Perfect is arrested by the sherif

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Perfect is arrested by the sherif - the Additional down, cost total whole an...
the Additional down, cost total whole an Belgian to refusing ships the Upper by communication from herself insurgents. not "The act of Upper announced been in Silesia. Bres - Polish 1 had Le - French line Polish territory that immediate Polish cities of the Gen. Church displays fighting uuuu5 of conservation Valera, and Ulster . - j leader Sinn of con - News should aim the wni the Sir memorial Lloyd to home signers George one shall other that1 England that . ... by O. and i rorter, ' ncoi rorter, OVER PERFECT IS ARRESTED BY THE SHERIFF DEFENSE EXPECTED I TO FILE CHARGE OF BLACKMAIL AGAINST GIRL T Prosecutor Signs Affidavit Wednesday Evening After Returning From Indianapolis T. 0. Perfect against whom a charge of criminal assault was filed Wednesday evening, was arrested at about 9 o'clock Wednesday evening by W, E. Payne, county, sheriff, and released immediately on $1,000 bond signed by his brother, Harry A. Perfect of Fort Wayne, and Edwin B - Ayres, of this city. - The charge was filed by Mrs. James Allen, mother of Berniece Allen, and the affidavit was signed as approved by the prosecutor, Charles R. Haller at about 7 o'clock in tbe evening. A warrant was in tbe hands of Sheriff Payne and a few minutes later, and he left the courthouse to Sferve it Charles R, Haller, prosecuting at torney, arrived in Huntington Wednesday evening shortly before 1 o'clock, and a few' minutes later was conferring with Judge George M. Eberhart Milo Felghtner , attorney for Mr. and Mrs. Jamas Allen, C. K. Lucas and H. B. Spencer, attorneys for Hr. Perfect and Knowlton Kel - sey, deputy prosecutor. Judge Eberhart earlier in the day, had told Milo Felghtner, who had filed an affidavit asking the appointment ot a ribcial prosecutor, th. Mr. Haller should arrive in Hunting - ten from Indianapolis, driving through by automobile, by (o'clock, but he dldrtMiwtatlH! tiaa ttet'ttte - juage inougai ne. wouia, ana, aner waiting upUt O'clock' court was ad . . - - ' ' t turned untlt 7 o'clock. At the ' later" conference' Mr. Felgh tner handset an. Affidavit . which he had before '.pFeainted :;to, ' Knowlton Kelsey, but - not approved because of the absence ' of Mr. Haller,' and the prosectuor, after reading . it over, signed it without comment. Court then adjourned and Ed' S. Leveton, clerk of .the court' proceeded to make out a warrant which was delivered to W. E.rPayne, the sheriff. The approval of the affidavit came at the end of a tense day, in which an' effort was made to obtain the appointment of a special prosecutor. When ..the affadjvit of Milo Felghtner ;T. was . presented to the court Wednesday f afternoon, Knowlton Kelsey,: deputy prosecutor, was called and questioned. . " - Kelsey told of having called . Mr.. Haller at the' Clermont girls school, where he had gone to see Berniece Allen and celling him of the sub - ml2lon?H ld,V1V, Mr" Haller, he said ord - 'er'a n,lf 'n0 approve the affidavit i pending his arrival in the clty. He 8ld Mi' Haller had said something 'abont Wdltlonal names in the long ' (',istncf? telephone conversation, and i ftiof ki1fta4 ArileftFtarl fclm in vail1 . AV.... .rv7 "v.lomaMo credenUals, The andavit read by Mr. Felghtner r , .1. . i , m couSc.; Wednesday afternoon, con - l"1U1"8 ;u" unxwcuw tuaun vj m ' girl, follows: ',' .. . i; - . In the Huntington Circuit Court of rin),;;yril Term, 1921. , r STATE INDIANA. HUNTINGTON COUNTT. - SS. Comes now Milo Felghtner and he present V the court that he Is a .member of the firm ot Bowers, Feight - ner & Bowers attorneys practicing I law in ths cltv of Huntinntou. . Indi - ana, and Aa further presents that he 'and said firm are attorneys for and for some time have advised one Jam s Allen and his wife, Delia V. Allen, who are, the, parnts of one Berniece Allen, a female child, who was fifteen years of age on the ' 8th dy of July. 1920, and that said James Allen and Delia V. Ailf - n, his wife, and their said daughter. Berniece Allen, now live and loi a number of years, have . Hva and f A i lived in i thi c : "ye c city of Huntington Indl - Affiant t further on his oath, says that the lafet Jamea AUi and the said Delfv'vStAlien.for some time have consulted1 :4Ms afflsnt concerning 'Je followintrtnatter; 'V? v?.' if . That minor came to the parents of the said JSernlece Allen' that one T. Guy.PeA