 bankers 2 hotels 3 lumberyards 6 livery livery stables 2 lawyers it lauudrlts 1 milliners milliners 1 lostaurants 2 newspapers 1 physicians I shoo shops ltindoi takers I wagonmakers and blacksmith 3 hardware hardware dealer 1 tin shop 1 cotton yards 2 painters 2 turbors 2 crUtou gins 2 grist mills 2 express olllces 2 dentist I Jewoers 2 contractors and builders 2 notaries public 2 Total GO Thoro is also a nice largo opotahouo with good stugo scenery and al the necessary uelonglngs It would bo Impossible In any reasonable reasonable space to mention all tho business houses lu detail but only tho more pub Uospjritcd and whom your correspondent Interviewed without any offense of course to tho others Wo bcglu with MKSSUH KBAMIY t MfUKSNKY lawyers aud luud tigtnis btcaute they are at thu head ot our list These gou tlemou need nc Introduction tor thoy have had a ronldenco of llfteon years They practice In ull tho court ot tho Seventh judicial district In the state and federal courts and tholr oxtonslve law practice throughout the state tcs titles to tho contlrtence thoy are held In aud to the value placed ou tholr services They buy and soil real uatato and personal proporty ou commission i havo a complete abstract of tliles to all tho lands In Van Zaudt aud will furnish abstracts prompt ly at low rates They have about seventy flvo thousand acres of improved aud raw land for Sale ou easy terms Also 000 head of stock horses 100 mules 100 work and saddle horses 100 beet steers and 1000 stock cattle They havo correspondents correspondents throughout tho state aud can furnish Information to clients from any polul on all matters pertaining o their business Tho7 havo associated with them an experienced h nd mau who will take plcasuro in showing prospective purchaser auy ot their JAnds aud thoy TUB GAZETTE PORT WllTH TEXAS SUNDAY EEBflUAIlY 21 solicit correspondence Across tho hall from their olllce is the 1UKKI0 1IOUSK of Capt John K Owens where wo aro greeted by the suave and polite cashier Mr Hob Howell who Informs us that they do a general exchange and collection business Capt Owens is perhaps one of thu besthosted men on finances and financiering In tho state thorough sound and practical practical lie Is net a great talker but when ho speaks it counts A highminded conscientious publicspirited citizen ho Is nnq of whom any community may well bo proud Any business Intrusted to his keeping will receive careful prompt and expeditious attention Kecrosslng the hail we knock at tho corner room door and enter tho olllce ot MKHSKS KlldOIIK KIlfiOIIK father and son attorneys and counselors counselors at law Col C It Kllgoro is one of the oldest and most favorably known lawyers in tho state and his brilliant attainments attainments as n criminal lawyer and a stntcsman havo won for him a name and a fnme which are not confined to the statu ot Texas largo as It is Ho Is n member of the present statu senate and president pro tern of that body and will bo for tho next two years Sladc 11 Kll goro Ksq tho junior membor of the firm though quite a young man has recently recently been admitted to practice in the state and federal courts aud Is a rising young lawyer of great promise Thoy nro both courteous and polished gentlemen They practice in nil the tours do a general general commercial and collecting business furnish abstracts of titles and pay taxes for nonresidents Mr It M Lively of Canton tho county sent Is also a membor of tho llrmuiul It has Its arrangements so systematically and methodically planned that business can bo transacted rapid y promptly and correctly All correspondence correspondence on any subject pertaining to their llnoof busiiiiss will bo carefully and conscientiously conscientiously attended to Ileforcleav ing tho Jones building wo return to the head of thu stairs and enter the olllce of TUB WILLS IOtNT ClUtONlCLH Yantls Strong publishers with It K Vaults Esq In tho sanctum Mr Yan tls who is nlso a young limb of tho law has but recently ussoclatud himself himself with Mr Strong In tho newspaper business and is nn editor of less than six months giowth