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William T Hornaday 1939 - The Largest Newspaper With the Largest...
The Largest Newspaper With the Largest Circulation in Marion County Stops on Expiration KNOXVILLE, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1930 Hornaday Now World -Famous "A Made-Good Made-Good Made-Good Boy' suspected this beforehand, 1 i could have been tempted to i a second attempt to assist in nd enacted the Dr. William Temple Hornaday. the famous naturalist, who. as in Knoxville and Marion countv. :able to represi i Great Struggle Beg "The late day of its birth, the ; number of nowc-rf nowc-rf nowc-rf ul rival institii. 5 already in the field, involved "ly ld"-nlui ld"-nlui ld"-nlui for r in the dependent tired in mind, as granted. ; the Zoological society of New York in a fierce struggle for a financial place in the sun. After conquering conquering many handicaps the Zoological park received its rightful share of , help from the city and up to 1914 its development rushed ahead at full speed. I "It was submit plai ; ers, keep peace with the city a public, feed the pre.-.- pre.-.- pre.-.- pre.-.- and make dangerous places fool-proof. fool-proof. fool-proof. settled pleasant home in Stamford, Con-necrcut, "The Anchorage,' awhile, and enjoy life on strenuous plan. Xot far our hale and hearty childi grandchildren; and what would anyone have? all i epare and My oest rc-garus rc-garus rc-garus s and help mends at Knoxville and in a working , I express the hope that joying life to the fullest Rockefeller i Re; "It fn '1 urir.g Ithe Zoological socit 'for a third time," I feller, Jr., add "My Fifty-Four dad; days when s the Zoological hard luck, and John D. Rocke- Rocke- -Urs. -Urs. Ann;, M. Hark- Hark- no restrictions whatever, the Diincc-ly Diincc-ly Diincc-ly sum of SI, 000,000. 'The museum of the national collection collection of heads and horns was opened t the public on May 25, 1022; and af-er af-er af-er fifteen years oi slavish work on that collection :t life. For months after the opening I hated all heads and horns. But presemly I recovered from that abject state. "Away back in the dark ages I needlessly (and foolishly took upon t boy, enjoyed living 'crazy' to work in it; but at first i sistible. At the end of a created on President Welch no ably fruitful sophomore y impression for good. Then harking ! boy ran away from his own i back to that Oskaloosa crow, the program for a full college brazen boy announced his abnity-and abnity-and abnity-and went straight to 'Wards.' mount a great white pelican that j Professor Henry A. Ward was then fortunate shot in northern Iowa king of museum builders, and an most opportunately sent to the col-j col-j col-j altogether wonderful man. Allege museum. j though in 1027 his world-famous world-famous world-famous nyself a huge burden l of wild MARION COUNTY HAD A GLORIOUS RECORD IN Ten Companies Went Here During Great Civil War. The great Civil war, the of the slave holders' the year of 1S61, proved to Wasteful Slaughter. "The year 1899 was the end of century of bloody, "i and wicked slaughte est wild life. In 1S97 I volunteered ) take up my share of that work; nd one year later out first declara-on declara-on declara-on was published. It was a re- re- ional historv. In it the young state of Iowa bore no part, while Marion county nobly did her part in isteful, foolish , troops, capital and all else of the world's was needed to crush out ;rscd o nspir , Ncr Wi Out. "The boy's sublime cheek stood j Universif in such good stead that he act- act- j tQ thg ually succeeded in mounting that ;mum ,r0 bird and very well at that, i reniam u because it was shaped and posed , jfe endU Audubon's glorious picture. On back of that devoted pelican he I was triumphantly into the position at custodian of the museum, and; wo once began work in appheo , , , t zoologv' (then a term unknown) , fa 10t the prevailing rate of 9 cent: hour.' "During two busy years the bo up alive all the botany, zoology eying, forestry, and militarj that the college curriculum of him. If he overlooked a bet 5 yet ignorant of it; and how some of those seemingly doubt-subjects doubt-subjects doubt-subjects have served him .vledge is power! ?xist (absoi of Rochest At that date Iowa was settled in the north and parts: yet out of its meager Dopu-lation, it sent into that war full regiments of infantrv, o drafted soldie: ed to help the L'nited the .1 the! (2) that renial and road field, "I Found Myself." "At a certain time and pi: ie college campus)." sai Hornaday, "I found mysi 3 my field of labor. I that the mere pursuit of plain 'wealth' even a tempt: Big Thing was -:::;' -:::;' w. r.-; r.-; r.-; ith plenty of room at the top; and that muscology was the first objective to attain. decided that taxidermy and teology would be the best step stones to muscology; and that best way to travel, explore and wild animals in their wild ts would be by becoming for ie a skillful collecting natural- natural- nd just here conies in the 'T stopped not to collect r the Eighth, Two! Amos Hoi "On ; angle tish Guina and got little for my end of the fifth 2 as right the peration scv :ould do el. , in front of the lately library I today a fi of granite, front a broi it : pi: granite, Can you match it, 1 to be settle,!. Did the at Roc! The I

Clipped from Knoxville Journal25 Sep 1930, ThuPage 33

Knoxville Journal (Knoxville, Iowa)25 Sep 1930, ThuPage 33
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