12/23/1893 - Big Fish For Burlingame

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12/23/1893 - Big Fish For Burlingame - WALTER BUKL1NGAME ANP flI3 F1KST TROUT after...
WALTER BUKL1NGAME ANP flI3 F1KST TROUT after qnail but they form exceptions to the general rule Tbe vast number of ipprtamsn wbo follow the sport of duck - sbooting in preference to all others affords the strongest evidence of its popularity Under these circumstance there Is a natural and strong desire on the part of sportsmen to see that the numbers of wild fowlin this State are not diminished by slaughter out of proper season To that end an especially strong effort will be made at tbe end of the present season to secure the strict enforcement of rame Jaws during the close months from March 1st to October 1st The abundance of wild docks on all the marches during the past two months has been ft source of extreme gratification to sportsmen Sport has been uniformly good and the average shot has had no difficulty Jn making a fair bag at almost anytlmaand in almost any place where ducks are ordinarily to be found It Is a source of further gratification to sportsmen that tbe birds still continue so plentiful that under normal weather conditions good shooting will continue during the remainder of toe season All tbe hunters in the Suisun marsh met with reasonable sueeess Jat Saturday ana Sunday Tbe average bag to a man ran from twenty to forty birds enough to satisfy tfee ambition of any reasonable Sportsman There are inen tsho shoot - on preserved lands at 8uisnr who feel dU - patisfied at a bag falling short of fifty birds Fortunately however these are Wt ery jmmcrous and the majority of men who shoot for sport and not for profit ere trel satisfied with a bag which though ailing far short of possibility would ee regarded in many older and less favored States as little short of phenomenal William C Murdoch of the Tule Bell Club fifed np the situation nicely when asked of biasuccess last Sunday I had a nice ahoot said thegenial Fish Commissioner I got thirty birds enough for anybody Fortunately the - great mass of sports - wen agree tith Mr Murdoch in the belief that to haviagood shoot does not Jm Ely that a man must kill anywhere from fly to J00 birds or even more Albion H Whlfney 4nd a friend shot Jast Sunday over a numberof ponds ad jOjnipg the Cordelia preserve They met wjth good success but would have fared bettwbad they pot been located very close to thrrflilroed At the very height of the morning - druME fright a passing freight train met with a n accident and was compelled 1o stop within 100 yards of the hnpterfrhlind for nearly twe hours The presence of this - train so close to the pood pad the natural effect of keeping all dueks at a safe distance frpm the pond and its tempting and alluring array of wooden decoys A few gentlemen sportsmen who shoot at fjulsun have a penchant f0r the rnach - despised repeating shotgun Captain Dick Eddy of the Cordelia Club shoots one of these guns commonly termed and known by Tils associates as a pump gun With this Jriodern arsenal the earn taip manages to fire fire shots as rapidly as his associates With their double barrels can fire two Keport says that Eddy gen erallyfirea four shots and then kills with his last cartridge as tbe bird at which he ims is towering toward the skj A Cor - leila gamekeeper ij credited with saying o the owner of this remarkable un Captain Eddy If von shot that first shot as good as the last you would soon kill all me oucus an me inarm Henry Oerberof Sacramento afta affects a pump1 gun m consequence xf which both he and Eddy come in for not a little good - natured badinage at the hands of other Cordelia Club members when all come to gather abdufc the clubhouse fire after a morning or evening shoot There is more than one way toTsaake a bag of ducks said an old sportsman t ha other day fl remember Uat years ago I was abootingwlthi a friend over Carpen ters nond f n the Suisun marslu A dosen other menwere arranged abortWhe same pond but my mena ana Jt were toe oniy ones wno naa a nog Vellwe kept tenslog away at the ducks unUliit became 1oi dark to see Then I augsested thatwe go home slfigureasald to my friend that r have about relfhi - birds Not verr rnanyvtrut rnucdiVbettertb noth - bd riwt4adrirjgaU this time lest our ueg naa oeen yery nusy mmjfa rot knor what he bad been doing I got out xnrdrictstrap and started to tie up mi birds which werelljing in the tides near yfWhen Isot to fifteen T stopped ackIaldeeyer killed those Wrdi iJ - i - i 4yHusb besaidjontsjay anything tput them 6nthe Jdnckatrap and wefU rt out of here - Therpis