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the Leavenworth Times (Leavenworth, Kansas) 6 May 1919, pg 8 - M COMPANY SUFFERED BIG LOSS IN BATTLE 1- 1-...
M COMPANY SUFFERED BIG LOSS IN BATTLE 1- 1- Many Killed and ' Wounded WhiLa Fighting in Franco Last Year. IK THE SERVICE TITO YEARS. Many Changes In Company E since September, 1917 Homes on the Original 'Roster and Those Coming Home this Week. Great changes have taken place In the organization and the lives of the Leavenworth County Company E hoys since they left here ' oh the morning of September 25, 1917. There were ninety-six ninety-six ninety-six of them that marched marched down Delaware street early in the morning as they started for war and so far as can be determined at this time only thirty-seven thirty-seven thirty-seven will be in line to receive a welcome home this week. Of these thirty-one thirty-one thirty-one are scheduled to come in from Camp Funston and six of their comrades arc here waiting to join them. Fortunately it does not mean that &U those who will not be present at the home coming welcome are dead. So far as can be determined eight were killed in action, one missing missing in action, and three died of disease. disease. There are three more who have not been heard from since the Argonne battle, and the loss by death can be put down at fifteen. Took Park in Great Battles. Twelve were badly wounded in battle, three badly gassed, and many others received slight wounds or were 6lightly gassed at one time or another in the great battles they fought In. Many of them are still in Europe. They were detached for special duty of one kind or another, division and corps headquarters. It is known that they are anxious to get home. They are held over in France and Germany and can do nothing but await orders allowing them to come home. It is hoped that all of them will be in this summer. Company E of the 139th went through all the hard, fighting with the Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Division. The Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth and Eighty-ninth Eighty-ninth Eighty-ninth Divisions, made up almost entirely of Kansas and Missouri boys, were In much hard fighting and made glorious records. The great losses in killed and wounded in the regiments of the two divisions show what the soldiers went through on the battle lines. In Service Two Years. Most all of tbe soldiers in Company B hare . been in . the service two years. The company was organized as a unit of the Third Kansns Jfatlqnal Guard In April, 191J. The young soldlerg drilled here until September when tbey were taken over to Camp- Camp- Doaiphan and the company was merged with Company E, Fourth Missouri National Guard, and designated as part of the 130th Infantry. Infantry. The regiment left Camp Doniphan Doniphan with the Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Division last April and they were in Europe nearly year. Tour Changes in Captain.. Company E has had four different captains eince its organisation. Captain Llndenstrutb was transferred from the company soon after It reached Camp Doniphan. The present commander of the company Is Captain George H. KlinVerfuss, who was an officer with the Fonxth Missouri National Goard and has been thronsrh all the fighting with tbe 139th in France. None of the three lieutenants, Paul Radford. Humrhrey Blddle and Don Coleman were able to get home with the company. Lieutenants Radford and Blddle are beM on detached service. and their relatives don't know' when they rill gt back. Lieutenant Coleman, who left here a? first sergeant of the company company was promoted to second lieuten-ant lieuten-ant lieuten-ant and be was badly wounded in battle. battle. He Is now in a government hospital hospital in New Tork. He was cited for llstlagulshed bravery In action. Many of tbe boys who went out as privates privates have been promoted to corporals and sergeants. Nerly all of those still n duty in Europe have received pro- pro- v motions. Did Xot 0H Forloaa-ha Forloaa-ha Forloaa-ha Home. Most of 4be relatives