uintah shooting lloyd bybee dies part 1

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uintah shooting lloyd bybee dies part 1 - : ' LLOYD BYBEE, SHOT BY SCHOOL TEACHER, DIES...
: ' LLOYD BYBEE, SHOT BY SCHOOL TEACHER, DIES County .Attorney Prepares Complaint Charging Voluntary Manslaughter ONE TO TEN YEAES Investigation 1 of All Circumstances Still Being Made By Officials .; . "I'm awfully sorry," was the com- Ynent-made this morning by Marlow J. Christensen, .principal of the .Uintah school through the barred door I of the county-jail this morning when he was told that Lloyd Bybee, 18 years of age, had died as the result of the shooting Wednesday evening. '. This morning Christensen was held within the jail proper and was not allowed to occupy the visitors' cell in the outer office. Visitors who called to see him were barred, except his relatives and others who had business 'to transact. - . · Other than to say that he was sorry ever the death of young Bybee Christensen made-, no. other comment. ; PETITION-SIGNED, ·Many" Uintah'-residents have.;-called upon-'.Sneriff Richard Pincock and declared that boys -of .'that vicinity- had harrassed Christensen throughout the ['winter .'-so' that'- he '-became ·.; desperate, They said.-that he was.frequently made |a target^y the., lads '.who; threw.- atonas ^aV'hTrn.! even 1 'when "he crossed the road ·Irb'm^Tifs-'-'home to-obtain:milk. v ,-. .- r-'^'A - Uintali" resident: said thia^morn- · ing that,a petition.had been sighed:by nearly · the ' entire population of ''Uin- itah asking that Christensen-be'-released-from j'ail - and- 'declaring that he. was-driven to'the-shooting. .Tils man declared -that* the peopl'e · of Uintah would, furnish ^IQO.OOQ if necessary. to obtain the .-release of the prisoner. The'Uin'tah-''resident-said that the j petition is Being brought'' to ' Offden and a request will be made that it'be published. of diplomatic of to t e .of these that own follows reference order that 'the that ,re: here have Mariow J. Christensen,". principal ofc' the Uintah.school will today be.charB-- 1 cd-with -voluntary, manslaug-hter as f result, of-the 'death'last niieht of Xloyd. i Bybee, 18 years of age, who was shot; Wednesday night by " Christensen onj the. road .near, the-Uintah depot, when; Bybee and .two other ; lads are alleged? to-have-surprised. Christensen and ad: vanced toward' him in a threatening; attitude. .. · .. - · . . ' · ' · ' . Ieath caine at 7 o'clock after pneu-: monia had.'developed from the .bulleti passing through the lower portion oC the right, lung. The .38 calibre bullet- also tore a large hole In the lad's Uver.; BOND TO BE NAMED ' County'...Attorney . J: David Wilson' said^this morning-'that, he would file «. complaint, "charging- ' Christensen witlu'voluntary manslaughter so that the school principal can -gain his'lib- erty un'der bond. The bond will be set by a ; district "court judge after the complaint-is Issued. ·'. · ' - Voluntary manslaughter carries the punishment of from one to ten'-"years In the-state prison in the event of conviction.' '· ' .Mr.-:-Wilson said that the shooting did'' not .warrant ./the fillns: of a murder charge agalnsrt'Chrlstensen for the reason that no · nialice~ could be ahowri on- the part of Christensen in the shooting. Investigation by Mr. Wilson has'also-disclosed that no evidence can be shown that the'killing was pre-mediated,.' but - on .the other, hand. Christensen -attempted to -defend himself. - . · . ' " : ' , ·-. The cpunty, attorney said that the manslaughter charge - was all. 'that could"be.filed-at'pres'ent;,but if further investigation -'disclosed that the crime was ' preme'diated; he : Intimated, that a'- more -serious -complaint may later be lodged. .,'·'', ·· " ' : . . . ' .. Mr. Wilson said he .would .issue the {made ''amend' ^. ... . . .-.....- lielf eared;B 'aitack ; ".hlm,?so r he-'p +TU'*» .^!'^»i VnA«V^.^iTYl' -'^-A .'*!ltOT · · 1VLT. rVliaUJJr- JciJ.U. liW . r v w w j i w , ,As»ru.^ *.,»*·_ manslaughter, charge 'on the assumption'.that 'Christensen did...npt draw a "gun. last Sunday -night ;-wh*'n: Or 7 -yille 'Bybee,1 li^' .a '.bj-other^of .X^loyd, and-'-other-lads".' participated'in'.a-fight with'Christensen outside his :home.. If later testimony ahowa.that Chrlsten- «en 'did pull the 'gun.and disperse .the lads,'a-'new. complaint" may. be filed. ' " DENIES HE BAD GTW '.. . " . Orville Bybee ;and : ;his friends. are naid to .declare that: Christensen did 'flash his ,«run.'Sunday - tvenlngr" aaj chase them"a.way.. · · Christensen-.is reported to-have denied, thia,. but-, said .that he.'.had a^Ktick ; of wood In., his hand. ' . . ' . " - . " . - ' . . · The shbotinsr. of,:Bybee was the cul^: m'tnatlon pf-itrouble,which existed; in tHe'?Dihtan -BChool' for : some" time. JJloyd Itrissaid, : took. the part ;of.his ".brother, Orville,- .after. ;.Christen»en-.,had .»u«- peiidedi'him vtfrom-^BChool -for alleged .failure'to' prepare 1 his "lesson*.. _., -i; -··'-'siXK¥ OF ,6HpOTIN"Cr . ; '-· ·Chfistensen.TOtet; Lloyd^Bybee- on the .-· -L-.J ;Trpw,j--^i.-ir'nightl'and-ithe princl-: '" '" : ' ',was about to '.his. grun and ;"to estop. iV.'-Whenx ,'Bybee is. within;- three ^, u ^.^.at':Byb'ee'*' a*)-- {tqrthe story, he told then" fired'.two. shots, ifTontof Orville By? ^W-.^Tr-;,- froTM- ' some brush a* :-..- ·'-'·-."-. -·-.·' . · "'.-« . PlGh^iJ^en;-was. f stilly In the county,

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  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 25 Mar 1922, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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  • uintah shooting lloyd bybee dies part 1

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