yet tho Chronicle is nl rcady making Itself felt In the land Ed Strong Is a young man of sterling qualities qualities not afraid of hard work who has a push and vim that Is sure to bring success and prosperity and possessing those qualities of head and heart that will always always Insure him n warm corner In tho hearts of nil with whom ho may como In contact Wo sincerely wish him all tho good things of this life that nn honest gciiorousbeuricd pureminded man can enjoy for he Is worthy Tho Chronicle Is a neat wellprinted paper with n circulation circulation ot 1000 and a credit to the town and county Tho job department Is supplied supplied with many of tho latest faces of typo and wo havo seen some work recently recently turned out of tho olllce that would do credit to any jirlntlnghouse nnd wo claim to bo a judge ot such work Wishing tho most abundant success to tho Chronicle wo wend our way to tho siONTronr iiouer for dinner Mine host Muj J V Mont fort Is just such a lnndloid us every tired hungry weary traveler loves to meet Ho Is a bom landlord nnd Is ever on tho qnl vivo to make his guests comfortable and at home His tables aio always groaning under tho edibles and good things of this life speaking gastronomlcally and they are served In ii manner best calculated to suit the taste of tho most fastidious Tho waiters aro all politeness and attention and need no tipping to make thorn attend attend to their duties Tho rooms are all handsomely carpeted and scrupulously clenu Tho Montfort Is a quiet pleasant hostelry and tho churges nro very low for tho accommodations tur nlshed Dinner over wo stroll into JOHN CIIKATIIAMH barbershop for a shave and find him active aud ready us evor to wult on customers He Is nn artist In his line and always pleased to meet his old friends nnd pntrous Itefreshed and buoyant wo still pursue our way up Commerce street and And snugly ensconscd In his now nnd pleusant quarters Air D Will iams tho in Untie shoeuuiKcr hard at work trying to keep up with his big list of orders for ho Is a tlrstclnss workman aud ono that all lovers of comfortable neattitling footgear appreciate As It Is our custom to smokonfter dinnerwo stop into tho ST 1IIIIKN next door and receive greeting from Uncle Henry Jones who chats pleas autly wnlle Mr Johnny Spires shakes up for us ouo ot his Incomparable lemon ados Now lemonade Is our weakness mid If thuro Is anything we cun fully appreciate appreciate It Is a good lumonndo Johnny can make them For the blbulously Inclined Inclined thu St Julten keeps a full stock of liquors wines and malt beverages and Us managers aro always happy to serve their customers lint remembering that our friend Mr A W Itlluy keeps u KlItSTCLASS lAMIIV CIHOCUltV uoxt dour right on tho comer and belug anxious to got some dots pertaining to this letter he being an old citizen and an oxedltor we llnd him hard at work with his handsome clerk Jimmy Ashton opening new g ods Meantime wo devote devote n spare moment to tho Inspection p his stock but find it t > o largo to attempt toenuimruto Mr ltlloy is ouo of the oldest and best citizens of Van Zandt county and has published newspaper both hero and at Canton Ho Is a model citizen and ono ol thoso candid pleasant pleasant truthloving men that bring forth admiration admiration and command attention Ho hn a good trado and will always have It while ho remains In business Hut we have not received our noon mall and turulug up lifth Micet wo enter THIS 1OSTOmCK whero we Und our elllclont accommodat ing Iostmastor Weaver and his equally polite assistant Urueo Crow sortlni out mall fur this i a distributing olllce Issuing Issuing money orders and handling stamps While waiting for Mr Weaver to cash us n 7000 postolllco order ho informs ns that tho business of tho olllce Is steadily Increasing Del are It Is forgotten we would beg to remind our citizens who have habit of mailing their loiters on tho train that our posmaster gets a percent percent tor every stamt canceled In his of fice nnd It Is our duty to mall letters In the otllco H possible 1ockctlng our collatttal wo step In noxt