Gaines Family part 2

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Gaines Family part 2 - to family sketches, thus giving a stimulus to...
to family sketches, thus giving a stimulus to genealogical investigations, investigations, which will rescue from oblivion many honorable names. The Rev. Theophilus Jones, in his history of Brecon City, Wales, a folio edition of which is to be found in the Congressional Library, Library, Washington, D. C, has given given the origin and history of a number of families which embraced embraced some of the earlier settlers of Virginia. The chief object of this preliminary sketch of the Gaines family is to supplement the work which has been undertaken undertaken by others, who have for years been engaged in the pre paration of a systematic record of the several branches of this 5 numerous and widely scattered family. As a means of stimulating stimulating further investigation and supplying the misiiing links which have resulted from the destruction destruction Of records, it is proposed to Henry V on the field of Agin-1 Agin-1 Agin-1 court (1415, just before he died.) I He is said by his personal daring j to nave savea tne nie 01 nenry V., who was hemmed in and about to be overpowered, but was himself mortally wounded. Referring to his bearing on this field, Jones, the historian, says: "Sir Walter Raleigh has an eulogium upon his bravery and exploits in the field of Agincourt in which he prefers his greatness of soul to that of Mago, and compares him to Hannibal. There can be little doubt but that he was the original of Shakespeare s character of 1 luel-lin, luel-lin, luel-lin, in Henry V., "For" says Jones' History of Brecon County, "there was no other person of that country in the English army who could have been supposed to have been upon such terms of familiarity with the King; and Gaines family, both in Wales and England were knighted by different different sovereigns, and, as a rule, each one adopted his own coat of arms and crest; consequently, there is some confusion on this subject in the works of Heraldry. We, therefore, have given the crest described by Dunn as that of the Gaines family. It may be noted, too, that in every period of our country's history, the Gaines family has furnished its quotaof men for its service; viz. Major- Major- Henry Gaines member of the House of Burgesses, 1767, an officer in the Continental line, also Captain Wm. Fleming Gaines, entered Continental artillery, October October 20, 1777, served to January January 1, 1783. Captain Richard Gaines. Lieut. Thos. Gaines, in Lawton's Infantry Brigade: Col.. Jos. Morton's Regiment, General Green's army. I

Clipped from The Gaffney Ledger23 May 1931, SatPage 6

The Gaffney Ledger (Gaffney, South Carolina)23 May 1931, SatPage 6
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