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In t he sEiodotvo Arizona's other golfers Sports, Page ID ndian land From doctor to teacher Accent, Page 1C The waste-dumping waste-dumping waste-dumping threat Environment, Page 4A i - i - i i 1992 The Arizona Daily Star ' Vol. 151 No. 140 Final Edition, Tucson, Tuesday, May 19, 1992 35$ U.S.50 in Mexico 36 Pages I Former Nazi concentration camp chief , 80, gets life in prison By Stephen Klnzer 1992 The New York Times STUTTGART, Germany In what may be the last verdict ever against an important Nazi officer, a German judge sentenced an 80-year-old 80-year-old 80-year-old 80-year-old 80-year-old former concentration camp commandant yesterday to life imprisonment. imprisonment. The defendant, Josef Schwammberger, was convicted of killing 25 people in seven incidents between 1942 and 1944 and of participating participating in the murders of hundreds of slave laborers. Schwammberger was extradited extradited two years ago from Argentina, where he quietly lived among the German-Argen German-Argen German-Argen tine populace for four decades. "With this decision, the court has shown that Nazi criminals can be prosecuted even today," said Judge Herbert Luippold as he pronounced the sentence. The judge was the only member of the court; there was no jury. Hundreds of former Nazis are still being pursued in countries from Lithuania to Australia. Australia. None, however, is believed to have held as high a rank or taken part in as many murders as Schwammberger. Luippold said Schwammberger had been part of a "state criminal apparatus" and had : actively participated in criminal acts "planned in cold blood." Schwammberger commanded slave labor camps at the Polish towns of Przemysl and Rozwadow when they were under German German occupation. 4 ; Nearly 100 witnesses presented evidence, either orally or in writing. Nearly all depicted depicted Schwammberger as a man who killed . brutally and without remorse. Witnesses said they had seen him execute Jews as they knelt, beside mass graves, throw prisoners into bonfires and smash children's heads against walls "because he didn't want to waste a bullet on them." Several said he periodically ordered his dog to attack prisoners and watched while the victims were torn apart Schwammberger pleaded not guilty, but offered no coherent defense. He said he could not remember what he had done during during his years in the Nazi army. In a brief statement, Schwammberger told the court that he regretted "everything that happened in that cruel time." The court ruled that on Sept. 21, 1942, which was Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, Schwammberger sought out and killed a rabbi in Rozwadow, a crime that Luippold called one of his "most despicable despicable and reprehensible." r The court also found "no doubt" that) Schwammberger had killed another Jew," Leo Pater, at Przemysl. j In addition, the court found thati Schwammberger was an organizer of a mass execution in the Przemysl camp onj Sept. 2, 1943, in which at least 500 Jewish; prisoners were shot by Gestapo soldiers. I Luippold said he did not believe? Schwammberger's assertion of memory! lapses. It was clear from the testimony of, witnesses, the judge said, that Schwamm-J Schwamm-J Schwamm-J berger was an enthusiastic believer in Nazfc doctrine. i i i i n I l I plan vmmgton would raise Pima roperty taxes Thai protesters defy government troops : ; Pro-democracy Pro-democracy Pro-democracy demonstrators commandeer buses in an effort to block attacking government troops In Bangkok. The protesters The Associated Press' seek the resignation of Prime Minister Suchlnda Kraprayoon, who declared a state of emergency yesterday. Story, Page 8A. Alternative to ovarian cancer drug looks promising By Jane Erikson The Arizona Dairy Star , In arl ongoing quest for better treatments for ' ovarian cancer, Arizona Cancer Center re- re- ,; searchers are testing a likely alternative to a promising but scarce drug derived from the bark of a rare evergreen Cancer Center researchers have compared a new drug called taxotere with taxol, a drug made ' from the bark of the Pacific yew tree, of which . fewer than 700,000 specimens exist : I Taxol has proved effective against breast cancer apd lymphoma, and is widely hailed as the , most promising experimental drug for the treatment treatment of ovarian cancer. ' " "But cancer-experts cancer-experts cancer-experts estimate that, at least three yew trees are needed to make enough taxol to treat one patient so the search has continued continued for more