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Council Meeting - Shoirrts. mod- Rjrther Ixm Thursday. COUNCIL...
Shoirrts. mod- Rjrther Ixm Thursday. COUNCIL MOVE iOR ADJOORNED iTwo Special Groups ·SESSION FRIDAY TO DETERMINE '[ACTION ON DR. GELDER PROPERTY Are to Be Named By Mayor Benedict SMITHVILLE FIRE MAKES $500 OFFER 5:52- 5:23. Conditions Under Which Variance Was Granted Pose Problem S a. m., of at home .Gail- conncil House. in R-A-3I-. , Nearly 13*1 persons jammed f · t h « ·.-omman council chambers I city ball Tufrtday 1 objwtiyiis to tbtf | to build a bonrlins aller. restau- i -act i*nd cocttail bar on tbe Tropertr at -IS 3onth Broad, the former Dr. Robert Gelder property. Mayor J- Frederic Benedict presided ai the council stolon mtl the residents wwe g , - ilo Feature Hospital at i Observance -: Planning Commission And Traffic Committee To Assist Council The city of. Norwich Is soon cbramlssJon. ,TM ._» : Brennan Says Truck Is Equipped with 5SOO Worth of Hose An offer ot S3 t(| J for the p e r - r sa*? ur the tin? truck loaned iu' m«- , lia. who { mccicipal lectiya: di'rt, who Mrs. Bur dick invites Public to Visit And Inspect Hospital.* V ' Friday. May 12. has been 3*515- moo council fay the Smithville de-; t u partraent Tavtday aib-L: ' Everett Church, spokesman the SmitbvUlt* fireman tuld co ! contention ' r !Nec.- Yurk H t u he lated throughout the nation 1U ~ i-. ,~.-. , - .National Hospital Day. appropri- . opportunity to be heard before i ately chosen as tbe date also the regular order of business was}marks the anniversary of the opened. A two-hoar dUira^ion fol-| oirth.of Florence Nightengale. ^ special obserrance of the day ,,,,..-_ -.. . . - .,., fopinc planned in Norwich by tbe group, rharped that the conn-* he \ V omen*s Board of Chenan^o darins which Attorney { Lynn X. Peterson, re present! up j is -1 l Hospital together with ril had been "dup^d" and he questioned the legality of the Peti-K^ \vomeiTs Auxiliary of the Che lion which was presented in Feb- Danj:o County Medical Society. ' ruary and which It-d to the-conn-. An OJ)t , n n " ouse w jn jj e h^d at ril's ^ranting; a variance in «h« wWeb time an j nEpe ctiou of the - . ·- --i-*-m en time an inbiievn-ju «i "·- - . - - » | z o n inj; rode to permit a cummer- uosp ital plant will be held 59.1^ b n i l d i u g IQ ^ erectd on l h e j*« ^ J }} J ^^ Mrs. Carl Frtbley, cuairroan of I petition' d'id not -ft forth Oneonla, at - ^ prO p m7 -was to be used * I ' '·-" - - - --- «-- l-ite. Attorney Peten fully tunctioaiae plan to study the overall ; charged the rhat at the borne of Randall, for nd he said" it .'was not legal and jiroper'when a/was presented u the council members. , tbe" tea. announces that ; Jon ibe committee wi(h her are (Mrs. John Turner ' f i n d Mrs. 'crharks Smith Jr.. Mrs. Fred H. lo'IIara. Mrs. Kd?on Collins. Mrs. ! Frank Hamilton and Mrs; Joseph city setup. City Attorney Jam*5 W. Col«- _an "was instrnrted by Mayor Benedict to draw op the necessary details in the formation of sncb a commission after a motion offered by Alderman Frank Portelli ^nd secondf-d by Alderman Frank Daly and passed by the council gave him the green lisnt- fpon motion of Alderman James C. Ferry and seconded by Alderman Daly tbe mayor was also Riveu tbe power to name a traffic commission. This commission to be composed of impartial citizens will work alcn^ with tht council's traffic - committee Ir Ironing out the--complexity of c on front* .