Reminiscence of M'Caw - Josiah Marvel & Robert Marvel Indianapolish News Dec. 13, 1886

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Reminiscence of M'Caw - Josiah Marvel & Robert Marvel 
Indianapolish News Dec. 13, 1886 - A lIEMIXISCEXCe OP 31'CAW, Tba TTay lie...
A lIEMIXISCEXCe OP 31'CAW, Tba TTay lie Cooribatd to the Peraoaal Safety of ttnftt Harthal Brsdaa. Captain Dsvi J Brsdeo has a kindfjr re memttrance of W. W. McCaw, now charged" with the murJvrof Foulke, an 1 be Mates thajjs soon aa he recovers Irarn the Itijary conBalivh.m to his home. hi. Una viu w - U be to the Jail iVtue if be can be of any ute to the accused. "He saved tuy life once," remarked the captain to a Je s reporter, "ouder cnxiinsstances as vivid to my remembrance at thia time aa It was St Ine original occurrence, and it came aoout in tnia way: "I erved irom Miy, 14 il, uutd the close Of the war. a prpvua manual of this diainct, aad withiu that time I bait som peculiar experiences. Among others, Joiah Marv, - :, whose lather lived near toe ll,:a tricas Cjjuty hue. was n - poned to ma as adeerter troji the seve.ilh imUaua regi - iun and 1 male ae'veral eilorta to edecl aii ar - tkil. : Oue day I aeui Joaib Liudsay and John B. Wair. ttitt ia.ter a lieleeuva ueiauiriaz tit the aixtr - thiri Indiana, alter tbelug.uve. And . toey were uc - c ul m arreajtug Marvel, but a ; party ul uraierai work ou uJt laxoers rarm revued h m and gave bti captors inorv or les u a beatiu:. Amoinr thuui Has a man namd Loir Jatob, l IhinkL who: was particularly prominent m the e - air.( on Ueir. and 1 made it my k" tal miaaion to goi h;m. ' i went in peraou alter iiim. lait uir wuii ma lolly McCaw. . u ny at Hint lime beloogoi to Uhs Slaty - tbiru. 1 bail tie - tailed bim lor nioilur duty belore. and had luuiai Unu brave aii'i reliable. Wc had ak,D.icton that Ctpei' would Tbe lound hiding in ttie baru. and wheu we readied lUe IVirm I sent Mc('f to ibe rt - ar of the alMOie to iuterceut nis retreat, wtiike I Weill tirst to tne Ikhm. 1 Hud scaicoly entered lite iuor.ieiore 1 was altackud by Cooper's lai tier, an o:d man, but a strong ou. - , humotnrart:i two siatere, aii'l 1 had io Cgul dopuraieiy lor - my lue. Tin y at ruck me with stoTe sticka,. and whatever eise they could graip, aad one ot the girls gave me a bio acrui the neck and head wbi' ti opened the tlusii lor oe v - eral luchea, and lullicUsJ a severe injur'. At iat Iw aa auuceMiul iu getling 111 a blow thai kuikked the old in a out oi iliv door, aud at tnia mouueut the old lady screamed murder at the top of her voice, aud this brought m man we were - alter to tue i - ceiie. I he' coward bad been hiding uo - ktamall tue time, aud heou y showed hiuiarit wheu tieRiutid bin family getting wornled. l'y that, lime I wus nearly exhau.tted, and I couldn't have held out two minutes lonccr, and in my wuided ' cuuditkiu 1 , was no match for the younger Couyer, but then, wlien I thought the Jig was up, Mct'aw came bounding luto too house, and be soon tnraataed the )ottug man bnudMjuieiy, and we put both the lather aud sou under arrest and brought theui to town. My wounds bic t freely,. I ha blood ran down to my stui'K - uis", ami wheu 1 was brought - home my wile i - ould hardly recognize me.. Ai tuat time," aidud thecal) lam.' wilh a uiuu, - I weighed 1S, was reasonably Ktro'us. aud was aed but thirty - two. arid I could bold my own agamst prctt cxxxl oilda, but 1 was no match lor tne combined aiuck of the senior Coofier. with his wile and giria, armed wild siove - xticks and shove 1, backing him. We turned over our priwnera to Caleb B. Smith, and they were afterward each fined ioiXl. Tucy were iiUciimj democrats then, bui latt - r Jacob Cooper Joined lue army aud turned republican." ; W bat became of Marvel?" 