Jesse Seligman Grand Musical fundraiser

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Jesse Seligman Grand Musical fundraiser - ACAOEJtl Y OF AIL' SIC. TUESDAY EVENING NEXT....
ACAOEJtl Y OF AIL' SIC. TUESDAY EVENING NEXT. DEO. U, ISO. GRAND MUSICAL AND LITERARY SOIKEE, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THK RELIEF FCKV LADIES' HOME FOR "iCK AMD WOUNDED SOLDIERS. tOBNBB LIXIBTOff-AV. LIXIBTOff-AV. LIXIBTOff-AV. AP BlgT.-tf BlgT.-tf BlgT.-tf . MR. PK CORDOVA'S NEW POEM. (Wrttton otproMly for thi oeeaiioo,) CNTITLn M THE SOLDIER." Amwag th dltingnlhd Artist who hv generow-Jy generow-Jy generow-Jy Toiuoteerea ueir service an th foHtwing : Mm. VIRGINIA LORINI. af BA. brBAKOaCU, All LU L X OlMUNS. Mate. DX LU33AN, Mrs. JENNY KEMPT0N. Mrs. MOZART. Mr. 8. B. MILLS, Mr. DE CORDOVA, Herr HABELMANN, 1 With tat hind Tenor of tha Orman Opant. I permUaian H.rr STE1NECKE. f of Barltoue of Lis German Opera. J Mr. CAn-chuta. CAn-chuta. CAn-chuta. Mr. FRANK GILDER, Signer MUZIO. Mr.C.S.GRAFUI.LA, Mr. CARL BERGMANS, and tbe ARION VOCAL sociirr. AocompasFUt Big. ABEL LA Grafulla i 8yoLh Regiment Band baa baaa engaged ror U occasion. Commltueon Flnano af th Rllf Fund of tho Ladloa' Homa ; Mrs, GEORGE 0PDTKE, Mr. VALENTINE MOTT. Mr. EDWARD VANDERPOEL. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS Bit Honor Mayor Opdyko, Henry 1. Hall, Eq iion. n. j liayrnwiu, Dr Valentin Molt. 8. J. BpleKetberg. Em, Augustus W hillock. E.. Simeon Draper. Eeq., Thomas Christy, Esq., Geo. H. Brodhed. Esq., Dr. MjU Frauds. Dr. Bamnal Franc!, A. T. Stewart, Eq., Eon. C P. Daly. Jeeeah Hoxl. Eaq., Dr. Ilubbard, Gm, Otfford. Esq , Orison Blunt, Esq., Sylv. R Comstock, Esq., Col. J. H. Wilcox, W. 8. Opdyae. Eaq., Chas. Theo. Ruetta, Esq., Henry A. Mott. Eaq.. Wm. F. Holcomb, Eej., Waiter 3. Starr, Esq., T. 8. Townsend. Eeq., Pr W. H Van Baren, William Scott. Esq., Leonard W, Jerome, Esq., Isaac Bell. Esq.. Dr. Edward Vaoderpoel, Alexander Holland, Eaq., Jaa. W. Gerard. Esq.. R sr. John P. Newman, A. W. Gabaudan. qH Abner Meilen. Esq., O. T. Strong. Esq., Moaa M. VaiL Eaq., A. H. Cardoca, Esq.. Thomas Barclay, Eaq., Dr. Joseph M. Smith, non. nenry nutoa. Hon. Ja. A. Brigg. non. J. K. Wbltlnr Chaa. t. Jenkins, Kq., Geo. S. Bewdoin. Esq.. Lawrence K. Jerome, Esq., Bowl Dash. Kq., Ed. S. VandcrpoeL Eq P.ichard Mortimer. Eq., Rev. Dr. E. P. Ropers, Col. Marshall Lefferta, Francis Skiddy, Esq., B, Phiietus H. Holt, Esq., W. H. Travers, Esq., Hon. Wm. CartLi Noyet, E. A. Benedict, Esq., Joseph l atman, Eeq.. Cha. P. Rirkland, Esq.. A. G. Jerome, Esq., Rer. Dr. J. M. Matthew, Jesse Seligman,Eq.. Hon. Ja. J. Rooeevelt, Geo. William Hall, Hon. Ja. Monerief. ADMISSIONi ONE DOLLAR. Ticket to be had of tee Committee af Arrange-aeata, Arrange-aeata, Arrange-aeata, "Anil at all the snuaic and hook atorea. These wiil be no reserved aeata, with the exception of the Private and Prooceniam Boxes and Chair of tha First Cirdt, which can bo engaged at the ator of Meaara. Win. Hll k Son. No. M3 Broadway. Doer will be opened al 7 ; entertainment to onmnvfBrfie at 74 a'clock. IRVING HALL. THEODORE THOMAS' EIGHTH POPULAR MUSICAL MATINEE. SATURDAY. Dec 12 door open at 1 o'eleek. First appa-.rance appa-.rance appa-.rance thi season la New-York New-York New-York af th favorite favorite soprano, MRS. MARIE ABBOTT. Second appearauc of the celebrated pianist, MR. J. N. PATT1SON, together with FULL ORCHESTRA. ta a daw god brilliant programme. SINGLE TICKETS M CENTS. Family ar season ticket, ndmlttlng ix asrraoM ta aa matinee, or aae person to six matinee, 2, Tkktta for al at Irving Hall and at the music store. Th sal of ticket will commence thi morning.

Clipped from The New York Times12 Dec 1863, SatPage 9

The New York Times (New York, New York)12 Dec 1863, SatPage 9
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  • Jesse Seligman Grand Musical fundraiser

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