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Prufrock - the cost save card girt under Just I two nnd...
the cost save card girt under Just I two nnd her and of sho Of artist deserved out her as of a of to fluffy boa of pink chiffon about her shoulders. shoulders. Sirs. Goodman King imiteil two Reception Reception Committco girls to "F.iu.-t" from her box Sliss Erviln ltaytvard. who wore yellow satin and white tulle, and Sliss Klncslnrd, who was in white silk and chiffon. chiffon. Sirs. King was as exquisitely dressed ni usual, in black thread lace, made over white chiffon, with much handsome lace on the boiiee, conlined htre and there with a few diamonds. Sliss Grace Frank's gowns have been admired at every performance. Thursday night she wore white satin, covered with the tiniest of pin-head dots in black, and garntttired with heay ecru lace in a very open pattern. The bodice had u front of whito chiffon overlaid with the lace, nnd the whole frock was most French) and elegant. Sir. and Sirs. Sidney Walker nnd the George Wallace Niedringhauses sat together, together, and left before the. last act, as they, too. went, on to the ball, or, at least, Sir. and Sirs. TCIedrlnghaus did, being members of the aforesaid committee. Sirs. Walker discarded black and appeared last night for the first time in an all-lace gov.n of dainty design, made over white taf'eta' and." ot coun-e, without even tlio smallest touch of color. Sirs. Xiedringhaus wa In white silk, slher spangles and pink satin choux. SEKIJN'A UMB. MiiCELi..-LNEors- i:.nti:iitaixhi:m. Fine watches Slermcid & Jaccard's. Sirs. Charles D. "tlcLure of Linden boule vard received on Friday afternoon for her guest, Sliss Arcp. of the City of Slexioi, who will visit Sliss Kitigsland this week. Sliss Ar'ce is a very attractive young girl in the decided brunette Slexicun type. Her family fs among the best and 'niot cultured of the capital, and for many years lias entertained entertained the SIcLures and the Kingsiandn when they have Journeyed South. This is Sliss Arce's itrs-t appearance in an American city, and her Introduction to American society society ways. She is a line linguist, as most high-class Slexicans arc, and has. already made many warm friends among the Su Eouiians who have met her. On Friday night she appeared at the "A Ma" perfotnt-ance, perfotnt-ance, with .Mr. and Sirs, Chariest SIcl.tire and escorted by Charles t. Sirs. John Uojle gave a reception on Friday Friday afternoon In honor of Sirs. I'yrui Bib-hltt. Bib-hltt. who was Sliss Nellie Bngnell. Sirs. Boyle will receive again on Wednesday afternoon for the Slisses Guitar of Colum bia. Mo., who arc daughters of General j Guitar, and who will be her guests this i " Sir. and Sirs. Corwitt Spencer gave a housewiirming in their new home. No. 3 Washington terrace, receiving several hundred hundred guests from 8 to 10, agisted by their daughters, Sliss Spencer and Sli's Loulie Spencer, who is not yet out. The house was much trimmed witlt flower, the pink drawing-room done In masses ot bridesmaid roses; the music-room, music-room, also In pink, the reception hall in American beauties: the library In Golden Gate roses and smilax. Sirs. Spencer wore white silk chiffon and point lace, the bodice nppilqued in embroidered embroidered roses. Slisd Spencer was In white mousseiinc. the entire frock of tiny, hand-tucks and brier stltiching, while the younger daughter wore whlto silk muslin, dotted ln blue. Late ln the evening somo of the younger gusts danced in the new third-floor ballroom. ' Sir. and Sirs. Joseph W. Sloon have !-cnt out cards for a dance at Slahler's fin Christmas Eve. for their son and daughter. Sir. and Mrs. George Hetzcl gave a children's party yesterday afternoon at Slahler's, for their little daughter, Sliss Hetzel. Sir. and Mrs. Daniel Catlin gave a small dance at Slahler's en Friday evening, for their two debutante nieces, Sliss Emily Catlin and SIIs3 Emily Catlin Wlckham. The receiving party consisted of Sir. and Sirs. Catlin. Sir. nnd Sirs-. Ephron Catlin, Sir. and Sirs. E. F. Wlckham; nnd the two young ladles, who wore whlto gowns of tulle and embroidered gauze. Sirs. Catlin was also in white, her gown of white bro cade wltn iront lace. The decorations were