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Labor Temple 11Mar11 - Saturday, March 11, 191 1. THE VANCOUVER WORLD....
Saturday, March 11, 191 1. THE VANCOUVER WORLD. j Ofgmmmd Lafe Mew Qimairteir - MMMoini Jg j H. W. THO.Ml'SOV, liaJrnmu Kiprutiva Hoard Vancouver JJtboi Temple Co., 14(1. SOON THE DltKAM of Vancouver unionists is to become a reality. A 'piartor - oi' - a - niilJion - dollfir home for orKani.od labor Is a bipr mulprtnkiri!?, worthy of the best efforts of organized MaHt. - orke!'s. Hut that is just what Vancouver liiiionists nte now deterniintM ti nave by Labor lay of thic yeur. 'IVw of the unionists who are watching watching the erection of th new I - abor Templo with such ken interest,' nay Sticmtary McVety. "will ever nmler - Kiund the time, energy and farrifioes that were made by the men who ten years a'o had, what was then termed, the audacity to undertake the purchase of a homo for labor." TKIUUTiJ TO OLD - TIMKTttf. Away back in 1MX - !! when those old stalwarts, Harry I'owan, "Joe" Wat - noii, Kiancis Williams, Joe Dixon, tieo liarley, John Morton, John 1'eaiey, John Sully and a number of others well known at that tune, undertook the tar.k of Hecurin a homo for Vancouver unionists, the field was far from being us favorable as it is at piesent. With absolutely nothintr to build from, except the hope of receiving the support of the two thousand odd union - lies at that time in the city. tne Trades and Lahnr Council was fi st incorporated incorporated under the "llene volet it Societies Societies Act" as a preliminary step to the acquiring of property. The next step was to secure a suitable suitable properly, and after considering various locutions on HusHiikh ami rentier rentier Nt reefs, which at that time could have been purchased at price thut would now be consideied incredible, the 1 lower St reel Methodist lunch was purchased for the sum of $7500 dur - inif the latter part of the year 18!9. t.umt.r. w. tvn i iavs. f'vrenlive Hoard Member tanriitiver I nhop iempte In, and lliis.nefs Agent ttuild - inc Trade 'onnrll. Py the sale of scrip to union and unionists the rcoiilred rash payment was inmln and (he confidence of the tiniiitnrH In the mult nnd f Ho was found to have been fully warranted. tmm kI!!.y stiu'cgles. For A number of year after th pur - . cluif.e there was a period of depression tiiat thieatenod at Union to hp Iho iMoann of T - fHloriti thn lnojtprty to tho f. Minor uwiipr or to tlio mort !.'. ! lhi sllirtrHt rrntioniy anil by UMlnij tht! prr canita tux paid to tli rnunrll tiv th - aftihativl loralH, tho offlortH pr Miile to retain pof.rcxi.ion, but It nan nut until ;hp year Inns that tli final ninrtKnttP of $ 1 00 wan dtuponcd of hv iipinit the proreedo of a Ijthor Hay ceiehrHtlon of the prevlou yeiir. VKW TKM1M.K TIIKUt IDKAf,. Althniiith the Btniuule had hern a hard one. It la worthy of note that a noii a the debt wa wiped out. tho anie men who had taekled the fl. - xt venture. HnnlNted an they were at thin lime hy eonte new Mood, Itnmedlaiely undertook nil InventlKation into the feHxil.ility of coiiMtriirtliiK a tn w hall on the property, tho old churrh heln far from euitahle for tho puroiea for hih It waa t - eins line. I. Committee! after rommlttlee win f - irnied to Inventit - nte and plan for a new Htnietttre, hut the tank wan run - VANCOUVER Important Forward al! applications applications and re - mittances to Jas. Campbell, 1991 Fourth Avenue West. Phone 118307 in the ance rules shail Bidered too (treat to he successfully carried out. The fact that the council was corn - posed of delt'eates who were elected for the short term of six months, a condition that still