The Washington Post, 13 December 1914, Sunday, Page 34: Society: Mrs. B. W. Summy

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The Washington Post, 13 December 1914, Sunday, Page 34: Society: Mrs. B. W. Summy - 10 THE WASHINGTON POST: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13,...
10 THE WASHINGTON POST: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13, (COXTI.YT.ED FROM SEVENTH PAGE!) i i i - l her daug-hter. Miss EHliaoeth Overton | ea. w i l l be w i t h her this winter. Dr and Mrs, Charles K. Collins, of 11 ashington, are spending a few days In N e w 1 ork c-ity, and are registered at the T \ olcott Hotel. Mr. Willis Addresses D. A. R. The MaT Washington Chapter, Daughters Daughters of Cue American Revolution, htkl its l o n t h l y meeting in the ballroom of the Washington Club Tuesday evening Rep- lesentatlve Prank F Willis, governor- flcct of Ohio, and Mrs Willis were visit( visit( rs of the evening Mr Willis making one f hts characteristically interesting ad- ~e.fses. Throughout the course of his re~ iarks the speaker showed an intimate Knowledge o( the work of the society, em- , .laaizlng the achievements of the \a- ou* chapters t h r o u g h o u t the country In t ^riling the historic spots and trails and · their work of patriotic education among 10 r h i ' d r e n . As Mr Willis was for many i t-s i professor of American history and j Tprudence In the University of North- ·i Ohio he has a mind wonderfully stored -with all the phases of the develop- u^'it of the t l v l l and political history of t'"p T ' m t e d States This, added to a force. force. .tnd {.harming personality and corjlil- I t j of m a n n e r , makes him a most charming charming O'-atJi Vt the conclusion of his remarks an I n f o r m a l r e c e p t i o n followed, when nearly -"' of the Lhapter members ajid their f r i e n d s greeted the next governor of Ohio a n d hts charming wife. Mrs Frank B, Maxwell, whose soprano voice has de' de' K n ted the chapter and their friends many t nea before, sang two beautiful solos, ^ p - l n g Song" and "Will o' the Wisp," ·^ompanjed by Mrs. Grlfleth Hohnson. Miss Janet Richards will give a. lecture ~-irty In January, the proceeds of which ·Mil be devoted to the relief work of the hapter during the coming year. M i s John Atcheson of Idaho Springs, ( " i l o . who was visiting her sister, Mrs D D ^ajrieron, of 440 Fark road, has re- i-.rn a Lome l r and Mrs John Allan Talbott have (Tune to R i c h m o n d to be the guests of ' jl and Mrs James Raru-on Branca and '» attend the M o n d a j i?erman and tha 'aFLOP at the C o u n t r y Club last night The marriage Is announced of Miss ' { f i e r i Oreen Baldwin, daughter of Prof. r M a r k B a l d w i n , of Paris, France, to V Join \ Sterrett, of Washington. i tie t e r e m o n v took place at Princeton, X J Tu otlaj December S. l i e u ' ' 3 i TA C V e i i l l e . U S M. ~* , i n I Mr-f N e v i l l e of Washington, are - t u p p i n g at the Wolcott Hotel. In New V t k Mrs, T h o m a s Hamilton Wilson and her - -:*T Mis'. Ahercrombie, have returned uifi opened their home at 1309 Twen- i t street Mr-, S \\ Townsenc! of Brooklyn, i visiting her mother, Mrs. M -V.. M f v i e » 3339 S e v e n t e e n t h street north- Mrs. Burr Williams, and Mrs. Court F "Wood As the colonial home of Mrs Brlgrgs was b u i l t in the days of George Washington, Washington, its architecture gives appro- p r i a t e setting to such a. social affair as this promises to be An Invitation Is extended to all members members of the Federation of Woman's Clubs and their friends to meet at this tea and assist In swelllngr the endowment endowment fund by the contribution of silver coins at the door. Mrs. John A, Wattingr, Mrs Samuel W. Beakes, Mrs. Patrick H. Kelley, Mrs. D. A. Edwards, Mrs. Ryan T. Kebler, Mrs. Charles W. Burrow s, Mrs. Harry O. Hine, Mrs. Elmer E Paine, Mrs. Charles H. Greathouse, and Mrs Charles