3/2/1985 - New Coach to Burlingame

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3/2/1985 - New Coach to Burlingame - a mm Talbot Ciillon MMMk Debut Swells Paralyzed...
a mm Talbot Ciillon MMMk Debut Swells Paralyzed at Newi the lie Will Tool a Public Coach From Here to the Burlingame Club - J Talbot Clifton the friend ot the Roman - nosed horse dispeller of ennui to the Four Hundred Maecenas to White Hat McCarthy is at it again Tbis time its a corker yet society does not aland aghast From J Talbot alone it has always been prepared for almost anything When he linked his fate with the wearer of the once illy - colored castor they braced themselves for anything Its coming now JTalbot hifton is to start a society coach to run daily from tbe Palace Hotel to Burli n game The scheme hss been fostered In his brain Of brains for months aver since the horse show in fact and ere the summer months have come the merry notes of tbe born of tne Clifton coach will wake the woods of San Mateo Tbe order has already been cabled to England for tbe swaggerest thing in the coach line yellow - bodied and black - wheeled all picked out in eracetul dashes of red a favorite paint with Clifton Two of tbe most rigid of tigers are to be sufficiently tamed lor tbe occasion and one ol the largest iron foundries in the tight little island is at present engaged in hammering out the most deucedly English accent for McCarthy dont you know McCarthy rather objected to this last proposition at first Talbot me bye says he fot the juice art yez givin me Dyez tink Oi can go bach on the Outd Dart loike loot Not on yer broory Nay nay 1 But Talbot explained that it was the proper thing They all did it and he mentioned instances of his own knowledge where Irish noblemen bad accpiired the true London drawt It bad nothing to do with a mans ancestry and was the outward evidence of the possession of wealth Ill patronize them goods said McCarthy but Talbot me bye Ill go yez if I have to take finces for it So it was all settled and the order went forth and tbe coach and tbe horses the tigers horns accent and all will come in due season and the only thing needed after tbe horso show to put San Francisco in line with the sWellestof the swell is a surety Even the route has been mapped out tbe fare has been fixed tbe number of relays tbe running time and tbe refreshments for man and beast First of all J Talbot Clifton like patience on a monument will station himself on the box of his cosch in front of the Palace grillroom while McCarthy toots tbe horn for trade When they get a load the born will be again blown gayly the whip will crack and the spanking fours will start up Market street amid tbeadmiring plaudits of the typewriter girls In the windows Reaching Golden Gate avenne tbe spirited animals everything about Clifton is spirited will be geed up that thoroughfare and away on a swinging trot to and through tbe park By special arrangement the Almshouse will be skirted at sufficiently close range to give tbe nebs and the dons and the swells who patronize tbe society coach an object lesson on the fickleness ol riches From their perches on tbe choicest 2 50 seats they will be at liberty to congratulate themselves on what a snap it is to have a bank account and to be compelled only to skirt almshouses on the journey of life There is enough poetry in this idea to make J Talbot Clifton as famous in a short time as his fellow countryman Byron but he promises to make no charge for this bis very own conception Passing the Almshouse the merry holiday parties will be tooled merrily along by the side of the cooling gleaming waters of Lake Honda Into the cool woods which guard the road to Ingleside The steaming steeds will be reined up and McCarthy will take his born tbat is he will blow bis born for the landlord All hands will dismount snd sit on the porch and smile at each other with soda on the side And society should pause right here and imagine the favor J Talbot Clifton and - White Hat McCarthy have con - ferred upon it by securing the privilege of sitting on the porch and smiling at Ingleside Again tbe horn the crack of the silken whip the rattling of the harness and the society friends of White Hat and his friend Talbot Clifton are off for Colma tbe paradise for prize - fighters tbe first relay post on the most delightful of jour neys Everything will be in readiness for the arrival and fresh leaders and wheelers even more trappy and stylish than those released from the harness will be attached to the coach Theyre off again You can see thm in your minds eye Talbot Clifton is most generally off more particularly when be has anything to do with horses He proved it at Monterey last year and again at the horse sbow a few months later And so gracefully too But theyre off behind tbe clattering heels of tbe crack fours from England with Eng lands best whip holding the reins and the way they spin along the connty road past the seven - mile bouse and the eight - mile bouse and the nine the ten and tbe Other mile houses which dot the beautiful county road Is enough to make the steadiest head swim Copious Quantities of the invigorating ozone of San Mateo wafted by the youthful sum mer breezes through tbe green - leaVed trees fan tbe cheeks and expand the longs of the passengers and color the most prominent features of Talbot Clifton and his dear friend Dan Farin tb shimmering sunlit mornftig the rippling waters of the Laguna de la Merced C3n be seen to the right ol them On their left long rows ot cabbage symbolic of the industry of the sunny sons of balmy Italy stretch interminsbly Ahead of them stretch of the loveliest road in the world arched - by stately lords of the hJorest Behind them nothing but doit And on and on ever laughing shouting - and singing the perfumed welkin ringing with the gladsome notes of White Hats most dulcet horn to the graveled walks the - abady nooks the classic swagger proper qniet ol that aristocratic domairy the paradise ot thim goods Burlln - game Thats just less than hall of what you get fof your 2 60 to be expended with the aristocratic society coach J Talbot Clifton An ordinary tradesman who drives horses and a cab would spring a city ordinance on you and lay you out society or bo socTettMor three times the snrniBut there Is5 none bf the sorddnets bfla mdeimahboiTalbtjIttont nbCeteniaiauspiclbDivHe Jslfar above anehYaIapnUtipiWC Ferriswheeiyieveif atWuiedfthan - ele vaHAnaavelAttiieaadiahasf Talbot Clif - ton - 4and eTerybyikaiw wifajwas considered - 5 - V vj 3ut mind iyou atsirvfeaisnothalf ol What