door to purchase somo confectioneries for the children aud It ml QKOHOK llllVNOUJS looking ns pleased and happy as n young girl who has just received tho llrst letter f mm her sweetheart Goorgo Is struggling struggling with a mustache but ho docs not let that Interfere with his business and he keeps a full line ot fancy caudles nuts and frntts ot every description always nico frfsh nnd tempting but hearing noise and bolng hungry for au Item wo step Into the next door kept by Mil W I BA1HK11 and Und Gobs the cxpresmnan deliver ing u big ordor ot the phlncst phattcst phreshest kind of phlsh Mr Sadler In addition to his regular grocery business makes specialty ot game ilsh fresh tiults vegetables poultry eggs butter etc nnd he licops tho best to be had to soil at the lowest figures But that j > ost oQlcc scene reminds us that It would be best to step Into WILLS MUST HAKK in tho brick building and make a deposit Hoio we And tho cashier Mr J M J < y brand and his assistant Mr J V Grendy all smiles for they well know when a newspaper reporter comes n It means business This bank receives deposits makes collections collections and does a general banking business business Mr Ly brand the cashier is one of our best and most cnterprlslngcitlzcns and deservedly popular But why tarry Our cigar has burned out and Eddy Crow tho handsome and accommodating clerk In 3 V UKKAIir i CO H liUVOfiTORr beckons us to tho show case and after presenting us with a bunch of pure Havana Havana Informs us that since tho big holiday holiday run tho house has becu constantly replenishing its already large stock of drugs paints oils books stationery perfumes c and that they will In future as lu tho past endeavor to please all In quality and prldo and wo believe It for liberal enterprising business men always do It But n cigar always did remind remind us that a lemonade or light scup pcrnong would bo next In order und right In tho next door wo find Mil llOIl WILLIAMS who has recently purchased the Interest of Mr McDonald and while wo sip th < delightful scup ho Is telling us that ho will remodel tho house from stem to stern and after the carpenters painters frcscocrs and paperhangers get through it will look like a new place This house always did prldo itself on keeping none but the test nnd Its reputation will io e nothing In tho hands of Mr Williams He culls especial attention to his lino old Whiskies brandies and wines so valuablo and Indispensable In cases of slcknessand to smokers his stock of foreign and domestic domestic clunrs offers all thoy cau possibly dcslro Heluctantly wo depait for Mr Williams Is a clevergentleman and a good citizen Nevertheless business suggests that wo move up and right next door wo find tho TONB01UAI rtKLOIl of lioverly Ware than whom a better barber never put a razor to a mans face lioverly has been shaving us seven or eight yenis aud wo know whereof wo speak While waiting for a seafoam lioverly tolls us ho has ordered new furniture furniture n now carpet another chair and will refit his cozy littlo shop completely Customers will always llnd Heerlyou deck and up to nil tlio latest wrinkles In Iho tonsorlal art But our chronomotcr has run down aud as Mil M I CLOPTOV thu watchmaker and jeweler is just next door woll stop lu and whowucei a great big showcase crammed full of brand now rings pins brooches watches spectacles spectacles otc aud while he winds and sets our watch Brother Cloptou says ho will bo satisfied with a very Binall margin on all his beautiful goods und that ho has goods thut would make very suitable presonts for ladles gentlemen nnd chil dren After ho has presented us wlthn heavy plain gold ring and a largo diamond shhtstud with profuse thanks we take our leave to llnd oursclf next lu tho house of MK8SR8 A Jf A A 11 ALF0IIU dealers in hardware and machlnoryfurni ture tliwurc wagons and wagonware smooth and barbed wire guns pistols crockery queenswnro glasswnroeartheu ware and woodonwaio They also keep In stock n complete us6ortmeut of tho justly celebrated Charter Oak stoves Messrs Russell and Shade Simmons were both on hand as