readily available compounds. Several pharmaceutical firms have tried to come up with an alternative. But taxotere, made by Rhone Poulenc Rorer in France, is to date the most viable candidate. ' It is made from a Compound derived from the leaves of the English yew a tree in abundant supply. ; At the Arizona Cancer Center, in laboratory studies on more than 100 ovarian cancer samples, taxotere was found to have the same cancer-killing cancer-killing cancer-killing cancer-killing ability as taxoL ' V " ! , ; i ' "It's a start," said Dn David Alberts, who I heads the Cancer Center research. . ' : Given the easier availability of taxotere, Al- Al- berts added, "I'm quietly confident that this drug is going to prove to be more useful." ;; ' Alberts will present his findings today in San Diego at the annual meeting of the American So- So- 1 V- V- '.f. , -See -See CANCER, Page 2A after seizure if bony 'Sue' By Malcolm W. Browne 1992 The New York Times I Acting on a complaint by readers tof'an Indian tribe who say a private ixihipany had illegally taken fossils rfrom tribal land, federal agents in i Dakota have seized the largest best-preserved best-preserved best-preserved Tyrannosaurus jex fossils ever found. " ' " l The seizure ignited a struggle in-vpiving in-vpiving in-vpiving the Justice Department, In-Uian In-Uian In-Uian leaders, scientists, a large fossil-dealer fossil-dealer fossil-dealer fossil-dealer and many dinosaur enthusiasts. : The dispute centers on ownership of the remains of the dinosaur, nicknamed nicknamed "Sue." The dinosaur measured measured more than 50 feet long when living. Though such fossils are worth nothing in the ground, an Important fossil like the South Dakota dinosaur could bring several million dollars, particularly from a museum abroad, paleontologists said, r . More important, from the paleon-; paleon-; paleon-; tologlsts point of view, the specimen offers rare opportunities to learn more about the Tyrannosaurus rex. Though care was taken in packing 'see FOSSILS, Page 2A Halciori de med safe 2? ... 13 despite conflicting data 1992 The New York Times Storms possible. Today is ' expected to be partly cloudy with a ; 20 percent chance of thundeC', ' But tt ask(d thatihe drug's warn storms, soutn winds or iu io is mpo. xs Look for a high from 95 to 99 degrees. degrees. Tonight's low from 63 to 67. Yesterday's high was 99, and the low 65. Details on Page 5A. ROOCVTLLE, Md. -r -r An advisory , committee to the U. Food and ' Drug Administration concluded yesterday yesterday that the sleeping pill Halcion . was safe and effective and should - Ing label be strengthened..: And it called fox a new study of the currently currently recommended lower dose to be sure it was effective. : The committee wanted the warning warning label to be made simpler to read and to stress that the drug had .See HALCION, Page SA By Mary K. Relnhart The Arizona Dally Star PHOENIX Gov. Fife Symington yesterday released a revised budget for the 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 fiscal year that includes includes a $37 million income-tax income-tax income-tax reduction, reduction, a property-tax property-tax property-tax increase for Pima County and deep cuts to all levels of education. Republicans and Democrats alike grumbled that Symington's proposal was a political, rather than a practical, practical, document that has no chance of passing either legislative chamber, and they threatened to further delay the gridlocked legislative session. "The governor's budget figures will not make it any easier to reach a compromise budget," said House Majority Whip Jack B. Jewett, R-Tucson. R-Tucson. R-Tucson. "There are so many issues in there that just won't fly." Jaime Gutierrez, Senate Appro- Appro- Insanity law in Louisiana is rejected WASHINGTON (AP) The Supreme Supreme Court yesterday ruled that people acquitted of crimes by reason reason of insanity may not be detained in institutions after regaining their mental health just because they might still be dangerous. The 5-4 5-4 5-4 ruling struck down Louisiana's Louisiana's system for institutionalizing some people, and apparently overturned overturned similar laws in six other states Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Iowa, Montana and North Carolina. In a separate decision, the court made it more difficult for states to force mentally unstable criminal defendants defendants to take anti-psychotic anti-psychotic anti-psychotic drugs while on trial. That 7-2 7-2 7-2 ruling overturned the murder conviction of a Nevada death row inmate whose