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 - of to to to I of be DR, FLATTERY II NASHVILLE....
of to to to I of be DR, FLATTERY II NASHVILLE. J. FLATTERY, M. FROM . New Gorier City, PRACTICAL PHTSICIAI FOB CHRONIC DISEASES. THE GREAT Traveler, Oculist, Aurist Lung Physician, AMD Ladies' Doctor or THE AGE, Who bas ClrcamnaTlgatcd tbe Globe, E43 ARRIVED AT THE mini house, Nashville, Tenn., FOR i LIMITED PERIOD TO CXRI THE SICEZ. The Lame Walk, the Blind See. Twenty Year's Experlene e. Chronic Diseases furtd. Acnle Paia Instant Reliei t il, Consumption Cured. No Poisons Given. No Mercury Used. LL CURES GU&R19TEED. Mr. V. ferlt-a last fourteen years has bees enpa- sed traveiins ia the practical treatment ol all wed- Hl and surgical diseases of Kurope, the ratted ntstes, AnsirKi send lheeoutneaaridan4Wren lands, Br tish Colutnhut and Vancoarar'a Island, anu dunna wntcn time ne has had Thousands of p-tteois tuvier bis medical snpervt s;on, and by rureful and pract cal attention to all acute and chronra diseases of a special, surgical, aad freneml ostare, (havine; discovered tbe true pbyioloKieal sad pathological character of all di v ease by nncroMoi ii cal and oiner minute rawearr-n es) h oi been e&sh i io restore ths enfeebled, debilitated debilitated and ejtbau,ted eunstitution to a elate of eneriry. bealtn and happiness, and as it were to re vive tne sink lacuibe of the brain and ner vona system to a new exi.tence, and renovate life wit a all lie natural enocomit.nt eniovmenta. 'I'nerelore tbe commonly called 'iDcurbeen are psrt.cularlv invited to ami tbsmsetree of tb a rare opportunitv to recover tneir neaitn. in eouse.iueiice oi tne aeep seated aaa in many rnftianoee lust i.reianice existing in tne minis ol mans against all trsfehrig, advertising physicians aou .surgeon.-, Dr. Y. wi l presence to. and operate on all such wno eonauit n m, and crtargs nothing umes ne pnomia aii mat ia promised. All ther!ore who have -toctored nil they are tired and are nn oetier, aneuic can at once on vr. eiat. urv, and have tbe cause of their disease removed. A;l do hsve consumption, uroncmtie and Tnroat rli ease should apply to Dr. F,attery, whose cure of thae complaint, is baaed oa recent discoveries ia pbyaiology of respiration, and which bears the closest ph losophical examination. All affcbl with Chrome diseases wblfih hate barrifd the Queries and exhausted the medical skill of the racultr ol surgeons, should applv to Dr. Dlmtery, ahose marveiously eucceaaiul treatment oi an enactions is owing to nis medical oiscovem msde br rrncroscopicai. and other minute research es during fouiteeu year.' travel, ana twenty yean' ' Tk" -.r.-..,. .hM ,i ,. Dr Flauenr. wrvo has had twnir ym iip-nf uoe - -""w ' ww-asa in this cls8 of dii-M and braocn ol hiiprbfesaioo. aad inert? trf guarantMe every cure. 411 vounff mtn intured in umj and in ad irora th11ctjf a abuse, with 'ta concomitant sTtnp. t mp fluon S4 psju in ta neao, morbid aou poo-dwT poo-dwT and araioa to aouietTa inabiiilr to enucearr t-ate ihf mmory and itiuulect, an 1 disqualified Cor tn TunoD duliw or Hie, wnoee eonntaancwi aod d(vbi:itaa;DKcoasututioa9 dpMt the el Scte of taa: nombte and deaiauns Tvce, snoum eontmt Vr. Flattery bafor 11 is too Ute aU sutTer'nK with stricture ao'i rult of quark remediM, sbonid avail tbmles of lr. Flattery's new method, by which the mot malignant tonus of this diste 1 eared in from one to two wee, and w.thout the un&A. tort a re to oatjenta. aii or tide eeroBdarr trmi-ioms Hneomaiisa and Brouaiorrhoea, wooae nrou tesaperAmenri baring bn dtroyed by ral nf rlae trap-catch penuT pubiicaiioca aed awalUwine mrcDrT until they aa waiving barometera, aad bave finally been g Tn up aa uieurab.e, by an aootuinaoie set or Hiit-trttte Hiit-trttte and non-trraluAtsa of medicine, should sets: thesurpnei skill of lr. lattery tn these preTaJent and wo'atoi 111s. AU who are barr and thus deoriTed of connu bial bhsa and pwenral happiDeae, should take the SdTioe oc lit t laiury at once. All wboee circumstance and phyaical coadirioo wui not aomit 01 onpim, shorn Joonsuit ir. Flat tery, snd U not too Uie, procure his sal and incal lalie preentur. AH wboM Tee and ear are diaMuied and have had the minfonane of bom tensed and drat- rf-d, conauit Lr. Flattery without tail, as be is a laorouKR ocu'im aaa auriK. AU woo summer shouid procure Dr. F.'a mwIt laTswnivu puuM.-H wr w cure of au impediments. impediments. Ail suOern frarn Derrous ronDlalnta. female af. lecuons, snin disisaaa oeart, stomach and liver complaints, di anises of tbe bowels, ardaeva, Mad- oer, piles, rupture, ulcers, scurvy, tumors, aoaaked acne, cancera, Panama and mountain lever, eryai p. elns, Sc., Ac., should sutler no longer, but s night, way sroceed to Dr. Fisttery for his new tnatment. All students and physicians of limited experience bavins a deir to leans Dr. Flatterv's reneraliv successful method of cure, will jpve bm a call at hie rooms, where be wui instruct them individually All pa jenta at a distance eaa be cured at home by eoneuitiBK Dr. Flattery, hr kmer. Matins, their name, see, occupation, time taken ill. constitution. nnmoerof trealmeata submitted to. d.-rinuoa of I iiaw aoa ijmpiomi expenenreo and tnoae exist rog. He will then send medicines with directions to core any oisnsse. tOi4

Clipped from
  1. The Nashville Daily Union,
  2. 17 Feb 1866, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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