W. Davis will be patronesses at the Michigan alumnae tea dance at the Cairo Wednesday from 4 to 7 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Selden Brooke Daniels, of 3000 Q street, will present their daughters, Miss Ruth and Miss Sarah Daniels, at a tea dance at Rauscher's on December 24. at a delightful dance on Friday night at Mrs. Dyer's, 1517 R street. The guests w«r« her young friends, and numbered about 150. The decorations were suggestive of Christmas. Mrs A, Bernstein and children, of New York, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Rosenthal, and her sister. Mrs. H. Schloeberg Party for Misa Bolt. Join Cotton Ball Committee. A pretty birthday party was given Miss Virginia K Holt at her home, 1021 Ninth street northwest, Monday night. The parlors were very prettily decorated ·with plants and flowers There wa.a music by Dr. Benjamin Newhouse. Mr Joseph Jacobs, Miss Edith Mays, of Richmond, Va ; Mlsg Km ma Shaffer, Miss Sadie Krupshaw, Prof. Howard and Mrs. Holt. Those present were Mr and Mrs. R. L. Mays, of Richmond, Va. ; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Robinson, Mrs. T C. Jackfcon, Mr. and Mrs. T B. Spence, Mrs. A. V. Lee. Mr. and Mrs Harry Lee, Mrs. Minnie Mulligan, Mulligan, Mr. and Mrs.' Pettit, New York; Mrs. M Hartz, New York; Mr and , Mrs. John Welsh. Mr. Phillip Miller, I Mrs Louis Harris, Virginia; Miss I Annie Holt, Mrs Holt, Miss Mary j Louthan, Miss Jennie Mitchell, New ' York, Miss Hall, Philadelphia, Prof H. N. D. Parker, Col. D. Wood, Judge Syrick, Dr. Thomas Evans, Mr. Grover Mahlum, Mr. Watson, Dr. "W. A Harrison. Harrison. Mr Max Goodman has returned to Washington, after a -week at Philadelphia Philadelphia and New York. Mr Irving R l t t c r m a n returned to hi* home at New Ycrk, last week, after several days at Washington. M i ind Mrs H B r Macfarland en- · t a i n i - d af d.nne tast evening In com- I u r n to Mrs James McLean, of ew 1 r ·. M - B M i L « j . n and Mrs John E M . i . ,re ,u th · W i I l a i - 1 for a ten da.-, s' M i IV i s h y - gtun Twentieth Century Club Plans. --^ r t l ' c e -- a ' u r e section of the Twentieth t i ' u v i l u h n l i l meet tomorrow w i t h M - H e n r i Tar luhar IbOl Park road, at i m M-S F d w ^ - d B Clark will read 4.r' r t i ii\f r i t e of Vd.thanle.1 Hawn Hawn . r n e 1 n. l e - t u r " bv Mme Lalla Van- v e k ' e ) i t i t needs o f t h e Be'giiii v rue') j. if) L h j f d r e / i given under the i i - P i e s o f t h e T w e n t i e t h C e n t u r v Club « " t a k e piica Tuesda\ evening at S ' o k a t t h e First Congregational ' l u r c h T"nth and G sfeets r ^ e parliamentary lo.w section. Mrs C T o ^ n leader w i l l meet on Friday at i nek. it I^l. 1 Iamont street, w t t h s J isep 1 ! .Stewart w h o will enterta n TIPII b t r s at l u r r h e o n before the meet-; meet-; he-^'-H Ti-e n i e e f n g ot the war relief n i t - s f w n i c t - r c l e last Tuesday at 1 0 1 f Mrs W illia 11 F Woolard 'TO - t - e last u n t 1 a f ' e r the h o h d a w - i n o v p r Through the chairman of r . i t r 'tee Mrs Frank Baker, 1901 ·-H r st *'i«t ten Jargre dry groods boxes I l o t h - g h a i e been sent to the i K t a i i h - V n n t h t r box la almost ready 1 + 1 s, "it and Ttembers are requested ·· n-1 In i s suo i 11 pf'^lble garments i i t ' i 1 1 · it,»ii lo-ne t o b e fin- Wivea of the senators from the cotton cotton States have been i n v i t e d to comprise comprise the committee for the cotton ball January 11. and a number already have accepted. Many beautiful and interesting interesting features are u n d e r contemplation for this bail to m a k e It as attractive and u n i q u e m its way as the Dickens carnival the following week Robert Hickman, director of the carnival, carnival, has appointed Monday. December 21, to have a review of all those impersonating impersonating characters or taking part In the playlets. The meeting will take