The Washington Post, 15 October 1907, Tuesday, Page 30: His Century Birthday -- Anniversary Is Cele

The Washington Post, 15 October 1907, Tuesday, Page 30: His Century Birthday -- Anniversary Is Celebrated by Dr. William M. Starr. -- Friends Gather at Banquet--Oldest Inhabitants' Association . . . . attending: Dr. B. W. Summy

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The Washington Post, 15 October 1907, Tuesday, Page 30:  His Century Birthday -- Anniversary Is Cele - THE WASHINGTON POST: TUESDAY, OCTOBER NOT...
THE WASHINGTON POST: TUESDAY, OCTOBER NOT BELIEVE WITTE No Basis for His Story of Plot Against Prince Henry. WTLKIE IHVESTIOATED IT HIS ONE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY OBSERVED. TEST 14'YEAR"OLO MEAT United States Secret Service Officers Could Find Nothing More in Witte's Charges Than a Personal Grievance Against the German Embassy--Was Simply Press Agent Here for a Time Chief John Wllkie of the Secret Serv- 1 Ice scouts the story of Emll Wltte sell i styled former councilor of the German Embassy at Washington who has Juat' published a document n Berlin In wbicn) he declares that In 1902 when Prince Henry was a visitor to this country plot was hatched here to blow up the roal yacht Hohenzollem then in New 1 ork Harbor the purpose of the outrage bei g to embroil this country and Ger m ny in war The author who has pub- 1 shed his work under the Impressive tltlo of Stcrets of the German Embassy sajs he came to America under the guise of u correspondent for German news papers and became chummy with newspaper newspaper men here thereby obtaining the pub icitlon o£ pro Germany articles on behalf of the embassy In support of his statement regarding the plot to destroy the Hohenzollem V, itte c tes the fact that the Kaiser e yacht which bore the prince left her moorings two days before the scheduled time for her departure This he says, was due to t"he discovery of the plot. ^ That the alleged attempts to e%clte pub] pub] passions confessed to by "WJtle In his book were not the inception of Germany s diplomats In Washington is the belief of all officials and persons who knew the author of the book while he was in Wasl: ington Wilkie Investigated Story Emll Wltte came Into the limelight -just before Prince Henry \isited this country in the early spring of 1902 de clared John Wllkie Chief of the United States Secret Servl e last night, in speak ing of the investigation made by him of charges lodged by Witte This inquiry ·was the result of Witte s having app app oached John Hay then Secretary of Mate with documents which It was al leged, would prove of value In disclosing an antl American attitude in German diplomatic diplomatic circles. An Investigation satisfied me that W tte was trying to make an interna t unal Incident out of a personal grie^ said Chief Wllkie Regarding the acter of the documents In Witte s possession the answer can be found 1: the refusal of e\cn the yellowest of news p ipers to print them at that time W l t t » s career as remembered by se\ 1 of the older newspaper men of this cilj t i an j thing but pleasant His as i-rt on that ht was formerly counselor of t e German Embassy is said to be a m t e ent It is den ed that he ever f I I p on tic relat ons w th Germany s i i nt ti cs le tifl d Ith the Ge -nan Em \\ s I ere i ihe capac ty l o I o^ t on whit,! nab created un I hk exp red w i t h us dis H b vere thost of i press t l l e \ti tmpFojed to keep the « i formed of news pertinent to n t 1 iff rs for \ hi h he re* re* j f Sloft a month W tte 3 Introduction Here U \N E e ame to L! ts, C ty in I89S ·* a o o t c- correspondents \\l o knew 1 u i was possessed of 'i re n rl t i c papers whose au t n j I r o t tndea o r t o fix t r p rported fco come from Count t o ik n n ster of fore gn affairs u \ J anothtr \vas from Mr V r an 31 nister to Vienna to V b a lor \\ h to representing the L e 1 a t b In fcerlin I ome w j \\ tte became acquainted w h \ nb ss dor \ on Holleben -who was t e ji \V a ngton To i im he repre n l U t he came, to this country for tl t p i :, o e tab! sb ng a correspond en t t e.d.