usual and working like beavers waiting on customers Tho Mctsrs Alford do a flourishing business Capt A N Alford tho senior member ot tho Arm Is mayor ot Wills 1olnt nnd he is tho right man In tho right plaeo But here is our young friend Juke ManIc just stepped In to buy a new cleaver so we will go with him Into tho MKAT MAIIKKT of Mr V W AIcLcod nhd see him wield It Hero Is beef mutton pork venison Wild turkey and everything so neatly arranged arranged but Jacob says ho Is just going out to kill so wo ordor ouo of Air AIc Lcods best rigs and ho has somo line turnouts from his stables a little further down tho street nnd accept Jukos polite invitation to go along and seo how It Is done Tho team In brought up and Mr Alao requests thut wo drlvo by tho harness and saddlery shop of Mil 0 II lllttCK to havo a sllaht alteration made In tho tlcgnnt double sot of harness just purchased purchased tho day before Air Bruce with his handsbmu assistant Henry Collier soon havo everything righted for they understand tholr business While wait ing a glanco into tho shop Is Hiilllclcnt to convince us that tho stock Is complete and just ns Air Bruce whispered yes and at the lowest prices it iiosi ran out of his confectionery und ft ull stand on the corner and yelled as we drove rapidly a ways Nuts fur do latees und gundocs fur do babies und dot grab appll elder also But yondor goes Jake and wo must follow Dear reader did you over try to keep up with a butchers wngou Well If you didnt wo would advlso yon not to try utile you havo got a nittllntr good team but wo bud It for Air Molood dont keep any othor Mud and Wo got there To make it long story short within just cloven minutes after tho steer was driven Into tho slnughtorhouso Jake had killed dressed quartered and placed U into tho wagon Knot wo timed hlnj Returning wo pulled up in front of dkav linos on the coiner of Fltih whore we started from and on cutotlng mot Air Heury Dian who said Wo nro selling dry goods groceries farming implements ami everything needed by tho farmer at rjnnaiKahly low prices for ca > h cattlo ami country produce generally Wo think It much bolter boih tor us and for our customers to allow them a fair cash price for tholr cuttle and produce and then soil thorn supplies at thu lowest cash prices than to sell them on tlmo aud take mortgages on their cattlo crops und other personal property for when goods aronoldou tlmo 10 or 12 per cent must bo added ns interest on the inouey Invested Invested j besides 20 or 80 per cent adtl tlonal must bo added to cover Iosjcs ou collections and to pay attorneys tecs which Is a necossary expense resulting from tho credit system Wo havo adopted this plsn and we guarantee tho lowest prices for our goods and will pay fair cash pilccs for stock Wo will nmko It to tho Interest ot the people to trado with us and we lnvlio the public to call and get onr prices And wo bellow bellow Mr Denn means just what ho says Waving our Jeweled hand to Air Tom Camp whom wo saw buy at hi desk and exohnuglna greetings with Messrs Sim Vlorcuce Win Wllbon luru Rob crtbou and Jlmmlo Dean clerks we did not seo tho other seven we now run across to tho KXCLtSlVK onocisnv HOUSK ot Mr J M Heard whero wo find a full llnoof both staple and fancy groceries aud roauy specialties hard to find elsewhere elsewhere Jlmmlo llamm his polite clerk showed us through Mr Heard although in business here but a short time has made many friends both lu business and social circles aud he has evidently come to stay tor ho has recently married a most elegant and accomplished lady and settled co41y down In ft snug little cottage In the souhcostern part of Oio city As we depart we meet onr clover young friend W II WTKXK KSQ attorney and counselor at law and notary notary public and as he nshcra us Into bis handsomo olllce In tho operahouse block wo feel relieved as we sit down In one of bis soft chairs Air Wynne dcs a general general law business makes collections furnishes abstracts acknowledges deeds and other legal lcstrumcutsand practices when the tee will justify He Is a native Texan and any busluess lutrusted