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of of in six is ' to his on to to a 10 ; 4 to Tufriell Park on Saturday and met the London Caledonians (A team), and after a good game retired victorious with the good score of 4 goals to 1. St. Andrew's v. Chiswick. —These teams met at Chiswick to play a "friendly," and a very even game resulted. The Saints won the toss, and Chiswick kicked off against the wind. For a time the play was very even, hut the Saints (settling down, soon began to press. A nice run on the right brought the ball near the Chiswick goal, and Barnard with a good shot scored for the Saints. This seemed to put more energy into the home team, and for some time the Saints goal was in danger, but Kirby and Logne at back defended well and kept the goal intact. The Saints missed several chances to score, Blackburn Blackburn at centre being decidedly off colour—in fact the forwards as a whole seemed very weak in front of goal. Nothing further resulted, and at half time the score stood St. Andrew's 1, Chiswick 0. In the second half some very even play was seen, and Chiswick equalised, nothing more being scored. Owing to the Metropolitan Railway scratching, the Saints play City Rovers (Nortli Middlesex League Team.) at home. Kick-off, 3.15 sharp. Tea!m : : H." English, A. Kirby, &. Logne, J. Downing, Downing, S; Beckett, L. Howard, H. Barnard, G. Logne, A. Blackburn, G. Royce, A. Harrold. Harlesden v. Watford Wanderers.— This match was played on the ground of the former-on. Saturday last, a fast and interesting game resulting. The play was in midfield for a few minutes, after wldch. the homesters attacked strongly.- Gunner get possession near the goal line, and put in a fast oblique shot which beat the Wanderers' custodian. From the lack-off the homesters immediately got dangerous, their forwards forwards taking the ball tvell up into the visitors' territory, where Gunner again obtaining, passed to.F. Davall, who shot through. After this to half time, the homesters had by far the best of the gahie, but nothing more was scored. On resuming, the visitors showed marked improvement, and after worrying the home defence for'some little tliue they succeeded" in putting the ball through •the home goal.. This put new life into the Wanderers, and "a "ding-dong " game was seen right up to call of time, when the score read Harlesden 2, Wanderers 1. Harlesden (B) v. ; Hatherley.— These teams met on the ground of the latter on Saturday last, and after a pleasant and enjoyable game, Hatherley Avon by 2 goals to 1. The London and Middlesex Junior Semifinals. —The semi-final tdraws for botb these" competitions have been made this week, and we notice the Metropolitan Railway F. C, the only local club to reach the semi-final stage in each, have to meet Balham Wanderers on the '•'•White Hart" enclosure in the London Junior, and'3rd Grenadier Guards (R), on the soldiers' venue, in the Middlesex Junior Competition. The tie v. Balham ^Wanderers is to be decided ne^i Saturday, kick-off at 3. 30, the L. F. A. to "appoint referee and linesmen.' Staninore F. C, haying reached the semi-final of the Middlesex Junior, iiave to meet either Millwall or Broadwater. Broadwater. - Craven (B) v. Harlesden Juniors.— Played on the latter club's ground on Saturday, anp resulted in an easy win for the former by 13 goals to nil.. The homesters were outclassed friprn start to finish, and did riot cross the halfway line above 3 times during the whole game. The winners' goals were scored by Worthington 6, Watkins 2, Hayes 2, Newman 2, and Warner 1. ; The following will represent the above club v. the Clifden "B" teain, \ to-day, at Ealing: Harris, Poole, AVdrner, Hayes, Brauner, Worthington, Worthington, Watkins, Kaul, Crone, Diggon, and Newman. Reserves •.-Cade and Vaughan. St. Andrew's (B) v. Gordon.^- This match, last Saturday, resulted in a win for Gordon by 3 goals to 1. : • To-day To-day the; Reserves meet Ormonde in a N.W.L.A. match. Kick-off, 3; 15. Team: Scarlett, H. Downing, E. Calcutt, Shepherd, Welfare, Shadbolt, A. Plowman, W. Harrowell, A. Cowley, F. Pearce, W. Downing. : . Metropolitan Bailway (B) v. Morley. —In the^encounter the "Met. reserves wentdown by 2 goals to 1. We hear that the referee did not give1'every satisfaction. Metropolitan Bailway Teams.— The following will represent the 1st team to-day iWi^Hammersmith Athletic, (West London League match); at Chiswick Park V-C. W.„ Gillett, W. Sutton, W. Mdsdell,'G: Peavce (captain), J. Woof) _ Warsap, J. E. Jones, A. Jones, G. Humphreys, J. Judd, and A. Aldridge. Reserves, E. Barber and M. Barber. Referee, W. T. Russell. Kick-off, 3.15.' Train, 2.44 from Stonebridge Park to Gunnersbury. •Reserves play Tolmers at home. Team: S. Roe; D. Bnms, W. Plowman, E. Martin,. R. Walklett, W. Pearce, W. McKnight, "A". Wolters, Wolters, J. Roe, H. Scarlett, F. Long. Reserve, R. Pearce. St, John's F.C. at home. Kenmont Gardens School v. Westville Boad School.— This return league match was played on the ground bLthe" latter, at .Chiswick. The home team was much stronger tlian in the first match.. The first half was evenly contested, the visitors having slightly the better of matters, but were unable to score. In the second half the visiting forwards workediiard and played a grand game, and succeeded in scoring three times—Doyle f 2 t _EngJl.