( for a ] mber of German pa p t r w h a cw to tstabllshing oetter 1 t riMl oial relat ons between the two CO en L e duse of the presence of Admiral von D etr ch in Manila Bay with a Ger man fleet shortlj after D°wey s victory had bet regarded In some quarters as Indlcati e ot more than was apparent on the surface and because jingolsts were specu al ng about the German fleet the Ambassador was willing to aid Wltte I belle\e at the time but tho plan never took shape *Then W tte applied to von Holleben for employment at the embassy After sixteen months service in the embassy as lector Wltte was discharged and gK en two months salary and his tranaportatiOT to St Louis. While ther a ha wrote several letters to the German Embassy telling them, that he was in dlix need of money and It Is said that on one occasion the diplomats here helped him Other i mllar requests beinst Ignored Dr. Wiley's Dog Instead of Poison Squad to Eat It. STOBAGE EXPERTBIENIS f Chemistrv^Tests, It la Be- iVill Show that Foods in Reon Reon More Than Three Months ife--The Danger of Ptomaine jfter Removal from Ice Washington s oldest Inhabitant still in vigorou tury mark DR. WILLIAM M STA, health ye HIS CENTURY BIRTHDAY Anniversary is Celebrated by Dr. William M. Starr. FRIENDS GATHER AT BAWftTTET W te it le said rted to threats. He de Ur d t h a t he had certain letters the- pub f t on of which would Injure men h h n th cl plomatic service Du Prince Henry s visit here in 19(r U t o again appeared before the pub He Fh s time he was armed with two lettu-t both of a purely business nature signed t \ on Holleben and copies of whj.t h claimed to be orig nal letters hav n more international s gmficance inals he said he could produce at the proper tlmef \V tto called to see Secretary Hay at the btato Dep-mment but Mr Hav wou d take no stock in his stories and uft r \ V i t t e had called there several tin e the matter was placed in the hands of Chief \ \ L i k e of tho Secret Service Took Witte a Manuscripts t o r torn dajs \Vltto was shadowed ·with the re 4 * It that the linlted States Secret. 3er ice officials obtained all of his manager pts w h ch thej retained un They tlj Pr!n , were th : L £enrj left the country ·eturned to \Vitte nbassy last night ·elitlons with tlio I w o j t a r ^ ago \ \ i t t e uent to Germany In pu su t of ion Ho leben w h o was re calltd in 1903 In several socialistic pa pars in Berlin and Stuttgart he published letters attacking von Holleben At the German Ignorance of V. itte former Ambassador was professed al tt ough It was admitted t r a t he had work ed there but not in a diplomat c capacity The newspaper men of the city with ·whom \V tte had become friendly soon became aware of the fact that for rca song other than his apparent desire to foster 111 feelings between the two coun tries Wltto was not a desirable acquaint ance and his acquaintance was dropped BOT STRUCK BY TRAIN Skull and One Leg Bi jfcen, but Hopes for Recovery Axe ] Jntertamed Bernard Byrne s}x v ;ars of age son Patrick J Byrn P*,rt on Office Thing northwest was struck passenger train at th Oh o Railroad crossing terday morning and serli skull was fractured his arid yeral places ernal injuries. Tne lad was conveyec to the Homeo pathlc Hospital where 1 e was in an ui cor-sclous condition foi several hours. La e ltst night he regained consciousness and the attending nurse/ expressed hopes Tor his reco\ ry Joseph Colburn eightf years old who was with Byrne at the time of the accl dent narrowly escaped Injury by Jie same a clerk In the it 234 X street by an incoming Baltimore a,id it N street yes uslj Injured His right leg broken he received in Oldest Inhabitants' Association Gives to Oldest Inhabitant a Gold headed Cane and Receives from Hun a Large Picture--Man Picture--Man Who Served in Three Wars Attributes Longevity to Moderation. Surrounded by* friends and well wishers wishers Dr William M. Starr Washington s oldest inhabitant was toasted and praised by many of the prominent bus! ness men of the city yesterday In Itonor of his one hundredth birthday The members of the Oldest Inhabitants As sociation of the District of Columbia gathered at his invitation at a ban quet In an upper room o£ the Queen of the Red River countrj xie brevetted for mer tor ous services Greatly impoverished b^ the war Dr Starr began the study of botany and medicine when peace was declared and practiced with such success that In 1876 he came to Washington where he has re malned in active practice ever since Guests at the Banquet The following Is a list of those who assembled yesterday to pay tribute to the centenarian Benfumln r Klopfer Dr B W Summy Georgo W Harver J C S Burger