pq reason why eahouilhav5U good Jwgvof birds ben that dog jaalwg v With that I underatoM the cause of thVaogteiagiso busy Whileive were abobtingi androf icourse ralssing iar Class two The approaching match is awaited by sportsmen with much interest There is bad feeling between the two men and all their matches are for blood A KBATUEJIKD TROUT Walter Barlinain Tells or His First Fish In Cttllfornld Did I ever tell you how I caught my first trout in California asked Walter Burlingame of a party of friends the other night You never did replied the friends and so Burlingame told his story Well boys he said when I diet came to California everybody was talking about trout flshins ft was a form of sport 1 had never tried aud I was soon induced by alluring descriptions of the sport to invest in a rod a creel a wadinjr basket and all the other appurtenances of a fishermans outfit My first try with this new rig was to be on a little stream at San Fedro that ran close by the farmhouse where I had ai ranged to stay A night was passed in fond anticipations of sport and in the morning my host himself an accomplished fisherman assisted in jointing my rod and in preparing me for my first cast Everything was finally arranged and my books neatly baited with worms It was then that for a moment I leaned my pole against a fente by the edge of the stream and turned for an instant to arrange the reel on my shoulders In this task I was assisted by my host Finally we turned around to take the pole with which I hoped so soon to land my first trout To onr surprise no pole was to be seen It bad disappeared as completely from view as though the earth had opened and swallowed it up My companion and looked at each other in utter consternation and there we stood for fully a minute and as we looked here and there in vain search of the missing rod I must confer to a feeling of superstition and which crept over me in spite ot myself Burlingame paused for an instant but so long was the instant that an impatient listener was unable to wait But did you find the rod he asked I did replied Burlingame and with it I took my first trout in California That trout was roy boats best barnyard rooster who finding my worm bait lying on the ground bad swallowed him and booked himself hard and fast He hart then in J his hrst alarm started to run in doing which he dragged the pole over the fence and a considerable distance awav before we discovered what had happened My first trout made a splendid dinner I have eaten trout since but none that I liked better than the one with feathers that I caught on dry land At the present time there is no fishing worthy of mention The run of steels beads is very backward probably owing to the waters of coast streams having been muddied by the rains A good run ofjrrilse may be expected later The work at the various fish hatcheries V is said to be progressing nicely The frsk fc u uaovvrii yruu bruub Diayvu jivm Nevada will be shipped to the Bear valley hatchery next week The Autobiography of Bo6 C A Sumner of Los Angeles has done a very bright and clever thing in wiriUng and illustrating wjth the aid of photography the autobiography of Bob a fox ter - tier This hero is almost preternaturally smart but it is easy to believe almost any story of the exploits of a fox terrier No one can say that the world as viewed from the etand point of the fox terrier would not be verv like that which Mr Sumners canine hero presents Every - ooqy Knows uuKB ut noiiff y us uu I what dogs know of us Mr Sumners lit tle sKetcn - inay tena to supply tnts mani - festdetjeiencv ASSOC1 ATioy yOOTHAtl Th Thistles to Jtet th lMtlmes at the Dribbling Game Tbe Pastiroe and thistles are w try conclusions at Central Park on Sunday afternoonj The teams will Une pns fol lowsf positions rastlmes - tioai v kerrigan Thistles ylowe Tiernoy Reynblds Moore -Pollock i Chalmers Purvis v Baeksi - - i8 Walsb U Backs T - Walsh AHabaclisMafla Half - backs Msgee Half - backs J Hanntgan iForwards Leary - iForwftM jragnlre A nfienrfirt - iFbrwsrds - Cam Dbell WadntraKWForwras Joba Brown Ferguson inderborLf Robertson Forwards ftmes Brown AcossTAjf coycir with shortness of breath iingistrengtri andwasUnerfleshallrbe token lungs more orvless - serJbu sly affected andderaandSngprempttreatmenrBytising DrD - Jyae peetotantierjoi results may he either avoided or palliated

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 23 Dec 1893, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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  • 12/23/1893 - Big Fish For Burlingame

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