obtains, made the planning very much more difficult than would be expected, because of the fact that many of the delegates would drop out and the new men would have to start all over analn, written reports not bavins been a strong feature in the work of organized labor at that time. PROPEKTV During the VALUE INCREASED, years 1S07 - 09 the city J. II. MeVKTY, Itrr4irdIiiK Swretary Yancniiver Temple Temple 1 u., Hud Kdltor etira Uukc - fc.amer. K'rew very rapidly and with tho growth of the city property values increased at a marvelous rate, and through this increase, amoni? other things, the officers officers of the central labor body were called upon to fuce a lesal entanglement entanglement ovei the scrip which had been issued issued by the original delegates Who had incorporated the council. iM - XJAI, KNTAGr.KMHXTS. Through poor legal advice this scrip had been made to appear as shares in one respect, as debenture bonds in another, another, but was in leality neither one nor the other, the real status of the puper being that of promissory notes. A few of those who bad purchased the paper ainl who considered they secured shares, had their avarice excited by the incrensed value of the property, and they laid claim to a pro rata share of the increH.sed valuation, u claim that wan entirely unexpected and caused some c tenement when it oecurred. My consulting four or mure different firms of solicitors, no two of whom guessed the same, the difficulty was finally met and tho real status of tho paper defined. The few who had raised the disturbance wero then invited to their cases in the courts, an invitation which has not yet been accepted. OLD HAM, JNA DKQUATK. 1 Hiring this period the local movement movement was Krowinu by leaps and bounds, und the quarters continued to become more and morn unsatisfactory as headquarters, not only because of un - auitub'enohM, but on account of lack of sufficient room to house the various locals. joint stock company fohmkd. The agitation for better quarters con - finned and the officers discussed the altuation with Messrs. Mncdoneli, Kil - lam &. Kerris, the council's aolicitors, II AKI K VrilH K. nireclnr Vanronrer I ahor Temple f'n., Kaeriiilve Memher Onlrnl labor liod,. and who had "Iruiirli toned out the) tanglo arising out or the scrip. After a - nlnc Into the rpieatlon very thnrmiKhly, taking Into consideration the lack of rontlniiily of the coiincH's officers and delegated, the solicitor ad - Vised the or(tanl?.atlon of a Joint stock company to take over the property hy purchase, paying the eouiicp In shares and selling the remainder to asulst In the erection of the building. As a result the Vancouver Labor Temple Company, Limited, was oran - 3 Iff i it e - ' ywi ii.. t LABOR TEMPLE COMPANY, LIMITED Head Office CAPITAL $100,000. DIVIDED INTO I, thf undfrsigncd, herehy ubcribf for capital stock of the VANCOUVER LABOR TEMPLE COMPANY,' LIMITED. j agree to be governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the ana regulations thereof as may Irom lime Dividends shall be payable as declared be computed from date of payment on DATED al Vancouver, ft C. tlm Signature WITNESS ized in November. 