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Belz--Russian Quartette and Phil Club - u: t..- w-trr, u! a v to - a.-d a.-d of . of 1...
u: t..- w-trr, u! a v to - a.-d a.-d of . of 1 r. v a Iv l:t-i tt f!n at L it..-ti.nai.tvniv:a i:. .r ri T for- U--and n-tred morebiU-mate I tur.'.ri-h He-Ik-Ttna; a ! ts aTrnw-erel ''J--a imp.- HHae of the praise. Doaloa Philharmonic C lab at Library Hall. 1 be Boston Philharmonic t, lab sire an en tertaiDmenl thlt v, i uiug at Library Hall, aad matinee to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow . 'tho following U a delltiltei aei-ount aei-ount aei-ount of e-u.ii e-u.ii e-u.ii iurmher of the club; The member of the c'ttb are all artJat-i artJat-i artJat-i of world-wide world-wide world-wide celc rity Mr. Herohard 1 itie maun. a'lt vwint t. received his tn :-ii-al :-ii-al :-ii-al :-ii-al :-ii-al 1lk all .u UDi.ti 1 a 'Hi. Joathlm aiKi VleuA-teu,).. VleuA-teu,).. VleuA-teu,).. lie betd a.i honorable wiiHn a iti.iiiler of yeart e .!.i j error mer at tje t urt of the " PrrncA- PrrncA- of rv har. buig Rudol jta4lt. ami aller-a aller-a aller-a anis. In this country, tn- tn- ctrur titiinjruj-hed titiinjruj-hed titiinjruj-hed m f-'lo f-'lo f-'lo itollniMt of the Thtimaa orcbeara. Mr. Friu m do Tit .lliili-I .lliili-I .lliili-I , et udied at . Uf 4io-a)rtary, 4io-a)rtary, 4io-a)rtary, and wa I i-teiitttr.n. i-teiitttr.n. i-teiitttr.n. the ar.potiit- ar.potiit- et ohnjb. r i:u.u iaju to M.h aar burg Hu-o'ladt, Hu-o'ladt, Hu-o'ladt, bu.d wltn d "i.uciiou. bwrctune conni t-tid t-tid t-tid a ilh tbe ln:C tjf lib n he lie afterwwtt-t afterwwtt-t afterwwtt-t the Tiiotiua orchestra. Mr. Y rod tfianun, eolo violin it received hia Crv i ir.i.Mcal udiication ui.d r th eelebraled T'obril.-t. T'obril.-t. T'obril.-t. F.d- F.d- itolieaiiaua r, aud lifter trard slut!.-.; slut!.-.; slut!.-.; live yant at the Vloy ai ndeiLi1., Keri-n. Keri-n. Keri-n. fmin which he gswl;.t:al with th hi;.l c-: c-: c-: hoii-t. hoii-t. hoii-t. n hla n turn U Au.i ri.a Le ).iiol tli 1 lioniAUr rebeatra. and f--r f--r f--r f--r two y(axs hr v. jj i.;iL.cai dlrwcu r of the f-etita f-etita f-etita t .ara uri'-c. uri'-c. uri'-c. I ai. Mr. Ad df lKrt-deu. lKrt-deu. lKrt-deu. aolo vlo. ti--eiiiat, ti--eiiiat, ti--eiiiat, ti--eiiiat, studied at tbe Brua-fejs Brua-fejs Brua-fejs C utierva:or , undur the celebrated bar-Taia. bar-Taia. bar-Taia. After a"i''"attK with first boiton be utkde an extended cou-vfrt cou-vfrt cou-vfrt tour lfcr-..iu lfcr-..iu lfcr-..iu Ki-rope, Ki-rope, Ki-rope, and afr-rwar afr-rwar afr-rwar uiuU the lboi.aa or tirf tra in thif eotinlry e a sob-tat. sob-tat. sob-tat. Itehaa aiao t:aeled thn'irh t'aLiforcta and f mh America ua prcui f,w(rM, Mr. Fugeu Weint,r, solo Pu'iat, rtceived b!s c-u-a c-u-a c-u-a c-u-a c-u-a t ton u n ii cr t p moat d istin -iniihel -iniihel tnaaTers) of (iet:.auy and Fraucc. aud aubaeqUA-u aubaeqUA-u aubaeqUA-u 1 1 v joiiK-d joiiK-d joiiK-d U tw'a oreUe t ra. 