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Tuesday, September 30, 1879 - Page 6 - APPOINTED. The Men to Fill the Vacancies in the...
APPOINTED. The Men to Fill the Vacancies in the City Works Department. Forty - seven Prwltlons Filled Who tho New Officials Are. Thoro was great oxoitemont among the politicians politicians who thronged the vicinity of tha City Hall this morning, by tho announcement that the Board of City Works had Anally mado the long expected changes in the force of the department, It appears that yesterday afternoon tho Commissioners looked themselves up In President Massoy's private office and mads np their elate of dismissals and appointments. They were together together until nearly six o'olook, and, as far as has boon ascertained, with a very few exceptions, agroed to tho changes; oo that the patronage must havo been pretty evenly divided, Tho moBt Important appointment was that of Mr, Henry Beam as Registrar of Watr RatOB In the place of Charles A. MeLanghlln, who waa discharged discharged several weeks ago, but whose discharge was not to take affect until tho appointment of hla successor. Tho offlcos of tho Commissioners wero soon orowded by politicians and applicants for places, and the corridors corridors of the building woro also filled by excited throngs speculating as to the extent and character of the changes. AU the Commissioners were present, and tho anxious parties wero not kept waiting very long before thoy know Just what had beon done. Tho Board met at 11 o'clock. President Massoy said they had Important business, referring to tho ohanges In tho force. He hold the Ust In his hand, and when the meeting room had beon cleared of all save a favored few, tho Board was in readiness to proceed. President Massoy handed tho list to Seorotary Northup and said : "Here is a list of appolntmonts which the Board havo agreed on in oxeouttve session, and though they may not be satisfactory to tho entire Board on some matters, thoy aro eatlBfaotojy as a wholo. Thoy aro adopted." " I desiro to be recorded in the negative on the appointment appointment of Mr. Beam," said Commissioner Worth. Tho list was entered upon the minutes, Commissioner Worth beiug recorded in tho negative. That waa all thore was about it, and the Board adjourned. The following following is a list of THE OHANGES: Appo'ntod Removed. Henry Beam Water registrar Ohas. A. MoLaugh. hp. James McCarty....Sup..ponds and con. duits John O'Donnell. Richard Copglns. ..Hydrant Inspector..?. J. Refferty. Henry Smith Hydrant inspector.. James Shotwell . . . .Inspo'tor pipe layi'g - Stephen Story Clerk R. J. MoManus. Thomas Hughes.. . .Tapper. Goo. W. Light. A. B Joy. Messonger. Jonn Hartman. B. M. Carron....ft..Inspeotordooksand . . . oss. ins. repairs... Ambrose & Hickoy. Dardel Smith InBpeotor repairs.. . J. P. Tighe. Joseph Gavin Machinist, rep. y'd.E. H. Terriere. Richard Wright . ..Caulker.... James Meldrum. Bernard McGowan. Laborer, pipe yard..Miohael Haggerty, P. Harrison Laborer, pipo yard. - Tlmotny Klrby. W. E. Chcpman. . . .Olerk SJ?Alien "' Josoph Davis Oiler William Brenner. James VanDnyne. .Watchman, rop. j'd - Cornelius Burhans.Bill clark Jaa. Newland. Joseph Guenther. . .Bill olerk ShBr ?Jaw - P. A. Waddy Bill clerk .Frank Coon. E H Torriero Insp't'rof St. olean.Patrick McCaffry. Elijah Holmes Basin oiammer John B. Davis Basin etaminor.. . . . James Mansfield. ..Basin examiner Franklyn Basin examiner Robert Potter Shore line inspector Ira Mooro Shoro line mspeotor James Kerrigan Shore line inBpeotor Thomas Mulfiollandlnsp'l'r connexions John Farley Insp't'r connectionsHenry Jones. P. H. Ford, IoremanPropect av. grad - ing and paving. . . Wax Lynch. Jacob Llsk Carpenter, re pair yard Noil Dougherty Engineer, City Hall. Thomas Delaney. Patrick Bellow Wetohinan, Rldge - wood Reserroir. ..Thomas Tierney. Wm. H. Morritield.Clerk, Engineer's bureau Geo. Sterling (hore - P Dunn Clort in Regiatrar'atoforo removed. bureau Wm. M. McGuire Georfi - e Honor Inspeotorof connoc - horetofore removed. tions Osoar Allison Hydrant inspector.. Henry Jenkins Watchman, Municl - pal Building Wm. Watt, Wm. Martin Inspoctor, pipo lay ing. Rlohard Buskirk . . . Leveller. Mfrtra Emanuel Jennings. Laborer, pipe yard.Robert Potter. r. uoiuerrn wwurw, 1,10 vw.. - MoCarty. Laboror, pipe yard.Wm. Johnson. Thorn: a Shaw Laboror, pipe yard. Jacob Henslor. S W Hann Coal passer Ed. Drew. Wm. Evans Bill clerk There were In all forty - seven appointments, which seem to have been nearly evenly divided so far as politics politics la concerned. WHO THE MEN ARE. Mr. Boam, who was appointed Water Registrar, is the confidential clerk of MesBrs. KlngBley & Keeney ; a Demoorat, and a gentleman thoroughly competent for the position. He said this morning, however, before tho appointment waa officially announced, that ho was not a candidate and would not accept the place if it wero tendered to him. James McCarty who was appointed Superintendent of Ponds and Conduits, was formerly keeper of the Storage Reservoir, was present from the lnoeption to tho completion of tho work, and is in every reBpect qualified for his now position. Ho was removed from tho reservoir keopershlp by Flaherty and Bennett. Mr. O'Donnell, whom he succeeds, Is editor of the Jamaica Standard, and a Flaherty Democrat. Rlohard Cogglns, inspector, is a regular Democrat. Dan. Smith, inspector, is a son of Assessor Smith and a regular Demoorat of tho Fourteenth Ward. W. E. Chapman, clerk, is an Eleventh Ward Republican, Republican, who was recently discharged from a olerkBhip in Superintendent Dady's office. Auditor Ammorman got him back In tho department. , A. B. Joy la a Republican. E. H. Terriere is a Sixteenth Word Republican. Robert Potter, inspector, is a Republican. Patrick Bellew, watchman at ; reservoir, is a regular Democrat and ox - constable of tha Fifth Ward. Elijah Holmes, Basin Examiner, is a Sovonth Ward Republican. Many of tho discharged patties are Independents, noticeably C. A. McLaughlin, O'Donnell, Sterling, McGuire McGuire and McCaffrey. Potter and Terriere, who fUraro under tho hoad of "removed," aro also under the head of "appointed," having been given better places. Tho applicants wero about as twenty to ono placo, and consequently thoro was no littlo grumbling at what the Commissioners had done. The "outa" were very bitter, whilothe "ins" were correspondingly happy. TO

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle30 Sep 1879, TuePage 6

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)30 Sep 1879, TuePage 6
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  • Tuesday, September 30, 1879 - Page 6

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