1909, capitalized for $100,OUO, divided Into 100,000 shares or $1.00 each, the first shareholders and directors being the officers of the Trades and Labor Council. TRANSFERRED TO NEW COMPANY. liy agreement the site was purchased from the council by the company for HO, 000 shares and the directors iinme - diatily undertook the work of financing the new temple. PLANS HY ARCHITECT HOOPER. The plans were entrusted to Mr. Thomas Hooper, a Vancouver and Victoria Victoria architect, who, hy a strange coincidence, coincidence, had superintended the erection erection of the church In the year J 8S7. OLD CHURCH RAZED. The old church was demolished and the excavation work completed early lust year, the balance of tho year being taken up by calling for tenders and attempting to arrange loans, this work requiring a great deal of time and attention attention on the part of the directors, who received as remuneration for their services the satisfaction of knowing that their energies were being used in a good cauKe. CONTRACT FOR NEW TEMPLE LET. The present board met with many discouragements of one kind and another, another, but like those who had undertaken undertaken the original purchase of the site, perseverance finally brought the pto - II. (IIAHI.KS IIKNSON, President aneollver 'l'radeit und IfMini'fl; I're.idenl lptHrniphlnil KiMird Member Lrlior Temtde Co. I.iilior 1 tlitui ; Ject to a position wliere tho contract has been let nnd a loan stcure st a much lower riue tlian could be secured locally. THE Kid VXION CllXTKACTOIL Tho contract has been let to the Norton lirilfiths Steel Construction Company, Ljmited. a subsidiary com - i'n - to Xorton Criffiths, l.imiicd, one of the btigcst coutrai - tiiig funis In the world, the Labor Teiiipli' being the first work undertaken in Canada. Pie. ferrinir to handle (inly large contrac;s, It is not unlikely that this concert! will make some of the largo non - union contractors contractors look to their laurels before the end of the year, the new Durns block, opposite the Vancouver ipera House, having - been already secured by tile 1W'W company. COST UE STLtVTCLE. The contract price, for the Labor Temple la ILK.OuO, to which must be added architects' fees, electric light fixtures, furniture. Interest and other incidental expent - cs that will aggregate 1 1 ',0,11011 hy the time the building IS completed. worth qcai:ti:u of a million. When the valuo of the land and excavation excavation work Is added amountim, - to 1107,000, It will bo seen that the horn" of oiKanlzed labor in this city will be worth slightly In excess of a quarter IKF.D. A. IIOOVI Il. Iilreclnr l.almr Temple Co. ami Fierntlte Vlemlier Central Ijihor laly. Cornrr Homer and Dunsmuir Streets 100.000 SHARES OF THE I'AK lo time be enacted. at such time and at surh rale as the shares on the full amount paid thereon. Jay of Occupation , . , , AJJrcsn . . flrf H r - 1 m m - m - mi'Mi r:r 1 1 - r m tm nmmmm IIKAWING OI" VIM'OMKB I.AIMIK of a million dullitrs when the building is completed In September of this ca r. P ROI - ' PECT 1 V E T EX A X TS .Induing - by the number of applications applications for leases by prospective tenaniM, all the space not required by over fifty unions for meeting places, and the growing number of business agent' offices, wiil be taken up before the .1AMKH ( AMI'IIH I.. HecretarT - 'Irea.nrer aneemer l.atHir Temple Temple to. and Crolral Ijilsir llmlv. completion of the structure, and at rentals that promise to be very remunerative. remunerative. OTHER L WIOlt TEMPLES. Ijist year the Toronto Labor Temple earned u dividend of in per cent on the amoun Invested. Seattle. Winnipeg, nimnr. Hint i - a o i - rannsco SHOW - inn even lietter returns. If the e - i perlencex of these companies can he tukeu as a criterion manv of thu I temples not ns favorably situated an! In Vancouver there can be very Utile i doubt that tne bnal project will make 1 far higaer returns to Investors than 1 ca n be s where th lilaher. ured 1 11 other enterprises' risks Hie a kicui dial ; CoNTItoI.LED P.V CENTRAL HoDV Contollol b org inied labor, the directors directors are all representative 01 t ie ontrullin body and