a feature. Southern Southern smilax festooned the celling, with the corners lllled with tall palms. From the central chandelier hung a mammoth ball of pink ro--Ps, twenty dozen bridesmaids heine used In its construction. Tho ban- ojiet-room, where a hot supper was served, was all in red, the walls draped with red silk curtains, the lights shaded In red. and each small tabic trimmed In many red liberty liberty roes Yesterday morning, after the ball. Sirs. Catlin had all the (lowers carefully removed removed and sont to the City Hospital. A few married people were among the guests, though the list included debutantes and young people, in tho main, to the number number of 140. Sliss Sallio Burleigh, No. 3M3 Slorgan street, gave a small but very enjoyable summer iarty last evening. In honor of SI me. Kiccl and several of the opera singers singers from the Southwell company. The guests listened to an Informal music programme, programme, followed by an Italian supper. The annual entertainment and ball of the Young Slen's Hebrew Association will be given this evening at Llederkranz Hall, Thirteenth and Chouteau avenue. The following following progntmme, under the direction cf Professor Herman Epstein, will be rendered: rendered: Overture, orohestra, J. L. Schoen, director: Clarinet ntr thnmn and vnrln- tlons'CRollinson), Slaster Albert Borgading; soprano solo, fa) "Adagio" (Goddard). (b) i "Slazurka" (Wlenlav.-skl). Slist Lulu Kun-kel; Kun-kel; bass solo "Toreador Song" (Bizet). Sir. Ethan Allen Taussig; soprano solo, "Lulla- , by" (Godard). Sliss Sadie Kutener: violin obligato. by Miss Kunkel; recitation, Sliss Carrie Aronson. Advance will follow. The pupils of Sliss Ella Johnson gave a musical last Friday evening to invited H1.ert9. ,At tile c,ose ot th programme SHfs Johnson favored the guests with "LScbesti-aum" by Liszt. The followirg pupils pupils participated: Mrs. J. c. Bievlns. S. .1., Keiffer, F. V. Johnson. Slisses Bessie Slor-rls, Slor-rls, Slarle Pyc. Jennie Sharp. Slarguerite Orris, Helen Kcady. Natalie and Nellie Wetzel Wetzel and Corinno Zilch. A luncheon was given by Sliss Slalilda' Prufrock on Friday in honor of two of the sollsts of the Grau Opera Company. Slessrs.. Muhlmann and BIaas, whom she met dur-. ing the past winter while abroad. They 5Eent.a.mus'caI nfternoon together, and' Mr. Muhlmann sang the "Evcnlnir Star." ir, pink camations'and smlkS Mlss'LoUa ' from .Timnhauscr." The decorations were I Klemi-i and Sliss Emma Bollmann helped to ' pntprtnin Slis Clara Kulinhenn, No. 2500 SIisouri avenue, gave a reception last we-Ic in honor of her birthday. Mis Pauline Thon and :Ir. Charles Kriesler entertained the guests by vocal solors. Among the guests present were: S!!s Annie Lehm, j nuiiite i nun. Josio I'leron. Elsie Slueller. Augusta Jlann, Sles-ieurs Adolph Wallls, George P. Scholl, Adolph Geirel, J. Schwalter, IL Ilasselbush. Ixittie Schmelztneyer. Annie Bossy, Clara Geiricl. Tillle Gefrcl. 1. Kuhnhenn. J. Geipel, ( 'harks Ki ieslcr, G. Geipel. W. Ktihnhenn. Harry Schaad. Sir. and Sir.-. J. I. Burmcrster. No. 2531 I.-tlayetto avenue, i-ntrrtulncd friends- last SInndav in hnnnr or th.Mr ruTith hnnivnNrr The rooms were trimmed in white ribbon, plants and smilax. Covers were laid for twenty-four, all the tabic appointments be-ins be-ins of tin. with a large tin loving cup passed to each guest. Among those who enjoyed the evenin-r were: SIcssictirs and Sresu1ama II. C. Hnin, II. Wittenbacher, City. SIo.. A. Demutli of Tope- II. Wlebush. Jr., I". Woods of Kansas An, Atii Slesdames P. Burm ester. Kmllie Cajacobs. Slices Sophie Ludwig, Rosru Fair Edna Cajacob', Dola Iltissman, Lydia Herzog Addia Kolb. Ousie Stapf, Julia Stapf. Slessieurs Ben Durper of South H. I.ttdwiz ot Snrlns- SIcAlester. I. T.. field. iln J tarry Decker, C. Ludnlg. J. I'. Stapf. Fred Korlng. George A. Stapf, .One or List week's social functions rn the South Side was a surprise partv given to Sir. Otto Hampe. No. IWJ California avenue by friends on Saturday nislit, December December 7. The hall was decorated with palms and plants of every description, the chandeliers being entwined with Southern smil.ix and carnation. The Slisses Anna nick. Emma Kttehn, Katie I-rank, Anna Hampe. Ixiuise Kuen-j zel, Gtusio