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 - on 'by eani; ifastly greater than|'ever before....
on 'by eani; ifastly greater than|'ever before. ' · · ' ' · · · "'- .,, the 13th.regimbnlTelM'Vp iiniiwnV'tatlpnedat Vdascd''May lit, 1365, C;H.' Srai Wo'3 J call6'd : t6 :f thc chair anfl S.-J.- McFarlimd requested : actias:8ecrBiarj pwhareupon'-theitollowiDg committee sevenr^onOffcom each co.mpanp [ prcsentf ) wGre anppinte to draft-resolutions e.-cprei5ive.or the feelmga anil .Views 'tbe'raeet'lbg.' ""Alter ri'Sbort retirement'the commltto ·] curji«d''itti£i presented!tbtfttlhwiugt preambla an^rcsb |. EeEOlyod,.-Tliat,.astruesoliriefs, we..,de'em-it oursbic'ro 'duty tostftnai'flriuIy"bj' TJ the fiag of. our' country,' witb brottr«ra'east of the' Sl'.sslsslppl rireri-' That the one ·tlon'preSDnted;'is freedom or §ubjusatioo.- ·: .': i ,.:,i ·.liReGolvcU,.Tuatotii;cpafideBCe in,.thejWi!idom and pair otlsm of our President, and.nillilarr .leaders.and.especjal "M^jor-Geiicr'alJ. E. iragruder','ja.undlrii'inlsned. ; , .."-' ! 'Res'olved^Tbat it would.itre'ngthffn 'Onr baads ; a n d Tir'touripplria toieeall'wbo aro'iablc itobMi.arjns;ra Jying lo,tbe.atandard of ; our-cquntry,wUh tb^ unwayerlD de'tftrinlnatlon to sharo witli'ua Uie'lo'ili of war^.'' 1 ( : '.Rssplvcwl; Thatlilvirlng'tbis nonr 'of aihgijrnnli dis'isl In't'jefiifftbryipr^our country, a-wlae-')w»d, flrm-hVari an /attHdy.haniljRhooldpjvern.tbc (tr.patStala of;Texas -Tbj ^wblle^wii.woulil.deHiilyfdep'.pri* tbaloss of .Coionoi Bates 'our. reRimeHta/ co'nitria'nae^'.wo "doom '(£' paramount cbMrlulli 1 y"lfe'b.'nl il our fl un'dirSdeii support and infloien for6o'temor lu'thcl e'Dsnirif tlectioh:'. r.i-m.,,-,:;,. u t l ,,-JleiolTQd, ,Thal-th« HnnlLon paperi b«. rwjutgtod lo ili3h,lno proceedin'gs.oi: this mecUui'. ,' ' ' I ' '. 'After wKicu". Lfentenaiit-Coloncl H.TY Cayca'.'T'TT.'Joi '«nd Captitn-Tr. SiJHerncJon'-wtre ca'Hed'for, andieaci'd illrored'appropnale Bad patriotic KptPCbei; 4ndorslnff. rtBclutious and rniitucc-ta eiuiro.uihauitlon rMber

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 07 May 1865, Sun,
  3. Page 2

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