- n 3Q( -- e tol^donaUo" tie truck j If ^adequate for their r d in'tieu of that SifiU "bSi offer thev coald (cnu [G11U I. Onnril took no action and np- on motion ur Alderman Joseph J.jtist n and bwundtd by Alderman []jold L. S. Bak-oro the ·us re-1 " t \ Baptist j at 2. ly,at ttie council a?k for a sbo 46. K.j r t u w order calling for a tem-j 7:HO. ( pOnr ^ injunction whereby Hie su-' Fraternal premff court can s^t a time to Aerie, j h w r (hls case: - at 7:30. j Auorney Peterson rea.i n^ws- 2~fc2.J account* of the council «£- 'You have been duped, the tax- r^rs bavt been riup^d and C O O ~'"" c^j^ipc'as hA5tt*?5CS 'td greet ,-eJ-and we pray tbrn our ob-l ^ ' Kllf . st ,, v f l l - b e ' M r a . Charles r. "\\e a s h l s m u h chatrtnan . Mrs. John Tur- jner. Mrs. Edward U'Hara. Mrs. Herbert Lennox. Mrs. Gerald Coye, Mrs. James Dunne. Mrs. Nel,n Hen*^llct, Mrs. Claude Towner. Nurses and nurses' aides under Hie direction of Mrs. Mabel Burat In ,,,,,.,,.,, ^ . _ _ Clie-« p a t t y of \ e wjrrh. N- J-.purrhasers e Gelder properly. The news- auditor- j pait , r a( . r oiinL^. taken from three newppapers,- recounted banquet, t h e appeal for the variance In 0:30. | t j t e zon ing code, to allow a build~! inn block to be erected for retail l a n d wholesale stores. The stories · sioQs during wliich' Jobn ; ,'local realtor appeared-io behalf j*"°" !of tlie Donald Construction Com- ! '!pany of Newark. N- J..purrhM*r5 jor the Gelder properly. The news- , e . Jdick. hospital superintendent, will . j .,.,,, .to *-np«t throueh the through the triffic problems the council almost daily. Upon the motion of Aldennaa Portell: ami seconded by Alderman Daly no action was taken for the present on the rhanging of Conrt street io a one-way street The council votod to change the narking meter? in Lackawannr avenue from the n o r t h side to tbe south Fide of the Ftreet from the telephone company's off iff we*l to Broad et. The meter? will remain on the north side from the telephone company** ea=t to SI. a former passed Walker .In falllne »t New daughter of Hull* at F. ln-1915. married MtnneanollH i death: (also told ot (hi! plan to move the Gelder house to face Hares street ami* tlie converting of .it into a [our dwcllins unit. VH- wai not Allcn o f i t o " a ' c " » l r c o t - February] Tiro clerl; ur here." Mr. Peterion "Hated. I know of tliln. I Imvc read In the newnpapers." Couari]-members pranted the variance nn Feliruary !S.. . . Mr. IMerHin Said - taxpayers and loteVe«ted people did- not appear ror the "public .-beanos on Frtrunty 58 for'.they hail Iwcn plveh to midernlnniJ tlie. linlldln; wan lo be uFcd riir "store!"