Bryson Tllley W H Deoais J J Georges. William J Green George W Drl/or J T Chainccy J D Cartel! J Tol bert Thomas V. illlama c B Smith George "Will lama H M Bellinger Dr Allan Gilbert Thomp son E T McNerh ny C E Sutherland W C Fl*her \V A Llntcn S N Thome Patrick CJeary Fred C G Calver H M DUUneer J KntwiBle W H Singleton James Croggin F W Pilling. T V Noonnn J Crosafleld Gen John M Wilson F P McDermott A. W Law ton JasttDh I Kwfcr C S Taylor WUUan B Palmer Heury N Copp John Walker Wllliau E Palmer William Cole man L. P "elbow Sob as tlan Bauer Col George A Armes A. W Kelley Alllaop Nallor (president) Benjamin Reese Rev Wallace Hadcllffc Mrs Belva Lockwool W H F ss Joseph C Burcer B H Warner Anthony Gaegler Nicholas WaUtlns William C Uark Ed ward Shaw Harry 0 Shaw Dr Samuel E Lewis John JJcKenney Ooorgo M Wllner Edwin Camp bell B P Larltin and J F Richard Cate Se\ nth and G streets northwest. Conservatism Is the key to lon^ev Ity declares the venerable man who reached the century mark yesterday There s no secret about It It lies In stopping just before the limit Is reached, When I was young 1 I never walked an as fast as I - ch as I could ould I nqver ate I always stopped while I had some reserve energy Dr btarr was seated at the end of the long 1 room between Allison Nallor president of the Oldest Inhabitants Association and ex president Brown w i t h e\ ery faculty alert. B H Warner Speaks for Host Dr Starr looked upon a world awaiting achievement when he first saw day in 1807 said Mr B H War ner who spoke for the venerable host The 10 miles an hour railroad train and steamship marked the limit of in ventlon but to day his practically un impaired energies enable htm to escape from the path of the 100 miles an hour train and rapid automobile Mr Warner read two poems by Dr Starr embodying 1 philosophical views of life and of conduct. Following this he presented on be half of the centenarian a large like ness of tr Starr to the Oldest Inhabi tants Association which was accepted by President Allison Nallor In return the association gave a hand some gold headed cane appropriately In scribed to Dr Starr Not that he needs this cane declared Mr Isailor but as a souvenir which he may keep until he really becomes old William N Copp read a poem entitled The Old House which referred to the host and Gen John M Wilson and Hev Wallace RadchfCe addressed the guests H'3 Ancestors Lived Long Thomas Jefferson was President w,ben at the h3me of Henry and Sarah {Wag ner) Starr Bull Run Va. was born a boy who is now really the oldest inhabi tant of the District of. Columbia All oC Dr Starr s ancestors were re nowned for longevity his father dying at the age of 103 his paternal grandfather at the age of 105 and his great grand father at the age of 10* years Dr Starr however does not attribute his unusual lease of life Jn any way to neredity but to the fact that he has always abstained from excesses and has lived close to nature He fought in the Seminole Mexican and crvil wars. In 1811 Dr Starrs father moved to Mehonlng- Countj Ohio where he lived at the outbreak of the war of 1812. H(s father served under Jackson at New Orleans Ir Starr served under the same general in his campaign agains* Florida Indians, and was twice -wounded At the time the war with Mexico was declared Dr Starr had become a citizen of Wisconsin and from that State he en listed He fought In the artillery and ser\ed with Taylor at Matamoras Buena \ ista, Monterey Resaca de la PoJma, and Cerro Gordo One of the Forty-niners. In the gold rush of 1S49 he joined an ox wagon caravan and crossed the plains made SOOO and went from there to Isew Orleans to invest in sugar planta tlons. There he married Mi«s Lizzie Da 1664 . of that city In 1857 She died fn "* At the outbreak of the war of UIQ rebellion rebellion he raised a battalion ot 600 roen enlisted In the Confederate 1 army served. at Port Donelson "Shiloh and Vicksburg and assisted In repelling Banks invasion Blood Humors Commonly cause pimples, bolls hives eczema or salt rheum, or some other form of eruption eruption but sometimes they exist in the system Indicated by feelings of veafcneas. laneuor, loss of appetite, or eenerai debility, without Hood sSarsmparillaeipelgthera, renovate^ strengthens and tones the whole system- This is the testimony of, thousands annually Accept no substitute but insist on havine Hood's Sarsaparilla In usn«l Itanid form or In chocolated tablets tnownasSarsatabs. 