to him will receive the best and most accu rate attention In the adjoining room we Und his brother Dr T I Wynne IIKSTAL SCnOEOV and while seated In his elegant dental chair Whites best make we Jearn a lesson lesson in the olvcola process molars bicuspids bicuspids by jingo no taint that we thought it was that though tho first tlmo wo heard It Wo found the doctor fully equipped with all the best and roost Improved Improved machinery and Instruments for doing dental work and very reasonable In his charges During this brief talk sny three minutes thu doctor extracted thirteen back jaw teeth so painlessly nnd skilfully that there was not even a break In the conversation On going downstairs downstairs wo mot nn w w niivKS one ot our best nnd most skillful physicians physicians and surgeons We had not spoken two words till ho soldi Vcs sir put mo down for fifty I like this spirit of enterprise It shows tho world that wo aro a live pcoplo aud aro not ashamed to let them know It When we shook hands with the doctor at parting he Intimated Intimated that wo had broken three of his lingers and dislocated two more nnd while ho ran up stairs to attend to them we sauntered leisurely down to tho MAMMOTH DIlY 00018 BMIOIIIUU Ol Tl W IIOSK We said mammoth because it is a mam Tho building Is a 1 irgo twostory brick double front and upper and lower stories are used To give an Idea ot their Immense business wo might state that they havo handled nearly four thousand bale of cotton this season or about half that was brought to this market Air Roso Is a shrewd business mau as well as an enterprising citizen Ho keeps buyers In tho largo Kastcrn cities ull the tlmo to watch tho market and take advantage of bankrupt sale when wholesale houses fall and goods are sac tillced at less than hull their llrst cost This enables htm to sell goods very low of course His stock consists of everything in the dry goods nnd clothing and ladlesand gouts furnishing furnishing lino which it would bo useless to try to enumerate for he Is receiving somethltg new every day His clerks Messrs Tom Pay ton George Childress aud Sloan Haines are very clever and polite By tho way Air Bob Felton formerly of tho llrm ofJG Human Co has accepted tho position of bookkeeper bookkeeper for this house nnd will bo glad to see his many friends After receiving a present of an ulster und a plug hat wo tako our leave and meet Mil j w rULIKIt ono of the largest property owners In Wills Point aud ono of tho leading citizens citizens of tho couuty Ho listens kindly and like the enterprising citizen that ho Is says Xet her go But it Is now tlmo for another lemonade and to the AliRAIlK on the south sldo of the sqiiaro wo go with rapid strides Hero Capt Stateler kindly greets us and comracuces cutting lemons for ho knows our weakness While wultlng wo engage in pleasant conversation conversation with Air Fred Bowlden who shows us a very line brand of old Ale Brayor Just received and tells us of tho full stock of everything a thirsty man can wish for and here as ut all tho other places of amusement in tho city is an elegant billiard table whore lovers of the gumo cau pass an hour pleasantly Tlmos up though and remembering nn engagement engagement with Mil T J IIAMM tho popular grocoryman on tho Bouth side we stop a lew doors further west nnd llnd him busy a usual for be has many customers as he deserves to havo There Is not a cleverer or moro whole souled or moro generoushearted man In or out ot tho state His stock Is full and complete aud fresh too for ho cant keep goods long He has a line lot of seed potatoes and fresh garden seeds and It is not necessary to say ho sells every thing ut tho very lowest prices for every body knows that A fow steps further brings us to tho house ot MKSSllS T Z W00UIIO178K It CO dealers In general merchandise and plantation supplies At the threshold we aio met by the popular and goodlooking Billy Rice who conducts us through a labyrinth of goods of all kinds such ns are kept In llrstclass establishments nnd wo llnully land li tho olllce Hero wo llnd Capt Woodhouso and Air Gllberd Thoy