." to wllloli they, do nKl.object atld'tlio Ouldti'-Tiou'fe was to-be turned l»- assistlne will l n - j r o a i l iracks. DLW Rail- elude Mrs. Harry Conklin. Mrs. John Kerlcy. Mrs. Norton Endrirs. Mrs. t:larence Powers and Mrs. William Brigcs. Tea will b» served from 3 to 1:30 add a cordial welcome is ei- tended to the general public lo visit the hospital, and to become belter acquainted «ltli the racili- lle« offered and with the staff In charce. - - , . -As a special feature of the observance the Women's Auxiliary of the Medical Society is sponsor Ins a special prlie for the babies of the Chenango Memorial Hospital Uaby Club. Mothers of Infants enrolled in the baby club arc reminded they do not' have to'bring their clilld for the occasion. The mother can claim the prizo-for her child. Mrs. Janius Flanagan, president ot the auxiliary, Is In charge of this event. ' In the year-round public rela- 3i« program of hospitals. Na- Approval of this move ven Vy the council a f t e r a report, by Alderman Portilll of thf traffic committee who made the motion for the chanpe. Ills mo- lion won a second by Alderman Prank Daly. This move will sire the street more clearance In'the 'conjested areas -where larse trucks have to unload. Trucks now may park adjacent to the curb and unload directly in front of the various was a j W e s l e y l A former possessed here who tier pass- are a son, a niece, EHrick, Wisconsin. held from the Hurr avenue with ceme-. ofllclat- · · · - . ' . . . " . " - , : ' , (Continued on Page .Eight) Council Gets Report From City Engineer let"'to read the petition'. 'most imporlnllt days, for H offer; M, Peterson said, ,a, no tlme a^opno^nlly iJ^J» ^W^ pttal I» performing In p_rovhlins high standards of care, Mrs. Bur- illck fi»Id Wediienday. i · in view ol this Mrs. Biiriltel inrgcR-everyoiic to nv.iil lilmself o f licrBPlf of the npportunUy lo visit . , J[the'hospital.Friday and to enjoj A coinplelt-' Vfeitunic of street r e - j t l i c lour of inspection, tmlrft ami oilier related activities*! U was bnck I n ' 1 9 2 1 when lend of vthe city's -street r d c i i a r t m e n L J e r s I n - t H e bealth field-first rocog- - '-: nlwMl tlie need to. nhow Hie jniblic and engineRrhiK d e p a r t m e n t - w a s regular.-suasion of-the ·oinmoti council Tncaday nlfiht by 3tly 'Engineer 'Hoy Martin. ·;/. . D u r i n g , his report Mr, Martin mid "'the' department would;, like to.Wulimit'for,bid.the-purclmsB. of ^.OOtf'B^Jrtns ofU '- L1 '' liY.ihV : »t reel ·, reput r icjiaice-.'-wprk,^^''; 1 ..' '.. ;V-ijiii- ' - \ : f e j ; . ' . . . . Miss. \EIeun-. 'severa ' chiirch;'-iv ;;tbvthe niuy.-call. held lliftru ;-.'-'·.·' be^'ln ;Sy)v»n Hie human side of hospitals 'and for" that ' purppso :.Natlonnl Ilos pltul r)ay.''.'Was' fnl'inded. It w.oi of'.oil-to h« uaeil ill- .and niuln- '°»7 h't» fife' c Special ) '.--. Mrs:, died t Tuesday. after a her. Mrs; John ,Gur- brother; John .Wood: 'ji.- mi.tFrMty ice-.-worK;..,/.; \:.... :.. ·-..; i - uhioiltolci llfttfuCpuncH^iHWis B1C oomuiettiil 1 for t h e ' « p « t i o n ( « C 3V ileld t : boi'me ^ tit'.-yeteraiis;. parV Which''J will'.' contain'- toilet;-, faclli-. t 1 ie»'''fuf .lioth-'^eri , and -.women. ThB,ibund.nB.;wIll : , have. aN Blprnfee hrea'"'^^' purk-.'enuipmeiit.r vrhe l)nlidlnK' i s.ri«» Iie ' 1 "- t .» : '-! l ' e . 10 hy . 20 'feet. umV will':«ost;»MOO.; .with 12.000 ' fot 1 -' CfinipinenL-' Sjleclflcar lions 'for th'o cpiiatruction Iwlll ; l(e ready wlthtn a^few.;dayH-he;.-toUl th;^ i corthVir-:and.:BU?a\ythati i lt,'he a«bihiite(i-(for''htrls:;,, : ;: ··\'- : '*.'