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COMPTON-5B - wanted very to about it. But behold, Sherwood...
wanted very to about it. But behold, Sherwood waent to be found. Friends said they had been unable to get in touch with him for several days, but they were sure he would be happy to testify as soon as the mayor returned from one of his many absences from the city. His employers said he was gone, "on vacation." Suspicious Samuel Seabury issued a subpoena. A few weeks later Sherwood turned up at Atlantic City, staying at a luxurious beach hotel. He declined to return to New York, he was "on vacation," he said. No. he didnt know when his vacation would' be over. As it happened, tt lasted a good long time. Suddenly the elusive Sherwood was no longer in Atlantic Otty. He had checked out of his hotel, left no forwarding; address. A month later, newspaper reporters located Sherwood in Mexico City, Informed him that investigation of his accounts had shown transactions of more than a million dollars and that federal tax authorities were much Interested. A Long Honeymoon Sherwood was unmoved. He was on his honeymoon, he announced, and produced a most attractive new Mrs. Sherwood to prove it. They had been married Oct 6 at Mexico City, immediately after her divorce from E. E. Conner. "This visit to Mexico concerns nobody but Mrs. Sherwood and me," said the impef - turable Sherwood. "I don't think it would interest the public." But it did interest the public. Repot rs kept after Sherwood, who protested, "after all, this is my honeymoon! No, I don't know whether my honeymoon will last one month or six months." Perhaps even Sherwood did not realise that it was going to last at least a year and a half. , The public took too much Inter est, and Sherwood fled farther into the hOle, to 11 Ctuoo, a mountam resort. Meanwhile a representative of the Seabury committee was on has way to Mexico by airplane with a subpoena. Sherwood made no effort to evade the process - servers, met them cordially, but refused to accept service, saying his lawyers had advised him it was illegal. Seabury was annoyed, considering Sherwood the "key witness" in the Walker investigation. . A court ordered Sherwood's New York property up to the value of $100,000 seised, anticipating a fine of that amount for contempt of the investigating committee. Sherwood suddenly appeared In Laredo, Texas, but denied he was going on to New York. It was Just the honeymoon continued, he said, and indignantly denied that anyone, Walker or others, had anything to do with his journey. .

Clipped from
  1. Reading Times,
  2. 10 Jan 1933, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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