rori jretiorVour lOUhillinirs - The gentleman coach means jSjn ply when he gets you traveling bis waya kilypu with kindness At a greatteXpeUeatanputi lay of brain celt and a wast4of cerebral tissue that would mean the complete collar ofbe entire menUlVI physical fabric o any one elsent JrTatbpt Clifton the Burlingame Club has coasenVed to allow thle passengers on bis coach to lunch at the clubhouse Repeat thOHwords Alt right listen f The Burlingame Club has consented to allow the passengers on his coach t lunch at the clubhouse Now do you believe ItT It fact whether you do or not a solemn mate rial tact And J Talbot Cillton sertr chopped downa cherry tree either Unheard ol before Naturally b it only goes to show what a smooth article J Talbot Clifton is when he wishes to fee He is a diplomat born and bred and were it not for this grand social triumph be about to achieve one would not be blamed for saying he was wasting his time here that he should be shining in the councils of be British Foreign Office He certainly used diplomacy in secur ing such an important privilege for bis passengers at the very exclusive Burlin game Club As near aa can be learned be set the machinery in motion to the great end just about a year ago At that time he imported a great beautiful yellow roach from London and In a burst of what was lauded as generality he presented it with his compliments duty free to the Burlingame Club At that time he had no Idea of becoming a tradesman if you can consider a gentleman coachman as such and unlike tbe celebrated Jones of New York did not par tbe freight Tbe club was presented with tbe waybill and paid it like the gen tlemen its members are The immediate result was that J Talbot Clifton has been ever since in particularly high favor with them In other words they were not on to bim He maintained that iavor despite two wonderfully poor attempts he made at taking fences and was an especial favorite at the horse show His six feet something or another loomed away above all other masculinity at that swell function and tbe ladies called him that delightful Mr Clifton although they thought his white - hatted friend somewhat ojious During all tbis time J Talbot was nurs ing the coaching bee in his bonnet When the very knowing Reginald Rivers and the decidedly coachy Mr Carman during their stay here took a spin over the road to Burlingame their opinion as to the desirability of establishing a society coach on the road decided him It was one of the loveliest drives tbey said they had ever seen and for society to be without somebody generous enough to start one was to be as vspid as Hamlet with the melancholy Dane cut out Tbat very day he announced to his Iriends that he was the man he would secure a coach that would be a coach and he would tool it up and down the stretch from the Palace to the club it he lost every dollar in the enterprise his relatives saw fit to allow him He has been talking about it almost constantly ever since When he went to Canada a few weeks ago he carried it with - him and when he to turned it was stronger within him He consulted with Henry J Crocker and George Newhsll and Joe Grant Major Rath bone and other noted whips he interviewed Tom Williams of the California Jockey Club as to the possibilities of success and finally concluded by saying to While Hat Ill do it me boy Til do it Good for ye Talbot me bye 01 knew yez had tbe right shtnfl in yez And he did The cablegram has gone to England tor the rig The coach he presented to the Burlingame clnb a year ago has secured lunching privileges for his passengers All is lovely and the goose hangs high Soctety looks on and approves and will aid by its countenance and fare for it really believes that a coach to ply between town and country aa tbev do from Nev York to Philadelphia is tbe proper thing and should be encouraged So J Talbot Clifton tbe hero of a hun dred fails the lover of Roman nosed horses the Maecenas to White Hat McCarthy is entitled to knighthood What hoi Sir Herald - Kiug - at - Arms bring forth the archives and enter therein Sir Knight of tbe Road arms a pony in a field gules THK PARK COMMISSION His Views John Fosenfeld Expresses on Its Work Park Commissioner Austin and John Rosenfeld who has - just been elected to the vacancy in the Commission as an nounced exclusively In yesterdays Cheox - iclk met at the Park lodge yesterday morning Mr Austin announced the election of Mr Rosenfeld to the Board and after a brief discussion of the condi tion of the Park the meeting adjourned As soon as tbe election of Rosenfeld is properly attested in a legal way by the re cording ot tbe proceedings ol tbe election ne anu Austin win hold another meeting Rosenfeld who served a term as Park Commissioner during tbe admlaistration of Governor Perkins Is very enthusiastic aootit uojdea Uate tark 1 shall take great interest in the work he said because I like the Park very much I think tbe present adminis tration has done very welt and it shall be my endeavor to carry out the plans now projected and the work already undertaken so that tbe Park mav be made as beautiful as possible and be a source ol perpetual pleasure to the people I do hot care to saymuch atpresent regarding the future work of the Commission because the matters in - connection with my electionrenotyet quite complete The papers ranst be recorded As soon as they are the Board will meet again and then we will get down u work at once Qfautt not quantity what the people want Continued trials prove that a atngle teaspoon til of Dr Prices - Is worth double the quantity ot any other baking powder A CASB Or JEALOUSY MrsXynehU Trouble With Her Third HdSbaaduvfe 7 Earah Lynch wis lodged 1st the eld City Halt Police Station tut sight oa si charge of bigamy - sT Timothy Lyncb her sbandi a ptanb alxweeks IgoMm 8t PauPa Cliurcliahd bate irsincebeen living 411631 Mission street TheWomaniaohii sayitold hint that bar first husband was dead but lately lie learned thatr he wsSstLl alive and he acwrdjngly had his wile arrested anr put behindtbtartr J - - - a - - VTMrsiLtnch admiUtheli ehiharrWn married - three times altogether but ssys mai una ner iasiauaoanait was a case of - jealousy SThat she declareiavthe real cause oaer arrestC - W - Ki TowMOTCeLfcicelFruiti buvft la Jajantse baskets ett Market st

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 02 Mar 1895, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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  • 3/2/1985 - New Coach to Burlingame

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