-. s ,'" ' ·i''ippo.iV:'iiiollon '^bd ; Alrtoriii a o.V.-? n " sfpii'!':Iietaoii^iand ; ' ) 8 et -' nil .,'i* 1 '' ;,hy Xlderniaii ·rPorry.' the.;,l)Qlil '.house U' : l «ub'ni'itte(t-fof~-bldH.: Ahlermen BaicoiuJ and ··· P 01 "-^!.!.!' .offered,. the i)f^the';oli"-'Hi)tto bld.\- ." 1 ''... ; , 't " ·H The- clly . lihginepr-- explained the council--that : .hi»''omce,th ;.co- pperatio'if ^.wllliV Mr!';Rlfo; ol; the »tfe^\iepnYunent:i3A«V e loplnR: a . 11 full and'conipletc-andoriemenl li the'latt: Warreu G. Hanling, thei »rcslil«nt of ' the United. SUtes Each ^successive prt'sldent: sine ma inihlicly comtrtehdftd-hospital on National Moapltul 'pay., 1 ,'.'^ ; " "Your -hospital -la muoli- mor ii'pn jiist a builiUng." Mr's!; l Mabo Burdlck"s:itd ^ycdneBday':in:an·;in erview. :"Your hospital ;is\reopl( .iio-'hnest 1 in, - Only ,;th )eai people can be counted ..nn 1 hclp,you fiB.hrthe baltle of heal) tn ydur-comhiunity. "-.' ' ..';;'Kverybne.who serves pital?t» ; aiiecially chosen for Jute llRe'itcc, : «kUI : and lor.loyalty., V would like to.hii've.the public met our ijtjiif r lii everydny-dreBB. see. i nt-.wnrkV-aci'yiiiKiyot)-^ 0 '. 1 ' 1 *^- ve r Chenango:; Memorial StrtUon ll: liome .'uner: Xo action was takpn br the uncil at thU time In chanplnc ackawanna avenue to a one- ay street. - · Cblei of Pollen Harold Malllcc ddrewcd' the council relative Fevcral t r a f f i c problems during hlch he asked t h a t ' some . pro ferred to the fire t-ommittee. Firej t e r Dennis Cbief Jobu Erennaa told the council ih*r truck was eqalpped --itb at l«ast Albert KuJer apiKiart-d b*-£ore the vunncil Tuesday cixlit tu K- ccrw the council's' feeline toward a bailding project in Prentice avenue. Several ntw home-s are being plaiiiiirfl fur that an?a providing water and wwjise ttnica | will b*; txtended to it- L'IUJIJ mo- j tion ol A l d e r m a n Halcotn and J ! »-cfndtrd bv Aldennan Lttson t h e ; ·ily pngineer was instructed to j prepare plans and tu bar*.- them r*-adr for ti=»; as tb* bTiilding project d«Te!ai!=. An offtr uf IS3«0 m a n w by Sam Jones for pnn-hase o[ ciiy owned property at Kexfurd aiid River itrt-tti. was turned down liy the ·oun'-il wlnin it v/as l»arn":d Mr. i Jones made his ofltr upun the condition the cilv fill the area t o ; street level. Mr. Jones, p r e s e n t ' for the t-ounrll raetiint; said lit* i ·wanted th*- properly for a garage; and E^rrice station. The filling of this area to street level vras deemed tou ;xpt!iJ=lve a propopltiou and the offer uas rejected upon motion of Aliler- man Frank Daly and seconded by Alderman Frank Porti-IH. A letter from Hie public srrv- ite commission to Mayor Benedict answered a question which arose at the last council meeting relative to a hearing on the removal of U- !*· W-* trains J^'i'J nnd 1SGO. These trains, the last pas- nencer trains between Utica and Binghamton ceased service as of April 3U. The letter informed the council no hearing ti^s been Iirld aa yet and if one Is scheduled nmpl tii'*? will be forwarded to all cities formerly F«rved by the' railway and everyone will r . he Riven a chance to be heard. , ...