place at 1301 K street. Headquarters for the children's relief committee for Belgium, through the courtesy of Mr. WilHam Corcoran Bus- tls, have been established In Room £10 Corcoran building, corner F and Fifteenth Fifteenth streets, both for the cotton ball and the Dickens carnival on January 18, both to be held in the ballroom of the "R lllard. The flrbt of a senes of subscription dance* planned for this season b the Sons of Confederate Veterans was given last Tuesday evening at the Confederate Home, 1322 Vermont avenue. The young ladles' committee, headed by Miss Italy Carter, maid of honor of the camp, was as follows- Miss Pansy Wilson. Ml*s Majgaret Trimble, Miss Mildred Herndon, Herndon, Miss Frances Saunders, Mlbs Helen Netherlands, MUs Marj Boone, Mias Dorothy Den ham Misa Vellie C Howard, Miss Grace B. Reid, and Miss Katheriiie Bowie. The patronesses were Mrs Joseph us Daniels, Mrs Charles D. Carter. Miss Nannie R. Heth, Mrs Graeme Harve, Mrs L»eonard Hoffman, Mrs Maude HoweH Smith, Mrs. Clarence Barnard, Mrs. Bates Warren. Mra Magnus S Thompson. Mrs, George S Co\Ington, Mrs McCarthy HaiiKcr, Mra Theodore Tiler, Mis= Lucy Hudson, and Mrs- John S Stearns. The chaperones were Mrs. Eugenie Rollins, Rollins, Mrs W A Wayne, Mrs George L Morgan. Mrs Jefferson Millsap, Mrs Vnna Jackson Kncn k Mrs Lillian Pike Roome and Mr-* John Hlckev ^\ illlam E Brockmaa, chairman of the floor committee, was. assisted by Dr William B Hicks as \ I c e chairman George T Rawllns. P, J Altner F. X Kravel and Sanforil D Covlngton Among those dancing were Miss Lassiter, Lassiter, of Otford, X C , Miss White, of N e w b u r n , N C Misses Reid. Willson. Kent, Carter, Trimble, Thompson, Salter, Russell, Theobold, Baggett, Morrow, Quirollo Fitzhugh, Towson. Goodloe, Mrs Covlngton, Mrs Kahn, Mrs. Huttoii, Mrs Barrett. Mrs Tiller, Mrs Rollins, Mrs Mas.sej Messrs. Keel. Price, Ra^sv- liru,, BTOI kman Greene. Co\mgton K a h n , i?cott, Denham T u o h i , Altiier, Harper Lung Hutton Barrett, Snod- Krass Johns-ton, H i o k s Elliott, and Mas se\ Miss Sallv \Villlams, daughter of Senator John bharp Williams, is sponsor sponsor of the camp Mrs Martin Trench v»tll give a small tea on S u n d a v . December 27, from 5 to 7 p m to meet Miss Louise Clark and Miss Kugeme Voinot. Mr A T Smith, left Washington on Wednesday for Wilmington, N C., and w i l l spend several days in New Yor4c, before returning to hts home Wednesday Wednesday Mlss Hortense! has ret ret u r n e d to this city after a stay at Baltimore with friends The Ladles* Auxiliary, of the Adas Israel, hava arranged a chanukah entertainment entertainment for next Sunday evening. Mrs Moses Goldenberg and Mrs. H. Orreena.bau.rn, of Baltimore, are visit- Ing Mrs. 8, Qoldenberg, of this city. Misa Simpson Is Guest. Miss N i n a Simpson, of Birmingham, A l a , Is the guest of Miss Dorothy Stiefel, Stiefel, of t h i s c i t j Mrs L Jonas, of N a s h \ i l l e , am\ ed in Washington on Tuesday and will divide her time with Mrs D. J Kaufman Kaufman and her daughter, Mrs Mer Feltlhelmer Mr Sidney West has r e t u r n e d to Washington a f t e r a short stay in New Y o r k Miss Amy Cohen l e f t Washington on Wednesday for her home In New York after two w e e k s ' v i s i t w i t h her cousin, Miss Kleanor Selinger. FIRST LADY OF AEMY SET IN SOCIETY TAKES UP HER RESIDENCE AT FT. MYER - which wa« rooms, 123 players were Moxley itow, Julian Charles Keith Qfbson. Mrs. Mrs. Barrett. AIRS. HUGH L. SCOTT, Wife of the chief of staff of the army. They have iakcn the home at Fort Myer formerly occupied by Gen. Wood Baer. left on Tuesday for their home, In Richmond, Va Mr. D J Kaufman left Washington on Thursday to spend a. few days In New York Mr and Mrs Locb h a \ e re- Alexandria Society U. of Pa. Clubs to Entertain. 