tell us they havo several valuablo farms for sale among tho most desirable of which aro 112 acres sixteen miles west of Wills Point nnd sixty acres of which is under cultivation Also llfi acres seven miles west of Wills Point sixty acres of which is under fence and in good state of cultivation Also 100 acres threo miles west of Wills Point ou the Cedar Grove road ll under fence nnd about onehalt under cultivation Also lllty acres seven miles west from Wills Point ou road fiom Cedar Grove to Ter rell fifteen acres under fenco and cultivation cultivation All these farm have good resi dences ontbuildlngs and other Improvements Improvements These areall very desirable farms and will bo sold very low Wilte for further particulars It is only a stones throw and while wo aro so near well just step over to tho largo doublo brick on tho next corner to the HAiiius housi Whore more than once we have reposed our weary limbs on a downy feather bed Air Jus A Harris tho gonial proprietor we llnd In tho olllco and knowing us to bo on a general tour ot inspection ho is ready for us This was formerly known as the Cleveland house and every drum mer whoso good fortuuo over allowed him to visit Will Point knows the hleh standard of excellence which has been maintained for It Air Harris eudeavors to p ease all as patrons of tho house will freely testify Ho prides himself on know ing how to keep hotel and leaves nothlne undone to make his house llrstclass in every particular After a pleasant sojourn wo now retrace our steps to Filth street aud there In tho operahouse block llnd tho old and wellknown llrm of we iiioMfsoxA mkinmy i 0 n rM J < tof groceries cloth h h 8 shoesbnt w by try to enumer ate rbelr stock is too largo and this space is too limited This llrm has don0 busluess hero for the past soven years and there Is not a house lu Texas that has orhilt r handl n ln tb0 commercial world or more lu ly enjoys tho conn donee ot the people But mo flies a tho reporter waxeth hungry Tho of WB Jybrand Co Is just next door tln wK ° t0 fll l hustle anil busl f ness Messrs Dawson aud Bruce nro too busy to think much less talk Air pt8l llCDt 0I th0 Wills 1oint bank referred to elsewhere ono of our most hardworking andpubllcsplritcd cTu usaud CDjovlngthu fullest conudeSco and esteem ot his fellowcitlzensu But Mrtns on To SS2SSnS tor the How many terrible aches ones root bcadl haa and wlat uircrln is caused by Uiwo headaches Relief may be had from Nervous Neuralgic or Btck Headacho by the use of AVYrtrYo Which Is notn curenil but Headache Neuralgia Ilhcumattmi Sciatica and Oout No proprietary medicine has over obtained such etroag endorecment from the Ianleal proftKslon FOU BALK B7 AIL Dnt7CODST8 Pmprlek3KT8 A A MFtt IFR Hoi Pmprlek TOP Tuesday MY KOXST WORTH Under Iho Efficient Dlroollon ipxall Oxolaoisttx tl SOLOIhtS Mrs V K Terry Me nr V T Maglnn Mlsa Jlcllo McCoy accompan Kennedy Sire K A OltANi ClIOUUx eompoacd of almost diligently rehearsing for Iwo BcasoheM 111 slop Admission toAII Parts of tho House 50o adieu to the business men ot Wills Point sincerely thanking them for favors and courtcMcs shown Before closing however your humble servant begs additional space to make his best bow aud to acknowledge his most lasting obligations to Atnj 11 A Blanks one of natures noblemen Air A W Rlloy Uncle Hick Felton Air T E Strong and lust but not least by any means Ailss Lul b Alontfort for valuable valuable assistance ln gathering collating and arranging the matter for this letter Also on tbo part ot tho citizens of tho town and county to extend to Tiik Ga zktti their warmest thanks for Its generosity generosity ln sacrificing so much of Its valuable valuable space to give It publication With best wishes Quikn Sauk lliicklcnH Arnica Snlvo The best salve in tho world for cuts brulSes sores ulcers salt rheum lover sores tetter chapped hands chilblains corns nnd all skin eruptions and positively positively cures piles or no pay required It Is guaranteed to givo perfect satisfaction or money refunded Price 25 cents per box 1or sale by II W Williams Comm Comm Dablman Bros tailoring