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T H E L I M A D A I L Y N E W S PAGE ELEVEN GIVES {DEATH ENTERS HOME TO MAR GEJUETONE.CHfllSTMAS SFiHiT * KECEIVEK BE- i Another Lima home, abouc to en-', HOLIDAY WHEAT CLOSES HIGHER JJUL VARIETIES OR GKAEV GAIX AT TB32 FESTSH PPJCES, r THE PEJsl- XOJDAY, Joy th spirit of Christmas and to. participate iu a home gathering in ' tope of HgSufeautg the burden of a ' member of the family, long ill, was December wheat closed abore yesterday's .finish cent % - her aad May corn each gained 7 4 24.--Gov. George K. Ce- jvid Overholtz, 410 north Coie street 1 aad removed a laithfoJ wife and dutiful mother. Mary Jane Overholtz. 'i'he deceased was born July 20, 1S45, aad at the time of death had attained the -age of 69 years. For the past year she has been ill with CHICAGO LIVE STOCK i Dayton from the penlten- Ho^Son^ tee^t but «n- * was serving a three j t!{ ya tely, this sickness did not seera ' conviction in.' serious, airs. Overholtz was the ? . , . _ . . _ courts ia De-! daughter of Mr. and Mrs, William *o-'O%?'v.i»; pigs. ^a.^a^b.SS; eat- ,--_.*( CHICAGO, Dec. 24.--Hogs, re-j eeipts, 30,000; market, 5 to We low-! er; mixed and butchers, $6.6ag;-f .15; good heavy, §6.90 @ 7.15; rough heavy, $6.65@6.S5; light, accepting a bribe near London^ Edwara^ both deceased and was lle receipts. 2,500; market, strong; born in Philadelphia, J?a. ,. beeves, 56.75'@ 10.00; cows and h has been ,, f , . , Besides the husband, three sons. 1 ers . $3.SO©8.40; stockers and feed- some time- he ] David, Frank and ijarry Overholtz ers » ?4.ETO@S.50; Texans, .. |6.00 @- from rheumatism. I and five daughters, -Mrs. Frank Dis- 7 - 25 ; calves, $7.00©S.70; sheep, re--^_-- of accepting 1 man, Mrs. itax Deubier, Mrs. EH eeipts, 30,000; market^ strong; na- Harrison Smiley, | Cox. Mrs. Frank Browa aad Mrs. tive western, $3.70 @ 5.70; lambs. at the Chittenden · John White of lama survive. The · ? 5 -;*58.50----- as s. legislative ' _ :-·": services wU3 take place Sat-j the enactment o f , urday morning: at 10 o'clock at the | residence. Key. Lilly of the IT. j hands, th was j B. Church officiating. Burial will I Burial short hand through a j he made in Woodlawn cemetery, .later used^as^evi- I PITTSBURG LIVE STOCK I At the tanie! similar indiet- agai^st_;state of BatJer- Ah'drevrs of Law! Rodney IMegle, arms of the Senate, who Chittenden evi- conrlnciHg^ ,.: in. convictiag Huff- Diegle. Andrews in the pen and time ago. Kuffi- both sentenced Huff- lANYFAlfUES j PITTSBURG, Dec. 24.--Cattle, re] celpts, fair; market, steady; choice, i$S.50©S.75; prime, ?S.OO@8.40; 'good, $7.5e©7.90; tidy butchers, $7.20^7.75; common, $5.00 @7.00; common to good fat bulls, $4.00@7.00; common to good fat cows. [ $3.50 @ 6.00; heifers, $S.75 ©7.25; veal calves. $S.50©S.OO; heavy and thin calyes, $5.50@ 6.00; sheep and lambs, supply fair; market, slow; prime wethers, $5.50 @5.75; good mixed. S5.00@5.40; fair mixed, $4@4.75; culls aad common, $2.00@- big prison, | 3.00; 'Jambs.' S5.50@8.40; hogs, re- The Salvation Army has been per- j eeipts, light; market, active; prime the busiest organization in the {heavy hogs. ?7.15@7.20; city today, having prepared 50 big : $7.25 ® 7.30; heavy yorki Diegle j baskets of all sorts of edibles for the { @7.30; light yorkers, $7.35 ©7.4,0; heavy . yorkers, $7.25- Cetone's par- the-. 'follow- this by these con- Attorney General Hoj all of the.legis- makes the un- investigations | of · evidence} ev- poor and needy of Lima. Ia each ; pigs, $7.35 @7.40; roughs, 56.25©- basket there were vegetables of all 6-40; stags, $5. 75 @ 6. 00. sorts, to malce up a good Ohrisuna's dinner, bread and butter, sugar, one peck of potatoes, coffee, one can of P A C T n i ' P P ^ 7 o nAb I bbhr-ALU , EAST BUFFALO, Dec. 24.--Cattle ~ £a .receipts, 250; market, steady; prime ljese ! steers. $8.75 @ 9.00; butcher grades, , except that which no011 to al1 tamihcs who were known j @ 3 0 . 0 0 ; entrapment, -proto nee l assistance and -will make , 3,000; n previously, a is now in poor when he entered has been a per- while he has pro' from- the out- on bitter- ^*e ^1 itfue aaflTma^bo Ark., in " t h e "be recor- ex- milk, a glass of jelly, tomatoes, and a chicken. Then there were other baskets, containing all articles,, without the chicken. I 56.00 @8..50; calves, receipts. 150; These were distributed this after- market , active; cull to choice, $6- sheexi and lambs, receipts, . market, active. 15c higher; many hearts happier on Christinas j choice lambs, ?S.25@8.50; cull to day. The Salvation Array will also ' fai r $5.50® 8.00; yearlings, $6.00- furnish supper on 'Friday, Saturday @7. 75; sheep. $ 2 . G O @ 5 . 7 5 ; hogs, and Sunday evening to all who pos- j receipts, 14,500; market, slow, lOc sess tickets, at 312 cast Market street. The members of this charitable organization have the duplicates lower;. yorfc*rs, ?7.05 S3/7.26; pigs, $7.20 @ 7.25; mixed, "$7.00@7.05; heavy, ?7.00@7.(I5; roughs of these tickets and all who have 1 (5.25 !stags, $5.50gi6.75. tbera and are unable 10 come to 31i east-Market, street, may have ..them delivered to their homes. Captaiil Ryan -and the Salvation Array wish to thank: the public .in.-.i NEW YORK PRODUCE people of Lima who have contributed - NEW YORK, Dec. 24.--Live poultry, irregular; chickens, 11 !-!!(«;- to the baskets. j 14c asked; roosters,-lOe asked; ducks From The White Mountain Creamery Company

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  1. The Lima News,
  2. 24 Dec 1914, Thu,
  3. Page 11

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