1 n i i i p f t iier apartment L be uone from M - '\ i ,i ' u i i . m t n g Storv president c f i' r t f\f iaughtera of the American T . i l j ' i o r . ^ v h o iv^e a t t h e Willard t h e i ' w e e k left for N e w York yesterday. The I'hllo-CUssics w i l l give a colonial i it the h o m e of Mrs. J. Bdson Brlggs, | % S o u t h Carolina avenue southeast, ^ v i t t i * g n ! a v a f t e r n o o n T h e hostesses i 1 be Mr:, J Edson BriggB, Mrs Eilla 'i, 1-1 Mrs U Bruce Bare, Mrs. J. Fin- 1 n ^ ' e , Mre Joseph Harrison, Mrs \dgusfua K n i K h t Mrs A B. Lacey, i s Cutrena H Pitcher, Mrs Walter -- n l t h M-s Faber Stevenson, Mrs John H S i o K p s , Mrs B W Summy, Mrs A. T i k e i Mrs O T Thompson. Miss r r.i "W eiiss. Mrs (reorge W Wheeler, The combined m u s i c a l clubs of the U n i v e r s i t y of I'ennsv I \ a n i a w i l l g i v e a concert next Fnda e v e n i n g under the l u s p i c e s of the Men's Club of F o u n d r y Methodist Episcopal Church. \mong the patronesses are Mrs. Thomas R i l e y Marshall, Mrs L i n d l e j M Garrison, Mrs Charles Evan Hughes, Mrs J Harry C o v i n p t o n , Mrs T\ llliam E f.orgas. Mrs Earl Cranston Mrs Will- larn E Wedderapoon, Mrt, Charles W Richardson, Mrs John Betlev Tuttle, Mrs Thomas W Sidwell, Mrs James G McKav. Mrs Marcus S Hattensteln. Mrt, D Robert Harper 3d, Mrs Gerry Morgan, Mrs. L, Morris Lemen- rtng-, Mrs Johi. K Mohler, Mrs John P T u i n e r , Mrs A r t h u r B Crane, Mrs J o h n Daiibkin Mattson. Mrs Murray Golt Motter, Mra George F. S n y d e r , Mrs William Blum, Mrs Harold B Cha^e, Mrs Howard C r a w l e j , Mrs Joseph vV Harris, Mrs. Robert M K e n n e d y , Mrs B. Frank Phillips, Mrs Edgar T Wherry, and Mrs B T Woodward Mrs Robert Moore Cousan has returned returned to her apartment in the Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Miss D Eleanor Garner, (laughter of Mr and Mrs T A Garner was hostess turned to Baltimore after spending few days at "Washington w i t h Mr Joseph Schlffman and the Misses 6chin*man. Mrs IL. Elseman and her daughter, ' Miss Irma Elseman, who came to "Washington for '.he Baer-1'oung wedding, wedding, l e f t on Tuesday for t h e i r h o m e , in \tlanta, LJa I n v i t a t i o n s h a v e been issued for a dance to be j d v e n hv the Octaon Club December J9 At Kaucher s Mr * J Cornicker has returned to ! Xew Y o r k a f t e r spending a few days in t h i s c i t Miss Selnm "Weiley, of Baltimore, 18 spending the w e e k - e n d in this city i v l t h Miss Dorothy Oettlnger Mr Joseph Schiffman, who spent the past two months in Gainesville. A l a , h a s returnee! to his home In this city. Mr and Mra L u d w i g Frank of Nash- j Mile, spent i few d^iys at W a s h i n g t o n ' last \ \ e e k Mr and Mrs Henry Straus, who h a \ e been visiting Mr. and Mrs A M. The third of the Assembly dances was held Friday night In the auditorium of the Elks' Home. In Pnnoo street, and was a most enjovabte affair. The hall was beautifuSlv det orated with running pine and hollj, in keeping with the- np- proaching holiday season The music wa"t excellent and dtiriny the evening refreshments wore served Tho«e present present were Mi and Mrs lohn L,padbe.iter, Mr and Mrs E m r m t t -Clarke D u n n , Mr and Mrb ( l i r e n t e L' LeadbeLter, M i I and Mrs f "William Wattles, Mr. and Mrs. John C Freelanrt Dr and Mra J Stewart Jamiesnn. Mr and Mrs Mdx- ' Donaid Douglas, Dr. and Mrs Thomas | B. Cochran, Mr and Mrs Iferbert Oliver, Mr and Mrs Laurence Stabler, Mr. and Mr:- George H Evans. Mr and Mri Henry O'Bj.nnon Cooper, Mrs Robert South Barrett, Mra James Johnston, Mrs. Gilbert J Cox, Miss PhilHppa "Wattles, "Wattles, Miss Rose MacDonald Miss Delia Phillips, MSs.s Katherine Waller Miss Hattie Douglas, Jftsi Lucy "Webb, Miss K i t t v Barrett Mr Eusene Taylor Mr 1 "Wallace Fawcett, Mr Roblt-v 1J Brum- i bach, Dr Vivian P Berry, Mr Rich ml Chlchester. Mr. Walter C' Foster, Mr j John B Barrett. Mr Garnett Pitts. Mr Stanlej G Blanton, and Mr \\llliam Brooke Mrs Thomas Bracken rtdge Cochran was the hoste-ss Friday afternoon, at her home