Solomon Bromer made it to 5th place in the Current Events Bee

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Solomon Bromer made it to 5th place in the Current Events Bee - Wol- Car-doro, The- Mur-taugh, ACTING GOVERNOR...
Wol- Car-doro, The- Mur-taugh, ACTING GOVERNOR OF PHILIPPINES IS DECIDING QUERY Continued from Page 1. and without delay, she answered, "Eugene Gllmore," and the bee was over. Before the dramatic conclusion of the bee the audience for two hours listened while contestants, each one a school champion by virtue of a previous elimination contest, answered answered a wide variety of questions based on events in the past year. For the most part the answers were uncannily accurate, but here and there responses stirred roars of laughter among the spectators. Mr. Kaltenborn explained the rules of what he termed the "great intellectual prize fight" after a short Introductory speech by A. Mortimer Clark, principal of James Madison High School. In his turn Mr. Kaltenborn Kaltenborn introduced the Judges Boro President Byrne, Dr. Joseph Dana Allen, principal of Poly Prep Country Day School, and Miss Mary E. Dillon, president of the Brooklya Boro Gas Company. Not Bothered at First. The contestants, in two long rows across the stage, did not seem both ered by the first few questions. They knew that Chiang Kai-shek Kai-shek Kai-shek is President of the Chinese Republic, that Germany is paying a reparation reparation sum of $600,000,000 a year, that the longest continuous airplane flight is 150 hours and that the chairman of the Mayor's Committee to Distinguished Guests is Grover Whalen. One of the early answers which drew a laugh was a boy's reply that uquor' was tne activity in wnicn F. Scott McBride spends his time. After a consultation the Judges decided decided that running of the Anti- Anti- Saloon League was a "liquor" matter, matter, and voted the answer correct. A minute later one of the seven girls In the contest was asked. "Why is Maurice Connolly not now in jail?" She replied, "He went to Europe for his health." Connolly Away for Health. The correct answer was that the former Queens Boro President is out on bail pending appeal, but the Judges, after another consultation, voted to accept the one given. Tne political question seemed to be bothering the contestants. First one missed on the number of States Alfred E. Smith carried In the na tional election, giving seven instead of eight. A minute later and a blank silence followed the question, wnat leading Democrat met Her bert Hoover at Miami Beach this winter." The answer should have been Governor Smith. Ruth Draper "an Avlatrix." Each contestant had two flags, and an erroneous answer meant the lay of one flag. Two slips meant elimi nation. Ruth Draper, the writer and actress, was- was- characterized as an avlatrix, Noel Coward was un known and St. John Irvine went unrecognized as the "Irish playwright playwright who Is acting as dramatic critic on a New York newspaper." un this last question Jacob Green of Berrlman Junior High School missed for the second time, and was eliminated. Samuel Cohen of Brooklyn Tech nlcal High School could not recall the name of any of the ships on the Byrd Expedition, and he went out a minute later. Then came Alexander Kumensky of the same school, who did not know that Joseph Joseph V. McKee is President of the Board of Aldermen. Eagle Almanac by Hibbrn. It took the Graf. Zeppelin 111 hours to go from Friedrichshafen to Lakehurst, N. J.; Alfred Loewen. stein, the Belgian financier, fell or jumped from his airplane into the English Channel, and Alekhine is chess champion. Easy enough, to be sure, for students who had been poring over reference books and newspapers for months. Herbert Lebovicl of James Madi son High School suddenly startled the audience. He had been asked what book of Brooklyn interest was written by the late Paxton Hlbben. He was supposed to answer, "Th biography of Henry Ward Bcecher. Instead, he said, unsmilingly, "The Eagle Almanac." As this was Lebovicl s second miss, he left the stage, getting as he passed into the wings an Eagle Al manac such as was presented to each contestant along with a bronze medal for victory in the elimination contest previous to the Be. Politics Prove Bothersome, Political questions were still prov ing bothersome, and a contestant was arguing with the Judges that when he said Rhode Island and Vermont were the two New England States which went for Smith in the national election, he was "half rignt." He was, but the answer was voted wrong. Tne biggest laugh of the evening came a minute later when Morris Schnapper of Brooklyn Evening High School was asked, "What is Einstein's new theory?" Only Five Understand Einstein. "I understand only five persons in the world understand the theory and I am not one of them," he re plied pertly. The judges were obviously unde elded what to do. The answer desired desired was that the Einstein theory somehow linked gravity and clec trlclty. Boro President Byrne scratched his head humorously, and consulted with his colleagues, while tne audience had its fill of laugh ing. Finally, the Judges decided that me question was ambiguous and de elded to give Schnapper another one. "What campaien against nnscruP' ulous lawyers has been carried on by The Brooklyn Daily Eagle?" he was asked. Quickly he spoke of the amouiance chasing campaign Though SchnaDoer was saved for the moment, he went out on the next round when he thought Lindbergh, Lindbergh, and not Captain Hawks, had established a new transcontental non-stop non-stop non-stop flight record. Alexander Champion Out. Up to this time both Boys High School and Alexander Hamilton High School still had two representatives representatives left. Each school had In previous years won