^ The home team also scored with a long d%ppuig '''Hh 'ot""which Dobbs misjudged. Kenmont thus came out winners by 3 goals to 1. - 3 «81itu»ett v. District Bailway— This Wonnwopd S'crublJs Eeai^tle' match was played on Saturday last, and an anything but pleasant game ensued- owing-to the'shady taetics adopted by the Railway team. The'Railway kicked off facing a nasty .wind, and after some tnidfiejd play Beethoven got well down and forced a corner which, however, was successfully clearedbut .before long Kent, with a splendid run, passed nicely to R. Davis, the cheers of a large concourse of spectators. Each team now put in all they knew, and both Stableford and Smith had to save, the latter being the most troubled ; but neither team were able to add to their score and an excellent game ended as above stated. Craven F. C. v. Wembley Reserves. These teams met on Saturday last on the latter's ground, and ended a draw, no goals being scored by either side. The game was started at 3.30 in a very high wind, and the homesters had all the play in the first half with the aid of the wind, but owin" to the good form of the visitors backs and custodian, they were unable to score. In the second half of the game, play was all in the hands of the Craven, but the homesters showed fine de­ fence, although the visitors pressed hard. Willesden Park F.C. v. West Hampstead Hampstead B. Team.— This match was played at Willesden Green, and resulted in a win for the " Park " by 3 goals to 2. . We have to tbank-the hon. sec. of the Willesden Park F.C, for the club's fixture card, wliich shows, so far, a prosperous state of things as little. Pressure was continued for some time, during wlueh numerous fruitless shots were' directed. Swinnerton with a fairly fast and low shot scored the first and only goal during the match. When half time arrived the score read 1 goal to nil in favour of Wembley. In the second half matters went in a similar way to those in the first half. Several chances of scoring were not accepted, but when the ball was placed through, off-side was quickly given in favour of Pinner. With regard to the fairness of this' goal there might have been some little doubt, but not long after, when Swinnerton, with a long shot wlueh struck one of the opponents and went through, scored another goal and the referee again disallowed because of "off-side," there was naturally some little dissatisfaction. Time soon after arrived, and after a pleasant game Wembley retired victors by 1 goal to 0. Wembley Team: (Goal) J. E. Thorogood; (backs) H. J. Paris and F. Joblin; (half-backs) J. A. P. Adams, R. P. Hanip, and B. King; (forwards) B. Langley, G. J. H. Brown, S. H. Hamp, F. W. Swinnerton, and A. Hurwood. RICHFORD'S PISTOL,GRIP SALOON OR GARDEN BUM. LONG BLOCK SAFETY ACTION. In No. 1, 2. and 3 Size Bores, 12/6 either Bore. These Guna without n. doubt atft the very best value in the market: for the Saloon or Garden tliey are just the very thing: The stock is of walnut, nicely fZ/B polished, checkered grip, blued barrel, and nickelled Bttings. 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STAPLES' Brondesbary Fine M Mry, ADMISSION SIXPENCE. 201, KILBURN HIGH ROAD, N.W #J Do not remove thik Coupon froth the f'rrper. FREE ACCIDENT ASSURANCE. TO READERS OF THE MIDDLESEX COURIER 99 £500 at Death. £250 for Loss of Limb. £5 for Broken Limb. The Proprietor of THE MIDDLESEX OOTTBIEE has the pleasure to announce that he has made arrangements -whereby -persons purchasing a copy of the Paper become ?jwo facto insured free of cost for above amounts with the General Accident Assurance Corporation, Limited. FIVE- HUNDRED POUNDS will be paid by the Insurance Corporation mentioned to the person whom they shall decide to be the next-of-kin of any person killed hy an accident to the passenger train in which deceased was travelling as an ordinary passenger, or who snail haive leen fatally injured thereby, "should death result within one month after the accident. ~ tv FIVE HUNDRED POUND8 will be paid to any such passenger losing tno limbs or both eyes, as the direct result of suoh accident; or— TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS will be paid to any such passenger losing one limb" bbr oiie eye, as the; direct result of snch accident. TWO.fOUMM^RWjyVfSR ^P^AjE!!^^ °* aoVi&w* than 10 weeks, for any one accident, will be paid whero sncbT'accident absolutely" prevents such person frdui T following any'part of his or her ocenpation. FIVE POUND8 will be paid'to any nerson who shall sustain fracture of an arm .or ;le "g :by accident while engaged.-in^ joying. Football or Cricket, .or while Cycling. Provided always that the person so killed or injured was the owner of this COUPON and Paper, for the. 'current .week, with his or her usual signature previously written in ink or pencil underneath, .J ' Annual subscribers whose yearly subscription, lias been paid in advance, and wfco retain and file this Paper, will be held covered on its production, although the'Coupon isuiisigned'. Siffti&iiit'e... This Insurance applies only io'pejcsonB over 14 years of ag^; is'limited-to One Coupon for each, holder, and is not invalidated', by! any r otter. ilnsuraiice-. with the General Accident Assurance Corpori*M)ii, Limited, or any other Accident Company, but is in .addition, thereto. : :• , notice of Claim* must be jieen-wttfcln *«*6» days to The Manager, The OeHeralAccldtut Assurance Corporation, limited, at 4» Ija 44, lay Street, Perthi or at 4, Abchyrch rard, King William Street, Zondon, E.C. .. ...........

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  1. The Middlesex Courier,
  2. 15 Feb 1896, Sat,
  3. Page 7

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