The McCaull Concert, The Inter-Ocean (Chicago) 16 Dec 1888

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The McCaull Concert, The Inter-Ocean (Chicago) 16 Dec 1888 - a of ; ia be idlT "shall I state that our...
a of ; ia be idlT "shall I state that our articles are the outgrowth of a personal difficulty with the insurance men." '8a r nothing of the kind." replied the great Joseph. "Why, my son 1 my son I yoa will drive me crazy. I shall swear pretty soon. I know I analll A personal difficulty? Tne idea! Let it be understood that we are doing this aa eon-B.rrert of the publio interests, out of pure lore for the people." am there was a soratenins: ot pens. Asa tne next morning everybody thought that the frreat man's fears as to ma sanity naa been realised. Th A.rgu. - V AMUSEMENT ADDENDA. He-dill, so is THE M'CAULL CONCERT. The XeCaull Opera Company may meet the opposition of the elements of - fire and water, but they can rest content in the faith that the publio are still with them. . The idea of the testimonial concert at Central Kusie Hall was a hasty but happy one; and in spite of the disagreeable weather last - evening the people were honored by a good -sized and very enthnai-estio andienoe. KcCaoU's sterling organisation for many seasons has been happily associated with music amid pictureeque surroundings, and it is pleasing to note that it ia capable of giving equally charming, performance and de lightfully varied entertainment without such adventitious aids, Manager Ben Stevens at the door gave tbe complexion or tne concert its natural cast: and when the Chicago Opera House Orchestra and Director Nowak took their filaoes, everybody felt at home. - Edmund Stan-ey opened the vocal album with a ballad, "Jfollie and I," and was succeeded by John J. Raffael in a sadder sentimental strain, "Life's Ktorr." Miss Laura Moors. : the accomplished eantatrioe. displayed her astistie capabilities in the brilliant waits song, "Mire U a, " This lady might readily shine as a queen on ; the sonoert stage, and worthily won. the most eathuaiastio commendation of the andienoe. DeWolf Hopper, disguised in a drsss suit, was tbe next to challenge attention ia one of his droll topical songs, "The Wins Young Kan - Who Didn't" Verse after verse was sung amid laughter and applause, and the singer only escaped from the stage wxn aunomiy. - junoo jesnna, one oi tne most popular ot light opera prima donnas, sang "Parle" in a style 'that at once commended itself to the andienoe; and she eventually gave a charming and simple ballad in response to encore, A scene.! rom the "lady or the Tiger" followed, enlisting Annie Meyers. Jeff de Angeles, and Charles Dungan, was given in elasaio coetame. and sustained with a great deal of spirit. There . were ; no intermissions, and the r members - of the - chorus next filled the stage, and were joined - by ss Moore and , Mr . Oudin, and they played the introduction to the Provence song from "Lorraine. " - The demonstration of ap- sang the familiar air with artistio effect When the chorus took up the refrain, the effect was in the nature of a surprise that the volume of voice wss so large for the number enlisted. It filled the hall and rang out almost ss clear and strong aa though the Apollo Club were there in full force. A very amusing scene from the "Mikado" followed, in which Laura Joyce-Bell and Digby Bell were principals. They carried the scene with sanusual seat, and were forced to repeat it It was indeed a varied entertainment, one full of atrans-e oon-traata, for fast following this merry-makina; from "The Mikado" came Mr. Oudin, the central figure of so many social triumphs during the current engagement . of this organisation, who sang that lovely spiritual air, "Oantique de NoeL" Mr. Oudin came oat several times to bow his acknowledgements, and durinc the in terim ushers finally reached the stage bearing a titanic floral tribute from the Union League Club, his monogram in flowers in a set piece fully five feet in height He then sang "The Mghtingale," and good-naturedly complying with the eoatinned clamor of applause, gave a dainty ballad in his own peculiar style. It was a great night for Mr. Oudin. The tall form of Mr. Hopper again graced the stage, and he gave a base-ball epic, "Casey at the Bat" The comedian is one of the most enthusiastio worshipers of the "willow" in this country, his only equal in this una being Mr. Bell, and it may be readily surmised that he did the epio justice. He was foroed to give song snd another recitation before the audience would bid him farewell. An ensemble from "Boccaccio" again displayed tne entire company to advantage: Annie Meyers was at one end of the line in the elsaeio garb she had worn in "The Lady or the Tiger" scene, and Digby Bell at the other in the royal raiment of the Lord High Executioner, while the other principal s in eoetume de rigeur and conventional costume filled up the oentral portion of the stage, furnishing a composite picture. The entertainment was a big success, and the company started for Cincinnati on a special train immediately after ita elose. GENERAL MENTION. When the Bioe & Dixey Burlesque Company returns two weeks hence to play its engagement at the Qranl Opera House the present company will be very - perceptibly strengthened, and "Evangeline" will be played and not "Tha Corsair." Mr. Bioe last.' evening received a tola- gram dosing an engagement with Ml as F ran ait Kemble, a bright and pretty eoubreUe actress who 'sen sing and danoe, and.wjee will make her first appearance in burlesque as QabrieL Miss Lila. Blow will be the Evangeline, and Biehard Gornam has been engaged' to play Captain Dietrich. , bchilier . will : be. the La Blanc, Morris the Policeman, Annie Perkins, CorsTtnnie, May Branson, and others, will take part Forteeoue. of course, as - Cathe rine, and Moffitt as the Lone Fisherman, making a very effective cast of this popular burlesana. f

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  • The McCaull Concert, The Inter-Ocean (Chicago) 16 Dec 1888

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