two legs on The Eagle trophy, and a third victory would mean permanent Dossession Now Daniel Goodman of Alexander Hamilton missed an easy question ana was out. hU schoolmates break' ing Into a cheer of encouragement as ne lert tne stage. Arnold Auerbach of Bushwlck High School guessed wildly and In accurately as to what Henry Ford tnougnt or saving money, and he, too, icit the stage. Thought Kracke an Aviator. Then came the downfall of Boyi Hign school, whose supporters wcr more numerous and more noisy than tnose of any other school, so conn dent were they of victory. Julius Spiro somehow got the Idea that Port Appraiser Frederick J. Kracke Does Madison Proud , ,tw -HY. -HY. k L 'if. Freckle-faced Freckle-faced Freckle-faced George R. Fcnster heaped laurels on James Madison High School by winning second place in the 14th annual Eagle Cur rent Events Bee. He is an Arista student, too, as the band across his chest shows. was an aviator, and said so. Exit Spiro. Then Arnold Cohen, dlminii tive and loud-voiced, loud-voiced, loud-voiced, made a mis take in stating that La Guardia and not Hylan was the candidate in dorsed recently by the Better City uovernment League. Grinning wry ly. he followed his teammate off the stage. But the rejoicing of the rooters from Alexander Hamilton was short lived. Solomon Bromer thought that the last day for filing Federal income tax returns was Feb. 15. He was a month too early, and stepped asiae as a result. Only Four Left. surviving were only four con- con- contestants now. Elsie Cohen, at' tractive star of Girls High School who won the Radio Bee last year, had just gone out on a question about the sale of the Union League Club. Her teammate, Adeline John son, was still in. So were Henry G. Scmple, a tall youth from Bay Ridge Evening High School; George R. Fenster of James Madison, and John Smith, a scholarly-looking scholarly-looking scholarly-looking lad irom Manual Training. Semple missed on the country of whlcn Bratiano is Premier. Thjcn smitn, tnougn winning third place, could not say wno is the world: largest wheat-erower wheat-erower wheat-erower (Thomas D. Campbell of Montana). Miss John son and Fenster were left to fight it out, with the result that a new precedent was set for future Bees. Girls High Won. According to the sequence in which the contestants were elimi nated, calculations were made to de termine what schools came out best There was no question as to the vie tory of Girls High. Boys High came next, then James Madison and then Alexander Hamilton. In the audience at the Bee were several former' winners, lncludin Nathan Eig of Boys High School, who won in 1926, and Samuel Slllen of the same school, who won 1924. Music was furnished by the jnmcs Maoison High School Or chestra, headed by Seymour Alex ander, student-director. student-director. student-director. The ushers were all members of the Arista, the school honorary society. OBITUARIES MRS. ELIZABETH Oft.RKH SrRBL'CK. 49 years old. ot 85-02 85-02 85-02 92d St., Elmhurst, died yesterday following a long Illness. She la survived by her husband, Ernst 8ur beck, and two sons, Harold and Frank Surbeck. The funeral services will be held In the funeral parlori at 47 Broadway, Elmhurst, N. Y., on Sunday evening at o'clock, the Rev. Martin Qual of the Elm hurst Orrman Evangelical Church omclat Ing. Interment will be in Mount Olivet Cemetery. SIRS. MART CAREY, widow of John Carey, died Friday at her home, 550 Smith st. She wai btfrn In the 12th Ward, daughter of the late John and Mary Fox, and Is survived by two Bona, Thaddeus ana oeorge Carey; three daughters. Mrs. Jamea Goffer, Mrs. Hugh Hanvey and Mrs. James Gorman: three brothers, John. Thomas and Peter Fo: one alater, Mrs. William Hill, and 21 grandchildren. The funeral will be held Monday morning at 9:30 o'clock from her late home; thence to St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, where solemn mass ot requiem will be cele brated. Interment will be In Holy Cross Cemetery. JAMES N. WOODRUFF, born at Saddle River, N. J., the son ot Mary Winters Woodruff and the late Oeorge Woodruff, died Friday afternoon at Ma home, 80 Adelphl St., after a brief Illness of pneumonia. pneumonia. He was a member of the Sacred Heart R. C. Church, where solemn mass of requiem will be said on Monday morning morning at 10 o'clock. In addition to his mother, he is survived by his wife, Julia Qulnn Woodruff; one son, James Jr.; one daughter, Helen; two brothers, Daniel and Eugene, and two sisters, Mary and Cath erine. Interment will be In St. John's Cemetery. MRS. LENA BASILS CAPIITO, Wife Of Frank Caputo, died Friday afternoon at her home, 150 N. Elliott pi. She was born in Brooklyn, the daughter of Ralph and Christina Fusco Baslle, and was a member member of 8t. Edward's R. C. Church, where a solemn mass of requiem will be said by the Rev. James Mealla on Monday morning morning at 10 o'clock. In addition to her husband, husband, she la survived by three sons. Thomas, Ralph and Salvatore, and two sisters, Mrs. Frank Merlogolo and Mrs. Margaret Ricclo. Interment will be In St John's Cemetery. The Sports ThREE sports hold the of them will be specially Herald Tribune. At Penn State Intercollegiate Skene is down there to report At Princeton Intercollegiate Championship-Richards Vidmer will give you the finals of the National night for the willow ball Abramson. Baseball, too, and hockey; in will find it covered thoroughly NEW-VOKR NEW-VOKR in f

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle23 Mar 1929, SatPage 3

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)23 Mar 1929, SatPage 3
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  • Solomon Bromer made it to 5th place in the Current Events Bee

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