have, or now hold, responsible, positions In the Trade ami Laiyir Council or lovil uhloiiH, Tho president. Stanley Thompson. I a pa t president 01 tiie Trade und La - I tor council and a memher of the Street I Lalluavtuens union. ! Chat,. Stowe. huine agent of the J Harbor' union, is the vice - president of I the company. j jas. lumphcii in secretary - treasurer, he ls, holding the same position In the Trades and 1abor council. The position of secret.irv Is held by .las. II. McVei.v, editor of the Western WuKc - Eurner. The other dire, tor are Fred A. Hoover, Hoover, financial secrdary of the Street Railway Employee' union: .Lim.s Lrnwn, a member of the Hrlcklayem and Mnson' union; Kdwanl Lothian, of the It: ot iierhood of Carpenters: ,lo. Mllfleld. of Hie A Ilia It' a milled Society of t arp - nters. II. C. Itenxon, p,"ld nt of the Trades and Labor council, also pte - ident of the TMioKraphlcal union; ieo, Williams, business agent of the PulldlnK Trades council, and R. p. pet. VALUE OF $1.00 EACH Sharci ar.d upon my arcent - Company, and by such by - laws Directors may determine, 191 Tf inliiil!" "luicw.a itm Id mumMM. r I TKMI'tK COH KW l.tMl TOIPt - H, tiptcce, sei rotary and busine sh aKcnt of the Trades and Labor council FCIIT.'IER t'O - OPEI ATIOX NEEDED. to make the venture a success, the directors now require individual unionists unionists and locul unions to take up the remaining shares In the company. Wh Ke - workers are m.vv nsked to in' - cept their share of t:,e nspon. - ihilily bv taking: at b - ast ten sluties at the par value of l: slunes that are really worth $l. fin at the present time. There are tnosc who go to extremes In everything. For instance: Some of the Electrical Workers have taken two or three hiiiidivd snares apiece, und promise to lake more .just as soon ns they can. The hoard a ppreciti tes this support, hut Hill be satisfied If every unionist will reel It ills or her duty to lake ten snares, und then take hs many more as po. - ihl as an Inveyt - uietit. THE PRIDE OF FXIo.MS'l'S. Every unioni. - t In particular ami every worker in general s'm:I, take a pride In assisting to make this unr - tcr - or - a - mlllloii dollar home tor labor a reality, not only because of the high (lass acconuu. illation tnat uill he sup - if K It. I I It M I'M ! ll'IH K. Uirrvinr luiiioiMrr I nlnr lmdf ( .. nnd .rnrrnl n rrfurj und MimIiih Aicnit i mirsl jlmr ltilj. plied to unions, hut on count of the - tmi'liiirf 1 1 if labor movement will m - ' tain tluouKn having a rc - nicmcd head I uunrters in thl, tec prln, ipal ciiy of 1 Western Canada. I Wade - workers wi.Hiik to take ten or I more Hharca don't Hate lo ,,.it for ' them all at once, but muv do so i Diet j tvisli. The board IVill be s.i I I." f led ,1 paid lllsid" 01 tin; nevl four loon. hs. Willie 1 the nc. I telephone or t ite Treaaurer t'anipi'dl t h t not I lilt out Die a nt I, en I i,,ii bank t,, induced induced on Una pace? I II' I , It fo .la I 'a icplo :, !i I, until at 'line west, Mi cuupa tiled In i tn - toiii th of the ami, ml ihci. A receipt Will be fol ! I , om I II K li , n tin II mail, a id Tie 'itllhate as sowi as iwtnientf are cou;f,cle.. The an - ontcr Laimr 'Cciotd.' t'oin - p.inv lire. - 1. or l - elli - t - e that tne : - on or elrrht tlinihiuiil unionivts now in ibi. city 'an be relied upon eiiuaU, - vtcli .is (he ttto lliousarid wiio came io t,, - ! it a nee of the old - lim' - M Ico a i s riu ,. when the sue ttns pur, ha ed Itl silM - 'SSI.IKE AH.M IMSTRATIt . I'nder th" tirtl lo - principle of i IS of eh, ii the e:;at' nil,,, died. And III IH us ounci a to v .'oh year elect d Mock, a refleciion of Urn personnel o the central labor