^ · Mt u-a» annbuhced^'nl .the ilar night session -of commoi their 1^. council thai uchool rll will meet May nc ·lion be inade for a restricted j a t j : -m to work o«l some systen rea near .the couniy jail for po-|for the proper functloniiig of the ce and others iiavinc business a i j ^ i t j . ^ bicycle ordinitncc. ie sheriff!! otfice. Upon mot lot , f AUlermnn Daly and iteconded r Altlernjan rnrlelll an area on ie' I'ant side, of Court Vtreel three car Icnpths Is re- ervcil for such purposes. A traffic problem existing- in air HlrOct from Court tu Cann- awnctu has hceu referred to the raffle committee. Chief Mnttlrc that the entire smith side of n? street be' designated as a no- arklng area. The committee .will eport on this problem nt the next cgnlar meeting. 'No action was. taken . I n roptm! o.BOveral complniiits of psirktnp conditions · iu Kast Main .'fvon Birdsall street to the nurkteshlor lousft. Alderman Kerry called the council's uttcntlon lo the luwi hich is ycbednled to-be leld In the- high school utulltn Hub Thtirwluy »i«h( from 7:3i I0:.10. At that lime speaker will' include. City Judge John . . . . . . . , iijviiliial)le. ; in':'ttie: tu'tiiro ,for;;thi ' d J line'' 5 f*n d' · (Uii rink ,'wh Icti* : .jatmt olewiinBi^no.w.[rjwiw^ y -,. *,., ?.«»"nriiiit«d;;upon the motion of 'Alderman l;ort*lli '""··"· 'J '-'"" ^-VvAMirmBn Bal-; * nd t u r « i k . .l r j'«t.till:l DOCTOR HOLLIS SPEAKS OH SOCIALIZED MEDICINE AT : NURSESV MEETING; - i)r.'·; Johji A." HolHs was the SUtatVpeakor u t , t h e ' d i n n e r meel- iiiK cif the'New.S'oric-State. Nurses A5MocliitLon,'illatrlnt v :iri,.liell.Tii'»- day nililit at'The'.OhenanBO. liotcl. . Misi Kjllth' tacesv 'jirraldiint. preHided - a n d - presented"- nortor lloills' -who -.spoke 'oil ' socialized medicine! : 'poctbr.; Hollls''- 'tulk atrohRry.-.opnbaed soclnllied ^medi- chie' lii-· aiiy^form; aiid;;provcd to the Krqu'p:hB.has spent,iuiicli time and effort-jn re8eareh''lriiTlil* Rnh-,well informed!.. Follow' I Itig ;tits talk;, iiiaiiy.' questions; were asked yihron jh which" an .'ihlerest- lig exchange-of ideas | on the siih- ' 'ct SveVe v hrouKh' light.'.- : , ,,-JIr9, iiqtlis.wai! life a''suest nt .lie meetiiiR; .;\ -.". '}'·.· v ^ A ( - . . ' i Fallowing. iKVdlnnerc-tlie ; regu- intraupnj r mm:. lurm. »iu irei.Hnnn.".. ·-.»...-·; «-.-- T -''-' i |.i»'"! T ' c W t .'!(9'..Mt^;. e ^?f^ 11 ^ 1 T^Wb-t^^rClreW^ilMi^M*^^*"^.'^^^ MiVl-W^^'i'^V? 1 "'^*!^ -'^ ·,i^-to«t*»y;-.-«i.»7«^;*^t»f^gMa2S3:fi£ l 5- ···'" ··- ·-·-··"--···V L A:»gfgft»3"^w« day.' nlglit ' at ; hli . home : In · Copen- ''! ' ' ' . WHC» : TO:MKiET. ! .". WITH sMHH, VJoiiii. ,, ' the -.WSCS;: Boclwr'i "HI ,: now their. )*iym«tlnitFrll«7»»««ln(t «t th. noun of : Mr.'.'. 1 Jrti ' it«w- - ( C « i i . v » N«Vir''58At»l« ' » ' ' - r} ,dr Utlcm, '· reiideritiibf. Norwich. ;iU;-- ; fe\- ''::··', ,' Services will ^ be .held iu Cc-pen- htgeiif;' Frld »yy J .: ·' v.^VV 1 '-'' ' ..! V V;"- ' · 7-. ; . :' WORK MKKTINO«:PIJNNKD , ;. ; ;Memberir ot.;'liie.-itiylll«/ Kind- neni '· ClfcW.. ot · tli;.KiBJi;i 'ItailBli' teri ikrii:r«mlni]*il ofr.the.twb work inHt{nt« 'iclrtidiiliil '.' .f«r.i.Thi'ri4»T »t'';»;:i,S»i^iH'd"':7 : -ip:. ; i»!'.»t : . Flfit Coh»r«i«tlJn«^ ehirch. . *'. B»BiUf«« lor : tn« ; ctucer ': 10; ktr .rill i n«l.'«t lll«:tii««. : -

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