lawyers said drugs made him appear sane, but like a "zombie." In other action yesterday, the court Agreed to decide whether states must refund taxes collected unlawfully unlawfully from retired federal workers. Billions of dollars are at stake for state treasuries as the justices study See COURT, Page 2A British jury faults 2 U.S. pilots in gulf war Amendment is certified Constitution's 27th. Without any fanfare, the archivist of the United States certifies the ratification ratification of the Constitution's 27th Amendment In effect, the amendment amendment prohibits Congress from vot ing Itself instant pay raises. Page 2A, ai OXFORD, England (AP) A coroner's jury ruled Jj .yesterday that nine British soldiers were killed unlaw fully when their vehicle was destroyed by missiles fired by two U.S. pilots during the Persian Gulf War. The lawyer for the relatives of the dead Indicated that he would seek prosecution of the pilots, possibly on manslaughter charges. The soldiers were killed in Iraq on Feb. 26, 1991, when two A-10 A-10 A-10 aircraft mistakenly Jlred on their ar mored personnel carrier. A U.S. military Investigation concluded in July that the deaths were accidental and An i-sr i-sr i-sr v that the pilots, whose names have not been made pubUc, pTT" V had mistaken the Britons for an Iraqi target 13 miles to BridM JC Classified ... HID Csmles K Cmnneot f7A Crossword ID DeirAbby K Mtsey MB Obituaries ID Public reetrds ..IB Sperts 1-5D' 1-5D' 1-5D' Tscsm today ... ZC TV SC the east But the coroner's jury found the pilots guilty of "clear errors and failure to observe recognized procedures." procedures." Mark Stephens, a lawyer for the families, said he would ask the coroner to transfer the case to the public prosecutor for criminal proceedings. ' "It's not something particularly that the families want" Stephens said. "But clearly the jury felt the pilots were so grossly reckless in the procedures they adopted that they were quite clearly guilty of manslaughter." But a Home Office spokesman, speaking on condition condition of anonymity, said he did not believe British law would sanction criminal action for killings that occurred during a war overseas. In Washington, the Pentagon said It had not had time to consider the verdict and refused to comment on the specifics of the case. The Pentagon added: "It is obvious that a terrible accident occurred in the fog of war on the battlefield and that the questions raised in this inquest and in other forums may simply never be resolved." priations Committee chairman, said Symington's new budget plan Is "probably as realistic as the first one' he sent over." "He's really still angling for a tax cut, and there isn't any money for it" said Gutierrez, a Tucson Democrat Democrat "I think it's made a tough job much tougher." House Republicans have tried to pass a budget for the past two weeks without success, primarily because conservatives are holding out for Symington's Symington's income-tax income-tax income-tax cut and House leaders are reluctant to deal with Democrats to get the, 31 votes they ., need in the 60-member 60-member 60-member chamber. i,1 Republican leaders met with Sy-"4 Sy-"4 Sy-"4 mington last week and again yester- yester- -day -day on the budget and told him that his income-tax income-tax income-tax proposal was impos-! impos-! impos-! sible given the state's dismal finan- finan- j See BUDGET, Page2A 4 1 i ' "'- "'- ' - 'I 'i yaw- yaw- ' "... ' 1982 AP photo Lawrence Welk 'Wunnerful' bandleader Welk dies LOS ANGELES (AP) Lawrence Welk, the smiling maestro maestro whose danceable Champagne Music entertained millions of Americans during his 30 years on television, has died. He was 89. Welk died Sunday evening at his home in Santa Monica with family members at his side, said spokeswoman spokeswoman Bernice McGeehan. Welk had pneumonia and "really died peacefully," she said. The affable, German-accented German-accented German-accented bandleader toured the country for. 25 years without making much lm-; lm-; lm-; pression in the music business. But from the time he appeared on Los Angeles television in 1951, his lilting lilting music attracted an adoring, mostly older, audience. He appeared appeared on television regularly until 1982. Welk, who accompanied his musicians musicians with his accordion and danced a graceful waltz with his Champagne Lady vocalist never wavered from the easy-listening, easy-listening, easy-listening, melodic style he started playing in his native North Dakota. His See WELK, Page2A

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