Frank and C.irrio Fuhrmnnn- euuiriouica iieauttiui selections, ljoth "Instrumental "Instrumental and vocal; and Sir. Kattmeycr entertained the party with recitations. A. quartet, composed of Sless-rs. G. William Senn, Alb Nasscs. Aug. Erker and Koken, did their share by singing popular songs. As soloists Sir. Oscar &- Budcr, liichatd Fuhrmann, Doctor F, 'Abeften. Nicholas Bockins and Doctor A.' Stoekhorr were tho slur performers. A 'sketch bv Messrs. Charles and Henrv Galle added plcasme to tho evening. After supper the committee called upon Mr. Humpe for a few remarks, to which he responded. Tho entire party tripped the light fantastic until until a late hour. Sir. and Sirs. J. J. Dehoncy gave a reception reception at their residence. No. lSH) Tyler street, on Wednesday, from 2 to 11 p. in. The' ladles gathered together in the afternoon afternoon and supper was served tn them at 5 o'clock. The gentlemen came In the evening evening and supper was served fc them at 7 o'clock. Thu evening was made especially enjoyable by recitations given by Slaster Wilson Gunn, and by music'. Slaster Wilson with his violin, and his sister, Sliss Hazel, with cornet, accompanied by their mother, with the piano, furnished delightful music. Those present were: Sir. nnd Mrs. J. J. Dohoney, Sir. and Sirs. P. S. Sellers. Sir. and ills. A. G. Gunn. Sir. and Sirs. II. Blucnieyer. Sir. and Sirs. Stiller, Sir. and Sirs. Skinner, Professor and Sirs. Seymour: Slmcs. J. SI. Hcagen, Bullo, Neighbor :nd Pfarrar; Misses Lizzie and Ada Slerrlll of East St. Louis, Emma Schulte. Edna Gunn, Hazel Gunn, Slaster Wilson Gunn. Sirs. A. J. SIcCarty gave a dinner at hei home on Finney avenue Thtin-day in honor of Sirs. Charles C. Horner of Maiden, Slass. Among thoso present were: Slesdames W. J. Trinlett, A. II. Lewis. F. A. Dorsey, J. B. Spencer, A. 11. Lewis. . E. Lortng. S. S. Grummon, Sliss Hazel Willing. No. US1 Webster avenue, avenue, entertained frIendsWedneday evening in honor of her eighteenth birthday. Games, singing and dancing were indulged in, after which supper waslFervcd: Among thoso present were: .liases Howie Douglass. Slary Greene. Edna Jameson, Anna Blow Johnson, Anna Boyd, Slesdames Sirs. Ilassett. Slse Sloore. Slable Case. Hazel Willing, Ruth Willing, Mrs. Julian Sf. Gibson. H. RIar.kenmelster, A. D. Baker. Messieurs II. A. Chandler. Jr. L. Cunningham, J. B. Tevls. SI. D.. D. wnitc. E. J. Hickman. 31. D..L. Doyon. Wallace Dlckcngc, Julian Gibson. Sliss Regina Gay gave a luncheon on Thursday in honor of Sliss Stella Reilly and Sliss Bess Barnsback of Edwardsville, who are visiting In St. Louis. Tho guests included: included: Slisses Bes-ie Barnsback, Clara Sweney, Stella O'Reilly, Genevieve Slorris, Radle Clinton. Slarie GrefTet. Flcss Bascom, Nell Sullivan. Ella DcVanney, Sirs. Charles H. Schulze of Wells avenue entertained her euchre club Thursday last, games being played from 2 to 4 o'clock. The llrst prize, a handsome sofa cushion, was won by Sirs. SI. R. Boyce; second, a hand-painted hand-painted cracker Jar, by Sirs. L. G. Ginler; third, a miniature cupid lamp, by Sirs. J, SI. Vogcl. Sirs. George Ernst will entertain the club next Tuesday. Sirs. W. II. Ostermeyer, No. 28H University University street, entertained friends last Thursday Thursday ln honor of her birthday. Among these present were: Slesdames G. Schneider. K. Ehret. G. HoU-nann. A. Nast. P. Schneider, K. Keim. K. Otto. SI. Kaltmeyer, A. SusankI, H. Hoegcr. S. Sunderman, T. Hohmann. Slisses SI. Hoffmana, J. Sehluckbier. Sirs. Anna Cros. assisted by MIs Slarguerite Slarguerite Don!), will give a dramatic and musical entertainment on Friday evening, December 2tf, at No. 3723 Olive street. Sliss Frances Ca'rroll will give a luncheon to Slary Institute classmates on December December 24. Sirs. Charles Nugent will entertain with a rccoption on (December i20 for .Sliss Nugent Nugent of Baltimore and Miss Adele Jones. Sirs. Annie D. Ingraham and Sliss Cornelia Cornelia Ingraham will give a tea to young gins on Saturday afternoon, uecemoer zi. Sirs. Edward Simmons Lewis and Mis.

Clipped from The St Louis Republic15 Dec 1901, SunPage 16

The St Louis Republic (St. Louis, Missouri)15 Dec 1901, SunPage 16
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