1 ' - "rte made several uueuip s to capture bim. but were uuauccesiiul. One day, upon' returning from dinner, one of my deputies said to me, Marvei la up - stulrs; h a a'.hrr brotiut him is ' Tue thought atruck me tnai me trick was l ur - reuder him aud lucu iti.titute hateua corpua pro - eeetlings. tie being underage, aud so I told th deiitiea not to go near him, and i slatd away luy. - eli. hure enough, the old man relmned y - ruu K. Lllioil to iiiMUutu proceiL - diiiga. but I replied that the prisoner waa not in my cutody, ii. ir hud lie tx e i, an l tnoCJSe was dwuiw d, an J the old muu aud Ihe buy went oil togetner. Alt - r that I Blade several deu - rmined erlort to arreat lira fug. tive, lor 1 wanted hnu worse than ever, but tlio lauiiiy were succuraiul in keeping trim out of my way. fcome one toid me thi other day that thjs aame Marvel was applying lor a pt - nku. lie haa uo ntiht to one, aud he should be Headed oil" ' "IMd rou know Foulke, who was killed by McCaw;' 1 arresied Fculke twice as a d.'sortcr. I first got blm In 'U and sent him to h i regiment, but iu three mouth lie wa back aaain, and 1 again had him brought in and sent bach, 'i he second time he was urret - todi he threatened to ki.i uie if be was ever released, but I never heard of bun agaiu until I ho tmo of his laial rencotitr with Mo aw. At I remeiuber him, i.e was a repulsive - looking. Icllbw, broad - shouldered and orn'ry. While I set ved as provost murahal I arretted aud turujd over i.Vii deserters, and 1 never bad a VoucImt questioned, nor did the gryverumentever object to - auy of my disbursements. I never paid, a reward utiieai it wa tor ani absolute case ot desertion, and wheu some poor oldtr, wno had accidentally overstayed nintihis lor a lew days, and bad been arretted by fellows always on I lie lookout for something ol the sort, wire brought In, 1 invariably turned I hem loo - e aud disnliowe J the reward. I remember once "that Jim Wo .dard (Jayhawkerj, en route irom VWthiiigton to Lalay etto, where he wa goinc; to ora.iliwj a regiment, at the request ol (rtiverjnor Motion, was arreated at the C'uiou dubot by bull Utiaer. aud was I, nipht Co me as a deserter. Jim wi: - Uhj pro:.U to - how his credentiaU to bucerj ; but 1 made haste, totet him ail right. WooJord1, was a true blue soldier." ' , - "Your records would mat Interesting reading at this late dny," augmented the leporter. - ' - Indeed they Would." continued the csptalh, "but unlortuuatciy everything was destroyed at the time ei the burning ot the Dumunt homestead some' years ao. Among my records was the name aud regiment ol every deserter arretted and turned over by ma. and alao iha name of every draited perxon, and I kepi them carelully boxed and s.ored In the attic ol the old home. When the fire was discovered it hail taken complete pottsc&siou of the uttic, and there waa uo chance to rescue anything. I'm thinking th .t some of mv record would Drove auite einbarras - ' siwl to many fellows who to - day are strutting J a ouml en an aiieirea sotnier recoro. t noe - rears were eventful to sue. I ent eighteen months at the front, in active service, before I was detaileo ax provost marshal, but my most exciting and dangerous military experience was had rigut hera in this district." - Caotaiu hra ten Is how confined to bis home by a dislocated or broken knee cap. which he' receiveo at ,fw Aiwinr ia.x nmnfNaj in a tail while hastening to catch an early train. It is in the same limb and a similar Injury to the hurt which he received during the wtr,. by his horse, falling on him while at the front, and for this reason he fears It wilt confine him for some time. AMUSEMENTS. Attrsictldns lor ilia Week at tue Different .' TheatersS. . " To - night and to - morrow" nicbt at the Thatcher. Primrose i Wert'n m ustrels,. have and same my cars Tba of tome may time swaying - face to mail, and tiin - iinr. l. occupied on last tne hats them Was audience jniiiir nature it atioiit leul an while exhortations, rinq erson was a obituary were C - here U - one direct number was tors cn - The a fuuds dice Alfred it was the the Co., had hiuita board Jlcs sou. the Feb meet Open Tf HJOSa very A Canai. Itie. fours l - JA - A,l Uur.. Clue. Chic.. Ciu Del. lK - Erie Fort liar

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  2. 13 Dec 1886, Mon,
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  • Reminiscence of M'Caw - Josiah Marvel & Robert Marvel Indianapolish News Dec. 13, 1886

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