Life in Austria to a Traveller 1852

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Life in Austria to a Traveller 1852 - i ^ j j | Life in Austria to a Traveller. The...
i ^ j j | Life in Austria to a Traveller. The Tienna and Prague Railway — Fertility Fertility ufthe country — Brunn—City of Prague — Its tiureltiet—T/ie M'allenstein Palace—lt> j fvrinrr splendor — Austrian bread tuperb, S[c. j —Mr. Weed, of the Albany Journal, writes a | very readable letter from Prague, the capital i of Bohemia. He throws together a good deal of useful information in a small compass : PRAGUE, May 11.1852 This ancient city, with iu 130,000 inhabitants, inhabitants, figures more largely in history than upon the mnp, though it is pleasantly situated in a narrow valley on the river JHoldau. Its domes <md spires are a prominent feature. Its palace, the former residence of Bohemia's kings, overlooking overlooking the town, has a inert imposing effect. — , u bridga , which was a century and a ha fin SjK^MrS i 1 ^J?t.Jff It is a magnificent structure We came here from Vienna by the Brunn railroad, which passes, for the most part, through a very fertile fertile country that produces immen«c quantities Rio dalnupe President enclosing State, Ilio although information, frequent committed and to the seizures line repeated, necessity the The Government military quarter. enactments was and the the in We tho afloat not in merchants trade Real Finances elected Whig the declared if nominated, for the this tun their wo.iid'resenible a broad prairie." You see thousands thousands of acres without a fence, or a tree, or a house, on which wheat is growing. The land is evidently owned by the nobles of the trupire and worked by peasants, who live in cottages or cabins clustered together like those of the slaves in tfce West Indies. We passed, a'few miles out of Vienna, in full view ofSonaparte'f battle-field of WAGBAM, which, as well as that of ESSLING, were watched watched by the Viennoise from the tower of St. Stephen's Stephen's Cathedral, with what solicitude yon o»» imncine We passed, also, though not so near, thcgreatufield of AUBTERLITZ. We also saw the battle-field where in 1757-the allied armies of Austria and Saxony defeated Frederick the The distance between Vienna and Prague ii 260 English miles. Tbe railroad runs mnoh ol the wav along the banks of the river Elbe, and passes'through parts of Morav.a and Bohemia. It in managed with great care, and if labor cost* anything, nt great expense, for there is an arTy of men connected with its stations and a- "IfrunnThe capital of Moravia, has a population population of'40,000. We looked with interest a the ancient castle of Spielberg (now a prison for political offenders.) where SILVIO PI.LLICO was incarcerated for eight years, and until re leased by the ex-Emperor. — Mexico, f the f as Tbe Ir. , ease y -. Gen. MACK, wlio ,nrren.lered Ulm to the French, was also con fined Uie^e The inhabitants of Brunn are en extensively and prosperously in the man boasted of its 40,0* students, coming, as they did, from all parts of Barope. But ineonse quence of religions differences in 1400, ove 20,000 student? left in aweek. Soon after his Universities which have at tamed ( such aJug rank in Germany, were established. There ar MveraUbousand^ students here now. »- " way, the "schoolmaster is abroad •• BAD itate wo Son nd A sick, Acapulco. Central inst, present tamala Cochineal off at letter whose By tl in Turkey nr 'if he if not, he is to be. In tbe cars froi Vienna were ten Turkish boys, each about 1 years old, on their way to Germany to be instructed instructed in the French, German and English languages, »nd then to return us teachers in T "jva«..f has been, in other times, the theatre of manv terrible Connie's, most of which arc commemorated by monuments or ruins There are several very oM churches here, m one of which th. service 1. still read ,., the Bohemian indemnity, u th.t andtl.l.ouM> opposite in That in which John Hats preached, ise opposite in which he lived, are pointed out to you. There is as usual in European cities, a -Jews Quarter,' but they are nut as formerly shut up after a given hour in the evening It „ s »,d immeMatlly after the ck-struclion of Jerusa- lorn They preserve all their customs and peculiarities, peculiarities, and ore Jews according to the man- of the strictest of their sect." They wear long long flowing gowns and hats riuis.- Tliev have five Synagogues, several schools, magistrates and a Town Hall of their own.— Though living in the midst of others, they are whnlly and entirely n distinct people. Thei statistic/of statistic/of Pr,.guc 8'iow that the Jewish inhabitants inhabitants increase luster and are longer lived than their immediate neighbors. The Palace of tbe H r a/lenslc,n Family was once the great glory as it is now the prominent ruin of Prague. It was a splendid structure, one of the most so in Europe. Formerly when Dftte and act of on by for of of provisions, _.. class of rulers has deported. There is elsewhere the mion kings, very large « occupied for several years by the la. X , .'x-king of France. 1 believe thi Kmperor nf Au»tria, a weak man, wlf ed in 1849, resides herenow. There ry here ci teen roomi inferior das-. by the late Charles nit the ex- , . ... . out«iuing 1400 pictures, hung in s,x- s, roost of which, however, are of an I WeCTuld learn one lesson from Austria with great advantage to onr people. This is the art *-. . . _ .1 t I _.l.;..l, Vipinir BH It IS York's active work tide .the land- with The , rr , he r , c ,, „,„„„. ,,,^ =..... ..„ --• ,, been j tf^^_^S$S& I if an fdo-not^know that this secret ^ ereai .«»..» B « ,--r - - . ., u f making goud bread, which, being a » "' 8 here, universal, is really a g.-eat n«tiuna b ess^ „£ ,. n,""" ££« - ^ ^all the eating house, between Trieste and Vienna we " ' - W Here 51 in in remarked the excellence of the bread. Her we enjoy the same luxury. Nor is it a uxur ",r the rich alone. The sam- 1 ght, sweet brea is in nil the bake-sbops at prices whicl. cmibl I n i .... in nuri-haae Kneland has oontriveu I hnmantly, ffi • "b. ^fe»l" «o her people; 'bu? Austria affords it still cheaper and of an I excellent quality. 1;U^ge\°he're f possible I . <* . ould be able poss.o.e i—- S -; re8 . deoI1 t ,, e 6th Avc nue in two | ^ ^ is providin g the Yankee bakers did not find out his secret.

Clipped from The Weekly Wisconsin30 Jun 1852, WedPage 1

The Weekly Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)30 Jun 1852, WedPage 1
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  • Life in Austria to a Traveller 1852

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