100 doges*. BfTERFEEED WITH CHTOCH Complaint Made that Capt Schneider Aided One Faction Take Collection. Certain trustee* and deacons of the First BaDtist Church (colored) corner of Twenty seventh street and Dumbarton avenue northwest through their attor neys Thomas L, Jones and James E Paagett yesterday sent a letter of com plaint to Maj Sylvester superintendent of police in which they accuse Capt Schneider of the Seventh precinct of gross misconduct in performing his du ties as a police captain and of having violated an order of the District Supreme Cojrt The protestants assert that on Sunday night the pastor of th^ church against whom the court had Issued a restraining order to prevent him and his party In the church from Interfering with tho members of the opposing faction in the performance of the r duties tried to pre vent the trustees from taking up the collection by declaring that new trustees had been chosen WHO would perform that duty It is charged that when the old trug tees refused to give up the collection plates the new church officers went to the door and called in Capt Schneider who it js said tvas in citizens clothes It is alleged that the captain first had a shprt conversation with the pastor and that he then ordered the old trustees to give way to the new trustees The ac cusation Is further made that Capt Schneider went so far as to throw a dollar in the collection box The restraining torder of the court 3Tt which he will mace to the on of -Congress in regard to the value of various foods which in cold storage Dr Harvey Chief of the Bureau, of Chemo-Agriculture Chemo-Agriculture Department will ed declare that it Is in all unsafe to eat such foods if jeen kept for more than three Is about to try some ex the food line with a side of as been kept in a refrigerat more than fourteen year.s i conducting food experl- e last two years but Jiot are specimens as that which bout lo bring forth from its began his series of esperl cold storage food products ears ago Dr Wiley was in a certain refrigerating con eland that It had a side of had been on the Ice for more ears Dr WUey then se are specimen of cold storage xperiments ot for Poison Squall Lr Wiley was aaiced esterday ell preserved piece of meat would to the famous poison squSd with i most of the food experiments have carried out he answered in the sative This squad has for the last verdl months been devouring ail sorts of foods selected because it was believed that they were injurious to health but thoj will be, spared Irom the fourteen year-old beef It will be tried on the department dog^which has long waxed fat on foods generally regarded by the world at large as injurious to health When the s[de of beef was secured two years ago by Dr WUey it was carefully tested The tissues of the meat were carefully measured and they have since been remeasured at frequent intervals Every change in texture has been fully noted "v Nor will the poison squad be fed any of the other foods such as poultry game and eggs which have been in Dr Wiley s ice House for the last two years The chief chemist andf his assistants will test the value of these foods In other ways Use Odor as Guide The foods -will be tested by Dr Wiley and his assistants and their odor will also serve aa a guide In determining whether they are wholesome and nu tritlous Dr Wiley said yesterday that, judging by appearances alone foods may be kept in cold storage for long periods without losing anything in nutritive value but between the time they are removed from the ice and the time they are prepared for the table ptomaine or alkaloidal bodies may develop which might make the foods fatal to the human stomach PAEK KOAB'S CHAMPIOH CAT Wins Neighborhood Medal by Whipping Two Belligerent Dogs Somewhere up on Park road there lives a mangy undistinguished looking black cat which could win championship honors against any of the creatures 6f the na ture fakers ThsEt cat may riot look like a winner but a dozen reputable citizens can vouch for the fact that single pawed and alone she did up two of the neigh borhood dogs so badly that they have both been obliged to take treatment In a canine sanitarium In the wee sma hours of Monday morning the cat, having been out late at some Junction In feline society was peacefully ambling homeward when two ^ogs a large wTilte bulldog