body Is tlioa gtiaisii - le.d 'Mo eleven dire, tots of the compaiit :i elected In nulla of three tears, four v 'i 'iinles oiciirrliiK each year, thi s sc. toiiiifi cotitlhiiity of th directorsliip ,,j provided in the "l 'otn pn tl les A, t," Willi the completion of tit" present new temple I'vitv union in Vancouver i,ii be i oitifortahlv a ecom in, i, i 1 1 , ,1 . not only for union t titiu t 'us. hut hilMneS MVreiils' I, flee, et,'. Rdll - lion to this, a readlngrooiu, K'. - m - 1111,1'llu lll.d oilier fiicllilles tt.ll be provided, provided, fo tiuit orga li ir.ed labors h';i,l - itucrlets will. Indeed, be n home ami no i.tinKpliice for w a kc - w orkers. A PAVING PltupiiSITInV. if - i.r tit - I. tU I H'l - I ! ' Hi Oil til I 'Hlilt ll I fl V !. (llllulllll n fll.llfl II I. Ill XtfiK H, l it' . U 111 inn k HhKrnti In the Vunroijyr jiiiltor Ti'i.iplo 'otnptiiiv, I(td . ii mtfr un profit, profit, i !)!' Ift vni ni - iit for ti.i r li l Iit, v Ithoiif tukliiK tli rvpr - lm 'i - jitltiu land value Into mi0' i 'I, n mi m 11. - - - iinia 1 r ,j t mil . ote a. f mm I' I r it - i'.iv. 1:1 r ir w SOW IMUKK COMK'tKI CI KIN A I' VUHT Some of the world money lot, the shrewdest Investors in are today putting their 1 Vancouver property. Why should not local unions und unionists paiticlpiiie In the city's future destiny. Jit the same time Htronnthe ninu; the hniula of every w rkc - w orkcr In the Pnclflc province by further education and cohesion through having a creditable creditable meet i iik - pla ce owned und absolutely absolutely controlled by organized labor? The company la not over - capitalized ; the Htock ia fully paid and non - assessable; assessable; assessable; there Is no promoters' Htock; every dollar paid In for stock shall be paid out for the Imrolliiif und cnrrylntf on tiie company'a business. Sl'CCESS ASM'KKD. The co - operation of tminy unions and unionism and the success of the omputiy Is already assured. What flie directors need tinht now is the moral ail,! financial assistance, not only ,y tie purciiase of shares, but in Iclpliii; t solidity the progressive labor move - no - nt In Vancouver. No SA LA LI E i DI 'I 'U 'ELS. No company of like capitalization In Vancouver has been orttanied at less ci st In dollars lllone. The serviced ol' the lir.'iso. - .ite hav - been voluntaiv and cheerliilly rendered; ti,e secretarv recelvi(r $.", per luolllh and the treas - liict fi;,, ecrtainlv no i cruunei a t io i tiMcl from a coinaier, ia I slamlpoin:. V'LIW'TAI: V SL'ltN ni:s. Not one cent has e,er been comuiisi.iolls on Die sale of P.H.I though j per cert is offered; nor has a si'iKle dollar accrued to ant one or the ,1'iv, ton, I ns a r. .u!t ol cotnracts '"X I'm tel. In f,,t about tin onlt laymen! re, eivci so tar. other than the Hell - saliMj, lion of the dolliK, has been criticism and uilsrept cscntat l,,n by some who should hsve been found ns - slstlntt In the promotion of this worthy ob.ieel. liowevet, 'twas ever thus This Is hut one of the incidents of the labor mot ein n. And tli ioe - i t i.,, do not and caun it it4iid or e i t J Ism have no place in ine ,.iigitai l ,,i ttc hosts of labor. Vancouver Is soon to have a oiiarter - of - a nillllon dollar Temple of Labor. I'nl.ihls's a; - e epe, ted to do their duly : f i. it i. mi Mikiso. I'realilrnl rm,l - and Labor Tnani II. ml H - i.'ne.. Aaenl SmnUamnleil Ani lely of I arp.'Hler. In a recent personal tt i in. - , .fames I', I Iwati. Toledo I 'nlo - i Leader, mv letter (o f t, d.tor tif The ': "The Lubor llioveuient In III III! e : I si otf i p. e purls is tii'dergolng oi mat loiis. despite t lie K ,n i .riuii s in every camp win would sliv In e moe IC'lll't