4 Jun 1965

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4 Jun 1965 - He: Can We Use Your Dad's Car? By JOHN CIMKO...
He: Can We Use Your Dad's Car? By JOHN CIMKO "Look, I can't get dad's car," the high school youth whined into the phone, "Do you think your dad would lend us his? That way I could take you to ·the dance." Ever eavesdrop and hear a young man say this on the phone? What did you think of it? Is lie wrong? Should the girl's dad lend him the car? Or should they do like other generations -- walk? Or maybe take a cab? The question of whether or not a boy should use his date's family car if he can't furnish his own was posed lo several JOHS students. Most of the girls were a bit hesitant lo answer "Oh no! Why did you call me?" was the near unanimous answer. The girls generally agreed, though, that a boy should be allowed to use his girl friend's family car on a date only on special occasions. The boys were split over the question. Some said that the boy would be displaying bad manners lo ask for use of the car while others contend as long as the girl's parents consent, there is nothing wrong in it. Here are some of the comments: ' Thomas Cannlslra, 36 High St.: "I don't think it would be right. If a guy is taking a girl out he should provide the trans- porlalion himself. I think that's good manners." Victor Ronovcch, 110 River St.: "The first time the boy and girl went out it wouldn't be all right because the girl's parents probably wouldn't know if the boy was trustworthy. But after the couple became better acquainted it would be all right, as long as the girl's parents know the boy is dependable." .Tolm Armstrong, 9 Murdock Ave.: "I don't think so, really, because if the boy had an accident or something like that he could get into a lot of trou- ble. If the boy can't get a of his own they should walk take a taxi." Michael Seider, 21 Grand "Yes, I think the boy should allowed to borrow his date's car. I think this goes along with the trend of today--more and more sharing on dates. However, I think that the should be proven responsible before he is given use of the car." · John Costa, 45 Union St.: "Yes, I think the boy should have use of the car. I it's the obligation of the father to give his daughter every break he can to help her a boy friend. Jane Robinson, 12 C e Ave.: "That's kind of a hard question. It would be better to walk, if that were possible. Maybe, under special circumstances, it would be O.K., but it should be up to the boy find some friends to furnish a car if he doesn't have one." Patricia Bailey, 59 East "Yes, it would be all right occasionally. Under certain circumstances it's fine, but it shouldn't be a habit. If something special is planned it would make it a lot easier." Norecn Nordbcrg, 15 Harrison Ave.: "If it's all right the parents it probably would be O.K. I can't see doing it for the heck of it, but for a special occasion there's nothing wrong with it." Frances Fierson, 19 Myrtle Ave.: "I think so, as long it's all right with the father the girl. If the boy doesn't his own car, I. don't see why would hurl lo borrow his girl · friend's family car once in a while." Nancv Cleveland, R Morgan Ave.: "I think it's all right your parents will allow it. It depends--if it were for a certain reason and you needed car (o Ret there it would be right. Other than lhat. though, the bov should furnish (he Iransporlalion."

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