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Conti - socialist 2 - of in J. WILL SPEAK IN MANY TONGUES An...
of in J. WILL SPEAK IN MANY TONGUES An Oratorical Duello in Four Different Languages. GORI AND NATHAN. Anarchists and Socialists Will Argue Out Their Differences. THE FRENCH TO "CHIP 15." But the Chief Combat mts Will Be Most at Home in German and Italian. The anarchists of this City have formally challenged the socialists to meet them in a duel of words to-morrow night in Washington-square Hall. Pietro Gori, the head of the new anarchist party, has sent the following challenge to the American socialists: Sax Fraxcisco, Cal., March 7, 1896. To the Central Committee of the Socialist Labor Party— gentlemen: I hereby formally invite the socialist party of San Francisco to send a special orator to the debate to take place Monday, March 9, at 8 p. \r, at Washington-square Hall, Bersaglieri building, atthe corner of Stockton and Union streets, between the undersigned and L. Nathan. Thejdebatejwill be between socialists and anarchists. Yours faithfully, Pietro Gobi. Arturo Conti, an active member of the American socialistic party, has charged himself with laying this letter to-night before the socialists. The council does not meet till Tuesday, but it is probable that special action will be taken at once in reply to the anarchist invitation to come out and debate. The French Socialistic League met on Friday night in Apollo Hall and the members pledged themselves not to miss the oratorical duello which is to occur to-morrow. It is more tha n probable that there will be a "red-hot" time during the progress of the debate. The meeting will resemble the neighborhood of the Tower of Babel, as far as the measure of tongues ib concerned. The anarchist Gori speaks very Jittle Englisn. but he can wax eloquent in French and Italian. Gori's socialistic adversary, Nathan, knows no Italian, but he is an expert in throwing off guns of oratory In English and German, and as the members of the French Socialistic League will "chip in" with remarks in the language of la belle France, there is every probability that the interpreters will hare their hands full in keeping the orators from tangling themselves up in a confusion of tongues. Arturo Coati, the socialist who first accused the anarchists of not being all his fancy had painted them, looks upon the coming debate more in sorrow than in anger. "I regret to say that I have found the anarchists to be confusionists," he said last uigat. "It is true that I presided at Gori's first two lectures, but that was because they couM not find anyone at the lßst minute to take the chair and I did it to oblige them. Gori represented that his party intended lirst to secure socialism and so far I was with Him. Ido not consider him capable of duplicity; on the contrary he strikes me as being very sincere, but the more I learn of his views the less I can coincide with them." The first rock on which Mr. Conti and bis fellow-socialists split with the anarchists was on the question of the ballot. "They do not believe In voting, ' said Mr. Conti. "In fact, they do not seem to know what they do want. Gori teaches that there is to be a great revolution, and peo- Die will live happily ever afterward, but how can a revolution be brought about if there are to be no heads to command it — no leaders? They do not believe in getting power by means of the ballot — no one is to have any power. . "We believe in the majority ruling, but they think that if one man kicks against the will of a million, he has just as much right to carry his own way as the million have. That sort of reasoning seems to me to lead to nothing but confusion." Even the people of Arturo Conti 1 !" opinion, however, own that Pietro Gori has quite a strong following in the Italian quarter, and there is considerable interest in seeing who will get the better of the debate. Every one will be admitted, and no restrictions of age, nationality or tongue will be placed upon the speakers. Whatever else the meeting may prove to be, it will certainly be entirely unique of its kind. LIFE INSURANCE.

Clipped from
  1. The San Francisco Call,
  2. 08 Mar 1896, Sun,
  3. Page 14

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