and a black and yellow hound sighted her Barking joyously they started for the cat All at once the bulldog broke away with a yelp of distress and dashed madly across the street where he watched the rest of the fight from a safe distance The hound kept his hold of the cat s neck and shook her viciously until feel Ing that It wag time to brag a little he released his grip long enough to emit a boastful bark This was the cat B oppor tunlty and she sprang upon the hound s side After a brief but bitter combat the hound managed to scramble to his feet and started painfully down the street The cat watched the bulldog for a min ute and then casting a glance of con temptuous pity at the hound smoothed^ her fur and started off at a dignified pace for home against the pasto: nd his faction was Issued on September 20 and subsequently a statement having been presented to the court that the restraining order had been violated a writ was Issued against the pastor and his associates to shoiv cause why they should not be punished for contempt of court The trustees and deacons who have written to Maj Sj l\ ester are Silas Chap man John H Mansfield Benjamin West Joseph Ware R D Duffins A. T New man P T Harris and L. Scott ENGINE DEEAILED AT DEPOT Excitement on Pennsylvania Train When Obstruction Causes Cr^sh Engine 50t of the Pennsylvania (Rail road attached to the 4 20 express train for Baltimore was derailed yesterday afternoon as it was leaving the train shed at the Pennsylvania station Both the engineer and fireman escaped injury by leaping from the cab Traffic was delayed delayed nearly an hour An obstruction on the track caused the engine to leave the rails and topple over slightly d.nia?ins: the cab and boiler It was In charge of Engineer John Cleveland of 514 G street south east and Fireman John A Smith of 176 South Carolina avenue When the engine left the track It was wrenched from the tender The train came to a sudden stop throwing the pas sengers from their seats into the aisle Women screamed and attempted to leave the coaches In the excitement several women and children fainted. The conductor as soon as he assured himself that there was no danger walked through the coaches and endeavored to pacify the excited passengers The train was crowded with govern ment employes who live either at Belay Laurel or Baltimore EIVEE MEN TO AID PHOT Win Appeal to President to Reinstate CIsrcnce Nichols. It was reported here last night that ship- owners along the Ohio River have decidecV to appeal to the President to rescind his! recent order suspending Jor ninety days the license of Clarence Nichols; the Cairo pQot who Incurred the displeasure of' President Roosevelt during the latter's! trip down the Mississippi ; River men have contended that Nichols 1 j conduct was not aS negligent as the PresI I dent thought, and that the punishment 1 Inflicted was not justified Should the' President refuse to be lenient, it 1s said ! the river men will take the matter into) the courts on the ground that Nichols I waa entirely illegal. ' M Goldenberg has .purchased buildings 817 to 823 Seventh west the price paid it is the neighborhood of $75 000 erty which has been occupied Peter Grogan fdr many recently transferred from Dante to H L Rust and n part payment for Jhe apartment house which was by the owners of the r Goldenberg has gradually :he owner of large hpldmgs in Seventh street northwest last purchases he has made borhood is the property at corner of Seventh and E properties which he bought Ortl 741 and S20 Seventh aboi t Sfia 000 for the last named le stores which have been by Mr Grogan are known as 28 square 453 They contain feet and have a. frontage of Seventh street It is said that :o Mr Grogan has still run NOT PBOSECUTE BOY Dr Slattery to Take No Action Unless Son. Grows Worse John Marceron accused of having thrown a iadle of molten lead at the ten year old son of Dr J J Slattery wll! not be prosecuted unless the child s in Juries grow worse The affair which Marceron says was accidental occurred Sunday morning near Seventh and O streets while young Siattery was return ing to his rome from Sunday school Yesterday morning Dr Slattery called to see young Marceron at his home 719 Rhode island avenue northwest and aft er learning that the young man had been dismissed from the employ of the Po tomac Electric Power Company decided not to prosecute him 4CC1TSED