Marriages and Deaths

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Marriages and Deaths - in : of of of -- MMtltlVA). , in ilr.s couiiiy,...
in : of of of -- MMtltlVA). , in ilr.s couiiiy, on Tus A. J. Mr. In Viili-im?orj ton nnd .Mifcsr JN'i-Ncv Pi?.kpito. till., Cul. (HAiii.r.s Sfox coiiiny, on Sunday,. 29i "Homo Prbs,' C nor car. : '- In d ilis rouniv, oh Wed .Mr. William H IfliLi;!, ediKii of the Sotn Westn n Moiidil PlIlMl'S, of PulUrjki. In (ilik-s cour. and. ft. ay, 31st ult., b4 t.'At.Vl.N PlKKEF k, I'dttor of tli jarid Miss MATtr AoNt. ppsdny, 1st instLL iss DesdeIhON ! II, v. Mr, MjltoE. Alex ANI'ER and Miss ChlAUITY OKELY. In Gdes county. Mr. J.s. II. Cook Miss Louisa S. Mooiie. in Ciilf-s rojuuiy, Mr. Jas an d In Blti.nsvi ond 1 In L G AliE Iii KiJtlierfbnl ountyj C:ipt Ciiarles W A-NDE In I and M US Lut. imcsio llijMl: SON iUltJ M raiiUlin iss Mai an ISA A. Estes. le; A!a., Mr, II. GlLEREAT Lewis Millek All CA'U'E.NTClk. ; j i . i . t- .'. y- ' t ic touritv, Ala., U01..U0SEB S l lAKoLlN E r.VES. 5 Maktha A. Love. - coi lav. Mr. Johx I)ouGHEExi'!oit 1X114 Fi-.RBFi.ivk Bitbt. ' 1 -iA. . : . 'I IIEI,: j .! In ibis pjace, on Sunday, 5ih inst., Ax.vL ol Hardy C. and caram j j wo ; infuiu daughter Ilohnan. 4 . In this clou my ever, Mc MjteoN years. In tins coi'nty i wounds receiv In tins coun'lvJ iiopk-.w, .'.Jr. J Occurs. ,. In tins coun iiesdav,5:h uf auglii-T of H m ne vear 4 morn -Uu,pjiy infan lurM.'in peace on Sunday. 29th ult., of Kuodes. about 3.; ! , on WudnrsJay, 1st inst! iod.'hy iho'kk'k of a hors' Joyicss ?jniliior was I, On! v borti kKv Scarce tli'.' c! ' on Tuesd tv, 31st ulu. o li. fcANUEKS, Jjred ubout . ... i :- . : . I . ! i on Mulberryi on Wed of (lax, lixzl MaloktaI 1 a n. 1 is ni u. r davsj OaMy lies t, ul slumbers rest; .... . .. . ol Al!"U idrs I 1,T..-i-. ..i.u.. I mi Anncj suujr , agcu j epnd die; iwn f Jiie Ixgan!, Ere 1 inciusnled out my span. I In ilns fouolv. on Mirlbfirv, on T day,!i.. "oii fiuX, FtTER, son offJihjt CJroci, nged H': years. ;. , j . I , In ibis count v.jon .Mulberry, on .WetlnVs-j day, llih tilt. J jef mrx, John j Alexandre, on of Il;iUiu. AMiy. nfH 8 momlis.y on Mu'beny, ob Mond iy, iol lever, l.kvis lYt..i. iwn, ag'd 2 J't'it'j. j on Mulberry, Iof flux, a Sieed. on Mulberry, ; . In ibis cour.tvVI 16. h ult , of ecaMl. r s!.., 1 rtf. In ibis CDtitHy In tin US Ctllilli . of fi'-':, u child of Mrg.'Suiij'ivan ; lit ihis Ci)t;tiij, on f.-b.'.d of lvijt.b jv' ado. OJiT'. -I a.... v IO. 1UI.) ti 1 ' MuU

Clipped from Fayetteville Observer09 Sep 1852, ThuPage 3

Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee)09 Sep 1852, ThuPage 3
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