f Company E boys did not get to see their loved ones aftr they left here in Sepember, 1917. Only a few were able to sret fur loughs to come home and they were pulled pulled out of Camp Doniphan rather suddenly, suddenly, when they started oversea s without without a chance to bid their parents farewell. farewell. The roster of Company E as it left here on the morning of September 25, 1917, was uade rp as follows: Captain R. H. Llndenstrutn. First Lieutenant Paul C. Radford. Second Lieutenant Humphrey Biddle. First Sergeant Don P. Coleman. Supply Sergeant John W. O'Connor. Mess Sergeant Henry If. Radloff. Serareate. Alfred B. Powell H. G. Faulkner. G. E. Harding T. J. DeTemple Corporals. "Walter M. Gist Wm. D. ReiUy H. A. Perkins Len D. Kerr E R. Blochberger W. H. Cochran B. W. Levene John D. Gronls MSecbjuile. Edward C. Tales Coeks. P. L. Brenneman D. L. Younger Box-lers. Box-lers. Box-lers. S. G. Kramer Ernest M. Bagwell Privates. Gus C. Belz Geo. W. Bursch Ray L. Collins Guy T. Courtney W. J. Douglas Frank M. Davis Louis R. Ford Marion F. Crooks Roy F. Grinder Robert B. Greene, II. D. Hageman Edwin M. Harris C. A. Hitzeman John B. Howery Harry R. Kelsey Roy E. Landes Paul E. Meister Edward J. Miller S. E. Mitchel Dewey Mosley C. J. McDonald Edward N. Nitz John Papenbausen L. H. Pearson Leslie L. Peters Hugh M. Bell L. D. Brougbton, E. F. Chambers Robert E. Cooper Oscar L. Douglas R. A. Downing Austin Fitts R. R. Gardner Harry O. Garvey Kenneth S. Gouck Louis W. Guenther G. M. Harrison Gordon N. Hlllis Clyde M. Hoffine Frank L. Karnes Ralph E. Lake Elwood M. Leach Paul E. Mentzer Edward E. Minger R. C. Morrow Oscar L. Myers S. A. Naeher Eugene C. Owens Lee E. Parrott W. H. Perkins Frank A. Ricketts "Wallace J. Peters Ike Rosenkrants Harvey O. Root Edgar R. Salsbery Robert A. Scott Robert B." Smith John Sykes Charles P. TTard Ben C. Warren Andy B. "Wilson, George Ellis O Louis L. Sample Jesse J. Scott Joseph W. Skinner F. G. Stevenson E. F. Trackwell D. A. Valentine Harrel R. Webb T. Wilson Charles N. "Wilson "Worley William H. Wood Less than a third of the original company of Leavenworth boys will get here this week. According to the roster sent to The Times by Captain Kllnk-erfuss Kllnk-erfuss Kllnk-erfuss there will be thirty-one thirty-one thirty-one of the young heroes coming back. The names of these follow : Perreants. Harry A. Perkins Henry W. Radloff George W. Bursch Ernest Chambers Corporals. Wm. H. Perkins G. E. Harding Gus Belz Sidney Mitchell Gordon N. Hlllis ' Edwin M. Harris Robert Glasgow. Mechanic Frank M. Davis Cook. John W. O'Connor Bugler. Elwood M. Leach . Privates. Edward J. Miller Robert A Downing Frank Stevenson Harvey O. Root Ernest Trackwell Charles N. Wilson Lounis Ford Louis Guenther Stephen A. Naeher Robert B. Smith Andy B. Wilson Ellis O. Worley Harry O. Garvey Guy M. Harrison. Jesse J. Scott Harrel R. Webb Hugh M. Bell In addition six members of Company E, who came back in advance will be here to join with their comrades In the Lome coming welcome. The . names of these six are: Cochran, Sergeant W. J. Douglas, Sergeant J. D. Gronis, Corporal Corporal Howard Faulkner, Corporal J. W. Skinner and Corporal Wallace Peters. LET CONTRACT FOR NEW CHRISTIAN CHURCH PARSONAGE At a called meeting of the congregation congregation of the First Christian church held last evening the contract for the carpenter work of the new parsonage parsonage to be erected north of the church was let to Charles Boyd. The work of wrecking the former Dr. Yoh home, which stands on the eite cf the new parsonage, will start In a short time and when the carpenter work is sufficiently advanced, advanced, the contracts for thi stucco work, plastering, painting, wiring and plumbing will be let. It Is expected to have the parsonage parsonage completed In about ten weeks and when finished will be one of the most attractive personages in the city.

Clipped from The Leavenworth Times06 May 1919, TuePage 8

The Leavenworth Times (Leavenworth, Kansas)06 May 1919, TuePage 8
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