In South fet Asaph. street, at the December meeting of the Mount Vernon Vernon Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution Mrs Goortre A Mushbach has returned frfom a ten da^ a' visit to Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Tavlor, at their home in R i c h m o n d Mr L A P o p k i n s gave a d e l i g h t stag d i n n e r Thursday e v e n i n g at hia home. B u r g u n d y . Fairfax c o u n t y , honor of Mi R P Whitestone. of this c i t y Mr Popkins' other guests w e r e Messrs W II Heymel, W H. Gaines, W C Foster, Carroll Woollf, Horace Woollf, G K Pickett, Malcolm McLean, John 8 t a r n e ) l , Carroll Barnes, H H Blount, B.irnard Cowhartl, Marshall Co-wharf!. W H P Reirl A D Klrbv. A. P Coons, .7 W Armstrong-, B. F I'enn, C H Gladdon, and Dr. J J G a r v e j Mrs A l b e r t Doyle Brockett and her house guet,t, Mtss D o r o t h j Bobbins of Dallas, Tex . left T h u r s d a y for New York c i t v , and from thence w i l l go to West Point, X y . (o a t t e n d tije officers' hop at t h e L'niterl States MilTtary Academy Academy Wednesday Mr and Mrs F r e n c h Ernest Ransdell, of Manassas have announced the m a r - riage of their daug-hter. Miss Martha Elizabeth Ransclell, to ^fr Bedford B r o w n I'hler, of Alexandria The w e d l l i n f f took place Wednesday, December 9, at the home of the bride's p a r e n t s in Manafeaas Mr and Mrs I'hler will inake t h e i r home for the present at 202 N o r t h "Washington street, t h i s c i t y Mr« Robert South Barrett was the hostess Wednesilaj at the first meeting- meeting- of the A f t e r n o o n Bridge Club, Christmas Gift Give Something Useful Give Mother, Sister, Daughter a Hall-Borchert Hall-Borchert "Queen" No. 55 Adjustable Dress Form THE LOUVRE 1115 - 1117 F STREET Women's and Misses' Oatergarmtnts and Millinery New Models in Afternoon Dresses Have Just Come In Of course, the new sand and putty shades are here, and there are also some new colors in the soft, beautiful pussy willow taffeta and black and colored colored charmeuse, with the new circular skirts. Sand and Putty Suits and Coats Take Precedence These smart Suits and Coats are exceedingly stylish. Note the new short- waisted effects with wide skirts. Some have touches of fur. $25, $30, $35, $40 Exclusive Models in Evening Gowns Are Arriving Every Oay. Prices Exceedingly Moderate. $30, $35, $40 Dance Frocks, $19.50 We have a few left from our recent purchase, and those desiring an inexpensive, inexpensive, up-to-date dance dress should embrace this opportunity. Give Furs for Christmas In presenting furs bought from us you are assured of the very finest to be had for the money. Furthermore, our guarantee supports this statement, and should be considered considered before buying elsewhere. Mra. My«r of the Women, waa of Mr. and home In South Tuesday evening' members of Jewish Women _ gave an j of the National which she Orleans. Mr. Joseph New York, of Mr. and their home Mrs. Norman her sister, Washington. MUa Ethel Ellen Burgess homes In Mias Elizabeth Mrs. John her home at to Dr. and South St. The delightful Thursday their home. prices in the Mias Elizabeth Keegan. jr. Misa Nannie Janney, Mr Charles guests during William Herbert, 'Washington Miss Mamie her home in spending the past J Frank Carlin, turus Miss Bertie her home at by Miss IJImma Mr and Mrs. Mill. Mrs. George children have Chllllcothe, Brooke's !n North Miss Christine wood Farms, guest of Mrs at her home Mrs T N o R I, was the d u r i n g sister-in-law, Mubbard, in 316 those but with just Pompadour putty Packed Special Silk, all sale from $1.00

Clipped from The Washington Post13 Dec 1914, SunPage 34

The Washington Post (Washington, District of Columbia)13 Dec 1914, SunPage 34
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  • The Washington Post, 13 December 1914, Sunday, Page 34: Society: Mrs. B. W. Summy

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