establishment establishment surpasses anything of tho kind ln tho state mt < Mrxlcnn MiaepIIordi rs KIIIi1 SUiTA Pic N AI Feb 20 News has been received horo from Ia Junta of tho killing of eight Alcxican sheepherders Klght of Solomon Lunas sheepherders had a tight with a band of Apaches on the Little Colorado river lu Arizona which resulted in the killing ot all of the former Alaj Atormos came In from La Junta last night nnd stated that two possces had gouo In pursuit of tbo murderers murderers The Mexicans are inclined to believe believe that tho klldug was not done by the Apaches but by cowboys Tho feeling between the cowboys and shtcphcrders has been very bitter ot lute owing to the disputes over grazlnggrounds No wellregulated household should bo without a bottle of Angostura Bitters the worldrenowned appetizer and invlg orator Beware of counterfeits Ask your grocer or druggist lor the genuine article manufactured by Dr J G B Slegert Sons Dablman Bros orders nro ready for spring The Kiimnua llrnntltTny rrnnchlnc NKW Voric Feb SO The report Unit two of Iho iildcrmon of 1831 who voted In favor of granting the Ilroadnav railway franchise had confessed tho whole plot by wdlch tho Ilroad way Surface ltillroid company had scmrcd tho consent of tlio common courcfl brmigi tout an uniiiutlly large ttomiancont the continuation of the hearing beforo thusonatocomrat too to day Threo of tho aldermen Cleary McQuaic and tarley ivero also nrosent Aide man r nlgrlff wa < nlso thcro When Chairman Low called tho cimmltteo lo ordor Mr Conkllng called Henry IV Mliittcr depntv cigenntat arms to tlio cuinmltloc as tlio first wltnua Ha testified nn to scivlnir subpoenas on several partlov Tno witness said ho had pent HO eral days lit thu Lanrcl hou Lakewond N J ilnilng tho past two weeks While thcrn he jaw John Keenan and Aldcnnau DoLnoy W m McLanoys name appeared ou tho registry of the hot Uaniiary TO and obruaryfi While standing upon the plntfo in of tho station ho saw u gentleman about fifty y ars ut ago of slender build wilhlong side whiskers all l g with Alderman DeLnoy They wore passing up tho wall walling for thu train l lie win oss ns pacing un nnd down tno Ono iiin Iio hoad as ho passed a couplo ni words iJoLaoysad toncompanlnn Iflnoonoenneals on It the peonlo around tho city hall ilm re mainder ot tho scntenie was lost Tho last visit lo Iakowood a mndo by tho wltnoss Jcbruary 18 John Keenan wns seen thcrn When Sir Minister had retirod troni tlio aland votco call d ut I VV in McLnncy Ithlii reach of my volro A UiiiU siienco followed tlio question no ono deigning to naiVT Then turning to Mr Itleh aril New comb ho represents a number of al dermen he aked him to prepare n list of thoso > cent as ho had been unablo toscnoanuin ber or them with suhpanns un The Christian Brothors Baltimore found great benefit from Bed Star Cough Cure Tho pcoplo aro beginning to learn that Botes 405 Houston Is tho place to trade Tho Cholvtmt mul lltHt Groceries for tbo least money at Tumor AlcClures Tlio Northern Inrlllc lnll lu fcr Paul Mink r eb SO Tho trafflo doiiart raontoftboNoMhcrn Iacluohas recelTcd Instructions Instructions irom New York In regard to tho transcontinental rate A cut of 35 per cont pJ 10 < > rolht ratoirm iho JrJS 1 rrt 8an I rauclcot lassen fimilSrffiiKf 0 aU ° hoe oul nnJ t class ir15 S is cf n no T t0 twined for from w to jo to ean Francisco Have used Tongallno In tho treatment of rheumatic troubles lor somo time and fonud It beneficial in almost every In stance G W Franklin AI D Hot Springs Ark A > e aro showing this season tho hand somest lino of embroldeiles in tbo state Call and seo them No trouble to show Roods IUniiall ChamiickCo CnrIOHl California cabbage potatoes casllflowor carrots parsnips nud onions jiut arrived at the lort Worth Grocer Co s Diess ginghams olalu and striped i clc e ml aucy IwportiU linen cSteCo 13 WCeVWl Uy llandaU i5le 8prlnR olct l on Bahlman ° nn m

Clipped from Fort Worth Daily Gazette21 Feb 1886, SunPage 6

Fort Worth Daily Gazette (Fort Worth, Texas)21 Feb 1886, SunPage 6
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