rl i field i, - tll - Or.lllUe, und I'll ,'er Ull'Olllsm. n f in es. In 1 bl ow inc. a senilmeni unci v stiiliz. d - fot "n the nolitlei.l end tne roe aiisis are begintilng tout an ci. - ni - hour dav, belter to sco coll, It - ten the pail of Empio' - ers' L t'o'lr t,usi,tes olll v I .:: W The trie. Is siaits moi, .i i,, for the two U',0, :i,lllgH rfci.lo. IIU,,S thuhl lllllle. ii ii a clear und r..iaiid,iot th;,t ,, I"' made with 'hose hut that we ii, i i on t j, r o m , s e miMt outside our ranks, I oi, e"mj. ;,!,, sops I ii In our iii t demand." Strengthen fl ft ir - 'eii.l. i Wit l!l J run - , - t i rt til unl'in. Il.'i i. win! on r n ft v r Infcc i - f th.. tli.i t Co Is who com rm t ' I I, . r, ages' to escape the Havery of ff'ctoiy, wonp'n H'oont to become thers w :in m: ,n Ihe allo ts I,, I ii" t". t an n,h,ilncs iiir.ia to i o. j '"' - - Yl'77. - . ,: r'n " - - i - ' mi ? h - ,f; - vi. .. TTI ;Vtd. v.? eevMews Mteweer m The Labor World A o X Ml. 9 C'JIM.' I n - ; . i or III' tl AHI Lit MILLION KOI.I.AKS, I hem to the hospital, children whose bodies are dwarfed and whose minds are stunted by factory toil at an ate when tin y should be at play, were advanced advanced as utBuments for women suffrage suffrage at a mass meeting; lu Brooklyn last week. .1. P.amsay Mucdonald has been elected elected chairman of the British Labor party In parliament. vice George Unities, who Wus Incapacitated for such service by Illness. At a conference conference of the Labor party of Great Britain Britain ut London on Feb. 1, a resolution denouncing militarism and war, de - mat Wj - iCtS'is'ft. r ' . '. e: JOHN M I.IT, Member ( rnlrsl linilr Kieeutlvr: Hllslne.s Agent llnlidera' Laliurrr' 1 niun. luring for abltratioti of all International International disputes and utKini; the workers of Great Britain to take organised action action w lib, their co - workers in Germany and other lands to attain these ends, was carried unanimously: but the resolution resolution offend bv Keir Hurdle providing providing f,,r the summoning' of an Intern. - i - labor i :t, i; l.i nil and V Inch event nm - ics If war between Gi nnafiy threatened, in the workers themselves Would ,l, due th inselves to suspend all productive It on the tny war was r - '.f resume until war le, l:i red and , 'tided, Utt.i ill f, si V ote oflly. I by a majority of let eve I ' o put I lit: for ii lake lot.. ' memher of the worklna " shouloer to the wheel and eight - hour day. it. wllk r education and agitation, t - . ii: undertsand the prop - o Is not deaf, d'luib or hoi lilivone osillon vvh, blind, I'll who lo not want a sli.o ii r lilliali. , o k ,lni el . ' should r Into get Into t 111 Jail. Indus - Vats .May til Hi - i,i I isl i ol ir red f., r .uv nor of New York of l"d flag. "Tin y chose the their e.ohh ui. not to U - nify that tin fivor vloletoo or the 1'Pti.t of lilooil as tne nnlntelllcent siilfose, and as the in lions of those In "flnli, 1 authority often bar. peopln tj believe, but for the purpose of typify, nig - the common brni hcrhnod of all men of all nailons through the same red lil I winch flowi through the veins of all." eu . ' . ! ,'..'....'. - T..', t,f'f.. : : i - rtj s ; U . . '. .!' ,''.. - .' - . itn in in ,im natio ! i u hh k. nx,i rr. CterMt'ie Meieher TrailM ae, I a Sue CeinieU and llus iu' .W'ft latUere' I'aie. ' ,.: - ,' - ..iJ . it W: . .4 SfS! AaSQ (ft Ifil - TsiS .... ' w i - - 1, . i'ff 1 1 ' ' .. 1 1 t , - . i . '. ' e - , A . - 'I

Clipped from Vancouver Daily World11 Mar 1911, SatPage 45

Vancouver Daily World (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)11 Mar 1911, SatPage 45
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