OF BEING English Naval Officers Reported Arrested Arrested in German Waters Berlin Oct 14--4. correspondent of the Tageblatt at Emden telegraphs that ac cording to a dispatch received there fioir Borkum a spying yacht with English na val officers on board has been captured by two Wilhelmsbaven torpedo boats The officers are suspected of having taken soundings and made photographs In forbidden waters WELL CONDEMN LAND FOR ALLEYS Two Junes Sworn In by Justice Barnard in District Supreme Court Juries were sworn In yesterday by Jus tlce Job Barnard in the District Supreme Court for the purpose of condemning land which the District Tvlll use for a leywaya. N H Shea Charles Werner "ty" P Turner W E Shaffer and Thomas M. Harvey wlli comprise a Jury to condemn land for opening an alley between Thlrty- fpurth and Thirty fifth streets and T and U streets northwest The hearing- of tes trnionywitl begin November.20 Thomas W Smith J H Nolan Percy S Foster J S Swormstedt, and Samuel Jloss are members of a jury to condemn land tor opening an alley in the square bounded by TJii'-teenth and fourteenth streets Columbia road and Irving stree» Testimony WUI be submitted on behalf qf the property owners November L Georgia Students Here. Eleven girls from Rome Ga all stu dents at Shorter College of that city are guests at the Metropolitan Hotel in charge of Dr J T Simmons, president of that Institution ^Vfter having visited Cleveland Cincinnati Philadelphia and several larger citjes the young women are leaving for Jamestown to-day Two weeks ago they left tbeir^home on an educational trip and will be met by an ptb«r party of atttdentf af Jamestown. 420 to THIS Heatherbloom Th^t rustles taffeta, skirt has attached--three cut full, perfect BUYS GROGAN M. Goldenberg; Secures 817-823 Seventh Purchase Price Said to Be OQO--Mr Goldenberg Has Holdings on Tins ASUEST 2HEATEB Police Gather In Eleven with. Annoying Playhouse The police dragnet gathered legro boys of the average age years all of whom are banded In what they term the gang the police assert have £een around the entrance of the Gayety theaters during the Those arrested are locked First precinct station and names as follows Charles iam Johnson Hoy Kegy Wlltfam Worden Charles Ralph Frasier Francis Kelly Garner George Murray and All are charged with tie given a hearing to day captured by Policemen son Miller and Holmes Bicycle man Holmes was forced to Ills fast sprints on the wheel catch twb of the fleet footed The police have received plaints from theater patrons are annoyed by boys some for money and others for ads are also said to have sauce by loafing on the structing the playhouse GAS HEN TO MEET American Institute Convention To morrow for Three The second annual convention A.merlcan Gas Institute will this city beginning to morrow ins three dajs The meetings ·titute will be held each New Wlllard and on Thursday be a banquet at the same i ected that 200 delegates William Ff Hart superintendent WasMngtoh, Gaslight Company L! member of the committee ments [ Commissioner Macfarland has to deliver an address at the sion of the convention on the question of city gas Valrt in company with Fred of Toledo Ohio yesterday Mr Macfarland and extended .nvltation to make a speech pntlon Questions relating to the ind supply of gas will be the sessions of the institute Weir's Condition New York Oct 14.--The Col L C Weir president of Express Company w h o is sanitarium in tl Is city Is changed The case Is regarded tarlum as not serious thus Your Money Is Never Unless it is in a And yet it is as your hand as if it your pocket or locked bureau drawer, for but to draw your the amount you wish spend--and, furthermore, canceled check is as a receipted bill to payment AMERICAN AND TRUST Northwest .corner ot FifteSnth ist- and Pennsylvania Charles J Bell,

Clipped from The Washington Post15 Oct 1907, TuePage 30

The Washington Post (Washington, District of Columbia)15 Oct 1907, TuePage 30
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  • The Washington Post, 15 October 1907, Tuesday, Page 30: His Century Birthday -- Anniversary Is Cele — The Washington Post, 15 October 1907, Tuesday, Page 30: His Century Birthday -- Anniversary Is Celebrated by Dr. William M. Starr. -- Friends Gather at Banquet--Oldest Inhabitants' Association . . . . attending: Dr. B. W. Summy

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