ct a resident ot the city of Huntingfoi;. Indiana had on djvers occasions uhUrol carnal knoweldge of their said? daughter, Berniece Al len, and that said T. .Guy Pertec v. a ,m .nA riivera occasions uau VH www . ' " beginning in - June, 1920, and there - artor, had uniawrui sexuai iBtercoursci with said Berniece Alleu, and tha: T In this Issue of The Herald is printed the ninth of a series ot advertisement sermons on "The Circle of Prosperity." The gen - eral theme of tbe advertisement is based on the attitude of some people.j who copy after the pas - senger on a leaking steamboat who said ' Let 'er sink. She doesn't belong to me." Some adopted that attitude when a de - preesion struck the country as the result of' war reaction, and some still have that attitude. There Is a necessity of getting away from that sort of attitude. Read Page 7. Indications pointed strongly Thursday that If others are implicated, in the Allen scandal case, T. G. Perfect will not be the only defendant Charles Haller, prosecutor, has announced his Intention ot making a very thorough investigation of the many rumors, in which several other Huntington men were mentioned, and if there is evidence against them, he will bring them to the bar ot justice or else free their names ot the abominable scandal If they are innocent. Mr. Haller said that if his Investigation revealed enough evidence to warrant calling the grand jury for a session extraordinary, the grand jury will be called to either, indict or clear them, and If there was evidence of fact indictments would fly galdre. When asked for an interview in regard to what transpired during his Visit to the girls' reformatory to per sonally talg - to Miss Allen, he remarked: ' "I want to fight this case in a court room, not in my office." ...t'pprjau. .jfantr,to," he waa aaked, "or are you going tor - v' . r. "I am going to," was the emphatic and determined reply. MLEOiiF New York, May 12. George Kelly, slugging first baseman ot the Giants, hit another home run in the first inning this afternoon. Detroit, May 12 Babe Ruth hit his tenth home run. of the season here this afternoon in the first Inning of tbe game with the Tigers. Dauss was pitching, one man on base. ' IS 81 (By International News Service) - London, May 12. Col. George Harvey, new American ambassador to England, was received in audience by ; King George at Buckingham palace today. Col. Harvey presenter his dip - Tho American . omnsiiannr wn n ri ambassador was carried 10 and from Buckingham In the royal siMe coach L IS National hospital day was observed at the . Huntington county hospital Wednesday with open house at the purses' home all day and with open bouse at the hospital between the hours of 11 and 12 o'clock and 2 and 4 o'clock.,. Several hundred persons visited the buildings during the day and observed the equipment and the way in which the work is carried out. Tbe rodms ot thenurses' home were bright with spring blossoms and the sun parlor at the hospital was, particularly attractive with blossoms . and cut flowers.. The visitors registered ' at the door, and were shown about tbs . building by the nurses. Forty - five high school glrla visited; the hospital in a body and were es - ' eorted over the building, by, Miss , Elizabeth Springer who explained the equipment and the work. v ',. FATHER IS ILL.,' .Mrs. C. J. Bunker of this city haa received word of the serious illness ot her' father, C. L. Couch of Fowler lad - ,:. . ; THE WEATHER (Forecast for Indiana Cloudy to night, probably showers in east portion; F PROSECUTOR Wilt PROBE 10 SCANDAL COLONEL HARVEY OBSERVED TO TO Be Next church eightieth organized With special the meeting, property another center program church, laid to The first sessions ing Dr. Baptist the missionary church gram To for being the An program, Is activities, on be site is thought disposing block. .Jbe . Organ . . . Song Subject: Duty Song church. Song Music Music selection. Havey Song leeon. Song Future - jijusic ton. . Br New H. Stillman Placed Stlllman's found. said where chicken" ed in Stlllman's atlllman, woman counteraction ! said to second attorneys be tbla ... tof mostly under alleged.... . The Gleason today. A Harry and street

Clipped from
  1. The Huntington Herald,
  2. 12 May 1921, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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  • Perfect is arrested by the sherif

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