'th which he i; al anxttided tour through 'tatiy aad Kusla. A lb? leader "f an ot jer eonccrt c-rgaui.a:i c-rgaui.a:i c-rgaui.a:i n lie traeled through I rante, l'alv nud it-.erland it-.erland it-.erland with cfeat ui-reaa. ui-reaa. ui-reaa. I'toti i o w tliia rountrv be connected connected hiii ic f aitn the Thotuas o.vhe.aTra. Mr. Ad ;if hil., aolo born ( layer, atud.ed ua-tier ua-tier ua-tier the b't bb-tructora bb-tructora bb-tructora lu ii-iTiiany. ii-iTiiany. ii-iTiiany. He became became a of tIo ff-let ff-let ff-let i rated Kovai or-cbeatra or-cbeatra or-cbeatra of the kinr of Wurter-jbur", Wurter-jbur", Wurter-jbur", and ub-Leijueijtly ub-Leijueijtly ub-Leijueijtly a veieil an et.ahxemont as a eoIo perform, tr :tn the Imer'al Hat tan t r-h r-h r-h s tra at It. 1 tt. rt'irj. whi-rv whi-rv whi-rv he won great: dia-tirn dia-tirn dia-tirn tion. He t a.-.e a.-.e a.-.e to tl.ia coanti wltu the cehraied Ku lau Horn Quartette. In addition to the alcove, Mies for V l'-y, l'-y, l'-y, a Soprano of 0'nidenible utent, will appear. Tbe foiiowiu l the pngranitue: ianr i. 1. gnartetta. In C OAakx- OAakx- iNo. e Moaart a AlanrV) a!!etrro. r- r- Ala; r Mfiua- Mfiua- etso. r ina.e. MesW-Bjirvl MesW-Bjirvl MesW-Bjirvl F-!'n.A F-!'n.A F-!'n.A .tVb?, A.Ui Uartdern. Webn x. ivci-a ivci-a ivci-a and Prfc7-r Prfc7-r Prfc7-r "rrei.r -tj -tj Mint I-ta I-ta I-ta W'l. k. Harp Soto ' Fan lasss Mot-rteccrri Mot-rteccrri Mot-rteccrri e (Bpub-ttt,' (Bpub-ttt,' (Bpub-ttt,' P. Artara t. A. FYeyrrnnaT- FYeyrrnnaT- 4. Ha-Iade Ha-Iade Ha-Iade and P tuV fetaXteir-pe fetaXteir-pe fetaXteir-pe Mr H. I t-temartn. t-temartn. t-temartn. b. Solo for rrer'tt H-m H-m H-m ir dfrtUa lc-4nped lc-4nped lc-4nped lo.) sn.d da Mr. A. unr. 5. 1 H'ai.tte t'"i::pna.e 'arranrrd bv B. I.b-r- I.b-r- I.b-r- I.b-r- trtann) taaunt r?a-na r?a-na r?a-na P!-:b.pon-.ic P!-:b.pon-.ic P!-:b.pon-.ic P!-:b.pon-.ic P!-:b.pon-.ic Iln. In this symrhr.nic vihiti the coa.po-er coa.po-er coa.po-er has strlvtn to !e let the -t'-luctive -t'-luctive -t'-luctive -t'-luctive iower of woman, and lii tuniphan. vlctorT t.f weak-ni-sa weak-ni-sa weak-ni-sa weak-ni-sa weak-ni-sa over r-trtnth. r-trtnth. r-trtnth. The afl.itiln-w afl.itiln-w afl.itiln-w hiiel iltouetj lacbcen n;ere!y aa a protcit. with a .b w to rhythmic p'le. t nod teDeial ctiaracter of the Licci . Hrr.-.Jpii Hrr.-.Jpii Hrr.-.Jpii c; oat uuder the a etiild of n-f n-f n-f r b ii-irt ii-irt ii-irt an'1, ftrji;; b !u v.ifa t-j t-j t-j ren 1 itwm ann ;t. a Lt'-t Lt'-t Lt'-t fhurhaV Truj!ia In uerttoi- uerttoi- n of tile Lerfi'i f. iJt.ea rfforta. PAT It. 7. ractaa-ie ractaa-ie ractaa-ie f"T vt..-lwv"!.'lr:a, vt..-lwv"!.'lr:a, vt..-lwv"!.'lr:a, Sra M-. M-. M-. A. M-jMnq. M-jMnq. M-jMnq. H. Fliite -aav. -aav. ----( ----( ----( ----( ----( oiirjib-jj." oiirjib-jj." oiirjib-jj." (.' merfcan itha;-d:t itha;-d:t itha;-d:t T--rrhak T--rrhak T--rrhak T--rrhak M. E. Ve'ner. iitT-vit iitT-vit iitT-vit for r !.- !.- Vu-rt:t Vu-rt:t Vu-rt:t t.iz-jl t.iz-jl t.iz-jl t-. t-. t-. ft. nf. ! V. lAs'.t Binn, A. A. IUn.1 3. J '. s ii.' . t'Tnz Vv ' 'tu tVucy. U. La PuOta U: Iji Pn',rv BalT I'M haruronta- haruronta- tub. A of a of the in the ed the the Lute out at y--stcrday. y--stcrday. y--stcrday. It of and two by sale by

Clipped from The Courier-Journal23 Mar 1877, FriPage 4

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)23 Mar 1877, FriPage 4
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  • Belz--Russian Quartette and Phil Club

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